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Read this: ARIAS 2021 - Special event report from the event in London

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ARIAS 2021 - Special event report from t…

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionics created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio welcome to the radio today programs special from the Arias my name is Grace Hopper I am a producer at KISS FM formerly of BBC Radio 1 and I'm also trustee Radio Academy I'm going to be taking you through all the best bits from the night that was the Arias 2021 interviews with the nominees and of course the all-important winners me to let you know there is a little bit of bad language in This podcast I blame Greg James I'm here with Jordan and Perry are hosts for the evening.

So this is your first ever Arias guys and hosting the Awards so you know we looked at the seating plan and directly in front of us.

There is about 4/4.

A lot of legendary Radio presenters of big bosses all directly in your airline plus the fact that we only started live radio 8/9 ago.

It is quite scary to be hosting the when we first started radio of course.

It's like we heard the lorries and people always chatting about you, but we didn't quite get the scalar until we hear This is the events the Oscars of the radio world very well or they could get fined we will not be alright.

Sing the KISS Breakfast Show since like August so not even a year into it and you're already up42 Aria tonight which is amazing, so Congratulations you feeling do you know what is really funny because hosting feels like such a big honour and it bit you know within rehearsals and people just talking about.

Oh my god you been hosting Part of Me has slowly forgot where we've got someone pretending to be can get present or something like and here's a list of days and then I'll name pops up.

You are well like this and then it brings it home confident is in the right word.

I mean to be nominated already is something are huge and again like it's not just for us as parents his breakfast, but like no word of a lie the team behind are so I know everyone says it without you can do it, but it's true for us because you no like bloody said we've only doing live radio for 8 months.

We give him any idea.

What will you do?

Between producer producer Jodie producer Elliott producer Jay obviously Rebecca like all those people having face and helping us along the way without Lyn Jimmy could happen so confident I'm anxious to know the result love to Win It genuinely more for them then ask because you know they've been invaded in radio.

Lot longer than we have they worked their entire lives on that career wise to get to this point and be with us as well before then.

We can you put up the bag do we have the trick there is a big screen behind us is it's like basically like a big projector for the audience there or last Shadow Puppets can come out I can do the craziest you're laughing.

Cos you think he's joking.

I'm not yet, but we were behind and he was genuinely practice.

The eyes moving not using the shut up.

I can do a dog.

There's a bird and there is a rabbit.

It's not 100-percent.

There is like 80% Rabbit and the Awards to master the rabbits.

Have you guys decided if you do win an award is one of the other one get the award because obviously you're doubling up rolls your your hosting nominated like always say worst case scenario because of the dance background of dance history everything Stops going wrong tell us about clip and you know what we're going to do be fine tonight.

Ok old entertainment relying heavily on Perry

The Arias is just about to start and I've got them with me hello.

How are you? How's it going to be out of the house so exciting the most exciting thing letting my children go to their dad for the evening and we running out the door.

I haven't done that in a long time.

I just said good luck and slam the door.

It was amazing.

Yes, I am I'm presenting best new show about 30-seconds and he started in August that's a big big new show with also got poppy in there as well from BBC

Great names and it's going to be going to be a tough one already, but I could always try and get it and then secretly tell you welcome to the Arias 2021.

Thank you.

This is glamorous leaving the house at the moment little speech Breakfast Show to say I know it's so funny considering the Breakfast Show but no I am yeah our little team is talkSPORT breakfast show so everyone's quite excited about this because it's the army as well.

It feels rather ground, doesn't it?

Special tonight everyone for the best dressed as well and I just did them off at the occasion.

Honestly, I was absolutely fine because it took me so long to get ready today because I can't remember how to do it that I was late and then it's only really but I arrived I've only got a god we didn't expect to get any nominations because I think at the time we genuinely just felt like oh my god God like.

How are we going to get through this week, so I suppose we fell out with me and that was like the first thing to do because we didn't have any sport to broadcast and we're obviously a show about school so I think for us it felt like get the show out.

Just do something it was a brand new show as well.

So it's always kind of things at all happening at once and then eventually when we were able to overcome that and start to have fun with it I guess

What's the really nice way of being nominated? It's a really nice way of caffeine that we're off to be here between 3 is this kind of your first night out as a 3 for a little while all three of us have been out together as a threesome that sounds wrong when I say threesome, but thank you guys on now.

