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Read this: 20/08/2021 Radio 4 Feedback

Summary: Podcast

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20/08/2021 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts grief rage or were on display in the House of Commons Wednesday me and Pete said that the astonishing triumph of the Taliban in Afghanistan had led to the humiliation of the US and the UK there was certainly a major intelligence failure is the White House in Whitehall were caught unawares was there a journalistic failure as well did the BBC misjudge the situation feedback listeners have lots of questions about will armed have transport and fuel who is providing their arms and I'll be putting that I'm any other questions to a senior BBC News executive.

It's clear that Afghan army and security units have been trading their own weapons over to the Taliban side as part of these Local deals and this is one of the really difficult part of the story to read.

Diplomatic and military consensus on Afghanistan has been proved wanting and the former Olympian author and presenter.

Matthew said as well aware of the danger of conventional thinking is Radio 4 series is from an unconventional and my sense looking at the history of popular culture, is it there was sometimes a bit more space for longer form and Alice to send a bit of time thinking about big idea.

I'll be talking to Matthew said later in the program.

Also in feedback.

We are still out of the compass on Sunday to the world of podcasting with a helper program on Radio 4 sister network I've always associated Radio 4 Extra with repeats of 1950s comedy saddest.

What's a bit of a shock that they seemed quite a modern programme was struggling to give me a definition.

I ended up by thinking it sounds of little.

consort of binge watch for the year hangover

the greatest foreign policy disasters in sewers some British commentators of call it and for some Americans it has brought back nightmare images of the Fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war small the greatest military power on a has been making and dignified airborne exit from a lost wall this time accompanied by a British Airline how well have BBC journalist covered Afghanistan and how difficult would it be to report from there in the future on Thursday morning.

I talk to Jamie Angus SR controller BBC News app button commissioning who is also edited the Today programme and the world at war Jimmy August thank you very much for joining us those were listening to the Today programme on Thursday morning would hear one of your Correspondents kamani being surrounded and jostled underground in Kabul how dangerous is it for him and other journalists of the BBC operating there now.

It is very dangerous.

It's probably one of the most dangerous countries that were currently operating in.

As ever military and civil uncertainty breeds very dangerous conditions for journalists, and I think it's that element of uncertainty there is very very dramatic change of power game on Afghanistan audiences can see and what that means for the safety of our own journalist on the ground and other international and local brought just not clear so it's that element of uncertainty which I think is the biggest risk of course you also have a responsibility for those afghans who worked with BBC journalist as well some of them may be getting out something maybe still there that must be a real concern as well.

It's an enormous concern and it's useful for people to understand that although we've had English network is Gathering correspondence and producers in Afghanistan over the last 20-years the overwhelming majority of our numbers of staff there are from the world service language services for BBC Pashto

My diary and others and over 100 staff local staff Afghan nationals and their situation is particularly on a certain at the moment.

We're doing everything we can to ensure their safety in what is an extremely uncertain situation in general terms, but also specifically for journalists because we concerns at reports that the Taliban are particularly journalist and broadcasters and you have any sense real sense of what's happening outside Kabul I think we do because we are as I say we have a significant staff working there who are local nationals and speak local languages, so we have a fairly complete picture of we have done in recent months, but there is a great deal of Chaos on the ground and a lot of attention is never to be focused on because that is now the only point of entry and exit realistically from the country and the Virgin

Theresa May the prime minister in the House of Commons said yesterday was our intelligence really so poor was our knowledge of the underground really so inadequate she pointed to intelligence failure more generally journalists of failed off and it just impossible to find out.

What was I mean where you were astonished by the advance of the telly? I think we were and it wasn't the fact of it rather than the speed of it.

I think what's been clear for a number of months in the knowledge of the impending us withdrawal local arrangements for the so-called ceasefires have been struck between Taliban units on the ground particularly in rural areas and cities and elements of the national Security forces and local and regional governments and that made it more likely than not that once the US

Seriously got underway, but there is regional cities would capitulate more quickly than people have theorized.

We had five number of emails from our listeners lots of them prayers in the care and the quality of the coverage but some with concerns.

This is one for me and when I found it impossible to assess how the Afghan people see the Taliban I feel we are always looking at the situation through Western eyes.

We seem to see the return of the Taliban as total defeat for 20-years of support and in doctrination of Western attitudes.

It is clear that some 20% could prefer Western Valley but what are the 80% did we all look at it through Western eyes? Well? I think was clear is that Afghanistan is not one Afghan people it is one I can be but is all really complex and 15 network of tribes nationalities of language groups and it is very very difficult to make universal statements about what app.

