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Read this: Media Business Podcast #6: Commissioner Index Breakfast Panel - Let’s Talk Drama

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Media Business Podcast #6: Commissioner …

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How much you give and there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the description to support now is the podcast from Media business insight the purposes of screen international and broadcast my name is Alexander editor of broadcast intelligence commissioning next in This podcast will be listening to an event recording of broadcast commissioning next breakfast panel the commissioner in legs provide subscribers with an updated database of UK us and S Fort commissioner profiles highlighting the current needs and preferences will be hearing from drama commissioners cousins 4K TV freemason from Channel 4 and you cannot Jones from ITV enjoy.

So I look after the soaps so I'm going back as well as I develop have a place that I develop new property.

We my remixes to Shell would you describe over acting drama?

How do you say it's quite simple mainstream? It's sort of bold main screen.

We remixs about entertainment entertainment and Drama don't look for stuff but to niece it has to be properly as it goes mainstream.

One of our big measures of success is how many so what the fresh take is the universal story so you know we are constantly looking for the new version or what Free Press crime so Proceed GT find contemporary lights so that.

Looking for them because again to make Mansions Tooley experience as a development shine shed international and you've been having development production and joined Channel 4 2013 Sophie currently we have as Caroline Hollick if I had a drama.

There's two commissioning over to me and mum keeps on and we don't have specific remit developing our own place and I'm waiting to continue into due to look for returning series and or third series.

Subject 11 pieces which are quite attractive to cost and directors of a noise really I think it's interesting new strategy makes off the channel for an actually it always remains the same that actually everything you want every drama that you you want to represent Channel 4.

You don't have to feel to the original in it.

Take a note to.

U202 to be cheeky to be subversive 2222 have a bit of a reverend without drama and I think that's quite parade in some of the subject matter of the week that said you know we want people to watch as well.

It's my channels and people will come to this number so we need to make sure that everything when making does have does cut through in some way and does have a kind of sort of boldness to it my watch at 7.

scooters BBC commissioning in Haverfordwest and it's great to see everyone I joined UKTV 11 months and 3 weeks ago next Directory make to look at 9 drama into really thriller like like innocent procedural for the narrative like Broadchurch all happy Valerie and then bird and I think apology Atterbury to think about through the week and UK TV

Digital channel as well as channel and the week like cracker Sherlock that I'm really interested Mackie Motors work you like crime drama cannot take materially poor job to reflect modern Britain to think about what really matters cure to you.

No give them a voice to couples and sizergh Castle for example absolutely brilliant.

You know ok?

And I can't I'm competition at the moment that on Arcane of 7-days a week for the moment, but I'm so pleased to do so and I'm so pleased with the door with an interesting idea, but they're passionate writer hospital episode 6 clear how the channel stories so seen in sexual drama.

Yeah, which felt quite timely that brought just if it's about looking more particularly in the kind of where we are where the country do you need to little more in one and a bit more recently.

She should have a look at some of those more.

Tickle tickle stories that Communities within the country rather be slightly more broad and I thought of you you know I know so I'm going to have to sort of subjects and we've got it will pass Out by Lisa Coker material.

I'm which is a really here are complex look at Apple on the model and the corner between the model and access so important to tackle those subject.

I think what we've got to do go is make sure that we are the priorities about having story.

Making drama that people want to watch the last thing you ever want to do is it is the driver on on on Channel 4 where people go ok? I'm going to watch this because I know I'm going to feel better and I think it's got to come back and rather watch it on catch up because I still quite like people to watch it live audience you can absolutely be coming 1080 just about to time and I absolutely love them and they are universal.

Because they were absolutely something by the time it was in it doesn't say it to react that quickly but also it's like a carry stuff which is about social work.

I like bet with some point.

I know I've got Watchtower about social worker.

That is what that was about the way the rota.

You know it was it that said there's a way of tackling those subjects and those issues doesn't feel worthy it doesn't feel like dramatised current affairs, please.

