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Read this: #135 - Harry Meghan s Tabloid Breakup; Disney’s Virus Response; C4 s Free Creativity

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#135 - Harry Meghan s Tabloid Breakup; D…

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Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today show Harry and Meghan break up for good with a British tabloid Disney's coronavirus response to damage the reputation of the mouse and Channel 4 try to advertisers with free use of their creative team Plus has the sunset for good on this Year's Love Island and in the media.

Can we play HBO or no would be fresh owes landing on the latest big streaming launch.

It's all to come in today's Media podcast returning to the international trade deadline magazine Jake counter is here.

Hi Jake

Did you notice about the Grimm news from Kevin lygo this week? You reckon we could read between the lines be about to see love Island being a session over YouTube the series of discussions at the TV controllers in the UK having about coronavirus and what it's done to the industry and I would say Kevin as delivered most honest appraisal playing speaking overview of what is happening at payment and I mean it's imagine and I think like you say it's going to be a 200 people over to Majorca being refused entry.

Is it is it a good thing to see strangers slobbering over each other as well, I guess that's true.

That's true generator TV so it will be a very tough decision.

He hasn't completely so there's quite happened, but I would be surprised for a love Island summer Emeritus at City University professor Liz Howell hello Liz news programme.

Forgive me if I'm not really on top of you.

Have you still got your army of counters looking at the question of female representation or is it literally you now sitting there with the VCR back to everything what you do find is that male experts certain point and we looked at why that is and I feel the blame.

And finally we have a third guessed.

I'm cyst on it these days.

Just in case you lose one along the way remotely but what I find guess we have CNN media and entertainment reporter Frank pilato making his Media podcast debut.

Hi, how are you on not bad? Thank you.

You're in your parents house.

I'm in currently my mum's addict which is very very interesting last night.

I had to do my first on a kind of like video in audio and I had a deal from my mum's attic and I asked her to use my mom's makeup, so it's a very much in Norman Bates moment for me and I will it was pretty good.

I think it went pretty well and you know Mother enjoyed it.

So everything went well for me.

How are you cutting through the press release bulshit when you aren't able to go and meet people.

Play some work out.

What's really going on anyone kind of tells you this is exactly how things are going to go exactly how things are not going to go to be able to be very upfront and say that a lot of what were going through right now is some trying to figure out what the next step is for the movie theatres in the next step for big companies like Disney and we have to really think about you know what is coming next but no one is 100% sure that's why it's important to have reporters and have media people really be able to step up who have been doing this for a long time like myself it can be like who can be very upfront audience.

You know this is our best guess.

This is our best estimate.

This is what were hearing from sources.

He was what were thinking because this coronavirus pandemic is game changing every single way across Media the Academy

The whole entire Culture in the world in the press release by just being a good reporters that short form of it well you talk about what might be happening next for Disney let's start by talking about what's happening now because the company has stopped paying more than 100000 employees this week Frank most of those staff are in the States obviously it does impact their businesses across Europe and staff at Disneyland Paris and stuff, but generally there in the USA what is the reaction been there to this announcement they are an enormous corporation and they're taking government assistance to say laying off staff effectively through furlough which is mostly the parks and merchandising.

It's studio entertainment which is focused on obviously the films to park at Marvel and Star Wars and it's new DTC which director consumer which is Disney Plus

52% of that 52% of the revenues of its fiscal Year last year was studio entertainment and parks, which I've just been immensely hobbled by the coronavirus.

Let me know the half of the company's just can't hold it right now and then if you get the median hours.

He is showing you know cherry spitting and NFL draught virtually it's not showing NBA playoffs for the master major League Baseball opening day, so has been really humbled by this pandemic as much as you know the rest of the economy and the rest of vulnerable more so than other networks like you know my Chromecast and media and media which is my parent company which song by 18th because Disney has made itself has Creed Empire I should say from bringing people together for the last 95 years.

Nearly impossible, so they had to follow the numbers of everywhere between 14042 the report you're talking about I believe was in Financial Times which is closer to the numbers that really think it's somewhere in that range to anyone who's quote job is not necessary at this time and you know the market is socialising the losses and keep the profits.

Isn't it? That's the activation you know this isn't a company that is short of cash.

They're able to spread around billions to buy fox and lucasfilm Bob igers earning 900 times what medium Disney employee is that's where the angles coming from our kind of outrage about it as well, but also people are trying to figure out if this is going to come back because he know Disney is a lifestyle brand from many people on the same way the night.