Believable feel about the Taliban or anything else Richard Frost the Taliban and we'll armed have transport and fuel who is providing their arms and ammunition? Why is source of weaponry not been halted by the Coalition forces but the BBC covers the Afghanistan problems extensively this one important aspect needs to be investigated perhaps you could These Arms suppliers and the funding can you join me and someone that but I think it's a very good question that it's clear that Afghan army and security units have been using their own weapons over to the other side to the Taliban side as part of these Local deals and this is one of the really difficult part of the story to read and this is one of the things that you know the confusion consternation for audiences.

We should do what we can to try and explain that to people you're obviously dinner Century with them changing day-to-day situation, but a couple of Alice does have rather different views about that.

Contextual coverage that you've been giving here's one of them a Jeff Matthew who is complementary when you see a fire your first Focuses Instinct of Leon the flames but to Radio 4 light on the sources of fuel in Afghanistan and the mindset of the two American presidents, you've left the match.

They were the superbly and site for briefing room on the Taliban backers the excellent Today programme interview with Paul wolfowitz.

They really made me for one see things in a different way Michelle Poole the up-to-date coverage is ok.

The bit missing is an appraisal of the past struggles and how the West Arms the major hygiene in order to ask the Russians also why the recent Western intervention didn't produce the able to have a coherent political or army plan to defeat the Taliban no analysis of what to do about Pakistan and its support for them either nor a clear View on the UK

Policy or what we going to do about the refugees from Afghanistan I've got some lovely.

There is not yet a proper policy in place, but you sympathetic to some of those questions that you need to try find those answers to make sense of I think if you look crossed the totality of the BBC's coverage, you will find those kinds of answers.

I'm sure that we could always do more but I think these kinds of complex questions have been addressed to you you mentioned the briefing room some of the news program coverage having some excellent documentaries by one of our Afghan journalist working in London was the question time Special on BBC One which many people will have seen on Wednesday night and we've tried to leave ourselves time in the output to address both, what is happening which is of great import my Buddhist and back the Jamie Angus and look at the situation across the world now in terms of journalistic freedom.

It's been a pretty ruffier most recently.

Government has refused to renew your Moscow correspondent celebrates with visa.

Do you think you can get them to reverse this decision or get another correspondent into Russian with very hopeful and we continue to do everything we can to overturn the Russians decision to end Sarah's working visa because we believe she's been an outstanding Moscow correspondent with a very very deep understanding of Russia is language and its people based on half a lifetime of reporting there and we also see that decision to enter visa as an infringement of press freedom the situation.

She's faced with your face within Russia with the situation channel elsewhere.

These are tough days for those who believe in press freedom of disagree with that sadly.

I think in the last 5 or 10-years in particular.

We've seen a number of countries which we would have hoped would head in a positive Direction on press freedom.

Is reverse their course and we Face very significant threat to our own ability to operate the number of countries the UK government is actually interesting you made press freedom a big focus of the activity in recent years.

That's something that the BBC's also been involved with and we welcome the renewed international focus on press freedom as an issue.

My thanks to Jamie Angus senior control BBC News output and commissioning and do let us know your thoughts on that interview and the BBC's continued coverage of Afghanistan Corrie Corfield has the details you can send an email to be back at alright a letter the address is feedback PO Box 672 34 London se1p 4ax.

You can follow our activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedbag, or you can call us and leave a phone message on 0333.

4544 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile networks all those details are on our website.

Retweet for asking to BBC Radio listeners to step out of their comfort zones and listen to a program that would normally be on their radar this week with I'm good shot from Sheffield and Tim Samsung from Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire Tim you first just to get a sense of your taste if you were stuck on a desert island your top 3 programmes, please.

I love Steve Wright in the afternoon on Radio 2 Isle of the and finally I enjoyed the Monday night club on Radio 5 seikan reflect or the big football results.

Have you and your top 2 programs mine would be from our own correspondent Great Lives I love and because I'm great movie fan the wonderful film programme when we asked you to listen to the podcast Radio Hour Radio 4 Extra where presenters Chris Pearson and Scott Brian give a rundown of this month speak all their bigger the podcast but whether your pic will find out and you're a lifelong radio.

Fan to understand, what podcast is quite a bit yoga was struggling to give me a definition.

I ended up by thinking it sounds a little bit like a sort of binge watch for the year official definition would be a digital audio file made available.

That's a recording essentially made available on the internet for downloading two-way computer or mobile device typically available as a series received by subscribers automatically in other words.