Sorry tonight.

You're up for best music entertainment awards.

It's just an honour to be amongst it I didn't think we need to get nominated not because I don't think I doing good stuff, but you just never expected that was just a nice surprise to be really really is it weird for you guys, you still have to remember that you're not sharing on kiss because obviously you don't quite a few award shows with kids and now you're afraid to remember thinking the opposite you guys.

I'm going right now.

Get up there that we knew from keys.

Why would you not cheer like to celebrate radio and especially after The Madness of the last year and a half like anyone who wins tonight at regardless of the celebration staying on there being such a comfort to people isn't in on that lovely no Charlie I'll finish it there industry award.

What do you buy the Radio Academy and now move welcome your evening and Perri Kiely

Look at that have all welcome to the Arias 2021 and I promise you I know I look like a bounce that's got a bit happier running on stage but I am here to host.

I'll probably right now.

I mean less than a year doing live radio and we're here hosting Dr is no pressure.

Just having a child in front of you alright.

Ricky you don't perfect perfect.

BBC sounds of Bambi told me they were feeling boys and we just wanted to give people a voice to be heard.

This is a bow talking about you feeling talking about what you're going through.

You might help other people you might help yourself.

They might help you this is Menorca our award is our podcast is so much more crazy.

Thank you so much for the best speech presenter and the gold thank you very much.

Thank you.

So one be here to present an award and three clean up the night.

Play so long.

I don't know how I was going to position myself in the radio world.

You know I had been a recording artist and I love that but I felt like I needed a different medium.

I'm just started doing this podcast and nothing and now here Mansour a massive gold awards in there.

Don't make it home you won best speech presenter gold you one gold best factual single programs and you one silver for creative in a award.

I mean John and Mary were not like when they said that you were getting your exercise walking up and down loads you expecting any of this or was it all quite a shock to you know I wasn't I don't make contact with the wards in mind.

I don't.

It's like the ultimate recognition.

These are real stories that I'm turning.

And have them seen and heard by a whole industry in this way, I can't put that into words man cos it's about so much more than just me for the next year.

Did you think I've got a whole new platform to engage with people who won't conversations after it's called common ground as gonna go along with it myself into research to look at the power of music for our community and how many you know jobs and that's why I appreciate about the areas like you can see all of the people that work in this field to get up in the morning to share audio contact with others that something that I just want to really explore and learn more about this year goes to

Slime with Jeff theme from TBi Media congratulations on your award tonight.

Thank you were altogether at Charlotte's drinking our office to watch on the stream.

So it was actually lovely to be with the team and celebrate at what has been obviously a difficult year.

What was so lovely with you would see the person accepting your gold award in one room and then you hear all the muffled screams from the delay zoom when they were watching next door of seeing it was so nice to see the room no idea there was a delay.

I just thought I'd said something really good, but no they just that point realised that we want to go to Silverstone I I mean you would taking that the beginning of the night wouldn't you that's amazing absolutely I mean I think there's always a fear that you'll go home the bridesmaid in.

All of them, but to get a gold early on meant what we could we could pop over some courts and started joining at that point I mean that whole pop up with incredible to hear I think everyone in the room was cheering when that was announced.

What was that like to make like in the middle of a pandemic mean it was super it was absolutely brilliant.

I mean it was it was a 3-week project start to finish was the sort of Extraordinary thing.

It was made in April right at the start of the pandemic as much as we look back on this now and you know we've all learnt how to make programs at home.

This was one of the first cross.

It was it was a really small collaborative team between us and Paula Absolute Radio so you know it's Paul's team that was making those ads and the Amazing station imaging while we were getting.

Should be together and making the News Bulletin for Alan dedicoat did an amazing job and as you know we had throughout the day retelling the story of the day.

I think it was the first the Queen's Speech has been taken on Absolute Radio We rebroadcast The King's Speech from 75 years ago.

So it was it was an epic programme unlike anything else.

I think I will ever so absolutely delighted with gold and winner is Radio 1 breakfast with Greg James Greg James congratulations winner again.

How are you feeling? I honestly floating I feel I don't know I just feel elated relieved proud.

I feel very very very happy in my exception.

I said I feel like I'm actually feeling something for the first time about 18 months because everyone in the room everyone completely got that feeling like the night everyone to spell alive again and it's a relief but also I think I've release I've just everyone who's done any job in the last 18 months probably hasn't really taken stock of what they've done.