You're actually working company tapping into the actually agree with that.

Standing call on the cheese and depression and and look after those photos and there is that had the 2 commission but I can talk about the moment is an actress and writer and I think has written a brilliant first series that we had a referral yesterday and Manchester it's just a light sensor sensor as she supported so every by Nicola in the team and everyone at UKTV and the second series.

Cheetah and very successful at the time haven't had anything out at all, but I can clever and responsive there are powerhouses that support that really very modern get stuck you know it's quite self-referential and it's working out ways to make the characters characters you know.

Say is that it's really really busy at the moment.

I'm so you know tomorrow as we have any more Channel 4 daughter proud of yourself on I'm taking supported due to the right of the kebab.

So just making sure that the writer uses and coming from us commission as well make sure that they're actually.

I think sometimes sometimes you're a little bit removed from what other newer writers and so we need to get those to the door certainly is absolutely right and I mean I know you only have 18 on both of the teaching in drama.

What is looking for original obviously you've never done anything you don't want to do people into a situation where they're not going to come out the other end successfully and that's not to say that you don't put them in there to start with but you have to have absolutely supportive because it's not easy and sometimes know it can go terribly wrong for no reason.

Just come through.

It's not getting through the door.

I think that's right.

I think that the it's also about being honest in terms of sometimes that processor going to take you know there are sometimes when you're working on something you understand the pressure that the producer is under because I've been told I've got to deliver the show for this particular transmission but I know some commissioners have gone you know what you need more time that writing needs more time.

We're going to push it back for 6-months and we should do more of that you know if we are really going to support and craft, West Vale

Do you know where excited about those writers 4screenwriting? We which we now running running for quite a few years now.

There's a lot of writers writing for Channel 4.

It's not just something we could have do you know we actually taken seriously or BBC2 as well.

Just she is really trust you and that are going forward not on the first two pieces have said that we have to reserve at least two spots per series 4 neuritis and I'm also totally passionate about getting coming up soon.

I mean we have various other initiatives and I'm definitely coming site.

He'll make sure that we can do that because you know I'm always trying to get new writers Jack and Harry to get them kind of through the system and it will come through.

It's just about how we don't really have that will have that channel.

I think having diversity in diverse voices is incredibly simple.

And make sure that we have the different voices that we should have in a model Society on afternoon.

So that each part.

There is also there is there is a choice toys and went to the nucleus and was really.

Is not a science it's not as you know you can put mathematical numbers on thank you can just work very hard to make sure that you push people say.

Oh yeah that's fine actually yes, is there a more diverse choice in that natural about making sure that the across-the-board on-screen representation representation from people in.

Directions to ensure that we have something we do naturally just happened and we will make sure that I would agree and I think that's simile we have guidelines Mrs Beckett Channel 4 and libeneth quite a few years now and again.

We can always do better and will continue to try to do better on-screen and off-screen writers and improving as well, but also I think because we will be taking this seriously soon enough, but we've been taking it seriously for quite a few years now the Producers are completely on board as well as expected everybody knows that you have to do this as as you don't do it, then it makes it harder.

Businesses all over the world right now trying to reinvent how they connect with the world whether you're delivering packages patients are running a global customer support centre your customers need you to invent new ways to stay connected twilio is a platform that millions of developers Trust to build seamless communication with phone calls and where collaborating with Partners in the UK to support the pandemic response reduce the spread of covid-19 on all platforms.

Get the full story at about 4 at least it's about this rafters anymore here to stay going to stay or an opportunity for linear broadcasters at the moment and the relationship weather is produce more money on screen.

I get rid excited for that.

So when end of them so I said it so you do that that we really really proud about so I'm really proud of it.

Everyone involved in it absolutely loves it.

What it was never going to be a particularly massive Show on Channel 4 and actually the reach that it got because of that Netflix partnership.

I mean it was this year.

It's coming back.