It's programs in any of the name and think really but they develop their own style Radio 4 Extra so I wasn't unfamiliar with the never chosen to have listened to your August Roundup of new podcasts.

I've always associated Radio 4 Extra with repeats of 1950s comedy so this.

What's a bit of a shock that they seemed quite a modern program and although I do listen to podcasts.

I don't think I would have got to that place with my listening where I would need what I started to believe what he saw the front robe of podcast listening what the program presume.

He has to do two things first 4 l to entertain you in itself.

It has to be fun and has to give you a really valuable help in finding podcast that you might not otherwise have found on a Friday is podcast Radio or there.

It's hard to get some recommendations Chris Pearson and Scott Brian share some of the best new podcasts for August next and with the entertaining in itself.

We were only four part of the Earth item was about Britney Spears wants to I have no really interesting Britney Spears and that which I have had has come down to me and B anyway.

State program following the court case but there was one absolutely hilarious moment Ladywood made it Pandora Sykes mentions that it was a doctor drama so in other words.

It was documentary elements.

It was like a comedic amateur recording about Britney talking to her mum so much.

I miss you too honey.

This is my boyfriend and nan Birmingham know he's British I got some so I was just confused they got the parts because honestly the whole thing was ridiculous.

I thought what must the whole thing be like it's called pieces of Brittany infinite list of wants to find it after that Tim were entertained by the program as well as being well.

I have got to be.

I wasn't felt if I was listening to a podcast version of the radio x did get attracted with two things.

I always try to look for positives.

I liked the bit about 10:00 Toby's and sideways podcast I know Matthew say they take time she's a colonist in the Times fast George the Poet podcast which I seen advertised on BBC goes to the heart of it if you do with a large number of podcast which will mean that a large part of the audience hasn't heard the programme you're criticizing all discussing do you promote it has been would like to promote its podcast would like you to listen more is this as you suggest radio x information or is it a program which reviews that's the Dilemma think that'd be resolved it all became rather lightweighting through treacle when we got to the large long discussion with the director about the podcast which changes.

Everyday and I don't know even 4 days 5 days on from listening to it.

What is Neutrino watch we're going to hear a clip although by the time you come to download This podcast it won't sound like this anymore.

My name is Lesley my favourite colour is uranium.

I was completely Completely just confusing single way.

I live in st.

Petersburg snake.

They're called fatal all of those things might be true today, but tomorrow maybe my favourite colour will be top or get a new pet so if I had to the question, I always ask at the end of these discussions so we have your comfort zone, but I think I know the answer you would just be underwhelmed and I'm could anything up persuade you to listen again to this program know but I just wanted to know that the one thing I take from this and I taking a most positive way and will be following up is George the Poet his voice.

Is pacing his language is haunting poetry and The Haunting voice was something which has stuck in my mind since listening to the program.


Just remember playing because you're certain things orgastic.

That's so the rest of the audience Babs I haven't heard him can hear now all of us agree.

We need to find another way.

Some of us are mainly relying on our faith none of us can say we have a political system as international reliable and safe.

See what that means a lot of eyeball is a stick which makes me numb tell successful unbecoming.

You look at me like I've won the rat race but to me broad is not finished then.

I'm just running in the end.

Are you going to go back? Are you going to say I do need a guy to the podcast will try the program again.

Will you not sure that I would consistently download any of the podcast which were being promoted on this program, but what it has done for me is made me sit up and take notice that there's a large podcast universe out there well and goodchild and tin Samsung thank you very much for joining us and do let us know if you would like to be put with your comfort zone.

No, Matthew said series sideways on Radio 4 I wondered if I'd be able to say that has just finished it second series Matthew is more than a radio presenter of course is an author newspaper columnists and an Olympian having competed for Great Britain at table tennis however, he still found time to come and talk to feedback Matthew why apart from the obvious cunning opportunity.

Have you called your series sideways sideways? We thought would capture the idea that we wanted to take a look at topics and themes and big ideas for sideways perspective not to tackle the head on but to try and come up with the slightly new angle and you approach and to try and filter these big ideas through a new prism and ulez.

My name is Matthew side welcome to sideways my show exploring the ideas that shape our lives with stories of seeing the world differently this episode with focusing on a psychiatric condition that was born in a bank robbery and over the last half-century has taken on a life of its own.

This is why you think that the larger the base public debate is rather narrow at the moment.

I mean you've been writing about this sort of things with some while or do you think it's always been relatively narrow the public? That's a great question mysense looking at the history of popular culture.

Is it there was sometimes a bit more space for longer form analysis and to spend a bit of time thinking about big ideas.

