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Read this: Remembering Jono

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Remembering Jono…

Hello and welcome to this very special radiotoday podcast from the Radio Academy so will come along and my name's snake pits now then maybe you heard my name come up in a patient with the Radio Academy where I'm vice-chair all my day job as content director for Jazz FM but today we're going back to The Turn Of The Century and the year 2000 wear for that and I'm 5 years.

I have one of the most fulfilling times in my almost 30-year career when I met Jonathan Jono Coleman as his producer for 5-years on heart London Breakfast Show at the most fun.

You could ever have in a job and it was down to Jonah and the various team members.

I will get up at 3 in the morning to be with on a daily basis Jono Coleman passed away.

9th of July of prostate cancer at the age of just 65 and although he's not been a significant part of the UK radio scene since 2006 the tribute and obituaries came thick and fast therefore we as the Radio Academy still there we needed to do something special to celebrate his life and it also gives us a chance to get some people like me who were brushed with John as greatness in his job to do today so over the next 60 minutes will hear from his various radio spouses here in the UK and we're also going to go to the other side of the world and to Australia will also hear from various people who work with him.

I mirror memories and tributes plus of course remind ourselves of John has greatness with some fabulous audio in mind it's time to get a move on and also tell you that the audio you're about to hear is also the basis of a video that was recorded by the Radio Academy is available to see in all its glory at radio for members joined today if you're not one already.

12 worth it because for the first time ever on screen and in sound we've got not one not two not three but four of his format radio partners together in one zoom from the Russ and Jono breakfast experience on the original Virgin Radio between 1993 and 1997 hello to Russ Williams hello everyone and today we have to have it hot wives with us is on her apart from 1999 to 2002 on Jono and the morning.

It's Erika North Close the Radio 1 Radio Academy Sony gold award in 2004 from John Lennon Harriet and breakfast is Harriet Scott and from his final 18 months on the are here in the UK she's a BBC Radio London store and John Oates on are co-presenter for the John Joe Breakfast Show in 2005/2006 is so good to see you all.

We were very lucky.

We all got to catch up the other night, but we say the lotto.

For today condolences to you all for your mutual Los Angeles of our friend Jono when I got the news although I was sort of expecting it it cost me that how did you guys have spoken regularly and you call me to give me that bad news.

How was it when it hit you not the greatest surprise because I was aware.

What have been going on with John and his health for the last certainly year or so, but nevertheless even though you know the express train is coming to hit you you know it it doesn't soften the and the awkward thing for me was that I found out before it even became public as as you know and we all did that day and 12 hours wasn't it before the news was released from Australia but I remember just a sinking feeling in my heart but also lot

Because I thought back a lot about some the stuff we got up to not only a Virgin by elsewhere, so we're a bit of sweet day really just pleased to be part of his life and career very sad you got to have a chat with him a couple of weeks before didn't you before and although his wife had prepared me for the worst there was something in my head.

That wasn't quite accepting it and my last words to John over he was feeling very sleepy in the hospital medication is the night this time.

I was chatting with Margo his child ate his wife in the early hours because I wasn't sleepy and cost of the time difference.

That's when she was on on social media, so we were backwards and forwards you said why don't you call now and I rang within minutes in that time the drugs the medication he was undertaken affection he was falling asleep and my last words to who my mate.

Don't worry about it.

I'll call you next week when you're back home.

I will try this again when you're feeling more awake.

We're expecting terrible news.

I couldn't make the connection was always up when I think of Jono have any person I've ever met he is so is so full of life and to think of him in his term as and when we met last week.

I was sitting on the train from our coming home thinking I can't quite accept it on her a deeper level.

I'm talking to all of you.

There is a part of me that thinking this is what we doing here.

I don't want to talk about this is he still there so young to be lost and yes all happy memories, but still to me about it have to be honest that you were to be staying with you when you got the news, so you had a mum hug available to you.

Did you?

The told me that he was in palliative care, and I think we all knew he been ill.

I didn't I don't think I didn't realise how bad it was and I know you sent me a text as a lovely text.

Are you sending me? This is not a nice text to send this is not a nice text received due to this WhatsApp that's been set up in his last days, and I was walking around B&Q I think you know it's because this will come up and come up.

If anyone you have a good time.

It was Jonah and you just say I can I refuse to think like that you know I just I don't know knock-knock Jono so so it was it was horrible and then anyway there was a dose few days have been passed that group which was very supportive and

Gave me I was showing him all these messages and memories and laughs that people sharing but when you get the actual news that he's gone that is horrible.

