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Read this: 19/03/2021 Radio 4 Feedback

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19/03/2021 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts In feedback this week's allegations of the BBC betrayal little Paignton millions of loyal listeners of certain ages for what radio 2 is under fire will try and find out if it deserves to be a target and Radio 4 is also been targeted for language used in David mamet's latest play the Christopher boys Communion the play did not bring the listener to the greater understanding of humanity that would justify such extreme language, was it used Justified I'll be putting this concerns to the place director Martin Jarvis who of course also possesses one of radios great voices and also finding out why you still passionate about sound radio drama is a movie in the mind.

I don't want people to say that was a good and you don't expect.

Play some Saturday morning on Radio 4.

Will it certainly did you know the blast of poly styrene X-Ray Spex singing I am a cliché.

I mean there's not much chance of a line after that is there the first Radio 2 Ken Bruce is the most popular broadcaster in the UK and his station Radio 2 is the most listened to but for how long it is aimed at the over 30 votes but does it appear to those born in the 1980s and how can it reach them without losing those born in earlier decades according to the Daily Telegraph internal BBC documents reveal the radio.

Text you so been trying to attract a specific group of listeners soon.

They called mood mum's 3544 put children first and are tight for money and what presently coat again big listeners of commercial stations heart smooth and magic but in trying to attract them has you to offended others hear some of your comments Katerina carer when I was on the Radio 2 morning show I had to Listening he's just a breath of fresh air even plan to listen to this shows I've missed.

I'm enjoying the genuine warm interaction with guests and the humour and the great morning music finding it very uplifting real treat before the lovely Ken and Miss divine good Andrew Turnbull Perth I find that I really turn on radio 2 now Sunday's used to be really varied and yes perhaps and evening which particularly pleased.

Listeners but with class acts like Clare Teal and Don black leaving and no replacement for the types of music offered the future is not right for creativity and great music by find myself going to Radio 3.

Please look after that Gem in the BBC crown and don't rely on its sweeping up the range of jazz and popular Classics that Radio 2 should be playing Nicola Gloucester one-third or more of the licence payers on any of the BBC radio stations are programs of music Big Band jazz, blues show music popular music of the 40s 50s 60s and 70s Radio 2 sounds like Radio 1 Jerry Lewis what are the BBC's controllers done to our Radio 2 by allegedly chasing some mythical middleagedminx England women the controllers have lost the plot and totally.

The four of us with a full stomach bad Dials to this new radio station boom with nowhere else to go in the BBC no honour from radio to play level to talk to us, but we were provided with this statement Radio 2 is much loved by its audience we continue to play a wide variety of music from the past 7 decades but some of the UK's most popular presenters our target audience has always been 35 + and doing the coming weeks.

We will broadcast the series celebrating music from the 1950s and especially on the apology album which be hopelessness of all ages will enjoy well.

I'm delighted to be joined by Matt digging the radio consultant who's worked in strategy management for Global broadcasters Matt Moon mum's exist duvet and if they do Wiley important.

What's a mood Mum it's something that gets Radio 2 of identified are a good people who may be haven't historical listen to radio.

People who busy and want to tune into the radio station to do a job for that might be to relax or to entertain and when you think about that is a group of people who would seeking something then maybe come up with some programs designed to reach them is that because this is the entry point of you like Radio 2 told us you know their policies still doing for 35 plus, but of course as people exit at one end and this Focus seems to be on his mood mum's well catered for elsewhere as Radio 2 got really tough job in attracting.

What is it a slightly surprising thing I think with Radio 2 strategy is if you looked at radiators audience? It doesn't really well 45 plus, but there is this 3545 gap.

It's an audience night shift the program control you look and go to Radio 2 and probably the answer is there incredibly located for by commercial radio show for heart or magic or greatest hits.

Top end of Radio 1 people who can a group with Radio 1 at 5:44 that's what you're listening to so it worries me slightly the best sort of Seeking out a group that already found a home and I'm sure he spoke to people at Heart they would say mood mum was always been quite a core group of audience for that.

So it's the final why should the BBC completed the commercial radio is providing the service and you get to answer to that has first you get the public service answer which might be well.

Maybe listen to need but you get the institutional arguments because he's got two survivors, and we need those with us not with heart she got attention and I think it is sensible that replenisher argument that you've always got to bring you people on.

I think that makes sense and sometimes the day.

