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Read this: 21/05/2021 Radio 4 Feedback

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21/05/2021 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello first impressions are not always reliable.

I have so enjoyed this 21st listen to it was convinced.

They were listening right.

He's talking about one of the longest-running BBC radio dramas, GF Newman's the corrupted which came to an end on Radio 4 this after 658 episodes can the Ritz before behind vested interests of come after me and I said well fine soon if you like and none of them have complain but they haven't said I'll be talking to the author GF Newman on the problems of mixing fact and famous faces with fiction and the Host from the start have all been informed Whitty has the panel.

When did you find Andy zaltzman in a shed in Streatham in South London actually?

The News Quiz and talks to us about how he prepared for the role that makes sense try and be myself in the modern parlance to do things that the way I think I enjoyed it and the program are out of your comfort zone listeners.

Review this week has indeed been a bit of a challenge.

We've had to get you have to get used to see more data in the news as well like understanding things that we've just never had to think about the 405 sign show and would they listen again find out later in feedback?

The final part of GF Newman's the corrupted were broadcast on Radio 4 this week marking the end of a mammoth project which began in 2013 and consisted of six series 58 episodes featuring real and fictional characters of Chronicle The Fortunes of 1 London family from World War II until the great financial crisis of 2008 it raised of the old man olinska from small time business people who dabbled in Petty crime 2-gang conflict to the highest echelons of society and with plenty of tropical aside.

Hopefully Tony Blair will give covering a good kicking for what you did in a house in my Whirlpool but the damage is done with you expect from a closet communist all the papers had a good man is not to report it apart from the Guardian nothing else to be done.

Idea, so my reputation Will Survive it's Margaret who's suffering the Richard Bennett I'm listening to the corrupted on Radio 4.

Can you please tell the team involve a realistic the acting is and how the mood of the area has been achieved congrats to the actors and technicians involved Edwin Alana listening to episode 6 of series is an example of both brilliant writing and superb radio drama schools come together and delivery available talking listening experience.

I particularly enjoyed the frustrating part played by the judicial bureaucracy that has hampered vine oldman's imprisonment.

Will you ever be released but it's the twists and Turns of the injustice.

That is at the heart of the Saga Barbara the corrupted gripping GF Newman highlights of drawbacks of the political judicial and financial systems the underline Crow

And corruption but likewise ability to change and take a moral stance delighted to say I'm not joined by GF Newman himself you been writing all over 40 years now about corruption.

What got you started in that? Why did it so fascinate you back in Walton 1970s it started as a child when was the court by policeman with a shirt full of pairs which I'd been given they were informed, but I was having to be outside another Orchard and the policeman stopped his car and said you got in your shirt and I said nothing really nothing to do with you make it concern you and he said you lying bastard that me around the ear and I've been death in the right here ever since put the best Parties Ever complain to my father and I went home we went to the police station the police sergeant said oh, we're going I'll look into this.

Bill you went off and came back 10 min.

No, we didn't even have a car on on the lane that time of day he's lying so I don't got it from my heart and that was my first introduction to police corruption alternative this Commission from the outset.

Did you conceive a bit on the scale almost 60 episodes over 8 years is not quite unprecedented.

I thinking radio buddy take strawberry from the beginning.

Did you say to the controller well if you want this? Yeah? They're going to be 60 of them or nearly.

Yes the controller said to me.

How many do you want to do Gordon and I said 60 and she didn't drink.

She said well.

That's fine, but we have to do them in series of 10 and I said before 960 would be too many to write at once anyway.

Do you become a bird with any point? Did you wake up in on January 1st of day of a particular thing? I've got 10 episodes of this to write was it difficult.

What are the word for you done? It wasn't it was easier to pick up again after the break and the characters with the characters with well-formed and I just had to find ways of moving around in and why did you stop in 2008 although the story stops in 2008 at some point the original book stopped with the transfer is factoring 1979 better as we went on I need another stopping point and I thought the bank collapse was perfect for this series about the performance of Toby Jones which they say superb.

He played Joey odum in one of the main corrupted fictional characters and listener Halloween Whitlock has this question about him giving the real characters featured in the place did Mr Newman have anybody in mind for joy and I did have someone in mind a lot of these characteristics came from this person, but I won't say who that.