It's really exciting it will have that global audience that are excited about it within a picture of a fool first so I I just see it as positive at the moment and you know now at Netflix and his brilliant and I'm grateful to get stuff made more and more just got to really think about what what makes us distinctive you know.

What is what what is the point of difference with everything that we make from Netflix yesterday.

I'll talk because actually you know she did you know because we will take will take.

Development risks with writers we know they don't do you know because they're looking for those bigger place and said as long as well continue to make those shows on find that are close and telling you know we want what we want.

We want some of it said as long as that work so it continues to work and I swear then I'm up for it.

I'll have to take more drama is a good thing I mean that you know it is not into you got to make sure it's the right thing the right people for the right thing but seemed chelas places well shooting in.

Seymour Interiors successful level I think it's the right people for the right woman and special and it resources and operations operations with the sx420is writing and editorial control is right.

I am passionate about realising the project in the way it should be.

Seriously label, you know when you're looking for those partner.

Do you look outside of the S5 outside of the US more and more we're talking sorted European broadcasters drama is so good so much great.

I'm coming out so many country quality of writing the quality of direction of production standard.

I just getting higher and higher and higher and you know there are loads of countries are currently the language but a few weeks ago and actually a lot of broadcasts be open to commissioning something that was English language beyond us as well.

You know looking at the places.

There are there's lots of partners out there potentially I think you think you have to remember is certainly from ITV interview it tells me.

A feeling of a British DNA bus running through it doesn't look like and that's the thing that you know we've got on at the moment and that's that is at British heart, but it's death in Uno strangers in the same time that sometimes is the thing that we have to be careful.

I think if we got stuff that would not demonstrated Lee British at some with a DNA in it but nothing but still digital how to have additional online content to support your linear offering keen to see pictures that offer social the beautiful example little clips that you can run alongside digital spin offs.

That's something that you see moreover consider brilliant marketing and digital TV Channel 4 land and everytime Italia crossbows and they're talking to the Producers digital agencies about how we can talk create material would still support the show so that's that's always ongoing but yes same with us.

We've got a brilliant marketing in social team and we'll sit down kind of like on the day of green light and also keen to get going and I think some of the social work, just been done in the two launches is just amazing really that there hasn't been a time in history, where and a 16 to 54 year olds have more similarities and I think that's kind of like a crucial thing to catch up with and because

Watching TV with family and that's a share and to do together and and social marketing to need to be out there making sure that you know bringing all the best easy supposedly heart attack in Emmerdale and that is amazing sometimes you don't but that's what's brilliant about it.

You know so yeah, there's also another brexit affect your drama.

Dramas scandal Civil War II Parliament channel Surfer if you are you looking to do something with that do you think slightly more escapist little bit of both your particular Channel Tunnel for you know there is certain sort of subjects that you going to want a taco original there's that there's a different point of view to lecture that subject also at the same time you just want to watch driver.

They want to enjoy it and beauty want to watch better.

You know you want to watch those where you go, enjoy it and I'm actually going to forget about the and I'm just going to focus on what happened in this drama.

Talk about it at work tomorrow and people have distractions when bonfire and you just can't at the moment.

It's just don't know what's happening from one day to the next so anything you do if you're not careful is completely dated within a minute of doing so well.

I think there's going to be a brilliant right about that you think of west wing and has the car fantastic you think about quick Sasha and you know there is a fantastic show to do in shows that you could see seen on TV ITV channel 4 and commission that your strategy at the moment.

Descriptive I think when you have to normally successful.

They can work that look up boots in all those through so it's kind of thing ok that could have gone anyway.

So yeah, she said to me.

Would you like an eight million line of duty? I know all about technical information on how to make possible so questions interrogation.

Set a bit about you know that's not something that we won't either so don't you so let's move on then development funding development yep, play to talk about an idea with me you you know treatment autocorrect about me and otherwise and to account.

