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Read this: #160 - Netflix snaps up Dahl, Neil v GB News, Doctor Who leaves BBC Studios

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#160 - Netflix snaps up Dahl, Neil v GB …

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Sorry I'm taking over the media podcast I guess I'm concerned about is is there any trouble or any beef with any previous guests are there any tips? You give me about people we got a strict culture in America so if there was any trouble it would be horses head in the bed like you know they wouldn't still be regulars.

Worry about that.

Everyone that still in the panel is sound let's name some people and you give me your instant reaction or how should deal with them exciting if she doesn't know the answer to a question.

She throws it back to you as a question which is obviously you think she's on Mum and Dad which is great for live radio, but really difficult as the hosts of watch out there watch out for coughing Alex Hudson Alex Hunting is the opposite of Jane Garvey in the Hat

He adopted the podcast lifestyle.

I think where you will bulshit happily and then think should that be in the final edit or not and the remarkable thing is I'd go to the 80% of the stuff.

He says which he does was himself by what he knows I think it's stuff that he is happy to be broadcast so that's it's it's like it's like improvised Theatre working with him and I feel like with Maggie she's allowed to do a 7-minute answer to a simple question like how are you the good thing? You'll have now of course is that Maggie Browns book is finally have good by the way.

I should say on my phone.

Well done Maggie I feel like that's no more work to do with the good news.

Is you won't have to promote that you have to find another things ask.

What is up to you, so it's usually a lunch with someone from TV in the 90s which is fun to hear about what about

Difficult because all of the instructions about where he's going back to you, but obviously there's two years.

We've been left plugging his bizarre local radio project, but I don't know where we go with that now.

I presume his back on playing all of the executive clubs around the world.

Why would I possibly turn my back on this? I love this show it's the only so I can say with certainty that I've listened to every episode of that sounds weird because I've been presented in the 60s, but I mean prior to that.

I listened to every episode of Media took from the garden when it was that shoutout matwells, and how many bell what you think about it.

You can ask the same people I always like to inject some of my own opinion into the Show because it's a podcast and you can do that and you know so I feel like the listen to this know what I think.

About a lot stuff and also like it would be my preference to present a Regular Show about the media industry for which I was paid nudge nudge Radio 4 make a decision.

It's difficult with this.

There's always be influenced.

We've got a small audience of of people who work in the media industry.

It's a way of telling a whole load of different people at different rungs of the ladder in different Media organisations that you exist Butterfield after 6 years that message is probably got through any overarching advice about guest.

Generally will that be I think putting people at Betty's for the first 6 minutes is really really important even the grizzled veterans who done the show lots of times before his eyes for example.

There's an experienced executive you can see him thinking how my besties the pitch meeting someone from CBBC Michael and it's important that he mentions where's your head at what's on your head or whatever it's called in exactly the right way is that moment of just making people feel relaxed?

You want people to feel relaxing after they tell you what they really think I feel like that so USP you want you want proof truth in journalism from the gossip and I guess more importantly.

Are you willing to come on as a guest? Yes, but I feel like it be weird at first and you will you can plug a project remember the retrospect the retrospective really the passing on of the presenter batten the microphone, but he's much better.

Isn't it and listen to me.

That's great welcome to media podcast to the media podcast on the show today Netflix price up the rights to the Roald Dahl back catalogue with.

Disney and apple this year is this deal that shop in the Stream horse pulling all in the tabloids, what now for TV news and what does this mean sound of music TV plants all this plus the sonic screwdriver change his hands as Doctor Who leaves BBC Studios and in the movie quiz will find out who's act back or vaxxed.

That's all coming up in this edition of the media podcast.

Have you managed to take flight yet this year well sadly not sadly not so I'm disappointing the very beginning of this very badly know the first trip is going to be to radio days in Portugal which going to be there as well.

I think that but no no flights about this dodgy radio projects have a session with him and sort him out.