I do worry a little that attention spans of the dropped at the social media and other things of that kind of made instant gratification.

Become more and more important well, if you go by what allergens are in to us.

There is a consensus and it's in favour of your program.

Here is over the limit five ways to the newest thought-provoking approach to commonly held beliefs humanity needs more education in social and cultural anthropology so many modern walls weather of guns all words are at least partly the result of understanding between tribes in every sense of that word when do Forest charge.

Thank you so much and thank the Producers etc for the content of this program.

The weight was transmitted and the thoughts at the end.

Where as you suggest thought provoking and to be honest timely we need these sorts of programs to highlight the issues of the past.

You're good scheduling.

Are you surprised by it or when you go and lecturer in when you write in the papers and Sons you'll find that there is a larger constituency for your sort of April which is prepared above all to listen before judge.

I'm thrilled with the response.

I guess like anybody who starts out on a new venture.

I was someone apprehend since they would land without making a ripple but the receiving feedback.

It's wonderfully gratify light on.

I want to say you mentioned at the beginning that I see a table tennis player that's an individual sport you're on your own played an opponent and that you kind of have to face and then away writing books is very much and individual pursued one of the things like most enjoyed about making sideways and you'll know this from experience and radiologic.

It's a team effort but being able to share in this journey with others.

It's made me wonder whether I should have played football rather than table because I really enjoyed the team dimension.

Well, we've got this from Julia Hodgson from Belvedere to first really think she wants to know is will there be another series yes, there is there is a third series coming towards the end of this year and I hope born in 2022.

So yes good news for her and for me and for the well with his next series.

She's got a suggestion for Isabelle over to try and learn more about this kind of work the background of study and reading etc.

Etc that set the scene for a person to develop such an informed and human Outlook articulation and the like what kind of subjects would offer the best tour would you add a further reading list to the program because when you stimulate people this is long as an entry point for them to particular area or wave approaching things and they want a weapon.

They say can you give them a reading? That's a great idea from Julia because if we can find an outlet for doing so perhaps I could do it at the end of the program or perhaps on the on the BBC website.

Every single episode there will be academic papers or wonderful books or particular television programmes or radio programmes that we as a sideways team benefited reading off of listening.

You're from consuming.

I love that idea.

I want final question because the sounds people have remarked in the past about Radio 4.

They think the sound is getting a bit fine to be budgets are going down the sound is not as rich while the content might be in terms of ideas and the people and soundscape as well.

That's not what it was but actually want to be with that on the approach is very rich deliberate intention.

It was indeed and I can't take any credit for this whatsoever the Big Cheese is a radio for that's probably the wrong expression but nevertheless they talked a lot about the importance of Sound and somebody who is relatively inexperienced in radio.

I wondered why that might be quite as important as it was being.

Betrayed having listens to the wonderful sound and Nicholas Alexander is the person who works on that.

I think it does add to the experience.

It makes the ideas somehow come more alive and I'm thrilled by what you described as the soundscape.

I think it does make a difference because what also does he gives the listener sometimes the opportunity of thinking a Pause as it were in the speech to think about what you said and sometimes soundscaping give you so interesting you mention that Roger because one of the first episodes.

We did was on Stockholm Syndrome and the way that hostages are sometimes thought as it were fall in love with their cactus and towards the end of that program a lady called Christine and Mark who was held hostage in a bank in Stockholm and who gave the name Stockholm Syndrome gave some really profound first-person testimony he puts nooses around the necks of Christine and the other hostages.

Stand up baby.

I'm going to begin to try later now.

I sorted this is there.

And the sound that came on underneath her testimony and then in the aftermath when I was trying to record the episode of brought me to tears and it's amazing the power of great music to build upon the words for the use by people in and that's been a tremendous thing but desired.

Thank you very much.

Thank you Roger sideways is a novel production for BBC Radio 4 on all the episodes are available on BBC sounds next week on feedback in what seems to be developing into a series with departing BBC broadcasters.

I'll be speaking to the corporations after technology correspondent Rory cellan-jones about the digital Revolution is witnessed and the Cunning required to beat your competitors and get your story onto the running order of a BBC News Bulletin until next week.

Keep on keeping safe goodbye.


Uses of Britney my attempt to piece together the life of Britney Spears and the forces that have caused it absolutely and there's a service option of in this series 4 BBC Radio 4 I've spoken to cultural centres lawyers, psychologist and key players in industry to get their perspective on Britain's remarkable story and enduring Legacy are used her as an example of somebody who really got what was required do that kind of work to help us left behind the headlines and the conflicting account to imagine the woman underneath.

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