What is the same time you know people sitting home right now watching Disney plus and just thinking about you know potentially getting out of the house to their kids go back to a theme park Disney movie so it's not just in terms of financial cultural connection for many millions of people when it comes to Disney that's really interesting point I mean Liz do you think that the Disney sweet of brands and people's attachment to those Now is so strong that Innocence their PR doesn't matter like that like apple stories about conditions in the foxconn factories making Apple phones, but it hasn't damage people's relationship with in the west with that brand.

Do you think people does value Disney so highly that the pr can be put to one side?

What is Michelle way back in 1993 and what they do manage to get away with that because the infection for them also I think it's to do with the structure of the company is very play Imagine that sinking feeling out the very different so that's different and Jake do you understand the structure of Disney because you report a missed up to you and I mean is now I believe the executive chairman.

That's his job title is he really supposed to be his successor and still doing their they have some sort of handover period and Bob eventually retire in The Wings and and

Bob to be out with everything has been said which is a bit of a halo around the brand coronavirus because hulking physical business theme parks and hotels and lots of people to pay I think Abigail Disney the granddaughter of co-founder Roy Disney made some good points has been quite about all of this.

She said that she needs to pay the people make the magic happen and the company must be better.

I think when you got there to the Disney fortune saying that then something wrong results on Tuesday

Expecting to hear big head.

I don't think there's anything super surprise remember that Disney has been dealing with this is a global companies since the coronavirus appeared in China before the gymnastics gone down.

I think you're going to see them really kind of push forward on how well it's just about 5 months and originally there are their initial projections were about 1690 by the end of 2024 there almost there so I think they're going to really push the future.

You know saying you know this is a 500 years.

This is something that hit them after their biggest you ever I think you know it should be noted that it's not.

Play Suddenly border Disney this is the company out of nowhere Italian people were not going to shut down because of this crisis Media professors like you around the country, but having young people approached them virtually I guess now and ask them, whom they should apply to for a job.

Where should they be setting TV who should they be networking with I mean? It's just an impossible scenario now.

Isn't it all the time? You just don't know who might be somebody because one of the stuff isn't able to perform because it's not going to.

They are honest and used because it is so important in what's happening? Is that the importance of this profession is established more than ever so I do but it's just I don't like got some fellas coming over track as well.

Let's change channels now on to Channel 4 who is offered out the use of their in-house creative team to make adverts for free.

Channel 4 offering exactly, I'm such as transfers fantastic meet the to meet the Superhumans Paralympics Paralympics promotion they are offering services up to the value of £20,000 idea to lower in some advertisers and I presume keep some of the full creative team in gainful employment because they probably not very busy right now which brands really are going to want to use pre-existing footage or an in-house creative team for a channel.

You know when they used to a world of agency is in creating their own.

I think I mean when you see the adverts at the moment.

They're already going for home.

The channel 415 between BT and telling you how to do te which is quite funny sometimes style point of you wear hearing all of the major broadcast coronavirus look conference calls that we're saying and I think the soup I think they that will be reflected in advertising content and I think.

Release differentiate themselves companies like supermarkets will have to turn to some bigger ideas advertising break looking like over States at the moment.

How is lockdown affected the commercial people seeing that people has a message about getting through this together pretty much stain from toilet paper companies to pharmacies like it.

Is it has this feeling of you went from selling you something to talking to you more about like what are companies are doing to get through this crisis is funny because like this kind of message first selling something later than 35 million.

Newspaper advertising a loan over the next 3-months as part of the covid-19 information campaign you think it's the right decision for them to target print it seems to be at the expense perhaps of other advertising medium been told me to go out and buy the essentials.

That's true and newspaper circulation has suffered significantly as a result of what we're going through right now, but I don't think it's just I mean by coronavirus in its advertising revenues in the last couple of months and it's 150 million.

Government spending money with these broadcasters is important right now.

I really like ripping up their schedule done something different but we seen with Steph McGovern's lunchtime Channel 4 show for example launched from her home during lockdown.

You know it one month into that and she's basically like an offer this already on my house back.

Let's do this we can get a studio 160000 is a day right and people tend to streaming as well Jake which is something Kevin like I was talking about as well wasn't that imbra TV thing you know in Peak time or more people doing video on demand.