It's just really like a heavy heart side of a B&Q or any place.

I think about you quite cynical about WhatsApp groups and dangerous things and never really wanted to be on them but absolute privilege to be on this WhatsApp group with his friends and his family and see him the last time he was in London and he's he was so happy that he was in remission and occasions when he had a sort of garden look nice.

Live life and it was as it was an echo to his treatment that was still with him and then when it was his birthday and everybody here is very good to all contributing birthday video and we all did and then it went silent and all of you know if anything like that happened.

It would Facebook reverberations about video and nothing and I just thought something is not quite right now and it's ok.

This is this is sorted and I have never experienced anything like this before because it was this is going all Night Long by my bed because australian time it was full of gagged full of ridiculous videos in fact somebody I don't know if it was you.

And I was laughing out loud all of these crazy memories of his while she was still alive and it was literally you know let's celebrate someone's celebrating it in his final days.

It was like this Gathering storm that just this WhatsApp when crazy so went all calls me it was on Friday and I'm driving to my mum's and I remember exactly where I was on the M23 and he said Joe and I went to my Mum sorry my mum you might go out because this group you just realise how many people he touched in so many extraordinary ways.

I am I agree with every single one of you there.

I still can't quite believe it myself and I'm waiting for him to come onto WhatsApp and go surprise because that's the sort of thing I would do but of course this is a celebration today, so we going to have a bit of fun.

We can have a bit of laughter about Jono in a second but of course from all of us and also from his friends with the industry of the years old love and condolences and heartfelt wishes go to Margo Oscar Emily his two kids and his sister Sharon who's here in the UK and the rest of his family as well, so what's and the Radio Academy I love and best wishes to you before we get into a reminisces and find out just how Jono touched us are panel here today.

Many many many many more as well.

We are aware that there are some people in the Radio Academy have heard of Jono here in the UK on here and some did not so for all some to remind some to show.

Look at the moment at the talent of someone who just let his life to the full and make people laugh John a Virgin use with the 11th hour is gratefully I made a said he thought he heard Brian's wife coming home, so it out the bedroom window.

He apologise unreservedly.

Play voice record like a week anytime you live everyday economics.

You're terrible you are you completely confident in bedroom make the best lovers are the man who always have Mr Muscle with me.

Loves the jobs you hate talking about I don't know about you.

You're not Wednesday as well.

I could see I can see all of your face is through that and there was lots of laughter and smiles and there is so much stuff to go through of John knows that was really tough to put together.

I think it's fair to say that it was a real good example of a guy who literally didn't give a monkey's about the Mechanics of what we were there to do.

He just wanted to make you laugh anything that what did you think when you saw anything that made you kindest the irreverence bacillus tummy rumbles and box in the studio and carried on to make absolutely anything funny and just listening back Wednesday Wednesday's I'll be knocking McNulty for the rest of my days at 7 little catch phrases that have Domino's that I just carry with me all the time and silly things are happening by daylight for my John Lewis back in my head such a huge part.

All our lives in all our time on radio without a doubt you are the bits we had there in in that was fun from the promo that you shot for Jono joining it I can imagine there was putting people at ease and lots of laughter and then there's Jonah there is no running order only ever brought in with him the birthdays from his mum.

It's during the news and ready just all those comments to Erica and Harriet I mean if you look back at now today, so inoffensive because his family.

Can you take offence it was ridiculous? It's funny you mentioned the celebrity birthdays because I think for all of us are heads are hard sun for a moment there when you mention those because it was the producer was the bane of my life because you're amazing thing queued up and birthday mate birthday today.

We've got this amazing.

Just coming up and I remember the year.

It was one of the years where it was a leap year, so we know John Lewis 1/29 baby and he so we managed to call out the daily.

He had his column and got him in celebrity birthdays, so we course that day when it's my birthday.

It is here which was brilliant.

There was some video there review running around dressed as bananas and to give away cash memories of that day to be fair to Virgin actually did spend some money promoting as

That was a whole day of the shooting with the rectus can can you just do it again guys, but there's a lot of fun and and the adverts are still remembered and you obviously managed volume up as well neck on the subject of Russ and Jono Commercials we were asked to do a nude shoot which funny enough never made it onto their video and we were both photographed nude with little stars over our private parts Minehead 105 and his had 0.8 for the FM frequency for London and so where they say there's going to be a real Weezer be get this giant poster up by the Hammersmith flyover to everyone commuting into London would be able to see Russ and Jono naked ish, so were all the photos were done.