Is that because that person is still with us and in perhaps in the position of political influence and that person is still with us and is very wealthy and a good cause wanted to problem, so well.

I shall not pursue further on that but listening Nick Davies is also interested in this.

I love the way the story intertwines GF Newman's imaginary characters with actual both living and dead.

I'm aware of his legal background.

So I'll be really interested to hear how it is he can Place real people in imaginary situations situation often don't reply well on them has this Corsa many problems so have you had any problems as it were blurring fact with fiction not in this series? I've had lots of problems in the past with that because most of the things.

I write about I've actually happened and involved real people is it but but with this series everything has happened the people involved?

Have all been into wrongdoing if you like and airy dresses to go to law and none of them do because there might be other things that I know about that come out so many problems on this year, but I say in the bath best interests of come after me and I said well fine soon if you like and none of them have they complain but they haven't said but you think you have a possibility not just to the living close to the dead when you put them in a fictional situation to do things which you think can be Justified by what they did in reality in other words can't distort the characterization of a real person you can imagine how they might behave in different circumstances, but you have to be true as far as you can be to their character and I think I am I don't think I'm vented things for them to do.

They haven't done or I'm doing now, so I don't accept that I have distorted from at all.

It's a very strange.

Listen to a program that you've written it in your head and then it's coming out of the radio ever you listen through characters.

Is it a very strange experience experience because the characters play my head and they played perfectly and when an actress is the lines of the actor is interpreting what I've written and he's not inside my head is in the right is saying something quite.

What is the valid interpretation it works exactly as it should some people say well why stopping 2008 Gordon human? Can you feel the operation juices going again and thinking this is a very testing time for a writer of the sort of work that you do is a very rich team there to mine but the question should be put to me.

It should be put to the controllers a brave enough to take it on and some people would say well hold on the difference between the period you're describing an item from the 1950s onwards is there much more open our Society

Credit checks on corruption things and more open their parliamentary oversight committees and sauna so on society is not as corrupt as it was as the side you describe when you began is that true didn't we are less corrupt corrupt these days and I'm afraid parliamentary oversight committee corruption like anyone else to persuasion the subject you were influenced by the likes of Lord olinska in the corrupted so it just goes on and on and on and GF Newman going to go on do you want to continue to do I see no reason to hang up my pen and stop writing about these things are thanks to write GF Newman and all 58 episodes of his the corrupted and no available on BBC sounds and do let us know your thoughts about that interview or anything else to do with BBC Radio and pop.

This is how you can get in touch you can send an email to feedback and or write a letter the address is feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax you can follow our activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedbag, or you can call on 03333440524 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile network all those details are on our website for asking to BBC Radio listeners to step out of bounds and listen to a program that would normally be on their radar this week.

We have Rebecca shepherdson and my Yusuf friends from university both in their early 20s and living in London am I

Start with you.

What would be your top 3 programmes if you were stranded on a desert island.

Just so we can get a sense of your listening out.

It's the patch the kitchen cabinet and In Our Time how about you Rebecca the Unbelievable Truth and Desert Island Discs on Radio 5 5 Live science a weekly program broadcast every Sunday morning at 6, am at available is a podcast on BBC sounds, how would you describe the program explain what it's about? I'd say it's an hour-long program.

Which gives you a sort of fairly thorough insight into the science current affairs and science related news stories and it's presented by Christmas I think it's features lots of interview for people about all the goings-on in the science world and surprised at 6 a.m.

Because can you imagine lots of 5 live listen to switching on at 6?

I can't imagine many people switching on to any Radio 6 a.m.

To listen to a science program.

I think I was surprised as well that was on five life you know in my mind by 5 is just for the Newcastle match but I was shocked to hear that was a science program problem.

I invited to success podcast on BBC sounds geography teacher.

So therefore reasonably well, so did you enjoy it like you and I do come from a background data to do a fair amount starts and a bit of environmental geography definitely help me understand.

What's going on on net carbon, so did come to it with a science background.

I know a lot of the basics, but they were talking about am I you took a degree? I think it's the ology.

Didn't you and therefore? I don't think you're gonna call yourself a scientist.

It doesn't seem really really high level of you.