Being really agile in the kind of program that it was training on television that the long-term strategy is now starting to pick up clear broadcasters need to move away from this content and viewers things that are more used to be more ambitious shows because ultimately if they don't they will lose out to the streamers and that's what Kevin was talking about a time when broadcast this going to be showing more repeats because they haven't been able to make the shows that they want to make and bichon has to be raised when things return to normal otherwise twin on BBC tonight.

In the news not being Rightmove talk about someone to stream now because it's not just the big Netflix Amazon Prime style box sets anymore also Frank Hollywood's finest isn't it? It's the huge movies that were going to debut in the cinemas.

That are now being available to rent and it was trolls that really blazed the trail for that story that I would have covered the most in 2020 would be trolls world tour right now because you know universal song by comcast were playing in 1-minute and things like that.

They were going to give it to TV

Open your video and they mean by saying that in the end antidrog the same digital but it's been a big successful that I mean they were the it was reported earlier this week that they brought in close to a reminder to rental fees which is very good for that, but let's have some caveats are people are Stockholm I would watch you know Dwayne The Rock Johnson really phonebook at this point but the same time what happened was in that work nbcuniversal out of his way to say you know that he was incredibly proud of what kind of went down and have his very interesting quote and which he said that he was a remarks about movies once things reopened and format.

The world's largest open world movies about what does the experience in the business book like that we're trying to figure out? How are movie theatres going to play how we going to watch movies is there a market for watching TV and films that normally would be in theatres at home Market but I wouldn't just yet because if you're making a movie available to rent through streaming only services you get to keep more of the total money that comes in because you're not paying for the overhead to the cinema and the distribution and the obvious that stuff but at the same time my understanding is you sort of do you know trolls?

The exception that proves the rule it's absolutely essential to a movie success that you continue to show in cinemas.

I think this is a fascinating spat which cuts to the heart of the future of cinema.

It's very rare that you see you drift like this flower in such a popular way and to see how I think it's probably going on here.

How is theoretically if AMC continues with this songs it won't be able to carry James Bond here in the UK ODEON Cinemas and I just can't conceive of the scenario where ODEON is not showing James Bond when it's released later this year.

Let you know about 80% the theatres take about 50% So she knows it doesn't have a tonne of leverage right now because these videos can eventually just going to put everything on to stream your digital but it's same time the studio necessarily because you're never going to get the type of money that you can get from a global release 1.2 billion.

Tell people where this movie is streaming where you can buy how much you can buy heets into the home video money as well because if your renting it for $20 hours then you're not going to then buy it again.

You're going to be seen at home.

You know you can make money from the theatre and then if you like the movie enough you.

That's a double-dip for the studio, so it's kind of stupid chicken chicken going on right now which is easy to do because there's no movies playing and there's no theatres open in about 6-months when you come November when no time to die, oh bins around the world that were actually going to see if the rubber meets the road that we've had 100 years of being brainwashed about the Cinematic experience you know and I sort of feel like imagine a scenario that Jake says he can't wear James Bond isn't available in my local ODEON but it is available in you know my local Vue Cinema Aberdeen also available to stream at home.

I go to the cinema to watch it cos it's a massive movie and I've been trained whatever I've got at home.

The best experience is going to be in the cinema with other people with the sound system and everything else.

It's the same we don't want to have a light and I think it's very odd that these why is it that they are behaving in this publicly will be some corporation between the major Hollywood Studios to co-ordinate schedules one Cinemas do reopen because it's going to be I guess the government's decision.

I know there is state-by-state decisions George's already open.

Basically, it needs every state in America is ok.

We are opening again and then it's sort of needle the studios to get together doesn't say yes with we're doing this we are going to back the idea to go to the cinema to see our films because there is a health risk as a public health risk to do that.

How much is the psychological scarring of this are people going to want to go to the theatre and potentially next two people in the dark for 2-hours who are coughing or sneezing or anything like that.

I think ultimately we're here again.

This is the best destination I can make I think they were going to head to is a reopening at limited capacity.

You can't have been potentially having to wear and ask you why do not be next to somebody might be 666 between people and since like the movies are rolling out very limited Lee we can get to appoint saying July when Christopher Nolan tenet comes out.

Where are you?

Or Regal Theatre or silver of the year is playing just tenant in SE10 of their screams while the other 5 screens are being deeply clean that could be we're headed that works whether people return is a debatable on something that will have to see as time goes on but I don't think that the movie business in the movie theatre business can work without the videos and the other which makes this bad even more kind of ridiculous right now, but you know it I explain the AMC universal split as like a couple fights and then 3 weeks later back together you like popcorn.