Whether it's you know on the opportunity to take a step back and go.

Oh my god.

I did my job during a pandemic and you know with with still here type saying and I think it's it was a really weird moment to me tonight and I just thought all that hard work.

Put into it and yeah, and what we've all been through personally in this sort of thinking about it all and just fits I guess but everything opening up potentially a little bit as well.

It just feels like maybe we can have our lives back as much as I've loved breakfast in a pandemic.

Wish I hadn't had to what you said there.

We have all been working from home and making radio and getting through life in the middle of this pandemic and you've gone on from last year winning best new show to this year winning best music breakfast show me that's a lovely transition as well like you've done very very well.

I think it's help me to focus on something and really the only thing I know we only thing in life.

I really know how to do is a radio show and so I put all my efforts into that and it's really great that the business like to but I guess we had fun weirdly at times because the team because we all had to clubs together and we got to know each other better than ever and when you're with people in a crisis.

You sort of you.

Get to know people really really well, so I doubt very lucky to actually have a job but also to have that show during a pandemic.

It's a real test is like a bit of proper challenge.

It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do my entire life and I really loved it and it's really helped me in the listings of really helps me as cheesy as that sounds I messaged you because he won best breakfast show last year.

I said to her.

I'm coming for your reward and and then she text back saying good luck, but I'm rooting for fleur East and how lovely it was actually got a physical award even though you went in the rooms night.

You were bursting with an actual award in hand delivered to your home address is very sneaky I had no idea that was happening and then she disappeared at the door of the room which she hates me calling it.

Oh my god, what the fuck.

Do you know you knew you didn't tell me.

I thought you might might have been texting arranging delivery times for in the a.m.

While you were new broadcasting house recording you're very good for being sneaky been a really brilliant night for everyone to remember how important radio is to not only are we love it but to the listener and I think that's fine.

It's been a real help properly become a fan of radio again this year because you realise how much you rely on podcast to keep you up-to-date and funny things to distract you so someone else today.

They said you think radio has become more important and I don't think it has I think it's always been really important, but I think people have realised how important it is to them and that's that's really crucial that fight with the radio to survive.

Is it is it's the most spontaneous medium reacts can be the funniest can just change your day very quickly so it's been a nice reminder to everyone that radio keeps people connected and keeps people laughing at you stand up the definition of radio and I will do it.

So perfectly that feels that last so we should leave it so Congratulations best music show 2021 at the are you get rid of because I'm rambling the impact award the BBC audio for BBC Radio 1xtra playlist for BBC audio and BBC 1Xtra thank you so much guys.

This is this is a very very Bittersweet moment because yesterday was a year.

Black father son brother and human being was murdered by the police and the reason that I'm here.

I'm going to the reason was because in that moment of pain.

We had our forward to express how we thank you for the support specific day and supporting black people around the world are being murdered by police brutality and hope the next town down up here accepting an award is here on earth power.

Protective protected and loved one extra you already know what it is this what we stand for.

Thank you so much this means a lot the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word caller tweet and SMS mix unlock the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the way you make it more rewards next up.

We got best music entertainment show called where is Scott Mills for BBC audio winners of the best music entertainment show congratulation.

Great I have a question for you.

Did you did you know or a lot harder thing to keep from you ever do I feel like it's really lovely is that the last thing I ever did on our Show in the BBC does make this our as entry I literally set up till midnight on my last day.

Just to clarify because she made the entry which one that's that seems suspicious.

It's not know think about the other is amazing that considering she was moving to a different radio station through Sabotage because she's got all the audio that gets cut from the actual radio show what are entry could have been was everything that people is never heard and we just have really bad wind.

Special People one of the outtakes one of the realise that it's so nice to see your name on it like how does it feel is it doesn't feel real well, I've not one but not one one of these for a while.

We're really excited the IX football team have melted down their trophy and sent it to all the Seas get holders.

If I couldn't go and we plan on doing the same with the sorry I'm going to melt it down and small piece is going to be sent to everybody listening and when I'm doing that.

It's lovely to win an award it is but it's more recognition of everything that the show is over the last year so as much as we can do this great fast if anything is it's a confidence what we doing the core of what we do is we just want to make entertaining radio make people happy make people smile and put them two stars and this is a nice.