That's another long day in the studio, but we always have a laugh as you can imagine and week and a half later David Campbell the occasion be grumpy.

Virgin Radio in a good mood if it had a couple of guys the new photoshoot unfortunately as good as it was the advertising Standards authority have rejected it on the basis that they feel that the physical appearance of chocolate will be distracting for drivers and there is Polaroid one Polaroid left and Nick has got it in his hands right now.

So you can all enjoy it, but just brilliant memories of messing around and doing stuff that we could never today.

I think we've established how important Jono was to the five of us here today and millions of listeners in the UK but between 1979 and 1990 he came to the UK follow was a massive star in his adopted Homeland of Australia adopted because he was born in Hackney in the 50s and headed to Australia in the 60s and the ten-pound pom.

There he found fame on a national daily TV show for kids but by the early 80s he was one-half of Australia's most memorable and biggest partnerships of the Day still remember today, Ian Rogerson was John his partner on radio TV for almost a decade and I spoke to Dan earlier today to understand just how big do you know was down under stop don't know had an interesting take on their super successful partnership.

Isis to refer to myself as one-third of John and then I am right now and I've complete Troublemaker always period of time.

He never let me down you never you never far from being at the front with Jonno where you when you were too.

I certainly found that as well.

I'd love you to explain to us here in the UK just how bigger deal John I was in Australia before him coming to the UK in 1990 and then after those 16 years when you because you guys picked up your relationship again.

Didn't you never really went and why he was in England but always turn up and Australia Christmas in a bit like Santa Claus arriving at the front door knock on the door.

Is this common? What the hell what the hell you doing a be arriving in the family would grow over the years.


That's a beautiful thing.

I meant Johnny and Oscar and Emily and then come back at Christmas and we don't get on like a house on fire because we're basically friends so we known each other for a long period of time and I think the beautiful thing about it was that no that is really went away.

We were always very good mate and so so.

Overdose is 40 years you say you knew each other but actually you were the equivalent over here if I was to say the equivalent of Ant and Dec what's the Terry Wogan of Chris Tarrant that was your star was well.

It's very humble Beginnings 40 years ago ABC which is like the BBC with slightly different and we will put together and I've been working at the youth network in Australia for 6-months was actually bit of a star then cos he's waiting for a show called wonder world which is so like a magazine sure that was running every afternoon at 4 and so I was working there and brought Johnny into the office and said I want you to you know the password.

I want you to panel for.

On a Saturday night, we're going to give them a trial and see how it goes on the radio and so of course that's what happened the next night on the Saturday night and let me the panel operator in it lasted about 15 minutes outside before I had to say something and he was really ridiculous man who had exactly the same sense of humour as I did and we work with some fabulous fabulous comedians and Producers at the IBC and I basically the whole thing took off from there and then you ended up on on prime-time telly then you do the late night.

Show that you did Saturday morning so again under the audience probably on both of those shows that were necessarily listening to you on the radio.

Is that right Johnny and I worked radio stations we got number one.

Let's just say we did ridiculously will end in one thing led to another led to another and we got fired from a few radio stations with hydrogen radio station 80s as well, which you know that the beautiful mixture of fun great music and just the liberation the banana Eid sighting heads into Sydney Australia and around Australia and one thing led to another and then basically we had 10 years of ludicrously good fun.

We were doing outside broadcast television shows were on Xbox so we had concerts within silly silly things for mini mini.

Yeah, we are both professional idiot ludicrously well for what we were doing and then got.

Decided I'm going back here and one of Johnny's radio Partners and he had many different partners over the years.

I think I can fill in the bits before and after and then he came back here and a radio him and I got back together for a period of time in 2010 when we come back to England for the royal wedding and we still owing familles.

I know the time 10 back somewhere along the line up so for me.

I realised how much of a career Johnny and head in.

Which I hadn't realised before the cabs.

What are you doing here mate? And I realise that they still do you know by people believed? It was genuine and I stayed friends.

Let's have a look at that are show me tell me this is in my way Andrew and this is us in about 1985.

We were doing the breakfast show today show the American embassy Scott Jane Pauley and having lunch with this is what I mean.

You don't understand this Little Star on the radio studio then you'll find yourself having lunch somewhere later on.