So there's always a silver lining of the drive-in movie theatre as well drive-in theatres kind of coming back.

I'm bullish and the theatrical experience because I think you know it might not be as big as it was saying you know 90-95 or something like that, but I think people are still going to wanna have a way to go out and explore movies with people that there's a difference between watching you know a game on television and watching a sporting event in person.

It's going to be different.

It's going to have to be more about the more about customer loyalty and I think we're going to have to think the studios and theatres are going to figure out how to figure out the theatrical window so that we don't have to wait 90 days to see a new movie comes in like James Bond in Fast and Furious all these are coming to play in theatres first and then we'll see how long it takes for them to actually go to ditch.

Oh ok.


You don't have to wait 90 days part 2 of the media podcast will be back with more media news after that.

this message is for UK citizens between the 15th and 21st of November

if someone has covid-19 they Bleed It Out in particles particles that linger in the air like smoke, but one in three people who have the virus symptoms breathing it on to others without knowing so when you go out where a first covering enclosed busy spaces to help reduce the amount of covid-19 in the air stop covid-19 hanging around hello.

I'm Jessie Ware from table Manners the podcast now here with my mum died and we have a special bonus episode of table coming to you sponsored by Sainsbury's taste difference autumn edition range check it out.

We talked to the fantastic broadcaster an entrepreneur Laura Jackson all about how to host fantastically listen now on your favourite podcast app.

What's the forecast please Frank and Jake are still with me? Let's talk about x Radio now.

They have announced another after Talent will be joining the DAB network this summer joke.

What do you make of the lineup as Mum is going to be co-hosting breakfast with Stig Abell John pienaar's on drivetime.

We knew that already but Cathy Newman from Channel 4 news is going to be doing drive on Friday what do you think an impressive lineup of presenters be really interesting to see what happens when it launches later this summer.

I mean it's still a lot of language around it taking on the BBC and being seen as a rival to Radio 4 online with digging the podcast regular when he says that beating the BBC is President

But if it's got lower it's got more modest ambitions to make a phone for the Times journalism and to increase subscriptions to the times, then it could serve a really useful purpose refer my own slightly Franco quote from that vegans blog.

Is this week for taking on Radio 4 ends up being the Quorum of times radio the strategy is officially batshit mental agree disagree launches major Media predictions in the you haven't done all your market research when you feel very passionate about going to work.

It would have to compliment you have to have some people migrating from the items.

I think of the times for person and I can't see them going to this radio station and I can't see how it so many fail reminding you have specific really over positive transfer from TV-am what new people who take on and all the good things that we could do and then we had a regulatory system that really didn't help.

The market to Channel 4 breakfast and tell me about Virgin Radio with some people starting up radio about this, but I think is a little confused is it the Barca channel, or is it in its own right but none of these presenters that they've announced actually have guns in the times.

I mean maybe they will in due course, but there were people that they could have put right front centre of this to myself.

They could have had David aronovitch.

I could have had Giles Coren they could have had Caitlin Moran they haven't gone with those names are gone with experience more experience radio name.

BBC Radio basis I mean Frank from from your position in the US does it seemed kind of amusing but we're being a bit childish about the idea of anyone taking on the BBC I mean over there in the US you know the idea of a newspaper for New York Times on to launch.

Its own radio station.

It would seem like an obvious and straightforward thing to do sky subscribers.

He wouldn't be thinking well.

Can they be the biggest it would be like a create a new entrant.

I would look at it from my point of view is being like that.

So wait for them to grab more readers grab more viewers grand more listeners.

I mean that doesn't sound very outrageous to me, but that's just me being is the X itself that's been framed in this way about the new presenters and it use language like taking on the BBC Radio 4.

Me your face part of the puzzle as they actually launched the station in the summer are Radio 4 type commissions you know sort of half-hour programs returning series.

I'm in at the moment this just seems like an upmarket talk radio, but it's obviously not going to be just that and then they obviously are going for Radio 4 audio.

I don't really get a different station in its own right and I'm not going to make it ok, let's radio just for a moment because the BBC are now offering their news bulletins to Commercial you might be struggling with production during the pandemic going to be queuing up to take BBC bulletin.

