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Read this: 02/04/2021 Radio 4 Feedback

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02/04/2021 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello and that's putting it mildly Kieran Duff we're angry and annoyed and many other unmentionable epithets casino logical pointing this move.

Please change your collective missguided minds about what the move of Radio 3 is much love Ian skelly from his essential Classics morning slot on Radio 3 who done it that controller Radio 3 describe a magic garden in which the things you can come into you can server you can explore you've not sure they can spend the whole days weeks here sometimes.

We just need to Adore to which people can come.

I'll be putting your concerns about the latest Radio 3 schedule changes to Alan Davie and discussing the proposed move his network to Salford and also asked.

If you'll be singing Rule Britannia at the Proms this is the philanthropist Melinda Gates wife of Bill really this influential sound like she in the Pope of comes some compromise over there promotion of police in feedback.

It feels as though there's been a changing of the presenting guard across BBC Radio recently on Radio 4.

It's been goodbye Jane Garvey and Jenni Murray and hello Emma Barnett I'm coming soon to the Today programme amol Rajan and last week.

There was an outcry at six music when Tom Robinson was moved on from his lot a few days before that Ian skelly Radio 3 essential Classics announced his own removal from the morning to the afternoon.

He sounded surprised on the program a sad moments from Yarmouth frayed at the doesn't seem to be a plan to announce this formal.

Tell it myself that Radio 3 has decided to change is needed on essential Classics it would like me to leave the program and move on to other duties details to be announced.

So bit of a blow for me because I've certainly enjoyed building our conversation together over the last.

So this marks the start of many of you was surprised and shocked by the news as well as by other changes that have been made to the Saturday morning Radio 3 schedule in a moment.

I'll be talking to the Davy the first here's a selection of your views Claire Jenkins Sheffield we've just heard in skelly announce that this is his final fortnite on essential Classics on Radio 3 because the network wants changes.

Why and what changes we are horrified Eunice Kelly has been an essential part of this past year with his friendly warm engaging his musical knowledge is utter professionalism and Petroc Trelawny among others and made Radio 3 the go to radio station as so many of us who can't face another news item talk show all features documentary about coronavirus Daniel Inman rights as a rather young atlas na by radio three standards at 36.

Also want to underline how much I appreciate the expertise of someone like Ian rather than what feeler points to be patronising attempts to reach out to new audiences.

I might think early Saturday mornings in particular where the content is frankly bizarre Radio 3 and it's unclear who the target audience is I really do think you risk losing loyal listeners, especially now that I now have a range of other classical radio stations I can listen to globally and hope that's in a bid to reach new audiences.

You don't leave your key selling points Stephen from Great Yarmouth I would like to ask the controller of radio 3 white pop music is inflicted on us early on a Saturday morning.

I tune into Radio 3 for classical music not pop music that's widely available elsewhere if the intention is to give younger listeners an introduction to classical music then surely Radio 2 on.

Music would be the place for these programs younger listeners at also more likely to be listening late evening not at 5 a.m.

Michael Shapiro into jorja Smith Theatre could program the other day and enjoyed it quite a lot, but I listen to at 21 by BBC sounds.

I don't think I'll enjoy it so much at 5, am when I actually broadcast in fact quite the opposite.

It's hardly music for waking up to on an early Saturday morning some of it wasn't all that relaxing Justin Bieber really, where did this idea come from but I'm delighted to be joined by Alan Davie the controller of radio 3 let's start with in Scottish departure controller.

Why have you decided to move moves of presenter the common on radio networks and I think your introduction you mentioned the other networks have been moving are presented as well and my job and job of my head.

What is tri match the talent of presenters we have to the programs requirements of those programs across the day and there's no programme on Radio 3 that isn't important to the network and what it doesn't it's well.

That's a reason why you do make Changes but why this specific change ymovie mummy want Ian to bring his Talents of presentation that we see live music in the presentation needed on our EBU there this Sunday just before try afternoon sequence because the afternoon sequence is one of our most important keystones as a schedule.

It's got full length serious music and it's you know what those place.

Isn't it where the people congregate around to use a man on essential classics and to bring her cultural knowledge and musical knowledge to that program which is equally important to us.

Yeah well ok, but what's which is the chicken which is the egg? Did you want you to move to the afternoon to reinforce?

