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Read this: 30/04/2021 Radio 4 Feedback

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30/04/2021 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts take a deep breath chill and decompress and listen to some deep sleep skates many you might not often this episode of feedback in which will discuss the lodge Radio 1 relax and how it's been received.

I thought it was effective in creating the vibe radio station, but it out more likely community at dannemora presents.

They're experiencing it with you with us this week is Aled Haydn Jones the head of Radio 1 who's just launched the new stream on BBC sounds and people and their well-being if we can be not just entertaining but reading live up to the public service element and guide them and help them through it then we do the right thing and that's what end.

Play radio on the lights, but does the BBC have to do it could it be provided by commercial operators will discuss and Scottish manager is famous for giving his players the hairdryer treatment are to Scottish out of your comforts and listeners know the answer but what they think of the programme about his time managing Aberdeen it really came across the determination of this man and also really got that from you know he referenced his parents and I just clearly got the best out of him.

He got the best out of them could bring about find out later in feedback.

Sometimes life can get a bit hectic sometime is Radio 1 welcome to the brand new stream from Radio 1 radio on relax has just last week the BBC launch brand new well-being stream called I think you know by now Radio 1 relax.

It's not a network and can only be accessed online via BBC sounds it brings together some well-being shows and music for the be broadcast on Radio 1 or made as podcasts for BBC sounds.

It's the BBC's x-rated stream for sounds and follows the Longshaw Radio 1 dance in October last year at the time of cuts.

How can the BBC afford it and is it really public service?

Relax is the brainchild of the head of Radio 1 Aled Haydn Jones has been in the job for love 10 months and joins me now and just before we go into these issues Alan some people remember you I certainly do driving my daughter's to school when you were a friend on our of Chris Moyles what happened to your presenting career that he too well, who is the producer I did get to do surgery when I got to host my own show which was giving advice to young people and Radio 1 Isle of dit.

I loved you.

I can't Chris Moyles but I'd go into management so hence why now, I'm the head of anyone well.

Thank you again for joining us over this serious.

We've been hearing from Serbian people in our out of your comfort zone feature where you been introduced to the delights of Radio 4 and there are much part of the demographic that Radio 1 relaxes trying to attract so we asked for them to Listening last weekend to find out if this news.

It's the Mark Reema Hainton they play the huge variety of music which I think is useful in order to appeal to most Generations especially beef I also very enjoy the intermittent start speaking between Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac as they spoke about interesting topics but it was also very relaxing and easy listening almost as if I was a part of the conversation.

I would definitely be interested in to the radio programme again if I was in a car on the train as I thought it was almost addict for me from a used to listen to the radio in the car with my parents are long trips blue Carrera what surprised me was how much I enjoyed the conversation advice element between animate and Nick Grimshaw I'm not usually a big radio listening because I'm on the go quite a bit but it was nice to take some time and relax listening to them talk with the songs in Spurs threw a good company and I did almost send me off to sleep a few times.

I've always been of the opinion that radio show should be less about the presenters and more about the music.

But I find myself wishing the other items had that same homely conversation on feel my name is Malika being the decompression station.

I think was a really good idea.

The music was selected well, so it created quite calm environment without being boring the presenter who was carefully during the breathing technique South Autos very informative listen to think about your breathing in it and slow down then for the following songs up to you.

Just to be aware aware of your breath ebbs, and flows.

I think I would definitely listen again and just looking through the schedule for the weekend.

I thought there was a really good selection of different things and the fact that runs late into the night is a really good idea with people struggling with my mental health right now.

And maybe feeling isolated because of lockdown and the effect of coronavirus, so I think that having something like this with people can go and tuning anytime and I can listen afterwards as a really good idea Rebecca Coleman I've been listening to Radio 1 relax over last few days and the thing I've enjoyed most about is it such easy listening.

I kind of light that there's a big right of music that comes on but the same time it can be a bit jarring.

I feel like there are a few missed opportunities.

I listen to one yesterday weather Lycett head curated The Mix and I thought I'd been really nice to his thoughts about why he selected different pieces which wasn't there so it isn't I think there could be more opportunities for speakers to find of interject but at the same time.

I did enjoy our continuous the music was Aled Haydn Jones

Radio 1 this month got me by surprise Radio 1 relax, how long do you need planning it and why did you introduce it now? Well, it'll evolution the last 12-months.

I need to tell you it's been tough for everyone and young people are no exception.