I don't know what he's on about going to your Twitter I noticed some.

Why is it some recent changes at Disney tell me an office about Gary Marsh Gary Marsh is someone who's been there for 30 years and he was behind Hannah Montana and High School Musical and some of those big franchises he's come up through the ranks.

He was an executive producer and become more more senior over the years.

He's really good guys are really good and I was quite surprised him.

Go he should have been at Disney forever, but I guess time for a change, but no Gary mice.

Got a solid record of achievement and it's a thoroughly nice guy that's been quite a few changes at Disney particularly at the top with the CO15 is this sort of just the waves of that he gets his own team together well Bob kopec spin just under a year or so now.

I mean hey Google is renewed several times for previous CEO and Bob wanted to go and then he stayed to have a see the Marvel acquisition Bob type it comes from a different place.

You can see already the influence of Bob

Starting to be even more akin to monetize Disney Disney toys being very good at leveraging all the money and every window with its content the Bob text even more of that somebody controversial mean the idea of paying for fast pass in the moon the Parks has not gone down very well, so it be in it's early days.

He's clearly shaking his team Peter Wright is well and also caused the big transition for Disney's closing all its channels and moving to completely a consumer in a business consumer based business, so I think you know you're seeing changes in the structure of the industry and that's been reflected in the management changes at hello magazine and creator of positivity at the know your menopause campaign Elizabeth Carr Ellis now marriages.

I guess I've always been pretty big business for hello I suppose with lockdown pretty much eased although celebrity is a hopping back into church.

That's going to be good news.

It has been we've had some fantastic weddings recently the biggest one.

I suppose has to be James Middleton getting married in France and that was absolutely beautiful.

It was a very small wedding very intimate and we got some fantastic exclusive pictures for that and yeah, it was great to see it.

Just been lovely seeing people getting out and about and we've been discussions about how we can do this morning magazine bring you know how much are people want to see social life coming back on so yeah, it's been it's been brilliant seeing the World open up again.

I'm getting married in July what do I need to do to grab myself hello exclusive imagine I've got to get some good guests get a beautiful dress and you never know is important and if you go in a few sparkles a little bit of diamonds in there.

We definitely not against sparkles right.

Next required the rights to the Roald Dahl sweet of books which the stream giant plants to create 19 separate projects across TV shows and movies and stage from attention from this announcement TV series.

I'm just hoping we're going to get Chris Hemsworth playing no that would just be amazing.

I would love it, but yeah having having the Marvel dine-in for is my favourite superhero a puffin Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man on my favourite to your phone so the idea that this is going to be given over to the Royal doll series.

I just think fantastic of seeing a Roald Dahl Cinematic Universe world will James and his repeats drop into Charlie and the chocolate factories local town for example, but I really do hope not.

I'm very much against all of these universities go on because they do get quite exhausting and you get to you lose the plot and less you can follow alter the universe a bit too much fun boy for what are a whole load of children's books that have a very moralistic Outlook to them although.

There are some problems with Roald Dahl with me a bit surprised about this because we have had all the anti-semitism accusations and his family have apologised for many things are he said so I'll take back accusations because what he said was pretty anti-semitic.

So that is the one thing that has made me query.

This is going to be such a huge success for them where there are so many dodgy part to the book as well and I say that if somebody who pretty much loves them.

Do you think there's something in extracting it from the family and basically put me in a corporate environment.

How to say actually this is this is about the work rather than the person and I guess whether they'll achieve that we don't know what sort of attitude Shakespeare has but you know I bet they went the most modern as we would say it now so taking it out of that aspect.

Just have that way of removing it but at the same time the story is still there and there are elements of destroyers.

I said that are very problematic.

You have huge fatphobia in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for example and while it's supposed to be the good guy always wins sometimes if it won't maybe the others are just a little bit misled and they weren't quite so nasty if they had nicer parents back.

They would have been nice.

That's a whole load of different aspects to Netflix and their plans and you know what Amazon

Doing vs.

