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Read this: #107 - Media Predictions 2019

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#107 - Media Predictions 2019…

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Hello happy new year and welcome to media podcast.

I'm so it is our bumper 2019 predictions special we as ever invite industry insiders to reveal their trends for the year ahead in TV radio print and online 2018 was a big one with another new culture secretary and the sale of Skye to conquer.

What do I guess think 2019 has in store? I'll be joined by many of our regulars including phasmin, Rebecca Gillies Steve Ackerman and is also on today's edition of the media podcast enjoy my first is Jake kanter executive editor of Business Insider and Steve Andy Wright MD of kerfuffle TV

Hello welcome here and when do you stop saying Happy New Year is it ok to keep saying now if you work on the basis that it's the first time you see someone in the new year fine unless you my see someone caught early and then in March it's wrong right.

Yeah to babe now the whole Christmas of whatever depressing January blues coming in now and on that note what's exciting projects install 4K bubble this Year's Eve in the usual format title that already and Business Insider what's a good.


We turn a profit for the first time last year healthy interesting independent production company.

I'm sure Stephen curry is quite a lot better at creating video content and learning secrets of television in the last few months.

We've had to move away from doing very short pity viral videos to actually probably telling stories and that's been a learning curve for The Newsroom actually about the fact that people want stories generally from websites.

They go to to get their news if they're not going to be one of the big newsbrands.

I think it's a combination of that.

Yeah, definitely audience demand but I also think that platforms like Facebook are trying to move away from sort of throwaway viral hits.

And more towards the dial-up on telling stories giving their uses and mortar of rewarding fulfilling experience so then if you're looking for case studies basically, then that is closer to making a telly programme is definitely a lot of rubbish and people are starting to see almost instant that you go click on you know that's bullshit Factor or whatever.

It is filter as it's a really he's stronger now.

So people are looking good stories there looking for real real things which is essentially what they used to be so maybe going to become online you can't get away with a catchy and a minute of fluff have to have a beginning middle and we are going beginning with love.

Finishes up to you before I asked you for your predictions for the year ahead, so which one the joke by the way Steven cos he won't make big bowl predictions.

Let's discuss some is the past week or so and breakfast radio shows are gearing up for lunch.

I guess that's a big thing isn't Chris Evans on Virgin notably they don't speak later with advertising only yes, well.

It's not going to be clever thing yeah, it's going to be sponsored and packaged up by Sky which is a really interesting way of approaching things that mean I think you clear that they're trying to lure over some of Christie's Radio 2 listeners and perhaps one of the best ways of doing that is by removing those nasty adverts, but yeah sure Sky what is money's worth.

There'll be plenty mentions of Skye I'm sure they'll be sponsoring features on the show and events and things like that.

So it will it won't feel like the Radio 2 show that's if that's what's

Previous case studies tell us that when you take a BBC3 and move it over to anything commercial that's the thing the audience the most worried about isn't the insertion of as we saw this with the the cricket going talkSPORT even though I think talked about didn't actually play any ads whilst cricket was in play.

There was this feeling of well, it's not like test match special does the weird thing about when you leave the BBC that you go to Commercial channel is Leicester and I don't know why that done a lot of big-name transfers Jonathan Ross show ITV or or when they go went to the you know something intangible really so whether this is going to happen with Chris Evans I honestly don't know I feel very suspicious of this no advertising it's going to be all just like it.

Was you can't be in a different will feel you know you know I like the idea of no advertising.

It's such a thing exist, but I don't believe in it.

I wonder as well with the music policy.

Rebel stickers rigidly to version playlist as they do the rest of the day and it's basically for people like me you know why people who coming up to £40, but I'm sure the Radio 2 translated onto Virgin would sound like that.

You know Chris Evans had licence to play all sorts of weird stuff, so I've got I've got a slight.

I don't listen to Radio 2 or Virgin stuff.

It's difficult for me to talk about the music.

I don't know it's interesting that they are the Rupert Murdoch and wireless have spent money on Chris Evans and it's clearly a bit of a statement of intent of what they're trying to achieve and imagine possibly a bit of a loss leader initially in terms of what they tried to go for years would like to help finish at 10 and then suddenly had a

Off all you know will it be that much of a change you know what it feels like a long time commercial radio with the money being pumped in and their global teams in hell for me.