I think in terms of getting in touch with ask if you don't know if you know me or if you don't mind pretty or if you know Caroline you can get in touch with the Sara Lee Wright Stuff there's a head of development you can also to her.

I sort of don't mind what how you want to Sender if you know me and I know you and I probably know the writer you can probably one paragraph and I will tell you straight away whether I want to see more aware that something that I wouldn't be interested in having a meeting about but more and more I mean you do a written pitch if you got a meeting with me and the writer come they can picture the room you can send me a book you can send me a podcast.

I mean there's so much material out there.

I'm I'm open to any any any sort of any inspiration you can found and feel free to share it and I know how much sort of time and money can be spent on writing pictures and

Ideas to me and I was just being either side of the fence you can just wait a week on this and I've just ITV just come back with no not interested you go, so not your day not in your day.

So you know I think if you just want to picture TopLine that's absolutely fine, but then you probably go you know it's worth spending the time on it.

Yes, that is the same come to us.

There is a commissioning website that you can buy TV that does get to us incredibly quickly doesn't language so you do that will take I mean I certainly will take her a paragraph or so, it's usually just to make sure to start with that have similar completely quite a lot so the chances are they might be stuff that has six in the same territory.

I'm so if easier to do that script great I think.

But I do appreciate sometimes.

I don't have to extend so ideas books books take a little bit longer.

Just with the volume of suffragette to read but we do need them.

I remember years ago something something is the ITV had the top like that.

Have you got a spaceship and she just replied you lost me at spaceship that fella I think if you send an entire script.

I like it kind of generally goes through my assistant and first just because of the volume of stuff that they're definitely get so many hours just want to ask you for like a key takeaway.

Advice to producers here looking to piss.

You don't give me that or come to me.

I would say the first thing is if you've sent it to ITV or BBC or Sky and never reject it.

You're sending it to me make sure that the other broadcast was not on the document because I will take it personally and I do like to think that you thought of me first happens happens quite a lot.

This is perfect for Sky but why have you sent it to me, then? It was pretty good.

Maybe she'll special both mainstream.

Would look at most things.

I think we just we have.

Careful with the Sci-Fi supernatural plus dystopia, but just as long as it's for me properties that have to do something that is relatable characters tell us about today.

I think probably sit somewhere between ITV and Channel 4 till June so far so that you know like a mission more you'll get to know a bit more but you do come in and bring projects you coming.

Somewhere with a project totally haven't been a director and a producer myself of work in a visual way to try and find the muscle in your idea that will propel it through 6 episode 6 episode 2 series that I want to read Ms euphoric we can find that idea that question seriously now period is something that when I actually that we never actively looking for unless it is it is it is telling a story that we we thought we knew you know telling us a different version of that story or take his bachelor Peter Peter at time in history and showing us like the other perspective on it, but we don't tend to look for those.

I would say sci-fi is something that again.

We're not actively looking for it.

Top sci-fi dystopian shows on on the on the Channel and I feel that we can only to rest that a little bit also you know there are there are ever sort of broadcasts that he just spending heaps of money on those shows that they were they were provided for that said if there's something that just feel so unique until my god.

We have to make them then we we we we we need to sort of perfect for it.

So yeah, I would say that I think just in terms of slots.

You know there for parties work with Parkers returning series really do 122 returning series the year on the main channel be hard to find and we we we we continue to look for them.

I mean I think for all of us.

No offence is a really good example of that channel for doing the cop show you know has that time.

Very very distinctive each other full version of a cop show out which I think we're quite well, but if you place your hands and then we'll bring the microphone hello willing and didn't come to your Productions with the cinema budgets going up to the Captain Marvel endgame, and so on the Classic Movies not cinema anymore.

Yeah, there's some great projects.

There is something is there a home for the movies on UK TV channel for ITV dramas really hard obviously not but that's exactly the same thing.

You know when lots of the year for single.

And it's not sending were actively pursuing but you know in the brexit that came along and we should do it, but they have to be really naughty you that but just pick a phone into pumps through for another play me to settle down as well.