And then you look for somebody else to come in the morning or do you want somebody to come in the morning and say you've got to make way into the afternoon you go, but there's no single chicken and no single leg, but we decided that now is the time to make those changes be a good time to make changes and it's as we're coming out of covered and and look out covered Radio 3 presenters and those who are producing the programs have really pulled out all the stops to make remarkable radio from under the duvets under the stairs in a bunk bed in Tomakin his pace and we really have connect with audiences.

That's that's very clear.

When is keep developing that as we come out of the cupboard and into her a new spring and a new summer you decide to make the change, but did you have to announce the way I mean in was clearly taken by surprise and that communicated itself to the audience do regressed that it came out in that way.

We've been talking to him within about it and and also you know what we want.

Afternoons for some months there was a plan to Annan set letter on that week for some reason and didn't seem aware that plan and yes, I have apologised well.

I've 36 year old listener Daniel Inman appreciates the expertise of you and he's concerned that these presenter changes are an exercise in Aussie calls patronising attempts to reach out to a new audience name the truth if you've got to do two things at the same time.

Have you got to retain your audience and you've got to get a new one you're riding two horses the lot of Alistair's word that you on one horse rather too much.

I tried to attract younger listeners that Radio 3 presenters that like a big family and like all the best families they stand the Generations and you know we have young national treasures like Jess Gillam in early 20s tomorrow established National Treasure like Catriona young and Donald MacLeod and they're all doing brilliant thing for listeners and then.

Good network is have a whole range of presenters who were coming from different backgrounds different directions and they doing different things but what they're they're putting common is how the presenter the music another present of the best music to the widest possible audience what Henry Wood wanted to do and it's what we're about it Radio 3 and four lots of Radio 2 listeners that means presented classical music which is why they start baffled by programs such as Thea Jack and which has recently come to an end on Saturday mornings and downtown 2 still in the schedule from 5 to 7 a.m.

On a Saturday that's more a mix of hip-hop to Coral Mews quite a spread I mean what's the target audience how much do you want to extend the range of music on Radio 3 just to explain these on permanent schedule changes these mixes design for sounds the online platform, but they need to be broadcast first on a radio network another word to say I'm going to broadcast in Northwood on Sam's therefore.

Let me find some.

On the damage the schedule when nobody's listening 5 a.m.

On and that's when I put it out it out.

You say was very clear is that there's never time already through but no one's listening and through the night 42 hours a week of orchestras from around the EU Nations presented by Catriona John and Jonathan was one of the most significant ones in the schedule clearly now.

We did think that taking 2 hours after that 42 hours is something that we could we could do but also we try to match up with what comes after breakfast with Elizabeth and then it goes onto sounds that it introduces a younger audience hopefully to classical music that they might not otherwise encounter and then sounds recommends and further how to get into classical music.

That's what reef what Lord Reith was after in action for the modern age.

Does this mean you agree with Mr Michael Shapiro thinks 5 a.m.

Is not

You're very early Saturday morning listening to Justin Bieber inter whether it is the most effective time for the broadcaster happened.

I suppose what Steven is a really want to know do you think Justin Bieber has a place on the Wii Radio 3 players has played Justin Bieber it is played Beyonce in the listing service we played Syd Barrett on breakfast if there's a proper context for making a musical point then Radio 3 has room for all kinds of music as we always have done look at late Junction look at words and music and look at our programs.

What radio is always been about is presenting music interesting music and an interesting way, but I think the key questions of people when they are is more time going to be given to this music.

I'm taking away from classical music.

That's what where is a lot of people is the heart of what radio freeze about 80% of all the music producer classical music you know I have been criticised for taking on Sunday

That was specialist and nonclassical as well, but what we want to do is to spread classical music of its different times throughout our V12 the Provincetown hallelujah, the audience will say they're going to happen, but they're not entirely sure in what form that they Gonna Run from 30th of July to the 11th of September will it take part in front of a audience we don't know exactly what the size of the audience will be but it will be in audience the size of your audience will be determined by whatever the regulations are at the time so we keep an open mind with a sensitive you know the minimum numbers that might occur but we want as many people there is possible clearly because the more people in that hold them all the atmosphere.

There is and how about the size of orchestra.

Do you think you'll be able to have as much as you need or will you have to say no we're going to have to trim down the size of the orchestra here.

We've got programs and various sizes planned so

Social distancing he said we were able to have bigger orchestras if with the regulations change then we'll we've got repertoire planned to meet that we have to be planning for your parents, but what we want clearly is that 6-weeks of music nothing with an audience and if possible will you do more performances outside of London this year but definite connect a one-to-many mob from outside London but this year.