Don't need to get out of the about 5 items to the author of a new book at the Martian the film Andy where it looked at Annette's 0 packs.

It looked at to successful vaccination programmes malaria.

I didn't know anything about that either and then is the next what I thought an extraordinary item on forensic science which seemed to me to say the future.

Everybody's been convicted on the basis of 4.

Times before was probably not guilty I was gobsmacked by that where you was he came because it's linked to Pop Culture and so they're talking about it.

You know in terms of line of duty, and I'm a massive line if you define you know and I massively into forensics and looking at those blood status and then when they got this whole book about how it's rubbish.

No, just I feel very attacked to be honest to see what will happen in Washington DC where they're firearms unit is under scrutiny and it's no idea.

How many people may have been convicted based on the work of that firearms unit so whenever we sort of hours.

We find thousands and thousands of cases that and I think my I didn't come across to me is sensations because the whole presentation was seen relatively lowkey of the whole program but Loki and authority and informed.

Is that what you think?

I thought that section was particularly like you know he clearly done his research and there was a moment when he said that forensic tests.

They not held up to the same scrutiny Ziva neykova test and that was really absolutely this is a research and it was really passionate about something that we probably should have a bit more on our consciousness.

I think so yeah really got that impression no program.

That is the magazine program depends very heavily on the presenter and not only do they have to demonstrate a wide knowledge, but they also have to ask the right questions so Christmas is obviously a scientist Rebecca do you think is a good present as well? I think you didn't speak for most of the time.

I think it was more about him as a really good facilitator for his guests.

I think he had a really nice friendly accessible Tony's we've been saying that the whole time I felt really accessible.

Wasn't combative in a way that you know having lots and lots of guess sometimes candy and I think he brought back people quite a lot so you brought in the material scientist who was on the program even when they were talking about material science and the interactions that he allowed to turn the gas to really don't like there was a little kind of joking and laughing along with each other and just having a bit of a laugh and recreated which was really nice, so well.

We got to the stage in this feature where we ask you whether you have to be a comfort sandmeyer you pretty clearly demonstrated you were beforehand actually listen to the programme where you had to be comfortable.

I don't think I was I think I was surprisingly comfy.

Serious and well Rebecca I guess you were in your comfort zone, but are you going to get up set the alarm for 5:45? So you can listen to it? Will you listen to answer? I think again Windows background programs or just what I'm doing something else.

You know when you just want to catch a bit of something interesting just California pottering around yeah, definitely put it back on again.

Thank you very much.

Do let us know you're listening tastes and whether you would like to be put out of your comfort zone.

Promise 45 years Radio 4 The News Quiz has been one of its comedy Jools and in that time they've been only 5 regular presenters Barry Norman that it took Simon hoggart Sandi Toksvig miles job big shoes and now we know who fill them Andy salzman comedian and also the statistician on another venerable institution test match special Audi talking to him in a moment of both programs, but first let's hear some of your thoughts on the News Quiz and it's due to Caroline Waterstone Hertfordshire I wasn't a fan and a rotating chair named after an ongoing news topic the teams regardless of how constituted are so clever and such fun was very witty responses to the most banal or even more serious news topics to Handley using.

Funny witty or informed and the panel for the most part the same the program is now impossible to listen to the team care.

They seem to find each other hilarious.

Do you really think that loud and childish or pub type chatter is entertaining if you do you should scrap the program or give it a new name locker room gossip maybe chain Stretton from Kirkby-in-Ashfield salts is an excellent fit for the News Quiz witty and sardonic is quick pace and many cricket references and much appreciated by this particular listen and I'm delighted to say Andy salzman me now Mr salzman.

Where are you broadcasting from is it a hat in Streatham what is a shed and office sheds in the garden has become over the last 18 months basic where I spend?

Watch all of my waking hours and is anybody else allowed Ian or is this your own meal only with with prior written permission.

There's a very complicated application process for joining as and when you were offered the gig on the News Quiz across.

You were one of Three presenters.

I presume you knew one of you would get the main job.

What do you think you could offer the News Quiz that we make them say right will have Infirmary we didn't actually know that I'm and I thought it might be that they went down the road more like Have I got news for you and just being kept having different hosts for different series so went into that one series host last year thinking that might be the only chance.