Disney and all the others Netflix have got a number of challenges they've been the first mover you know ever since they took the the roof of House of Cards with paid off them handsomely they've been investing in content and they have to do that protect their balance sheet because their balance she's got this horrible multi-vendor the hole in it and that's a valuation of the company is really sure dark by their continual investment in high quality content and I need to keep on doing that because I think my stream is that you can see a huge amount you gotta keep on adding new content all the time and exclusive content and we've now seeing Disney plus coming to the market in a very short period of time go up to 100 subscribers do Netflix is roughly twice that but when you add in star and India Disney's already about the same level as Netflix so we are going to see Disney probably overtired Netflix in the next year 8.

In terms of total number of subscribers and any what Amazon with massive massive deep pocket so there is a war there on content if you're a content owner a content creator or a writer.

It is the best news ever because good content will a track very big prices.

Why Roald Dahl I hear the point is he made about the sum of the downside but I think some great characters and their great stories.

Obviously the Works got to be done well and if you think about the Hobbit tiny little book made into 3 massive movies brilliantly by Peter Jackson if they can do it well.

They can create features they can create TV series an interesting fact.

They were talking about stage shows and live experience its agency Netflix here thinking beyond the original platform, but the other reason is important.

Is that the thing that everybody hates her strimmer is turn losing customers and the best anti turn content you can put on a streaming platform is family and kids concept.

No one is going to cancel a platform if your kids say I want to watch James and the Giant Peach for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a very brave parent who does that so in terms of reducing churn? That's a really smart way of helping to stop it.

You need a franchise saying you need access to to contact the people recognise things you can build out so Disney done a great job with the starwars universe Amazon Prime suspending obscene amount of money on Torquay and even buying MGM and Lord of the Rings is also a billion.

+ I mean the other problem at Netflix have got courses.

They don't get the P1 movie it's because they're not averse adventure studio like the others at Amazon exception Disney hbomax viacomcbs the Peacock NBC you got these massive Hollywood Studios behind them.

They have got no movies because all those P1 movies are going to their own studio so Netflix has two.

The way of getting features so it has to buy franchises has to buy things which is you save got multiple episodes to build out those movies and the original movies of really really improved, but they're still not getting the scene at the movie sing in the cinema and that is a problem for Netflix compared to their competitors.

Are you an Apple TV subscriber at all, so does that make me a proper subscriber interesting thought so in America some subscription numbers came out this week normally Apple don't really talk about this, but less to some of their suppliers if they're subscriber numbers below a certain amount and then eystreem gets this kind of discount if you haven't got as many subscribers.

So how many subscribers do you think apple have or revealed? They have in America and Canada at the moment.

Million subscribers apple I refuse to believe it.

I feel it is very clever jiggy with free on the boots with lots of types of strike in the entertainment industry over in America at the moment which is just been filling up my Twitter feed constantly for the last 2-days I didn't agree with that.

I don't agree.

I'm sorry.

I think you're wrong there.

I think the point here is 20 million subscribers in the US and Canada so North America and paying subscribers, so I can quite believe it's true there 100 million TV households in America so if they've got 20% of the base paying in America already, then they've done pretty well, so I think that tiny credible number.

The payments down definitely and when you give the figures like that's a very substantial number for me.

You know I watch TV programmes which have had more than that viewing in anymore, so try not to pay money.

They should be paying whether they numbers true or not.

It's actually not perceive very well rapper like a really good point.

I agree with it and trying to find its groove again is Doctor Who and it's been quite a development this week Paul what happened to the doctor.


I mean you know I've been watching Doctor Who I'm afraid since willy is your doctor who's my favourite doctor Patrick Troughton who is the second Doctor Who's your doctor Lizzie Modena

Can I can I don't think I can remember Patrick Troughton I think I remember him is a false memory from watching catchup, but yeah, I'm Jon Pertwee although with the David Tennant running Eccleston so I'm putting both camps to pull them might be a new doctor voter to deal with in front of the camera, but also behind it too.