They haven't had the focus on the medically but if you think about this schooling exams the money opportunity Dave all suffered badly during the pandemic and responding to that we started by reflecting listener conversations and we introduced social action campaigns where we offered a minute for our listeners each to that have an outlet to share something with the rest of UK and then slowly been building across when the BBC launch Headroom at the start of the Year which was a portal to help audiences manage their well-being Radio 1 was a huge partner in that and we.

Contents at the end of last year the beginning of this year that would help young audiences navigates the pandemic and then when we had that content we realised it was spread across the store on BBC sounds 6 Music 1Xtra Radio 1 what we wanted there's a way of creating all that content into one space and that's why we chose to do as a stream on BBC sounds and putting it under the heading of Radio 1 relax about decompression session don't send me to sleep.

I wondered if that was the idea actually but how much of this is unique to Sam already.

I mean I've got a high five Molly on her view on decompression session I would say that was my favourite parts of the stream actually that came about back in January we were having a dialogue with some analysis and asking how Radio 1 could help and what they were describing with things like mindfulness yoga or breath work but there.

Seating at so what we wanted to do was provide content that would help young audiences without labelling it in a way that might seem alienating or two mature or a bit too new for them and I think decompression session is a brilliant example of that young ones will come in because the music is so gorgeous for at that hour, but while you're listening you're getting advice from Stuart about thinking how to deal with a worlds how to switch off before you go to bed had energise herself in the morning a public service way of doing it listens Valley love the decompression session in particular.

She wanted how much fresh original content will be provided on a regular basis.

I mean are you going to continually update these things but because they live on alive network the slots be filled the radio One's a decompression session is great and what we've already done with asked to do it to do more so the way to think of it is does 6 Music does 1Xtra and does Radio 1 want more of this.

Sent on a yes, we do and then that will provide the shows available for Radio 1 relax really enjoyed the mix but some them look for example felt with speech that you feel you part of the station and they wanted a little more speech is that possible or do you think that would be a bit variance with the concept of the street? It is possible.

We are only weekend.

So this is the first time I've been able to pull together this collection and hear how it sounds of the downstream, so we will absolutely look to address and need that might be there over next 3-months.

It's not a station which means we can't put live programming on it to have that conversation with the listener in the same way that you would with Radio 1 and I think it was Rebecca play Dahlia that she really like the chill playlist from Joe Lycett but would like to have some more of the interview with Joe into the enough if you've heard that on Radio 1 he did do an interview with talk through.

Easy pick those songs it was an editorial station for just including mix on its own but we can absolutely look at that for the future.


Lots of Alistair's really enjoyed listening to the stream, but some pointed out that similar all they say similar services are already provided by other commercial station centres magic and Virgin what's the difference.

What do you offer that? They do for me it is totally different this is not a 24/7 playlist of selected songs that will be on rotation is a collection of different playlist different shows very different to what which is a stream of a playlist that on repeat 24/7 things are available from other providers are great in what they do that is just not the BBC we are there to help manage mental well-being of course always politics involved in this and the chair of the all-party parliamentary group on commercial radio asked the regulator.

Form investigate BBC Sounds app after the broadcast run out it was launching a new 24/7 dance music focused and on the platform presumably adding what you're now.

What's your answer to that if they say? Why is the BBC doing something which is provided in part at least elsewhere at a time when we think the BBC should be as it was slimming down.

I don't want the BBC I don't even run BBC sounds.

I am not having a conversation and off come as I wouldn't presume to speak on behalf of The Corporation all I am focused on is young audiences and the radio on Brand and we were open and honest with Ofcom about our needs to collect programs already broadcast on Radio 1 into its own and absolutely fine for us to launch before we launched Radio 1 relax.

We went against Ofcom and also spoke to the commercial sector 2.

The programs that are going out on a run relax are also already broadcast and already part of BBC sounds so Ofcom say it's fine if other people do not agree, then they should absolutely take that off come before me.

I'm focused on ensuring young people get use of the licence fee in the same way the older organ system and launches new service hasn't mentioned that you had to increase the number of cuts elsewhere in the networks and other things going at responsible no absolutely not now.

It's part of the radio on Brand and the shows already have Aled Jones head of Radio 1.

Thanks very much for the moment, but will be coming back a little later in feedback to ask you about some of your other responsibilities notably Radio 1 and the changes you made in that schedule and please do let us know what you think about that interview or anything else to do with BBC Radio this is how you get in touch you can send an email to feedback and or write a letter.