Ian it's been great talking to you today hearing your memories and and how important Jono was to you and how important and how huge your stars were in Lost in the UK again many condolences and thank you for your time this morning / evening celebrating Jono with for his former at UK radio co-hosts Russ Williams Erika North Harriet Scott yeah good we heard there about the size of John star in Australia Erica 21 years ago to the time calculated it last night you went to Australia to the Sydney Olympics to broadcast with John as you saw that huge Australian star factor in action in you guys and we all had the line didn't we have her that you had it make a million.

X I'm big Down Under

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know we know we know it was the standard thing that was rolled out and obviously the Olympics in Sydney we were actually only allowed to stay in the team hotel which is a real life time experience.

Let me tell you lie next to Olympia have a sun lounger graded on contest because of course you're flying with Jono Coleman on the Australian airline.

You're going to get upgraded.

I'm standing there at the front of first class having joke all the way over about this ridiculous thing.

We know your big down under yeah.


Yeah, it was just a line the door opened the undercarriage went up and L does a chat standing the other side to make sure the plane was connected to the tunnel.

He looked no it's ok mate.

Oh my god backing up from economy class on the aircraft.

You shout because there was excitement on a plane with people going Jono really trying to get a little shopping with you by the time.

We got to baggage claim at 1 in the morning.

There was a crowd of people queuing up to get autographs and I was literally standing back there with we have engineers find a horse's hooves obviously worked with bender in a people travel with a literally standing back at the back of this Crowd going he really wasn't kidding this is huge.

I've never seen anything like it and I just being Jono it's the middle of night but he's got time for money is joking.

He's working the room he came to life even after a 20 hour flight l l and there he was entertaining these people know they were going to tell this story about meeting John O'Connor went for years to come.

I'm wanting to give them a good memory and that was my first experience of John Bowen Australia and it just followed around where we went to restaurants doing 0BS on beaches in shopping arcade.

That's just followed him around.

Can you go to Australia with Jonno that's it you're famous because you're the person standing behind John it was just incredible.

I've never seen anything like it or about anybody anywhere else before we did your fair share of obeah the one that sticks out for three very quick reasons was when they decided to dispatch the Russ and Jono show Tim Gibson sorting it all out the hippie producer.

We went to Disneyland in Paris for the launch of space mountain on that show funniest one of the funniest things that ever happened and we had the Germans next to us from German commercial station from all over Europe the different radio stations.

We're all in the same.

Are we taking some listeners there and Jono like to understand Boardman kind of way down the Germans in January but he was a certain age and was banter between us while we doing.

Match Attax been used them and then Jono decided in one of the links alive on the air that he would take some Russ and Jono car stickers over to the Germans when they have to be live there as well.

So you went over Jonathan Ross and Janice show UK's number 1 Breakfast Show you know all the stuff that you come out with and he said I want to give you guys Russ and Jono car stickers for your volkswagen's on the air and just after leaving a breath.

He said I don't suppose you guys have got any of those swastikas for us of you and opted and it remains as inappropriate is it maybe today one of my funniest memories of our life Huncoat the man had and I think that was a positive thing I say that in a positive way you talk about I think you know I'm really proud of this moment in life when we want a SONY and it was the year we also one.

This Harry's one there and he was here also Erica wasn't it? Where we won the station of the year they won station of the Year absolutely which is a huge moment of Pride for all of us to those things in life you forget.

I'm also thinking he I've got a couple of hours behind me and this was something when was given the red book in Australia to those old enough to remember.

This is your life in the United Kingdom that was really exciting when this year production team got in touch with this on heart breakfast then ask the morning proof they could surprise him with the red book live on air during a show so we have the Australian comedian little in the picture with the bright shirts with the didn't get that.

He didn't realise it was for him.

He thought it was Mark little who they were surprising with the red book that was a great moment excitement as part of the show that morning we lost I got 26 in the audience.

They filmed it at Teddington Studios in the UK because it's too expensive to find John and his family back to Australia for it's recorded.

Oh and a few luminaries from Australia to meet everyone and answered on the seating area they had the Australian presenter of this is your life if I can just at the moment you you you could have came in under a bit of a spotlight on to the program and you still have had a bit of time prove yourself didn't get it how how was that? How did Jono make you feel through that and then you guys needed a new and I was told there on the sofa and Monday might never met before and I was told by Francis don't be don't be hurt, but you get in there and see how it goes and I was never done this before.

No, x it was a live rehearsal.