I was very excited a Doctor Who fan.

I think many Doctor Who fans work because Christopher Eccleston was really made into a fantastic doctor I think by Russell T Davies returning to the helm so you know when did Christopher Eccleston Play music not the Jodie Whittaker hasn't done a good job.

She has play think the chance to maybe get some new ideas and New Energy it has got a bit silly.

I think in places.

I'd like to see some more grit and the fact.

Got some bad wolf into production company now so moving outside BBC Studios too bad wolf.

I think it's good news because you know his Dark Materials Discovery which is has a bit of a bit of jeopardy if I'd like to see a little bit more more grit.

You know where was Daniel Craig leaving James Bond but he brought so much more of that sort of minutes.

I'd like to see a bit more Menace and a bit less of the cylinder so I am extremely optimistic and I will certainly be following.

It's a great interest and I think it's going to be a sort of third if you like third reincarnation of Doctor Who and I think she's going to be fantastic touch on that bad wolf points so historical.

It's been a I think a co-production between BBC Studios and BBC America American market important for them Russell involved in Bad Wolf why why have they got their claws into into the new Doctor Who I don't know where there's any relationship between Russell T Davies and bad.

I know Jane tranter who is a fantastic executive and a fantastic producer bad wolf of course was a character that appeared in Doctor Who as you probably know it was a long-running tall story through through the show and I don't know was in relationship.

I mean bad wolf or a great production company Russell T Davies is a great showrunner, so I see this is a injection of new blood into a franchise that probably is not on its knees, but you know I think you know reinventing and reinvigorating is probably ready and I think this is a very good combination.

I think you say the bad team who now the battle team.

They worked on the the original reboot so we want some of that magic as well Lizzie what what can I do to to reboot the Doctor first 2 3 series of Doctor Who when it came back in 2005? I was living in Spain at the while so I watched it very naughty Lee over the internet and it wasn't.

And it'd have that many that Paul has talked about but then it just became as I said with the universal Roald Dahl it just became a fun boys dream to me.

That is what worries me about Russell T Davies coming back because if he can I find boys dream where the whole Canon came involved in an S you knew who the doctor have been married to in the year.

59, then you went really into that week story.

I would have loved to have seen somebody freshen you on it.

Let's get a woman and I said someone Accelerate writing let's get a fresh face somebody is going to take a completely new who loves the series as well, but doesn't like all of the cannon and all of the backstory and is this going to give us some plain holdall exact going to make you hyper Hind the settee again.

It will regenerate with more meeting you after this.

Don't worry.

I've got a bad locally a pound of Honey that make the environment cleaner and more sustainable £100000 fixed for 3 years discover the power of green savings bonds.


I'm Claudia from the sensemaker podcast where he tells me everyday to make sense of the world made by tortoise Media this week.

I'm delighted to say that we've been sponsored by slack the collaboration hub that brings the right people information and tools together to get work black and Salesforce a banding together to give teams more intuitive engaging productive way to work from anywhere together with Salesforce slack is the digital HQ it's people go to be productive and work efficiently with their teams if you want to be a part of this community find out more by visiting.

Next open the influences of Revolting my personal for you, but the aims of a new activist campaign called fuck you pay me Lizzie what are they after there after my money there after getting paid a good wage what they do they say I'm for being more open and more honest.

This is sorted by a former model call Lindsay Logan whose says the influence on nothing in paid according to how much work and Influence for want of a better word.

They actually put into the brands.

They seen the brands that asking for more and more and because influencing and becoming so popular they're trying to pay less and less or getting somebody who's willing to do it for free because they just want to get their stuff on the influences ladder to begin with so she's opened at this campaign she started.

You play me website and where she's asking people if they can do a review of who they've been working with with the brand compare deals compare with done how much weight we had to do in 48, so she's one in the whole world of influence and to be more open and honest it's basically a website that sort of like but instead of a plumber your colour reviewing Adidas basically.