How could you put it like it's a nice symbolism the show is and the other people get it for what it is.

See the thing is it's really got me through like in a weird way of the last year the fact that I've been able to still do my job everyday and sometimes he's been on soon, but I have been able to do it with my best friend in a when actually the listeners have also become they feel that we become their best mates.

I feel that we closer and everyone here is closer to the listeners than ever because of what happened and

Explain the thing that kept me going this year as well a lot of different time zones and a lot of different locations Studios not from the studio both of you in one of you in another studio Wannabe from home covid-19.

Are you did most of that while being at home? It must have been difficult for you as well.

So we just want to say thank you because we've won the support so next year.

You'll turn you promise them award-winning stand now.

They're like go Gracie just race really was working that show where they want to go so no pressure.

Thank you very much for saying that it was so much fun working on this show and this is amazing to have tonight so a properly inspiring category the grassroots supported by BBC sounds any type of radio audio production that made an impact to its local community is eventbrite and Brent 2020 socal Adobe who was 15 when he made a fuss of Us he got silverfir best Hunter and then we got plans for best new podcasts event documentaries and then Nora who presented our documentary problem kids she got silver as well for best single fact to and then podcast overall goals.

So yeah, that's amazing.

I mean incredible you don't know kind of what you do.

Give us a little bit of an overview of what then podcasts produce was a collaboration between UK and Brent London Borough of Culture 2020 so we worked for a year with young people or from the London Borough of Brent and we did a back-to-back training and focus groups and different things and it resulted in these two podcast room so one of them was vent documentaries which is stream and you can listen to on all like we gave the young people three different themes for three different series so they were and identity Love And Justice and I really like to be able to develop their own ideas.

Made half hour documentaries and also like 15-minute first analysis with them so that and then we also made a weekly so it is called when weekly but we had for the house to avoid and hazard to and they chose the topics they wanted to discuss and that was like everything from my lip fillers to the criminal justice system like it was really broad and varied about it like guests on and then also on that we ended up doing another mini series called covid-19 because obviously the 10th series where we got to pick up the call in with their like concerns and questions on covid-19 and match the red experts too kind of answer them.

So it was a big year of like 50 billion podcast with young people and basically.

Local station of the Year ladies and gentlemen is BBC Radio Sheffield Radio is national station or network Of The Year winner is Magic radio station of the Year such a shock yeah.

Yeah, it was just amazing for ask for the whole team to to finally win the gold genuine shop and just excitement and happiness and it was so lovely to see you.

I kind of got in my head on it and then they said magic and it took like 4 seconds and people around me to you.

Get up and moral support to go home with this award and you have to celebrate the Ronan tomorrow on the Breakfast Show good.

Is that ok, because he's not here to drink champagne.

So we got a coffee machine.

It's really exciting and it's lovely and obviously what can I do if is one part of the day we will kick start the day in the morning.

We have an incredible team of presenters.

This is really I mean you know it's because she is the one with Tony of course who has the overview of the station and has the courage to create new content to brave, Newark-on-Trent

And I love what Seamus said on stage which is that we not just a listen in the back of the car radio station and I think it has taken control of popular music for the BBC what a night has been tonight, but actually I think people will really really relieved to see each other in flash and is very well done by the Academy everything over on said they felt really safe, but solute the exciting really really good and BBC2 very well, so we had a few Radio 1Xtra 1Xtra station sound award in there as well.

It was it was it was it was lovely, but you know this is going to sound a bit cheesy, but I think given the year in a bit that every.

Industries had some amazing audio created.

It's just been a year and a bit of brilliant stories, so I think if you got nominated really well done to actually win the bar was high because I was sitting there listening to a lot of the nominations and some of them.

I've actually heard in real time.

It's really good.

You know there's just some amazing things.

I mean it was an extraordinary and I think a couple of presenters said that they can't really privileged to be on there such a unique time, but we can't do it to them because it it would have been tough.

You know and certainly in my world with popular music.

It's largely live try to connect with audiences.

We know that our job is to provide escape so I think I'm just I'm really just talked to be here, but yeah, it's nice to get recognised.

And what's been your sort of moment of the year.

Would you say if you had to pick something from all the bits even listening to recognise tonight or not looking after a lot of BBC Radio from difficult.

I would say I would say something that we didn't actually enter but it was to do with his right at the beginning and the five pop stations came together for Great British sing along and it was really to do tooth is it was to help the teams have a moment where you could just go Manitou a record that was really good but also to say to the audience.

