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Read this: Radio 1 s Summer Breakout The Bionic Van on tour

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Radio 1 s Summer Breakout The Bionic Van…

Oh hello there.

Have you missed me? It's 2 am here back for a special possibly limited edition version of the radio today podcast make a reappearance just for a summer treat to hear later at the bionic van or Thanet well.

That's all about and chat to him and the reason for my return from retirement changing radio all over again radio zly bamboozle to end almost 62 hours of being stuck in the campervan.

Radio 1 summer break out, please, please please please, please.

I'm out Greg James contractions you have managed to escape.

Was going to bring down the road from Burnley and you turned up here today.

I thought I can say hello to tell us what it's like being outside burnleyfootballclub festival it had to finish it Jordan had to bring me to Turf Moor it's great to have not bad of the last year or so, it is John's happy place and they're so welcoming and may he is like the king of Burnley because he comes back and we doing the show in the car park for the caravan is Guy just walk around with trade full of it was always like Lord North your food is here.

Isn't even have to ask for it.

Do you know what it's been a really fun week? I was so Furious to be trapped on the Monday Monday night and then is it all and fold just I remember what it's like to do proper Radio 1 things.

They are the precoded and you get out of your meeting and listeners.

You're seeing parts of the UK you're just

You bring it along with you doing a stupid game and it is all stupid and it means gonna nothing but really it's over means everything that we're out back out on the road and doing a big events again and making a noise I know just remind people that radios really really fun and it's yes, it was there when it whenever on the sad and it is still there when people have sad and upset and stuff but also I can bring a lot of Joy and a lot of distractions, so we loved it, so people know it's nothing 10B but you've done five different locations in 3 days that stuff for these engineers and all my team that breakfast team are amazing these engineers are incredible and to have the resources to do this.

I mean it does pay off you know like it it pays off because it sounds brilliant and it sounds big and it sounds exciting it gets people excited and yeah to get to do these Dobbies in car parks and zoos and from there from the ownerselect castle.

I feel very lucky weeks like this good way to introduce Jordan and Victor the listeners hadn't they're going to get on and drive?

Join them of the three wonder if that's not that's not like I was resigning resigning.

It was brilliant to see those two together because they've not really done much together.

I guess that but the three works great and it's going to be going to be brilliant to have them on in the afternoons actually and it makes total sense.

I'm so chuffed Jordan it's when when he turned up at Radio One we talk a little bit just cos you know each other but we got to know each other and I quickly like this is a radio person and if you need to be protected and I'm so proud when you got Drive sounds like to keep at it keep at it.

I know you won't drive.

I just keep that is all fine so I keep doing shows and I'm really proud of him and I'm I'm really because that show is very special and when I turned up about the one that was the show I wanted because it is just such a brilliant sure you can try stuff out.

It's it's got amazing listening so

Exciting times September is going to be give me a lot of fun stuff and get some sleep.

I know I've got to go to bed.


I've got to get that my wife's Furious time not home so back in November I was messaging Jordan and rearrange them on This radiotoday podcast and then you turned up in the castle only let us down that was the plan yeah, and then I got I got sidetracked in Wales so do apologise.

I will definitely properly come on.

I'm a good chat salon, Burnley fans, so yeah, and I'm here with his to co-conspirators the Jordan And Vic new drive presents as well this week.

Even tell you because I don't know all the details all of those clothes and all of that sinister stuff was inside your head, but it's been more than I can ever imagine that's been in the listeners have been amazing crack includes getting involved on Twitter on Instagram calling in texting in I've never seen the text.

Like that and together they work that away two free Greg James how special is that some places that we have kids when on days out cos I was treated the other day you been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach you going to Chester Zoo using only these are places in my photo album.

That's what I wanted to bring you at the beach.

We're at the Tower I was with giraffes to be honest is the closest to get to heaven we went back to the castle as well.

It is just been fantastic.

So whilst pregnant without having a laugh to the cricket as well.

We had a couple of pints of the sunset be honest so many people and they're trying thing is this is obviously introducing you to the drive listeners ahead of your big start in the ultimate site about that.

We were saying it's a good way for the

Does the Harris together and a nice warm up? That's nice messages for Drive starting in September which is really lovely to hear separately, but this is something different and this is something that where really hoping to build and something that we really hope people like so yeah fingers crossed those messages really made me feel yeah definitely we just can't wait to get cracking now and look forward to it.