Yes, she's and your experience of weight with Adidas and how much they want you to do for this.

I think it's a bit influencing is becoming so huge, and I mean it is becoming a career now which is something somebody in my generation would have just left about 10 years ago did some massive I see her point that does need to be for one of the better wedding Union around them somebody who is going to look after them because he's a quite often very young people.

Who have no idea about negotiation or about what is expected of them in the world of work? So they are very young.

They are very vulnerable to being abused and sadly that is always somebody who is going to be there.

Who will do it for free and as somebody who does freelance work and has done a lot of freelance work in the past.

This is the worst pain ever happened to Anne Industries when you get people who are prepared to do it for free because they didn't do mine any professionalism and the fact that other people can make it for a living by doing it for free.

You just destroying the whole industry for the rest of them because it's more around sort of mid-tier influences on micro influencers rather than to the d'amelio sisters are Amanda Cerny know people 100000000 to follow is it can people who are 20050 100000 that kinda level isn't it?

Going to have to worry about this sadly, but yeah, it's these people who are just Marjorie and the trying to make a difference and they're trying to make a living out of it, but they're all getting hit by now things like gender is Siri when I get paid more for a post and a woman will get paid for a poster example small people and so they vary dependent upon the Browns because it's the brands don't give them the things to advertise then, what is a like come down to especially over the last year that hasn't been many occasions to go out and have fun show yourself as an influencer as somebody who you want young people to follow and seeing as a role model so yeah, the main market is a difficult being we don't have the power and the cloud of the big names to be able to get what perhaps.

They are deserved a parallel with the regular Media sector isn't there you have freelancers.

Heated exchange of exposure for the work and Anna no sort of thing is it is it just a slightly more modern version of a long-standing problem.

I was thinking exactly the same thing actually went this was talking and I do but it's just said I would say I think it's probably a lot harder to get a plumber than to get an influencer, but that said clearly you want to make sure that this is done a professional way because if there's a service being given there should be a reward for that service where I differ from them is where they start deleting about big stars getting paid more reality is any advertising any marketing if you put a star on you probably going to get a bigger whilst I dislike it.

Immensely all these stars going on to radio stations actually they go on because they bring audiences with them.

They bring you know they bring a Following with them so the same is true in influencing.

So you know if

Name and you have got a reputation or brand or you stand for something then of course you're going to get paid more I think at the bottom end of the market.

There's also the issue here of making for as this was saying he can't explain it goes as far as a union or not.

I'm not sure what I think he wants a professional process where people have paid what they worth and ideally rather than setting up a website.

I'd like to see people actually talking to their customers suppliers and and working out how to make this work as opposed to a website like this which frankly I doesn't give me much truck.

I wouldn't be interested if I was going to hire an answer in being involved in this website I go to someone I think was professional I guess it is also for the many influences famous somewhat thrust upon them you know they have a viral moment or they created me more than just a percentage out for a while and there's no information or training your understanding and then suddenly people are getting in touch with them about what to do it.

It's for them.

How do they find out what they should be doing when their family have no idea they have been involved in in the media before before is Andrew Neil well.

We all know there's been quite a few ups and downs of GB news during our summer break, but it's probably ended up leaving the station and many this team are heading out the door to Andrew finally said this week Andrews at that working at GB news for the last.

How long is it been up? It's nice and clean up that long but basically left him feeling ill and stressed and help somebody who won sweat for an engineer publication.

I can understand exactly what it means.

I think it says a lot like someone I engineer is coming out and saying the cultures cytotoxics that it made him stressed and ill because you know he comes from the old school if newspaper.

Very male orientated and very macho you had to be one of the boys to keep up and you just put your feelings behind you and you know did the job.

So it shows it must have been a bloody place to be working in and I think also he expected it to be a success straight away because you know Andrew Neil is one of the best political journalists around and realise that name and that reputation and I think he felt that would follow him.