What's the radio station is the can grow old with their audience rather than sort of repointing themselves every so often now Radio 1 back in the 90s resource remember, Matthew Bannister

DLT and the dinosaurs has been quite quickly and had a dramatic effect now Radio 2 historical has been relatively calm with Changes but the biggest they face over the last 2 years Chris Evans leaving Simon Mayo departing meant.

I think they probably accelerated this change perhaps fast.

They would have planned so they would say it's sad that they depart it's also an opportunity.

That's what management usually sit in these circumstances, but I mean they got a problem coming up having it some point with roofs.

He is the most popular broadcaster in the country probably think is the most popular broadcast from Europe how many just brilliant but he is 70 just celebrated 7830 don't hear it.

I mean still feel you have to be thinking resume is a controller wow if he was go or decide not to renew his contract.

What would you do? I mean it is at Central that important Ken Bruce I think the show is important.

He's a great presenter and a lot of people feel connected to him.

Cos they listen to him for twenty or thirty years historic Lee Radio 2 hasn't really had to worry about it's older audience and even met being them sometimes because then wasn't really anywhere else for safety places to go to if you like basically broad pop music high quality presenters and no ads pretty much CO2 is the only game in town.

I imagine what they've done.

It's gone.

You know what if some of them get a little bit annoyed.

They're probably not going to disappear because there's anywhere else to go however in the last 12-months.

There's been a change so Greatest Hits radio owned by Bower have expanded lots of FM coverage and about to go on FM in London and Simon Mayo is there new drivetime presenter of the same time as when your phone isn't said boom radio new Nationwide digital station firmly 65 plus with heritage presenters and see me doing a really good job and from what I've heard.

Response they've had to that station has been off the scale and maybe that does show that for the first time Radio 2 does actually have some competitors lean on it suit if you know trying to write 13 public service maybe should look more at the public service and summer holidays and say You Know Radio 2 still gives us Hall still gave us some listening.

We couldn't music listening.

We couldn't get it elsewhere band jazz and soul the radio fides song and they would point to the weekend courage and some documentaries in and see this is what distinguishes radio to have you noticed a dropping off of that committee which summer list including has happened to say big band music or jazz on Radio 2 in the broader sense.

They probably haven't drop their commitment to providing specialist programming but that specially programming is has changed and the ones that have been faded down a definitely those heritage Big Band programs and Jazz programs and maybe.

Folk country classic rockers with what has replaced it and so that's very noticeable it cleared if you like that music but I think it is essential for Radio 2 and it's in the service licence they have with Ofcom that they provide specialist programming and what they've got to be careful with is the lot of the mood mum driven personality type shows don't Crowther out of the station because they are left with being something that is a replication of what is available on thanks to radio consultants Matt digging and please do let us know your thoughts on that interview or anything else to do BBC Radio this is how you get in touch you can send an email to feedback and or write a letter the address is feedback PO Box 734, London se1p 4ax you can follow our activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedback.

Or you can coolers message on 03333440524 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more mobile networks all those details on our website each week.

We're asking to BBC Radio Leicester step out of their comfort zones and listen to a program that wouldn't normally be on their radar this week.

We have twin Brothers Andrew and Roger cork Andrews in Wimborne in Dorset in the village of Hornton between Banbury and Stratford-on-Avon the fact that your twins and does this mean you have similar tastes.


I think he's going to vote for in terms of favourite radio programme probably do yes and you and your brother have the same taste or are you twins but very different know I think we're pretty similar really.

Play Started listen to Radio 4 about the same time.

I think about the age of 15 and I think we both got fed up with listen to Radio 1 and found Radio 4 and loved it and have been doing ever since well.

I would have trouble getting you out of your comfort zone here, but will try and the moment but just tell me Roger your to get a sense of your teeth now in programming.

What's your favourite British top 3 if you're my top 3 would be today in our time and more or less and how about your brother and well, it's going to be today or maybe pm1 of those the News programmes time but also I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and I've been listening to I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue for as long as I can remember and I just love it.

I'll be listening to it.

So it's cool.

It's basic schoolboy humans be honest.

Can Italian chicken cards on the table? It's not easy but it is very good-humoured, isn't it? Really I'm very clever a lot of people that guy of course couldn't possibly say we asked you to listen not to any of those programs but Saturday Live on Radio 4 presented by the Reverend Richard Coles and by Nicki Bailey now and this is Saturday it's not obviously intended to be here a serious going to first program that comes after today.