Yeah, it's going to be fantastic and you said I'm guessing it's the same for Jordan because there was a massive radio geek so drivetime everyday and unbelievable scenes Jeff honestly unbelievable scenes Jeff September pandemics.

I didn't really get to meet anyone in person so being all together and senior the presenters the producers in person has felt like I'm back to school.

I cannot a new school.

I'm trying to like sitting and call and they couldn't have welcomed warmly it's

Family and I absolutely love it here.

I know you're excited been on Radio 1 doing the anthems outside turf Moor yeah.

I love doing anthems on radio on even when it was great.

It's just we always get Sony text and sweet sell to do it live from the happy place turf Moor it's a perfect enter the show me Drive thank you.


This is the radio Today programme thanks to Jordan and Vic and to Greg James I'm Stuart Clarkson he's Roy Martin it's like we've never been away lockdown.

How was your 30 week sabbatical Stewart This is a one-off.

I don't know whether I'm back yet.

We haven't done the deal as well.

I think the deal is let's do something is something exciting happens and this week something fun and exciting happens as we just this is very true.

I have heard a few of the podcast that you've had while I've been away and they've been very good.

Recommend people go back and listen to them the same brilliant ones yeah, definitely worth a listen and endorsement from the master himself is all we need to get those numbers up.

I thought you had some great Guest House That Could shame.

You can get one component Lee really isn't it wasn't for want of trying but everybody is busy and yeah, it's just one of those things is that you trying to find somebody to replace somebody knew you just not 100% on and then you think I will come back.

You'll still get you'll be fine looking like one day and here.

We are if it's a one-off then fine if you if we could do more stuff as and when I think we should look at the structure of their son not to do it on a Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.

But as and when something happens.

Let's just record and push it out there if it's 12-month who cares if it's 10-week fantastic ok? What would say will say that was having a trying to look to see what's actually happened since I was last on the podcast with you back in December and I've written a quick little list.

Went to drive time to get 1058 in London load of SS DAB multiplexes been awarded medium wave have been closing down powerboat communicor the Arias happened the British podcast Awards happened Radio 1 and 5 and 6 Music involved shuffle main schedules around a little bit we sadly lost Jono Coleman only a couple of weeks ago as well, which was devastating news very sad to hear that and this news going on as well.

Cos Hits radio is expanding and there's more of it coming from September have a covered everything is that the last 7-months in a nutshell you missed a couple of confines Cheers and just the entire industry including on itself apart from that.

It's been a quiet.


It's been lot of great ready.

I've been listening to a bit of great ready.

Obviously been spreading.

I'm listening to my own radio station which programs will know the more you want to listen to the radio the last chance you have when you actually running your own radio station 24/7 and broke my heart and looking after all those gala thing so.

Does much radio side wanted to but what I have heard as been brilliant has been some really good Radeon going to during the pandemic.

So there we go that's my verdict fantastic, but you're alright you doing you surviving.


I'm guessing you're probably had a new website design as well at some point last 7 months as it may be to know the design is there is had 8 week or two it's a bit nicer.

Have a nip and tuck but the logo still the same you'll be pleased to hear that but it's been a busy week for a busy day for you because you woke up and found out that there was a story on your doorstep with Radio 1 at Bitterne Burnley and I woke up and realise that the broadcast by the van was on my doorstep as well, so I went over to see the guys from broadcast bionics who are back on the Bionic van tour and they went to Hot Radio so we'll go to them in just a second phone.

Turn up to but you have also got news since we last spoke I believe but not since we last spoke but since we were last speaking to our podcast listeners.

Yeah, and my friends on Facebook will know this but it's not out there, but yet my family of four is going to be a family of five in the autumn in another dog are the animals never lose track in fingers know my wife is having another baby.

So we will be outnumbered in the autumn or congratulations to your wife on her having a baby and hopefully you'll have a little early to do with that as well.

Thank you for your good wishes, so yeah, I've been a bit busy sorting out things ready for that all happening no no no no no yeah, so my life is going to get busier again from the end of September when baby see number 3 arrives and do you know what species it is yet? Obviously we know it's fake.