Where is people aren't prepared to watch that unless we have a professional team around back in them and putting the tea, what is the he just actually been in places where there's been a lot of support for him that maybe he wasn't as aware of both the front and backstage Talent both being equal and as a person who comes from production journalism.

I said exactly the same thing about celebrities.

You know you get rid of the back team.

The front team is no longer so good mistakes come through in the newspapers.

There are factual errors largest grammatical errors tone errors because the back team is important as the talentu and the front so yeah, I think I'm doing a very much underestimated how important it was to have such a good team behind him he did say that he had said earlier on that they weren't ready to go live and they should have held off going live until they were more prepared.

We can draw from the launch of GB news.

Well, I think I agree, what's just been said by lissie.

I think was extraordinary about this is Anthony I think Mr Chair wasn't sort of management use the chair was he say on several occasions and management didn't listen to what I think is very interesting because he's not an operator of a TV channel, but he is as he says one of the best political journalist.

We haven't and the reason is my spent time talking to him.

He does research.

He really does he gets handed the stuff the BBC give him and then he does additional digging and you know he calls people to account and you need them that you can call people out who can pull out discredit what they said in can probably call them to account and that's a good a good journalist.

I'm amazed when listening to him.

It was operationally a disaster and we all know that production tea in the technical team are essential to any any reproduction newspapers works Media whether it's website for over it is and it was pretty.

The on-screen and he probably assume that was always going to happen because he work at the BBC work at Sky working other professional broadcasters.

They do all this stuff the trouble is you assume it just happens automatically actually a lot of work a lot of skill a lot of Talent to make that happen the fact the audience figures have now plummeted is because we've been given an excuse to switch off.

It wasn't very you know at times.

It was cringe worthy know Andrew Neil well.

Why bother there's plenty of other options and its infancy that so many of us have gone back to Sky News or the BBC which professional and good quality services and Sunday afternoons.

There is nobody watching it all 2000j on average, and I think Pete's about 80004 Farage is Daily Show he's taking over from from Andrew Neil should have gone.

Driven programming from the beginning with that be a bit more honest about their Direction rather than pretending that they weren't a right-wing news channel well certainly having fries on every day does push it now.

It's right-wing agenda.

Where that was intended from beginning or not and the fact is pulling in roughly 4 times the average audience so if there is an audience for Nigel Farage weather that will you know the time? I don't know because I think Nigel Farage is a character who probably you know will not have an enduring audience but at the moment he's pulling in those numbers but you're going to need several Nigel Farage use to build an audience is going to make a commercially viable in terms of the right-wing audience.

I don't think it's Fox News but you know there will be an audience for it.

I mean you know if you look at you look at it as you look at you know the Daily Mail audience.

Look at the garden audience people go to the newspaper that matches their particular beliefs and so they will be people who like Farage and agreed with Farage there's

I think I think he's a genuine man.

You know whether or not I agree with him is neither Here nor There I wouldn't personally watching but 80000 people they do wasn't going to be a channel.

That is right wing Focus you no service on being an anti Vax in their retreading brexit your auntie wokeness.

I'm in the boss of GB news Angelos frangopoulos Sky News in Australia he really thought it was going to be somewhere that was slightly more open slightly more yes right wing anti-woke but anti-woke in the sense that people could get it say what they wanted other than feeling that they have to do down a certain agenda, and I do hope that he went into thinking it was going to be just centre right rather than the right wing.

Betty that it is now become also I just don't think there is there is no appetite in the UK for a station that is completely lettering are completely right when I don't think it's that ever going to make the switch numbers which was what he was expecting you been used to do so he's not a silly money is not live in that respect.

I think he was expecting it to be centre right which for a lot of TV channels is right wing compared to the universe impartial nurse that has to be seen on the BBC and now I think to be honest you been uses panicking and they know they can get names like Nigel Farage going to get an amount in there.