It's a bit the Albert Hall panel and a can I take his read That Rule Britannia will be performed and indeed will be son this year.

I think that this year.

They won't be regulations again singing I hope because when we had that person last year, so you wasn't allowed so yes Alan Davies thank you very much.

Yeah, but please don't go away later in the programme.

We're going to talk to you about move Radio 3 outside of London the first to let us know what you think about that interview or anything else to.

BBC Radio this is how to get in touch on email to feedback and or write a letter the address is feedback PO Box 672 34 London se1p 4ax you can follow our activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedbag on 03333440524 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some networks all those details on our website which week we're asking to BBC radio listen.

Step out of their comfort zones and listen to a program that would normally be on their radar this week.

We have a mother and son listened and Roberts joins me from Doncaster and Owen from

Hathersage in Derbyshire thanks for joining us just testing programs.

What would be your top 3 if you are stranded on a desert island in our time Life Scientific and actually feedback Roger never miss it but how about you settling at your top 2 programmes if you were stuck on this down and then be the actors in our time and front room right.

I'll ask you afterwards.

That's not there when we asked you to listen to an episode of the world service series heart and soul broadcast every Sunday and how would you describe this edition of explain what it's about well, it's an interview with Melinda Gates all about her life and faith and how her faith affects her work and it's structured through.

Some audience questions which come from all over the world plus the questions from the presenter who facilitates the conversation and it's part of a series and what did you think Liz about this look forward to listening to it? What your expectations? Well? I suppose I was pleasantly surprised.

I've kind of got mixed feelings about billionaire's the money but I admire what dates is a doing and I didn't know a great deal about I didn't know for instance that she was a Catholic so I was interested to hear how she would tying the Catholicism with some other projects that are involved in around the world when you get somebody as powerful and influential as one of the gates of the questions are a bit soft or the people have it all these questions were around from around the world enough and do you think the presenter for them up enough? I thought that the presenter was really rigorous.

Admired her extremely no-nonsense rather firm style the questions from around the world.

I thought we're quite challenging as well actually I got the impression that the presenter stood for any insipid content whatsoever is that your view as well? Yes, I did I liked out.

I think she followed up the questions that came from the public particularly the business about birth control the Catholic church, and the Pope I thought she probe done that but I think Melinda must have been asked that before she got some quite good answers without being too evasive anything.

I thought she's obviously got her that sounds very unkind but it's just confident in all types of contraceptives for women in so what I believe is that women need to be educated about their bodies offered available tools and then choose whether they want to.

Natural family planning maybe they do that during part of their lifetime.

Do they want to use a different type of contraceptive? Do they want to use a long acting method but I think women should make that choice for themselves.

Can we talk about the benefits of a program which delivery goes to Africa to India and elsewhere in the world for the contributors to ask questions asking questions from a very different perspective then perhaps the West and they did start to race in the privilege.

Why liberals flying in and telling people what they should do that was quite interesting conversation.

She was obviously very sensitive to that on the strength of the programme that you've got that approach from I said from Africa and from India I like that.

It was from there and there is that thing isn't there about philanthropist from the west doing good 2 people with the once it or not, but they do seem the project statues of well-planned and well Thought Out and then art stamping in and jumping over people.

Is an all the rest of she seems to be at pains to get across that they do lots of co-creation, they didn't just impose Solutions they work and that she would say that where is she said she was going to respond to that sort of questions anyway absolutely you justify billionaires and in the end.

She defended ultimately hurt church.

She defended capitalism you say it's often on these programs though people are rather sensitive or hesitant to talk about talking about their faith, but this of course is a world service series about fake it made me.

Maybe we don't ask that in other programs.

We don't ask about people's face enough if it's so Central to their lives sometimes interviewers think it's a private matter isn't it? But it's just the music Melinda Gates is Central to her live.

I think it's probably different in the American context as well.

Where does the much happier talk about religion to other presenters should that be asked more well? I would I think anyone should be prepared to talk about it because your face should be integrated within your life and you should be able to talk about it.

You know you should have considered what your response might be if you're ever asked about it and I think that's quite interesting that we do often avoid it but I suppose the whole premise of this was talking about faith and how it integrates with life and work so so different contexts.

She was going to talk about it, but that was part of the premise of the program.

So I don't know if she talked about it all the time until.

Tell me about this program.

I didn't know that she was a Catholic but then I don't know that she's married to Bill yeah.

Yeah, yeah well and so before this was an episode.