The BBC to have made this offer again suggests they may be the appetite for this and that some of its local services could be at risk during coronavirus that hasn't transferred and it has confidence in that is producing too to make this offer to radio stations.

I think it's part of the sort of good feeling about the BBC at the moment that it's providing his public services is plugging gaps tour operators struggling and is providing service to local audiences whether this relationship with them continue once we're out of quarantine times.

I mean at the moment particularly for community radio stations that either a run by volunteers or third everybody it makes sense to take a BBC news bulletin, but then and what point do you say right we need to start producing our

An expense into that is it something that the publicly funded broadcasters should be dropping out.

Is it good day after the BBC where does it end? Don't me know that the relationship and said we have been approached by a number of stations does know what we have no idea which station we don't know if there is genuinely demand.

This is making an offer which makes the BBC good radio station do composite and is going on in the future.

I'm in the local TV

Commercial local radio station radio station I think he's doing is supporting the nations children as their lock down and Away From School by announcing some big celebrity names for educational content on the Bitesize portion of their website so he's a big names over here in the UK Frank like to David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox got Ed Balls former labour.

Do maths lessons do you think this is a celebrities doing their beard or do you think there will be a backlash in the sense of Talent and this is the same in Hollywood Studios Iver in the UK constantly filming themselves at home looking a little bit needy and it comes a point way as a viewer yourself.

I put it away like you just Retreat for a while really interesting to see how celebrities have kind of had to adjust to this new world and how that kind of work out because you know you don't really see Behind The Veil just basically see what they want use even now.

You know I've been telling people one of the most fun games.

I've been doing is looking in celebrity.

What is behind lemon and what kind of books do they really Nando's bookshelves and things so I think initially celebrities had some backlash because they

They were trying to react in a way that would be but then as soon as this kind of became more and more a new kind of way of life.

You seem celebrities.

Who is an example of early night shows in in America you know people like Stephen Colbert on Jimmy Fallon and I'm home and initially that was kind of situation as it's gone.

It's really getting something like Saturday Night Live in in America originally had a remote showing that eventually last week is one of the best shows the head of season so I think celebrities are trying to figure it out and I think what you saying about.

This is really something that could actually be your beneficial to celebrities and how they perceive in public going forward as this kind of drags out.

Who is is part of the cynicism around it? There is no joke.

I mean to an eight-year-old.

It doesn't matter whether it's a really good maths teacher teaching your mouth sore eyeballs only matters to the media the reporting back with people doing it to drive people go to the website to check it out.

Do you think they should be using their big names in that way particularly want to learn Spanish and probably more pain at the parents and a tool to get the parents to engage their children with what's going on in the Bitesize videos and it's a real.

BBC doing what it does best and and yeah should be providing educational tools for children when schools are closed.


Do you think the right decision no too kind of silo it off on the website? You know his educational stuff and basically keep CBeebies and CBBC dedicated to entertainment and obviously there's educational values through all of those shows but it's not up your left side of the children what I would like to say this is great and actually getting materials for children in packs that they can they can utilise and recognising so many of your children access to Wi-Fi so many other problems to deal with but it's ok.

Just finally on the BBC can we talk.

50/50 gender parity project you've been doing it is about female contributors on unused programs.

Isn't it? It's much more recently.

We've been doing them women 2050 $50 in US from 50/50 gender representation on factual programmes, but it was very different types of methodology in women on screen.

Just as you've been in a different way, so we are counting women who are experts authority figures and they're just women and they're also not as people that program.

So that they have to do they have to put on.

Did you have a 50/50 50/50 together, but you also need to look at what they are wives and it's not really bad Lloyds makes because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at handed for British titles their own version of a Dear John letter last week Jake this was the sun the Daily Mail the mirror and The Express and pretty unprecedented isn't it in the UK for members of the Royal family to take such a firm ative action against the tabloids.

Privacy particularly given that there now independent of the public purse, but there was something a little bit chilling about this letter and I think the bottom line is I don't think it will make the blind is bit of different either journalist will keep calling them and keep asking them about stories and the question is it the best attitude to so-called fake news that they calling it take you to ignore fake news or allegations that have been put to sleep and then not taking up from there people which which means that they can't deny things that they might want on recorder untrue.

They'll deal with journalists and the other thing about this when they keep their keep saying that it's a deluge of fake news, but the song has been on the money with some of the big stories about their personal affairs in the last to leave the royal family so maybe I'm sure there is a lot of nastiness and ill-informed inaccurate reporting about Harry and Meghan absolutely that's the case but that doesn't mean that they can't they shouldn't engage when there are legitimate stories about their future.