How do you describe a magazine program? Isn't it? I've been aware of it pretty much every since it's been on because I'm always listening to Radio for about 8:30 and Richard Coles a wonderful present is comes on and says we got 70 live on so I can't even wear of what's going on really that interested in it was there anything in that program that really attracted your attention.

I mean we went from on the one hand and interview.

With Louise Redknapp all the way from a really recording creative brushes now written it also have something about polystyrene docile mean Punk did any of this interests you you know I listen to right here for because it makes me think because it tells me really interesting challenging stuff.

I don't know now clearly satellite totally stuff.

I don't know it's just I'm not very interested in it, but in the way of had to live tries to find the extraordinary in the ordinary in a relaxed format on a Saturday morning talking to people wouldn't not a lot of people would normally be on the radio about things that matter and have happened to them and it does seem to strike Andrew at new court for you what I think was Nikki the Nicky Campbell inheritance tracks interview and I felt this was really warm and heartfelt and honest and he was talking about his adoptive mother heap his first distract was the Nat King Cole track which is mother loves his not them.

Annie talks about the guilty felt about looking for his birth mother and I thought that was a lovely time actually and real moments of emotional engagement.

I really enjoyed that it was great things with gladness love smile by Nat King Cole smile, though.

Your heart is breaking smile though.

It's almost taking it was her because in her life.

She was self-reliant to the degree present is not related because it's a relatively new combination has been doing it for obviously a very long time Nikki baby.

Not so long.

How did you think they were Roger as a part? I think Nikki bedi was fine and I thought they interacted ok.

I don't think the interaction between the two of them may for particularly compelling radio if I'm honest but as far as in the end.

Is the richest parts of the country that most Radio 4 programmes don't reach it is a program that can be owned by the audience and for whose day-to-day experiences not normally validated in that sense you could say do you think it has a distinctive feel? It's only has people can phone in and give the program own experiences which are in something similar to the guest they brought on but I have to say that the experience of the individual frankly pretty underwhelming.

You know they I mean they asked if you have been left anything weird unusual and yes, it was emailed in his dad worked on the Jet2 seats in the RAF and left his son and ejector seat manual well knock me over you know that impression to me almost a local radio show in the middle of the morning.

I would desperate for guests and desperate for the airtime.

I was Professor anybody on this is programming.

What's the most be will be very busy time on a Saturday morning if it going in and out bacon breakfast and so on so therefore.

It's almost inevitably and magazine program.

Isn't it? Not one that you would listen all the way through yes, I think that I probably didn't listen to it in the way it's intended to be listened to because in preparation for this interview.

I start down and listen to it properly doing nothing else and make it along and sell on and therefore I was being probably rather more critical than if I didn't in the way it's intended to listen to buy people doing other things popping in and out doing different job.

Take me out of the program.

If I done that I probably would enjoy the bits.

I happened upon and ignore the bit that I was doing something else on you know my attention would have gone in and out and I think that that would have done the programme in the curious kind of way well.

I'm I won't ask you if you're going to listen again because you've not where do you want out of your comfort zone or not? It's clearly brought you little pump.

Sorry about that and Roger thank you very much.

Thanks so much.

Thank you and do let us know if you would like to be put out of your comfort zone.

The Christopher boys Communion broadcast on Radio 4 was shocking intentionally says it's author The American playwright David Mamet it portrays a New York whose son is facing trial charged with a terrible crime of killing and mutilating is Jewish girlfriend the play was broadcast before the disappearance of Sarah Everard became the subject murder investigation the play explore how far am I go to keep her son from suffering the consequences of his appalling actions John now believe me.

I forgive you to forgive me.

I want you to free my son and to tell us what to do to help not to employee the legal process but to free my son whatever I'm saying whatever it costs you understand me.

Brendan stallard this was remarkable a compelling and for promoting listen all the cost with crisp and sharp as a sabatier Rebecca Pidgeon was stunning brilliant grandson from Ventnor Isle of Wight this was a great play beautifully directed by Martin Jarvis Rebecca Pidgeon was superb the BBC must make more radios great contribution to the overall canvas of tremendous entertainment information stimulation and education the licence fee is worth the sound content alone.


I'm delighted to be joined by the director of the Christopher boys Communion Martin Jarvis obviously known to us as just William but I will call you Martin from now on and yes, you've had a relationship with David Mamet who is arguably America's still greatest living writers at play right place if you done with Will between Rosalind As on my

We are Jarvis centre, Productions I think we've done seven or eight programs and it's really done two roles that we began our relationship because he's so production.

She did in Los Angeles of The Cherry Orchard and was so impressed bad.