We're here and it's all going to be ok and that was kind of be my moment because we never done that before we've never done a five ways cinema cost and the producer will not happy but we we did it and and it worked we did it again.

Christmas and the other thing I would say very quickly is very very brave and admirable of times Radio 2 launch in the middle of the panto mate.

I've just bought a fantastic.

They sound great on and there's really fat found her feet but to it mean just imagine launching something where you've got social distancing trying to figure it all out to them as well Charlotte Moore the brand new chief content officer at the BC Rich is really hard to say welcome to your first.

It's really nice to be here.

What are privileged as in what's been a challenging year hasn't it? And yeah? You know when you see the lineup for Lytham mazing.

It was great evening.

There's not enough hours in the day.

Is there to get through fantastic fantastic fantastic Four cast as well.

What was the sort of standout moment for you tonight?

Put not say that because of course the line George the Poet fantastic see him but you really pleased for Greg really pleased further Radio 1 to be honest and lots and lots of equally happy about all of it.

I guess I'm just reminds you of the Range and we'll do in radio and connecting with people.

It's lovely to see Radio Sheffield as well.

How important local radio is to people's lives but how these Big Show's also really connect with challenging.

Yeah, it is that companionship.

Isn't it? Is what George said about about loneliness and you realise what radio brings to people? I find it really emotional actually celebration of what we've all been able to achieve in such difficult year with everything else going on in our personal lives as well as professional it's

Ring you know when you think when the pandemic hit never had to go back and record from their homes and and you know record live and two people's homes, but literally with everybody producers and sitting at home doing it.

I thought we could have done it in a year unlike any we've seen in our lifetimes and hope a companion who was there through everything recognises some of the broadcasting from 12-months only by the public this category the role it plays in our lives and the French provide.

It's impossible to look back on 2020 without remembering the pain and suffering the pandemic caused but within the darkness there with liked.

Frontline workers celebrated Across The Nation and the airwaves their selfless efforts will rightly celebrated, but it meant the loans were even more point.

I like intensive care.

I'm joy trying to look after the sickest people because that's what I was trained for so my water hasn't been a bad war but may get in my son died birthday death with something we had to deal with a lot in 2020 but before the Kobe pandemic in the UK it was another death which shocked the country anyway on Twitter not someone because of their appearance invading someone else's privacy unnecessary comment on online form.

You need to look at themselves.

To the press for newspapers who creates clickbait you demonizer tear down success, we've had enough the honesty and whether we're hearing it live or on catch up on the car speakers or intimately through headphones always catch us the emotional memories of others resonating within ourselves of me, because you like I was like 7 again.

Saying that he was small but the fact that I played for England then him for Mr pigden wasn't the only war veteran being remembered this year for 24-hours a special station popped up on Airways with an important radio message on.

It's the 8th of May the war in Europe is open.

We will use the starting news announcements and it was away from the big and hard hitting story because I know the my weekend was terrible.

I was sat on my sofa crying angry confused so knowing stop at the news.

Stuck at the news of you another black body patient stories that are contained.

Positivity and love and we got so much positivity and love back from this one, but we also got you know bombarded with messages stuff about how even now diversities and diverse enough because there's only 5 white people with it like I can't speak to anyone else but generally got anxious and worried saying something like that by smell and global movement to the most personal and moving stories have been through IVF and me and my Wi-Fi multiple miscarriages, but we both had to deal with it and actually credible thing to deal with.

Sittingbourne to seek help through the nightingale still thought that I was last 3-months saying about this five decades.

I thought I lost 3-months and I'll just because of novelty give it to you know that are well.

You know women we go while ago and we are but more importantly the moment moments of enjoyment laughter reflection to Scotland the penalty.

the Ian Wright remembers Mr Picton on Desert Island Discs the silver award qualify for Euro 2020 on the big Scotland radio football show and the gold

Jasmine come and collect reward it goes to thank you so much.

I'm going to be serious for once in our lives this award.

We watched earlier that clip.

I gonna get my school now.

I've got motion every single person disabled of every single one of us who was a nominee up there because we all shared something super personal shared a very important message so again to everyone who voted for us and the general public as well.

Thank you so much until next time guys.

See you soon.

Thank you very much Today programme podcast.

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