Will you listen to it again? Please? Yes, I think I would I wasn't aware the programme of times.

I've looked at world service in the radio Times and it always seems to make so that the news or a news related when I get enough of that but now I know that I would look at it and see who they going to be talking to so you'd give it a chance.

How about you home? Would you know the chance depending on who was being interview exactly that my mum said actually I think I might so that people at the end of this where they had their comfort zones now not really nice dinner out of your comfort zone.

Because I am interested in that sort of stuff.

So yeah, I was in it.

Thank you very much indeed.


Thank you very much.

Lovely to see a mother and son in such agreement.

Thank you.

Do let us know if you would like to be put out of your comfort zone.

The 18th of March Tim baby the doll most new director-general of the BBC and Amsterdam with the next 6 years The Corporation will shift it's creative and journalistic centre away from London one of the stations directly impacted is Radio 3 which is expected to make more than 50% of its programs up north in Salford by 2026, who's the son of your thoughts about the proposed moves Martin from Twitter good news.

It will stop being so much the London Broadcasting Corporation and become more the British Broadcasting Corporation some people will leave but that is inevitable when companies move offices anon.

It is laughable and Ludacris one cares or knows were a broadcast program is coming during the pandemic.

We've had presented sitting in their kitchens or wherever and it's been fine.

We've had many regional broadcast and recorded concert from all over the UK and continent as always.

Call Alan Davie d control a Radio 3 is still with us.

Could we explore what is you think is going to happen and over what period how long will this move take and by the end of it, how much are Radio 3 programming will be produced from outside of London Wandsworth bear in mind that we already have a production base in Salford about 10 people and will be building on that to the roots in Salford as well as having routes in London and it's important cos it's the capital for classical music but maybe the Salford I hope we can reflect and engage with the vibrant musical culture of the north of the country in even more ways than we do now.

I mean I don't know Radio 3 represents music-making around the whole country but I want us to deeper into what's going on in the North and reflecting what's going on the North so that listens and lord can hear themselves if you like in it?

And programs but moving to makes a difference you get different voices, but you also the daily experience of the journalists different and they can reflect that in the choice of what they do the house at a price of Music and in particular classical music which of course maybe Britain is somewhere on the continent, how does moving to Salford change that well as I was saying there's a hugely deep and Rich Musical theme in the North st.

Leven Scotland and if we can get deeper into that and reflected more effectively.

I think we'll be doing a service to let music makers in the North and I think we'll be doing a service to classical music in general and bedding wear from the sense that happens in London amazing things happen in London but amazing things are happening in Greater Manchester in Liverpool and Leeds another time.

We will get the presenters.

We've developed in Salford and voices will sound slightly different.

Are you seen that on 5 live as it's evolved it had more of a sense of coming from the North presenters clearly also been in London but don't worry about losing expertise initially isn't it and losing stop with unique experience do worry that during them.

Maybe in the long time it will work and it's but there are really shoes in the meantime and very personal issues for some of your staff will have to face choices of moving their family up to Manchester we need to bear in mind with a timer no change any program will happen before 2023 we don't have to have achieved the 50% number before 2026 and of course what you want to do is that was staff what it will be and what will not Radio 3 to look and sound like and bring as many of their staff as possible with us of course.

I worry about losing stildon, Talent because

Play netradio 3 a very skilled in town to people but didn't work at it and do it in the best possible and that's the best way of making a change like this.

So that it doesn't become crucial absolute crucial weather decisions are made and that means where you work from spending.

Are we working in Salford in London where will you be based Happy Birthday bath because I'm very clear that the controller has to be in Salford and in London and can I ask you about the BBC Concert Orchestra because we know is going to be relocated, but we don't know where have you got? Would you like to tell us the places are on the shortlist? I'm not at Liberty to reveal but we are talking.

We do have somewhere that we talking to but we're just not ready to an answer yet somewhere that is underserved in terms of orchestral provision where the constructs and confirm in American an instant impact locally but also.

Who wants to develop what the Concert Orchestra can be so that with thinking of what a broadcast officer is in the 21st Century and I think the opportunity they're really rather exciting and yeah, I'm watch this space as we as a further announcements.

My thanks to Alan Davey controller of radio 3 and that's it for this week this week will be talking to the Reverend Richard Coles of Saturday Live so do let us know your questions and observations for him and yes, I will ask why you still uses the Reverend in his non-religious until next week.

Have a very enjoyable Easter but please do keep safe and help keep other people save to goodbye.

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