Just waiting for him to say something extremely controversial give them or publicity of remote viewers, but that's very different to what I'm doing it expected it to be.

New station news TV station is back on the cards and with another big name attached Lizzie how do you think they'll get on with their big siding very different kettle of fish because they have Piers Morgan who is a bone entertainer basically.

That's what he's always done throughout his career and he knows how to stay the Hornets Nest he does everything wants GB news to do it makes a news agenda every day.

You know today for example.

He's having a pop at Daniel Craig's jacket colour from the premier last night and he's myself once again.

He's trending so he's going to be doing that all the time because he knows how to make the newest he know he has got tabloid experience that says you know take that allergic to murders going to make page one so let's put a pig on that allergic to money might be true by it's going to get the people watching this do it.

How old is Yvonne and then it was off and Rebekah Brooks I figured it out so internally saying they weren't going to follow GB news into a broadcast TV channel that was before they're able to get his I think it's going to be in Tralee have a popped into Great talk radio and their video output maybe even sometimes radio material someone like peers and maybe some other Talent from around the news UK building will see what they come up with talk about it here ok now.

Just before we had to the media quiz.

Let's have a brief look ahead to the radars now the radio industry figures haven't been reported since the start of the pandemic every 80 months ago the diaries of been sent out and send back out to people over last 3 months and we expecting the results at the end of October of course be covering them in full here whether I listen is like it or not.

Can you explain why this particular set of results is going to be interesting well, you're probably more than x

Placemat the night I'm so I'm going to give a few comments and you might want to buy this because you really do a fantastic job on Rachel which I always read every time you do it come in first thing is This Is Gonna Be fascinating because I don't really know what's happened to Radio listening over covid-19 during the pandemic, but I think we all expected to have increased know what I would expect to see you some increasing reach a very small increasing reach the last at the q1 2020 in the rich.

There was 48.9 million 88.8% so maybe 1 or 2% uptick in reach will I do expect to see many more hours listening? This is number of hours Pulis na going up for maybe 20.2 to maybe 22-23 I can see maybe substantial like in in total hours and then I think it's been singing seeing how you know clearly listening in Cars is going to change dramatically cos people aren't going to work in their car so in car listening when I've dropped dramatically people are at home.

I home it's easy.

Be in the office for many people so expect the daytime hours to go up expect Peaks to be later if you look at the the classic breakfast peak in the morning Monday to Friday expect this probably later might be doing work in their pyjamas or it might be getting up later.

We don't know but I expect you'll be later.

I think everything's going to see is a massive increasing listening online certainly if you look at some of the data, that's been coming through from stations outside radar.

They're all showing very very significant increases in online listening.

So I think we'll see the overall Digital number increase that by mistake will be dramatically up, so there's a few sort of general thoughts which you may or may not disagree with Mac as you are really the expert full so we can we can see how well you've done the next month behaviour.

I thinks fascinating and how the coronavirus times and how we've all changed how we consume media and what are day is.

It is going to affect her that those numbers stations on the board as well that haven't reported figures wear one of those is x radio Lizzie go on do what you doing.

Do you think x radius got any listening? So how do you think they'll do in their first Rachel he's got me away from Ken Bruce you see my easy listening while I worked in that I listen to Matt Chorley and he's ready to my tweets.

Thank you mate.

I'm actually really enjoying x radio.

I think they've done a good job there any office I would sometimes listen to as I said for you to do some gentle soft listening, but now I'm at home.

I can concentrate more so there is that more talkradio that appeals to me which is where x radio comes in and then I switch over I should have to say sorry mariella.

I think there's going to be a huge increase in people trying different stations and also.

You know you listen to podcasts as well rather than just the radio this it's locked and it's really turned around things like that about what you listen to him when you listen to it, Paul I give me a reach prediction for the X radio for the first book.


I did this actually about 2 years ago when Jake kanter was on this very podcast could we debate about it now.