That's what it was and I would have got any plans and just massive just watching watching as usual and I just like an absolutely 12-months I got record saying just just just think what we could hear from heard from ourselves about this, but week or so ago.

We put a request out for memories and stories from the Radio Academy members and on social media.

The story about John as we've already understood he touched so many people but just having a good time and making them laugh and none more so than the Big Cheese is he work for we received this from the two men behind Chris it's radio real proper residents of mahogany Rose John I would have called it a chrysalis is chairman founder and Owner Chris Wright and Christmas overtime feel really terrible sad news I know the poem radio this year feels terrible about the loss of such a great guy and I was thinking back and went check some numbers and I don't know you remember yourself crisps in 98 we been on there in London for 34 years and we done ok, but we weren't number one in fact checking the numbers.

We had about a 4% market share and capital still had 12.

So we were still miles behind them actually quite a brave decision to hire somebody who was the name from outside the rear.

Put a celebrity presenters on behind what we thought about it accessible with the Jonno show so you know we were going for a name and a change at the change of direction and we came up with the really a winning Formula and and a great guy.


We have a night to remember that we decided to spend a bit of money on marketing John and we have pictures of Donna I don't remember the postage on his pyjamas clear a different thing for it because up until then we'd Mark did the music the fact that we're playing this different music and suddenly we're going in a whole new Direction marketing a personality and that was a big station at the time.

Yeah, I guess her breakfast show you need more than just music and I think you know we probably came to that realisation and and then found the right ingredients.

To be fair to Jono looking back at the numbers over that period from 98 through till 2004 our market share almost doubled from 47 capitals came down from 12 to 6 and we'd overtook them and went to number one in a during those 10 years, so you know hats off to him from a professional perspective for being the Spearhead of of that great offers his passing would would be very deeply felt by people in both the UK and Australia in equal numbers really and it's very is very unlikely you get something like that.

I'm in somebody that comes from Australia to England or vice-versa.

They normally leave their reputation behind when they go but with Jonno he was just as much love over here as he was down under.

Remembering great guy and the bottom and always a laugh and a joke, but you had a deeper relationship with the overtime.

I used to have lunch with him in London I'm not quite sure why because it wasn't like just like a business staying here you but you better take her out for lunch or something we just did and a few things and other you came to a few private parties and violin that kind of thing so you know because I just enjoyed his company and then I I like to go to Australia every year obviously hasn't been possible during the pandemic and he would always be someone that I would cause soon as I got to Sydney and we're always hang out a little bit together and he was just such company and we had so many things you never you never lost her anything to talk about you know the conversation.

Just rolled easily and of course.

I will remember the last time we did have lunch your

It was a branch up in the Palm Beach that on my last trip there is so sad.

You know guys like that are hard to find you know and it's you no such a tragedy that longer around whatever kind and the life was almost designed for John it wasn't it was like a bit was larger than life.

He was like a big cuddle and he was one of life's naturally funny people.

There are a few people like that can basically you know they walk into a room sit down at the table and you start laughing even open their mouths.

It'll be missed by fires or it's just it's just very sad that you know he's not going to be like that first phone call when I get off the plane and you know the lunches and dinners that we had together it was.

Is it really the family lovely tribute therefrom and his two bosses at Christmas of course feel brought up the numbers there and it was a numbers game in Commercial world and I do remember one time in one of our regular decrease after the new member of management thought they would take the debrief and they chose half an hour in the shower area, I think you might have remember this and and and the person you're talking about went so in that half hour.

There was not 68% of speech as opposed to music and Jono literally we'll see him lose his temper but when you did my god and he literally it's not have you got up and walked out and he went and he got his car and he went home and it's just like.

And you did it you know his way and he was aware that the sometimes that would work and sometimes it would be the end about and move on to the next thing Russ you also had a very very well-known owner boss who's currently playing in space.

You're coming together with him with Jonno and shouting recently yes, yes, I did.

I just move I got your Oscar by the way that Noel Edmonds and Jeremy Clarkson and myself got 20 cm into the reason we got a gotcha is well world-class.

We're kicking ass and I said when we first started out Richard Branson was very nervous about Virgin Radio it was a big deal and used to come in and read the Financial Times in the Studio with Jennifer and myself and so Jono

Decided it would be a good idea that well.