He came to Ross really had to say can Jarvis and Productions do any of my place on BBC Radio we would love to we have to ask BBC the how to direct display.

I will the actress obviously weren't in London we use Los Angeles hallway, you directing at 2000 miles distance.

I never like to give away too many secrets Roger about everybody has different ways of doing it we work in Los Angeles and then we were locked down and during the long lockdown.

We found a way various we have various methods of making it seem.

Film that it's all happening at once in one go and people are there looking into each other's eyes and saw the great bonus is to have zoom read through is very important.

I think we can probably have more zoom read through in the future.

I don't really want to say too much about it because I want people just to believe the truth of the matter.

So when you directing it difficult enough, but you directing and central role, the dramatist wife Rebecca Pidgeon everybody says she gave a fabulous performance but she did The Righteous did you feel any pressure then especially as the first time I work with the Rebecca and David was the director on something we were doing Davidson Rebecca you know can you just emphasise sound sound sound so and he said husband ridiculous, you don't mean that.

I saw course what any director wish to do is served the writer.

So they play and one of the things I was able to do with this reaction is to keep out of the way when things are going well and she's terrific and so I didn't have to do very much.

I might have suggested up position for the microphone or something like that or slight turn away all the things that I just like camera operating in movie terms, but no no she's terrific and she's also have the advantage of herself during the workshop.

What is the people who is intent on the length of the post had to be exact and he would often directed and plays and he will be very cross with the pause was a shorter than intended images and like this is he hands it to you.

It's your job to do what you want with it.

He's very generous in that respect because of him.

Say to him on the phone or something disgusting and I said David you got two pauses you put be pause beef in that big speech sounds like a dream director well.

Obviously the reaction has been tremendous, but that has been a concern about what some see as elements of anti-semitism in the program the certainly some strong anti semitic language you little slut of a Jew Jew my son into the park and now he's going to die in prison is what you make clay had to stay around the way the Jewish go was referred to by the mother was shocking and upsetting words are powerful if anti-semitic language is to be employed life it has to be for a very good reason and design.

Knowledge about world Society and ourselves the play did not bring the listener to the greater understanding of humanity that would justify such extreme language the words of PSB simply automatic tool tool to achieve an objective that was no more than showing the mother had a twisted way of the world.

That was very obvious before the upsetting words for broadcast of course David Mamet himself is Jewish is wife Rebecca Pidgeon is a convert to Judaism was it necessary to use that language.


I think it is that's what David wrote as you say George is the last person to write it anti-semitic play, but he wanted to create a monstrous character and it's perfectly fair it seems to him to me because any of us that you have to have awful things happening in the mine and coming out of the mouth of this month stress woman at the players not anti-semitic.

She may be

Everything has a Catholic but it is perfectly reasonable it seems to me.

I would agree with the first part of what Ian says that what it takes to justify such language.

Yes, if you're going to write a monster and create a monster and what happens to this woman through the play she's got to say monstrous things but the player itself is absolutely but if you haven't been if David Mum hasn't been Jewish maybe they would have been a a greater concern with their do think I think probably it would have been wrong just in the same way in my view.

What are necessary but nevertheless.

Yes, if he wasn't Jewish the people who want to take up those casual will probably think they had a few more cuddles and then we have another email here from jaine kids display very much especially the dialogue between John and Alan at the beginning the more challenges throughout and the pharisee and bargain but I was angry at the end and wondered of the playroom.

Saying that the mother is responsible for everything I've missed the point.

I don't want to give the ending away, but there is an element of the supernatural in this which is surprising isn't it for some people will create papsa sense of uncertainty about what actually happened.

I hope that it's sort of Kia in it's huge.


I believe it finishes very very well David said to me when I dread it.

He said you're not one of them.

What one of the great price Martin of course is JB Priestley in away this a bit of a nod in the direction of JB Priestley and those who know how many Priestley wrote plays I'm thinking of food time in the conway's Dangerous corner, and there is a kind of dangerous corner in deliberately in David's play that I think an extraordinary revelation are thanks to director Martin Jarvis

And you can still find the Christopher boys Communion on BBC sounds next week.

You'll be hearing a little more from Martin this time as a radioactive as we discuss his latest part Sweeney Todd find out if there's any more of just William in the pipeline.

Please let the answer be yes, and let's pray violet Elizabeth Bott features as well or I'll scream and scream and that's it for this edition of feedback until next week.

Please keep safe and help keep other people save to goodbye.

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