I was actually saying that I thought the Times radios initial reach was going to be quite modest where we settles on this figure of 400000 what I said it will be way below 400000 and Jake thought you more than that.

I'm pretty confident that give you baby and forth below 400000 then obviously that would have been there first book in the bin on an much longer and if I had more time to build the audience but I'm going to stick to that and see if they get a Reacher 400000 they've done very very well that like everything everyone wants more, but it might be a good start.

Freiburg in let's ask Ollie man for his advice about how old is works.

Don't rehearse the quiz so newsflash everybody I don't write the quiz an absolutely insane idea and it only the confusion the humour comes from the Confusion of everybody involved.

It's Numberwang right so I think it's really important that the Host also is absolutely no idea what's going on? So I've been my particular joy of doing actually is getting the bitterness Ron Burgundy style.

We're suddenly.

I'm expected to do a German accent and somehow get through that being cancelled do that.

It's always happy with any work will have to do less this week.

It's entitled asked back vaxxed stories from the past week, which involve brands of Talent being axed or returning to a

It after a hiatus or a story about vaccinations, so you tell me if they're axed back or vaxxed I got four for you.

So shut your name if nobody answer so Paul will say plumber.

No I say Paul and he will say right let's play axed back or vac number 1 Waterloo Road Poole back play production between Waterville and Cameron Roach's new Manchester in the Rope ladder for the Big Show for them.

It is you know and this is a great win for them because obviously multiple episodes means much better profit and and you can really build a franchise.

I think it's coming interesting is how the BBC and just how racy they go if you think about all the fantastic shows based around to the high schools that are now on Netflix on the other streamers.

You know I mean I mentioned you know sex education KS3 just dropped and that's brilliant and I'm not sure the BBC will go that racy.

I think they've got to make sure it's not that sort of reincarnation of you know what they might have done 6 years ago.

It's got to have a contemporary feel to it 13reasonswhy another one that dealt with you.

So I think it needs to be edgy it needs to be well-written, but clearly the BBC in the market gap and good luck then yes, it's got to be better than grown-up Grange Hill TV

Correct the youth brands begin the go-ahead by Ofcom to return to IEP Gees How do you think the adem returning to the the telly box is going to affect other other network like like e492, so it's quite a bit.

I mean you know when I'm going to iPlayer and I clicked documentary without actually realising it's BBC3 you then.

I'm quite happy to watch it.

So I would be looking into inner BBC3 back on TV so I think the E4 what have you open up to watch because we do have some really good programmes on there even for an old codger like me the decider faxed 43 unnamed strictly professional dancers Paul Vax so this is a Talbot

Strictly dancers have been vaccinated which has LED some of the Dances with wiring up in case that create privacy issues for the BBC has quite a modern problem, isn't it CBBC Studios handle this Vax issue well enough to think not really that because there's a lot of anger grown-up amongst those who haven't been vaccinated and they might very valid reasons.

Why they don't want to do it.

I mean I know some women who are very worry about getting their second vaccination.

So yeah, I think BBC screwed up a bit actually have handled it better than that Paul two out of three on the media quiz which I make a request now.

You're here is the brand new house.

Can we improve the prizes example your processor? They were absolutely rubbish check your post and Amazon delivery would be on its way shortly.

I'm sure.

You're a lovely man this show is independently produced and if you'd like to donate quit the money doesn't go to pause prices that it goes to the production team who make the program you can do that at the media Robinson and Elizabeth Ellis my name is Matt Deegan you can find my weekly newsletter at the audio industry and more at Matthew you can follow This podcast and subscribe to it / the media podcast and your Heroes new episodes as soon as they drop on your podcast app Patrice and Pete Price it was a real audio and PPM production will see you in a fortnight.

Don't worry.

I've got a bag locally you can help to support green projects that make the environment greener cleaner and more sustainable £100000 discover the power of green savings bonds at Ennis

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