Does a single comedy drama very successful death on the Tyne and it's coming back but the person called Express not my scan but you know I think I love that single farmer and tea party fans and softens and between Film and Television in them if they want to talk TV about it.

There is a kind of comedy drama stands Thornton in drama.

We don't have it.

It's certainly something.

2-years ago to produces an idea that as that didn't reply but they did say to me that I wasn't established ryterna you reckon, so I went out of myself as soon as someone says don't do it.

So I've written 20-series think it should be all parts.

Just something happened changed around getting it does have to come to me by an agent or production company because I think if we just we just don't have the time to be able to respond to everything people just enough stuff personally.

Via completely fine a conversation about sometimes sometimes tedx first series of conversations can happen to have pictures line of duty 8 million much smaller show and was given time to develop and find it even though a very stubborn.

Do you think I'm your channels? You would be able to grow a show in the same Way Maidstone developed for that demographic that was not a natural switch over to channel 4 and it also.

It could happen, but that's basically yes, I I don't know like you don't know if you want as many people as possible for me but as time itself we don't have a facility really to the town and then move over to BBC2 and BBC One series of line of duty.

Would have been on BBC one that should have been on BBC2 because it wouldn't piss on BBC covid-19.

That's very much my territory.

I'm drama on a plane and straightforward and guess what you're saying is the writing and confident from Episode 2 episode you take more I think that's true.

You know if you look we speak to it sample yeah, I remember starting boots that are on series 6 7 and 8 to the first series and colourful like the show that have to have a look at that point that things can find you.

I'm fine.

They're all doing some and finally the titles but I coming back as from you to say we are looking for the shit.

Yeah everyone how do we know? How do you know then pop and copies that you're looking for all those ingredients so though it did take ishara.

What it did so cleverly.

I think it cost the reg what is largely until he got bumped off in episode 2 forum and so you weren't looking to know big-name actors up for years and and that allowed the style to develop.

So it was unique and what I'm asking.

I suppose it produces come to you with something.

But it's a bit left field and we want to cast on known actors because we don't want her option option big-name actors before you is that something now you would look at that work in line of duty.

So yes, let's go for it.

Just from point of you.

We've always permission stuff sometimes has meant past and sometimes doesn't have known cost and she sometimes those customers become really famous never hope I've failed because they're in their shows so we we passed away the right people Talent winner show me actually are going to announce after.

Line up tomorrow, don't do it now.

Tell me am I love comedy drama and we have a track record of investing a lot of those over the years so yeah.

Yeah, we are done.

If you call the hard to do we get right when you do as far as approaches again companies establish production companies.

Would you go into an established but option company to co-produce before approaching the channels do that if you find a partner that you work well with I want to work with.

Something gets into development with us and we would advise that maybe you need some some of that supposed what you need to partner up another production company then you know that conversation can happen and then we just people you might want to work with but we're never going to make that happen because you want to work at the same time responsibilities of a smaller or in your production company to support you as much as we can of commissioners.

Help you produce that work.

So they can see so that you grow as a production come back.

That's what we would have rights to yes.

Just agree with him now.

That's gotta be the best fit for you.

You guys sometimes if you haven't done so much is a conversation at the time when we've got the projects in about how could it have to be what works best for you?

Pure genius morning, thank you guys for selling a lot of fascinating stuff and interesting for everyone in his room if you'd like to keep up-to-date, please commissioners the teams are broadcasters to have a look at the commissioner in next my colleague mats as well as Jess they sell your demo and yes, I hope to see you again.

Thank you.

That's it for this episode of the media business podcast if you found information is forecast useful you might want to check out a broadcast intelligence insights Page work colleagues have released a report and working when they first office in in-depth.

Look into Wollaton close to work with Natalie based on first-hand accounts from distributors and producers go to broadcast to audio.

Thank you for listening and don't forget to subscribe and join us again next month bye-bye.


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