I don't care if you're Richard Branson in your own and she can read some traffic news out do the weather so that was our first relationship with Richard we famously went on a top boss around London and ended up at his house in Holland Park signing on new contracts, so it you know he was it was a fan of the show but he blew whichever we could and when Chris Evans became available Hebrew that way must the annoyance of John another moment incident where I saw him lose his temper and nearly before she didn't hear anyone but he had a great relationship ASDA died and I occasionally have had reason to email Richard of the last five years and I know it was busy space like you are I sent him the very sad news and just said we do would you like to because we were doing this video podcast as tribute to army.

And yesterday evening at I had a short reply and I'll read it to you.

It says I can distinct the remember walking into Virgin Radio on all those years ago and Jono it was a larger-than-life character made everybody loves as a common theme here isn't it smile and be happy and extraordinary person big hugs his family much love Richard Branson and family.

So thank you to Richard do you actually was a great boss as well when he wanted to be a boss Jono and authority actually did mix when you never thought they would I remember that last if you remember the last show Harriet but we had Tony Blair on the phone however 10-minutes.

We had Jon Culshaw do an impression of George W Bush the president at the time so we rushed to get Tony Blair on because it was all he was all kind of your call when you can and it was terrific.

Place before the news and then we went ok went and it's Tony Blair and Tony Blair was there and I didn't quite believe it delivers like that.

Jon Culshaw Again John play some about anyway.

Tony Blair was like now.

This is Tony Blair I'm in the car and John has no it's not know he was wearing those moments like this is the moment this is the moment lol luckily gonna realise and pull around anyway Tony Blair the other day centre message also that I read it now.

I was so sorry to hear the news about John he was larger than life can insight an immense capacity to make people laugh and sing at the same time.

I remember doing shows with him back in the day when I was p.m.

And he was a Virgin Radio and heart they always fun.

Dealt with intelligently and the Heart Was One Of Gold to Margo Oscar and Emily I send my deepest condolences, but also my gratitude for having been able to know Jono and to admire what he did to make the world better and happier not many people get that to Joe he came from commercial radiator BBC how did the elderly mix with the the the management there cos you rip them a good old going over at certain commercial world, but they slightly distance did they not know what they taken on really didn't know they taken on and also I was a bit Danny Baker golf.

Local national news and that just didn't happen you know it was celebrity birthdays and then it was just literally a hysteria with celebrities trapped in whoever he was around INXS anyone was in town and he won the BBC I mean he was literally like nothing that a yes, but he was nothing like he left the BBC was scratching their heads and within a year with one which unlike the rest of you.

I don't have because he stole it the night Harriet when you were on the show the the booking people from all the movie companies and the popstar just went bonkers and I remember we would record one.

Do interviews a day after the show so mixing with the people that John I dreamed of mixing with any recollections from some of those interviews you know what I'm not really that is when we went to when we in stewed Michael Schumacher that wasn't in studio on Sunday afternoon, but we are recording now.

We went there, but it's a smooth and a few questions and was asking questions now between us.

Question we did say ever falling down a hole and that would be closed for and let's get depressed and then just go and and I don't mind doing him as well.

I went went went with John and down the hall and the whole placement went absolutely let's just take a moment to hear from some other people and their reflections and memories from working or knowing Jono

News about eccentric dancing years ago and he became and make a good night to all the time but thinking ok Virgin Radio about 3 months before it started.

I come from Hong Kong he probably come from Australia with confidence that wouldn't get the job but just pretty standard 5-minutes.

That's all I getting I would like to inform that moment and we work together a virgin when Russels away, I'd send for us and do the breakfast our John laughed for about 3 outside Lee of course play record to stop in waffling.

At the end of the shower having a very boring like a meeting or planning for tomorrow would go to a solo cafe star Weimar and awaiting say would you like some coffee and bring us to get pissed at 10:15 in the morning and last more which was great.

It was good being on the plane with Johnny made me laugh.

I'm just for you to say never put your mum down sage advice to make me laugh because in this business.

He said you never know when they go to 5u therefore if you can leave the building in a month's notice to get your stuff first spoke to John I just been taken off heart breakfast at Chris Evans support Virgin put himself on John hours, Isleworth for 5-minutes to come over to heart and I called him up and I said good luck.

I hope it goes alright in the morning and night before his first show and I told him in my life.

I made a laugh.

And it was funny and generous and kind to what was a difficult time for me and I'll never forget that and I went to a Sydney in 2013 called him up and invite had a lovely afternoon with Margo John and family and Christmas Eve that he was on to you.