Please a male or female we don't know for sure but he's got any name suggestions will happily take those on board from Radio Heroes a couple of names for you Caroline Flack sam Samsung X available ok radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it pop down to radio in Poole and who happens to be here but from all the guys who run hot radio and hot cold but the bionic van technology on tour curtains here and Phil as well.


Tell you what they had today aren't they literally 30 degrees is perfect everybody knows what you up to well.

We just trying to get out and meet people again obviously in a covid-secure fashion.

There's nothing going away in that respect but you know we've had a couple of years by you know living in breathing on zoom and every other platform known to man, so it is nice to get out and meet the guys.

We got a few new products as well to show them for the community radio small Commercial Road Market Harborough LE16 student stations in hospital stations and we're showing them what we've got but also getting some information from these guys as well as to you know the managing pandemic pandemic.

What their plans are how how we as a technology company can help with that process? We just not

Selling peoplestaff all that's quite nice got kids to feed but we've got a whole bunch of kit on the van to to show people big and small from our range of products from the bubonic studio to the new colour One camera one some other ideas as well that we've been discussing with people out future products that we might have we got some hardware from from Omnia axiom lab at all on board the van and also the wonderful V clock as well which must get a mention because otherwise at Chris Ramsay helping with me very much lots of tools as well to help people continue working remotely whether they need to in the future or not.

I think it's a thing that will double hang around so intense software consoles of seating into many different systems getting these things working together.

We've been just looking at the way that hot radio are doing their hands.

Switching at Whitby clock and axia a little bit loud jingle all these all these tools can help people in the future and and all plug nicely together whether there in a stuff that we made or stuff that we still in the UK or other manufacturers as well.

We all like play together nicely to to get these tools to people in in a cost-effective way which means that they can work in difficult times.

I have a clock on my studio computer and I think it's broken it says demo version payer some money.

Yeah, you're probably need to give the money to nicely vclock one more time.

You might be there for 3 so you're literally until where have you been and where are you going? We did a little bit of a trial run because I'm based up in Manchester of work remotely for a good 4 years anyway, so we kind of Bill built the van with or without stand builders who do ridc.

Beesands the woodwork and the interior of the van the technical fit out during the quiet times of lockdown, so we did a few little run week.

We went outside guys at York mix David and the team there too Hits radio in Manchester we went up to the guys at Roundhay radio in Leeds of course.

They were the winners of the young Aria Awards a couple years back, so we've been working with them for a couple of years Daniels and the team.

They're doing a fantastic job and up to the bay trust radio Kendal for so we just went to see a few friends and family all the way up there just to make sure I know all the snakes and then we we drove down last week and started Land's End so you know you can't get much further South than that without getting your feet wet, so we went to Penzance to Truro from Newquay to Barnstaple to see the guys at the voice there.

Lex into radio x yesterday, so that was nice that kids.

Can we spoke to you about 5 years ago on This podcast about the bionic van is this version to resist the same van this this is version to say the first bionic van.

We actually rented the van.

So we did you know 2-3 weeks since that we had to get the van kit out and support this just before I've already started buying vans for camper van.

So yes we were quite lucky in that respect and give us time to get it out during the lockdown.

So this is ask now so we can't even if we're not on tour if somebody gives us a call or drop us an email then we can we can you know cases in and and be off to see them if you meet people the chatted all our products have been built really from from talking to people because they go but what if it did this software we can do what we want.

It's nice to get out and meet people and also we will do trade shows again.

I'm sure but meeting guys like this face-to-face.

You don't just like the technical people we like technical on the whole very very nice, but meeting the guys in the studio meeting you know the Producers meeting the program makes a real difference because they're the people that are using Arquette and they can give us the real feedback.

Where is the engineers? Yes, we solve a few of their problems most of the problems that we are solving these of workflow related so it's for people that actually use the products of the engineering and the people of the first things but the guys on the ground give us feedback to actually make the products better and make the way the different products work together that everybody uses the desk that we sell that I use the system that we sell but

Can take you know bits of workflow and these things together into a kind of 360° studio that works best for them and makes their life easy and everybody's going to be happy right.

That's it for this edition of the radio Today programme.

Thank you to fill up broadcast bionics to Jordan and Vic and Greg James off will be back with forecast another time.

Don't know if it might be somebody else might be me see what pops up in your feet the radio Today programme broadcast bionics.

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