Genesis feedback PO Box 672 34 London se1p 4ax you can follow our activity on Twitter by at BBC R4 feedbag, or you can call us and leave a phone message on 03333440524 standard landline, how much is a pie bird could cost more on some mobile networks all those details for on our website each week, we're asking to BBC Radio listeners to step out of their comfort zones and listen to a program that would normally be on their radar this week.

We have Jackie has skin from East Lothian and bed from Paisley obviously both in Scotland thank you very much indeed for joining us now to get a sense of what your normal listening is Jackie if you were on a stuck on the desert island, what would be your top 3 programmes?

That would be in our time p.m.

And I also like last word about this question time just a minute and and Scotland only get too much away, but you're very much younger than me and that you're in your 30s and the listening to Radio 4.

When did they start to listen to BBC Radio 4 maybe around 3132.

I started a quite a long commute from Glasgow where I was saying at the time to Edinburgh than an hour and 15 minutes and you know what I was just looking for something to listen to Massive fan of modern day music on the radio, so just looking for something to listen to and came across BBC Radio 4 and if I wanted to have never looked back competition speech Radio Scotland BBC Scotland Radio 4 strange bit of a nerd the absolutely do you get very mixed same reaction so if I'm honest with you in the car BBC Radio 4?

Turn on my two younger brother's think it's very peculiar listen to BBC Radio 4 Jackie when did you start listening to Radio 4? Well? I think it was the first digital radio and I was in my first flat so probably similar time to Scott windows in early 30s and a switch the thing on and you no listen to I'm just came across Radio 4 and Anna made the choice for me.

I just love so much about it.

It's life-enhancing listen to an episode of sporting witness a very short 9-minutes on the world service Scott how would you describe the program explain what it's all about short and to the point in regarding Sir Alex Ferguson and 6s any successes he had the Aberdeen prior to going to Manchester United new job is obviously most famous for

Glorious run the team was Aberdeen and at the Alex Ferguson they would win trophies at home and in Europe it was a job that made the managers reputation as he transformed and achieving club into a force to be reckoned with it doesn't give an awful.

Lot of them say into what you'll see Dad somebody willing to pay tolls and trophies at Aberdeen it was a very very successful manager before even set foot in Manchester so life began before Manchester United very very much.

That's play Mr great story from St Mirren that when he took St Mirren to the Scottish Premiership and after 4 years left falling out with the chairman issued 7 heron industrial tribunal found against Alex some describing mouth quote professing diver by experience.

No Talent any managerial ability at all.

Unfortunately that we hold the record is only team that sacked the great's Alex Ferguson so 9-minutes long.

Did you care for anything? You heard it seem relevant? Well, I have to say I did judge the book by its cover so sporting witness was never going to grab me not being a massive spot, but it did actually when I listen to it, but I liked about this program.

Was you learnt a little bit about Alex Ferguson and his drive and what motivated him and how's the best out of players and I thought that it was a human story to me like one of the international players at Aberdeen at the time.

They were just lads.

They were just out of school.

They were just aberdonian lads and they had this amazing experience and I thought that was really quiet.

What's the programme about sport wouldn't have Jackie written all over it, but there was something definitely there for me and it's got a funny very moving reminded me of a time when if you're in Scottish club odds on Scotland and the idea of these 18-year Old lads, just get into the first then finding themselves in the European Cup Final Cup winners' cup final and then send me in Gothenburg I'm must have been an amazing time for them absolutely shattered.

I think for me this has been created as part of a series 9 minutes.

See you into Manchester United fantastic so much more you can see about the Sporting witness idea that their shortchanging it should be the starting point of a program that perhaps goes well deeper into a a community and the impact of something on a community the words that came to mind.

Programme was perfunctory, you know you're just getting interested in then it stopped.

I did think Alex capstick did a good job because he was no words in it and it probably he would have wanted to carry on longer, but it was like Scott says it was like an introduction to something that should have been bigger.

It was more storytelling for me then presenting as input was very minimal but that worked in the stories from option auksinio Cooper ore grade and it told the story of Alex Ferguson at that time but yeah, I think I get the impression you think there's a really big until story about st.

Mirren yeah.

I will should know about that but yes absolutely I wouldn't at the end of his discussed always ask if you're out of your comfort zone.

I guess Jackie not really well on listening to it.

Yeah, I enjoyed it there wasn't too much about the offside rule and anything.

So it was for me it was a human story which I really enjoyed just what an introductory course to the main meal you hope they got BBC going to provide you 15 seconds job done.

Well if you are to send me an idea about praying about sent.

I will make sure the controller Radio 4 gets it.