It was a huge privilege to go in and join an hour on the show we usually Mess by many many people on wherever you are my friend Coleman was a very naughty man and that's why I'm of course hello.

I'm Simon vigar.

I read the news on heart breakfast with Jono and Harriet for a couple of years and God did we laugh not during the News Bulletin no, they would be naughty and tell a joke just before the jingle and then I would literally have to shield my eyes because I knew they were in the corner of the studio rocking in silent laughter, but never got me.

Once dated Jono was one of the funniest one of the kindest man I have ever worked with I think we were all very lucky in British radio to have had him as long as we did was hilarious and I wouldn't say self-deprecating was his middle name he was full of confidence but I'll never forget how he look one day when he came back from a reception at Buckingham Palace he was slightly pale and a little bit deflated and he just couldn't believe it because as soon as he saw the Queen he yelled at the top of his voice Happy Birthday your majesty from everybody in Australia and you didn't know what you done it.

It wasn't the Queen's birthday.

He wasn't a representative everyone in Australia it was absolutely horrified.

It's the only time I saw confidence minutely diminus he was great fun so I was lucky enough to work with John Hurt in London is that we have breakfast together most days after the show with the rest of the crew and I think of John

Lots of things but to in particular sticking mind the first is just how much he wanted everybody to have fun whether it was the production team the management team whether it was fellow celebrities listening members of the public other colleagues.

He just wanted to make sure everybody had fun and everything is he loved his work.

He loved his celebrity Status but more than anything it was quite clear.

How much he loved his family more than anybody else.

He was proud of Margot Oscar Emily is always talk about the things.

They were doing and how proud he was of them.

He absolutely loves being a family man in the world of broadcasting and in real life Jono Coleman will be greatly missed a warm friendly a guy you couldn't hope to meet Jen interest in stuff that you were saying a great conversationalist in in real life and as a broadcaster and he will always bring out the best for example in.

Radio of the co-hosts or anybody was working with you about Jono was a little smirk.

It was a Mickey takers.

Look on his face.

So when you spoke to him.

You knew that he was likely sending you up or you would you were being play for him? He was being playful with you.

It was just one of those guys.

Didn't take life seriously but did at the same time what he thinks him.

I think you're absolutely right thing for me about Jono is he was just a bloke who was always a joy to bump into a specially when he was wearing his Aussie board shorts which seem to be most of the time.

He was like going to Australia 1988 to travel around the sea but the country and I remembered seeing this guy on TV called Jonathan Coleman because he was a big star in Australia at the time but on TV and radio forward to 1991 and suddenly I'm co presenting programmes with him.

BBC Greater London Radio City was a huge thrill for me.

He was a delight over the years our paths crossed occasionally both professionally and personally and he was always the same he was very funny.

It was very warm always and I think you should have hinted at earlier absolutely passionate about broadcasting about what he did and my thoughts go out to his family.

He's going to be greatly missed in so many ways I so many people incredible guy.

You will be greatly missed well.


Thank you for all of the messages that came through clearly Johnny touched so many people in so many ways or legally of course you heard there a broadcasting Legends to Michael Parkinson Mitch Johnson format Virgin radio presenter with Jonno David prever former heart breakfast Simon vigar who was John Owen Harriet's Newsreader for a few years Vanessa Feltz Radio 2 and Radio London Francis curry John owes former heart PD and now consultant and Steve Wright and

Play some Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2 the time it's been ages and it's great go round the table ask for one more memory story from each of you.

Please before we say goodbye, so we'll go chronologically Russ you first ok.

I'm missing lightman might be or do we can pick up the phone touch things in my life had so much fun with him, but there's one story that I think underlines it.

Just what a wonderful character warm.

Jonathan Cahn was we have been to the legends of the Fall the San Anthony Hopkins movie about two weeks later.

We went to canaletto's for breakfast on big Street no longer exist because of the too high and what have you bought for Brixton come in and so we looked over to where we were going to sit and on the table behind.

Recette Anthony Hopkins Jono ordered his food, so rude.

I rushed over Jonathan common surrounds on eBay seen the movie fantastic such a great holiday and put the music looking companion with him sir Anthony was extremely gracious we sat down at our table.

There was a little bit of banter sir Anthony warmed up a little bit and that was every say goodbye the next day.

We went into canaletto's lo and behold surrounding is sitting there again with the same guy and as we walked in he went gentleman and joiners for breakfast and we have breakfast with Santa near Hopkins and that was purely down to Jono being Jonno and being such a likeable guy and I took that a story that for me is mannerable.