Can you show us some sunshine sex which is the outfit with employed in the States to represent their affairs now that they no longer represented by the palace.

It's a very notable PR company here and it's because when you think.

Exactly think of celebrities and it just kind of shows the Dead that transformation I guess you could call it from the Royal celebrity to be in celebrity celebrities is kind of underwear released on the what do you make of Harry following Megan into TV is going to be introducing episode of Thomas the Tank engines really pleased to see there's always been a lot of attention around the royal family that is always been the cakes, but the seats there hasn't been this much attention around a couple like this since you know which kind of moving into a kind of less royal more celebrity type of professional more attention.

There was that video that I think it was white last year.

Where was talking about Meghan does Voice work?

You know that we see the Megan's doing voice work on an elephant documentary and it's really quite interesting and I think that it's just kind of it brings them or fourth in the American culture, because now it's less you know Focus than that is this is a couple for a royal family from a different country.

They become a little bit more americanized do the celebrity which is quite interesting behaviour recently was going to piss off the palace more or piss off.

Fleet Street more because Fleet Street going to continue to report on the mother with the corporation or not.

It's the Queen's people.

I imagine that you know the last 30 years delicate relationship where the tabloids can report in a certain way about Harry and Wills near schooling and his time in the army and all this stuffing and they just turned around and said everything right that was a lie in the ecology of this relationship has been upset by the way appreciate bad experience.

Completely understand why the website at least you finally before the media quiz give us some good news regarding the Jewish Chronicle which face closure a few weeks ago.

They've now found a buy it but they aren't going to have to combine which is the other great.

Iconic really it's the oldest Jewish that we've had in the UK and there is just time you'll be pleased to know all of you two player legendary Media quiz today we play HBO or no.

I had of the launch of yet another premium subscription streaming service HBO Max coming to American screens on May 27th of what new programming.

We might expect to be available on Sky here in the UK so I'm gonna give you the title and premise of an original program Premier Inn on HBO Max in May you just have to tell me if it's genuine or if we made it up, OK is the following HBO or no.

A kids craft competition called craftopia hosted by YouTuber law diy amazing Creations for the chance to win $5,000 here is program number to HBO or no a scripted comedy called happy wife happy life starring Anna Faris and Terry Crews please Pitsea there Jake and Izzy are correct.

That is no that was made up and it was inspired by the new Anna Kendrick vehicle love life programme number 38 and underground ballroom dance competition series called legendary Jake Jake correct Jameela Jamil with play but the trailer Promises by production values and the shiniest floor ever and finally the Unscripted reunion of the cast of Friends HBO or no for real.

And you to arrive later in the year once cast and crew allowed to be in the same room together again 90 Frankfurt CNN is part of the same conglomerate but do you think it's going to be a program as they reckon it's going to be like friends if they started making friends again obviously huge, but the reunion where they sit around say wasn't great.

I don't know if I need to see that.

I'm saying this because I work with the same company.

That's making a 100% that's going to be here because I actually ba4484 that subscribers Jake that actually I guess a lot of this.

Thanks to the deal.

They have with Sky is going to be coming to people that have Sky Q for free or not for more on top of the current subscription.

They won't have to get another one.

Sky really well, I think the friends reunion not happening because the coronavirus is a real blow air max because it would have acted as a big launch for people to come and check out the service and obviously it's not going to have that now.

I mean you can't really get a better time of everyone lockdown in my house.

I mean they are giving themselves the best possible opportunity football tournament and I would watch the friends reunion where you can go off and watch the streaming service right now.

There's but of course not the friends with you because he doesn't exist yet and congratulations on winning the quiz Jake cancer and

Hywel, and thank you to you you can catch up with previous episodes and get new ones as soon as they're released by subscribing for free on our website vmedia you might fancy taking out a voluntary subscription to help is going to be Media / donate and choose a voluntary donation that suits you we be ever so grateful girls the producer Rebecca Grizedale Sherry the media is a PPM production and until next time bye hello.

I'm Jessie Ware from table Manners the podcast now here with my mum died and we have a special bonus episode of table manners coming to you sponsored by Sainsbury's taste difference edition range we talked to the fantastic broadcaster an entrepreneur Laura Jackson all about how to host fantastically listen now on your favourite pop.

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