Thank you.

Do let us know if you would like to be put out of your comfort zone.

What are the head of Radio 1 Aled Haydn Jones is still with me? Thank you for staying around and let's talk about your main job.

What is he your main job? I mean what he responsible Voice not just Radio 1 is it was complete range of the responsibility.

It's the radio on Brand and that's quite big.

So it's a full-time job and then some so that means that yes, you've got the radio part of it, but we've all got 10 million followers on a social accounts and got 10 million subscribers on YouTube with her an iPlayer Channel we do podcast on demand mixers as well as the overseeing where the radio on logo sits within the BBC and making sure it does it's job for young people now.

I try to find out how you been doing during lockdown by looking for a job offer the song radio one.

I can't find any do you know whether more people have been listening to you under lockdown then before we actually don't know is radar is it's own thing and as you say radar stop count.

At the start of 2020 we do have internal audience research.

My focus is getting as many young people in to BBC sounds as and those measurements are available for us to look at and what have they said do they show an increased proportionately actually it's really heartwarming there.

When can you thing isn't happening people onto the cars as much we've seen our digital numbers go up considerably as people try to access the presenters the shows that music the creation of their familiar with through BBC sounds of the smart speaker at home.

So that's been a very positive sign.

Can I talk to you about presenters? Your target audience is obviously 15 to 29 as well, but that's something time does this mean that if something terrible age of 40.

They really should recognise that their time presenting on Radio 1.

Is it or coming to an end?

Because we just heard that Annie Mac is leaving the station after 17 years did she jumped out washing put Annie Mac is a legend it is not about age of presenters.

It's about how relevantly presenter is to a younger audience young people look up to her as a hero.

They love any Max absolutely that had nothing to do me and we've seen as a lot with all gone through the pandemic and taking stock of allies and where we going and what our priorities are and Annie has come through the pandemic in is decide spend more time with a family who are growing up and so the other presenting changes.

I mean you will always be quite a big eternal possibly on radio on another network, so than ready at 4 as absolutely the presenters.

It's not the age of presents that matters that are relevant.

They are however radio one has always been about bringing in new presenters into the BBC or new presenters in the radio and

As long as it's been there, we are there at the start of presenters careers and that part of the game where do you find the mean if you can see other controllers seeing something local radio moves up maybe try some Network customer reporting an adverse surely they given a live show you're going and finding young people and putting them live on the app and I'll be terrified.

Where do you find this but you've got to work a lot harder you can't just sit back and wait to spot presenters for you.

So two years ago.

We we started this scheme which is to say if you've done any form of radio presenting in any form.

You can send your demo through to us and we get over 1100 entries in September we then formed an entire week-long schedule and then we replace the radio on schedule for a week with 35 new presenters and this year with the same with roughly the same numbers and it's a way of ensuring that young people across the whole UK are seen and heard and that they don't have to be.

You know someone to get into Radio 1 what you know they will be sending their Demos to me and I listen to all of them and when you get announcements like Annie Mac saying she wants to leave because the network for 17 years in that same announcement we were able to nouns 5 new presenters a good number of which came from the Christmas schedule that we do the last couple of years which is fantastic Cassie one final thing which is about live music obviously Radio 1 went out to the festivals know you're having to do the big weekend and virtually are you worried about like me is it going? What do you think to fill if it's at all possible the gap has been created certainly for the moment.

I have in the longer term is very worrying.

It's entire industry has struggled in the last yeah, and we are strong partners with many festivals in the music industry.

So what radio One's been able to do is keep a strong spotlight on live music week and announcing soon.

Big weekend which although will be virtual will be more bespoke performances recorded creatively as a partnership in the BBC and the label will be really fun with trying some new stuff also looking at reading and Leeds which is currently set to happen the end of August and we are committed to broadcast from the festivals, so that we can take live music to a young audiences across the play even if they are able to go themselves, so we're supporting anyway.

We can finally Alan I was permanently.

Do you have you made you see yourself other sort of decompression stream now available to you absolutely about the Deep sleepscape so using that as well to get yourself to sleep.

I had my yearly conversation with my boss yesterday.

He said to me you seem to be a little bit 24/7 the Way You Work it is a live 24/7 network with lots of programs and now two streams.

So yes, I am pretty much across the whole thing is I love it.

If you loved the station as much as I do that it doesn't feel too much like a job.

I love him jokes.

Thank you very much.

Thank you fresh as a daisy.

You must be getting some and that's it for this week.

Keep safe and please help keep people safe to go by

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