Yes, but it just sums him up and how affected normal listeners in such a positive way even some of his bosses.

Uneven international megastars onto after working with me to demonstrate the one thing I took from working with Jonah in the one thing.

I hope my take Wherever I Go is John owes ability he didn't matter when he made people laugh if you are laughing at him or laughing with at him.

He made a deep connection with you because it was something embarrassing that we all experience of human beings anyway, and he really broke down the barriers to me if you can laugh at anything if you to laugh at yourself and take yourself out of it and it was just after I finish working with Jonno it was in the heart 106.2 Building and I've been to Covent Garden that morning it was a spring morning the birds are singing I was being a bit like Mary Poppins spring has arrived.

It was a wonderful day and homeless person sitting outside the tube station and they asked me some money and

It was a lovely lovely absolutely not a problem.

I bent down and was very generous gave them £5 or £10 ever had my purse still up to walk away the gentleman said can I play my absolutely and he said I do find it very attractive when women that their facial hair grow.

I was completely shocked to bits.

I was completely flabbergasted had a course I thought in my mind but I never tell this story on the radio This is Gospel this is so embarrassing is having a little bit of a moustache and I got the radio station that day and I was thinking about it on the Tube going back to Holland Park where the studios were and I thought what would they do in this situation.

You turn it around and use this as material to the Showcase you didn't mind if people were laughing at him because he knew that by doing that he was just making a smile and making them laughing.

So thank you John

Play The Reason but I've been shared that piece on there that day and then we were nominated for a Sony award and also known as you know at the Grosvenor House Hotel very very little bit of the show that you've been nominated for and what did the bosses and you probably have a part in this Nick they submitted a bit with me admitting.

I've been complimented on the fact.

I let my facial hair grow and laughing thinking this this is this what I go to the remember doing it again.

Thank you for making me see it's never about this long as people are laughing with you for whatever reason.

Thank you mate.

I love you to bits and I will always be with us so much in our hearts lovely Harriet now.

I'm part of the radio.

I remember being at the Grosvenor House Hotel when they

During the award ceremony and sitting there with him table and they talk about the best Breakfast Show and and they started describing what the judges said because they do that and then they say that you've got what the judges saying that I don't remember much because I wasn't really listen paraphrasing where it says that they make it look easy but we know it's not and I think that's the bit which is wonderful but that's the thing about you made it look easy and it's it's not easy.

He was a natural but he just made it look really easy the relationship.

He belts with with all of us here and and Joe finally Joe this.

When he came back to London and there was a tiny tiny studio flat and I was having a scene with a guy play with Margo because the kids are in Europe this amazing this family.

They would travel as a unit the kids are always going off somewhere.

I said you had my flat.

I'll stay down the road and the first night from my shirts.

I'm doing TV-am I'm doing this whole list of people he was going to and I went there.

Later into my flat he had left a new iron.


I mean in my life.

He was always a point of reference to email in capital letters Harriet will you just going to say sorry to your flat, but not when you were there when John and Margaret listen.

Thank you for sharing some wonderful memories and stories of our our lovely friend Jonno today.

Home for ages but we just don't have the time to go.

I think it's very fair to say that Jono Coleman was a good friend to so many in the radio industry, but none more so than those who join me today so with that in mind Russ Williams Erika North Harriet Scott and Jo Good and then before we go while many of us mourn the passing of Jono who touched the lives by the millions and millions of radio listeners in the UK and Australia his family and friends as Frances curry said earlier meant the world to him everyone here in the UK radio in audio industry.

Send our love to his wife Margot and their two amazing children.

Who will fight today.

Got to see as they grew up over the years that's Oscar and Emily plus his sister Sharon and her family were based here in the UK and also we send our love and best wishes to everyone who knew and loved him in Australia hearts and thoughts are with you in the meantime.

Thank you very much for listening to the special radiotoday podcast from the Radio Academy if you'd like to see it with.

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It's there available for members if you're not a member sign up today and you will benefit from a year of great Activity coming up from the Radio Academy so there we go.

Thank you very much for your time today.

Take care goodbye from Coleman the radio on.

Let's see if I can see the clock or there is during that time we should knock knock knock that nobody clock that says it's time to go out time has passed it goes so far and now will end out showing as Russ and Jono always say the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word caller tweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transform the way you make it.

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