I've got to do it so just wanted to try and do it as inventive Lee as possible and try and find ways of maintaining the traditions of the Shelbourne also bringing a few fresh elements and formats to get the best out of the guests that are on each week.

Any suggestions politics is the current flare up in the middle really subbed amusement acknowledged that he prefers his question and firstly offered it to Daniel Finkelstein presumably Jewish but both the resulting contributions and cod laughter from the panelists very unsettling unsettled by that what is a very difficult issue 4 comedy and always has been and always will be but I think in a satirical is addressing the big news stories of the week.

That was clearly one of the big news stories of the week, so the challenges to try to deal with it in a sensitive way, but was in no way as me.

Fun of the suffering and Tragedy the people are experiencing but I think the elements of the political side of it on a global scale that you can make security relevant points on Julie falling from Bognor Regis how many hours preparation was many many at lipstick prepare is it on his mind all week or does he set aside time to write the News Quiz with the rest of the writer licking your ad libs? I mean how he wants to know how many are they all prepared now long.

Does it take to prepare well? No.

I'm not have prepared lines.

I don't know if they come across as a genuine addliving from everyone involved in the show conversation evolved and funny things that emerge spontaneously.

Yeah, if it's ad-lib.

It's an ad-lib aware of the things seem to be ad-libs own life butter percentage on here.

You're obviously that doesn't stop you been busy also with TMS from Middlewich

Wonder how the amazing bearded wonder girlfriend or could ever be replaced no need to worry Here Comes Andy he is now a real part of the wonderful TMS team mate.

He continue Andrew mountsteven from Edinburgh contribution to TMS very handles are role, which could be dry and dull with panache and we're in heaven loves of the subject making my ideal for the task interaction with the other members of the team in an inspired choice in my opinion on how did you get the relevant reply? I'll be there for you.

They approach me.

I mean how I got there is a roundabout roof when it began really complete childhood obsession with cricket in particular with the number for Volvo became fairly clear to me earlier on in life that I was not gifted with great playing skill but I was fascinated by the sport and my dad gave me a couple of books when I was about six.

Bill frindall scorecards in the back and I think that's of Unleashed my statistical obsession a little dormant for a while.

I started via my comedy podcasts the Bugle invited to write for the cricinfo website try to blend humour with statistics that was something I've been doing for a few years before was then invited onto TMS do I gather from all this you don't have to play the game anymore.

I play couple of games A Year To Love It Village Cricket was where I am top doubt I can play well enough that it was worth playing and on successes at the light play Don't stab salute loved the game of the social side of it.

I'm David day.

Is there a way whereby cricket statisticians could at least reflect the Aesthetics of cricket example Imran Khan was a much better site as he ran into bow will never bobb-willis was and hurting batting was really as an elegantly correct.

I don't think many viruses remember then and then maybe Remember never card as a reading about him and whether style of the was more important than the numbers of runs perhaps today crude.

Do you think that's true that if we concentrate too much on statistics? We miss something definitely and if TMS was only statistician definitely be a problem, but I think the cross the broadcast we can appreciate the game in all its many wonders and it's hard to analyse Aesthetics in a statistical way.

I think we don't like to see some kind of coefficients for artist style brought into batting which would benefit some Batman significantly disbenefit others but that's not the way the game is so I think over the course of the broadcast.

I hope we achieve that and my role is a statistician some helping to illustrate narrative progress of a game and players within what is since you've been building up to this final question Lyndsay Higgins from Somerset question.

If you get a class for your time, which wins the comedy or the cricket? Could you bear life without comedy or life without cricket? I'm not sure thinking about to be honest.

I've been obsessed with cricket longer than comedy so maybe cricket would win out but managed to get a keyboard blend of the two working for a full health now, so hopefully that will continue critical one would suggest perhaps you have a great of future in comedy than you have on the cricket pitch.

Would that be fair? Yes, that is entirely fair.

Yes that I've accepted that many years ago and it's thank you very much, but thanks to Andy salzman news quiz chat and TMS statistician and that's it for this week and a deep for this series.

Please do keep those comments coming no we read everything will be back in July when I hope I will have no need to say regarding covered keep safe and help keep other people safe to.

I hope goodbye.

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