I've just checked out the account so last year actually and their revenues are up by 5 million pounds to about 30 million pounds so yeah, it's things were reasonable shape.

I would say the customer point of view that has a Punto you probably think Virgin Radio is owned by the same people that own Virgin Media it's a bit confusing isn't that sky sponsoring the Virgin show I wonder whether the package was created for Virgin Media or whether Murdoch can bring himself to operate.

I don't I don't know I don't know if people think about things in that's all they sort of granular terms.

I don't know maybe because we switched on me radio worth anything at all.

I mean for the trains.

Whether or not so is going to wipe the floor with them.

Let's let's be good to me.

That's that's the biggest not the advert playlist anything.

It's weather's eyeball will just soak up that listenership straight away and they won't even think to move in a mean to me.

It looks like Criss going to feel back to the commercial radio was very much iconoclast back in the day.

It will literally just be getting those or the more passionately rather than the old radio to add add free audient that supposed they're going to turn over I think so, it's going to be really do what do you think he's never going to be able to eat with the clout of Radio 2 no matter how hard.

I don't think I mean obviously when it started it is last few years.

I don't know years months perhaps, so it'll be interesting to see if so, we can increase the audience again, but also I mean the British press and

Love it especially when someone very rich and showy flops don't make and we see me going to Top Gear you know actually very popular as obviously this Desire in the public to perceive him as a failure in some way to tell this is a monster or is he a genius and it's that barometer of this is because he is a genius, but he's also stress and if he becomes too loud to the dog goes to monster and people switch off.

So that's what I'm doing Top Gear won't stop year was king of all media that point and the madman started you know in the back to the bad old days.

If you know when he was on radio when he's a purist genius and it's acting of don't you know don't reach for the sky.

Just be so you come on.

There is a feeling that all the cars concern me out with breakfast radio listening to think that's why you talking about radio and breakfast radio shows a huge thing isn't it makes money for these.

Listen stay all day and in the past few years.

We've seen this big shake-up going to Lauren Laverne on 6 Music we've got a female hosting a talk show in the form Julia hartley-brewer Greg James Greg James Tom and Daisy now on kiss Ronan Keating on magic undecided about where you're going to turn the dial to you in the morning then you've got lots of choice personally my vote for great games.

I think he's an interesting that's true speaking of which gossip is Simon Mayo talking about drive time now will go to smooth.

That's what everyone in the industry been saying 40 and still not public knowledge.

It's still a case of solimoes saying he's got a radio show but he's not saying where so I have no inside knowledge you going to the gym as well.

I mean you know if you're going to do something.

Is ad-free for Chris Evans you think we're going to try and do something for the rest of the schedule, that's that's why do we go mad for the direct slot and leave everything else in there or why not go completely nuts and rebrand the whole the whole channel.

Let's go back onto territory that small your home turf Stephen TV particularly be in 2018 the obvious one is which is great thing as a Celebrity Big Brother with the disgraceful behaviour and east of Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas and the so-called dig in the ribs or whatever it was that turn into whole kind of meat to the patient manipulation Media horror 27th bill bill bill, isn't it?

They would have been worried initially you know that first kind of thing that you think what is going on then would be that can a panic of wood we say what we do is she is.

She is she a nutcase you know can we say that maybe did do this.

You know the initial reaction from the Producers perspective was to pull him out and blame him which cause inflamed the situation is more so now you know it's ridiculous footballers falling in a died doing in reality TV way but because of the slight female battering aspect that made it so dark in so horrible.

You know if you look Jake at this list so that episode from Celebrity Big Brother 27000 complaints then you had an argument between Coleen Nolan and Kim Woodburn on Loose Women got 8000 complaints.

By the time you get to number 10 in the charts, you're looking at the X Factor got 286 complaints that's not very much.

Is it I mean do people really bother complaining to Ofcom we hear a lot about you have your audience is not people taking on social media but if 286 people complain to Ofcom that the 10th most complained about show of the Year that's I think I think Ofcom complaints are often are often proportion by the press and I mean there a useful tool to to beat broadcasters and Talent with so I'm not surprised that you seem throwaway complaints but yeah, I mean obviously 27010 Ewan issue, and I do wonder if I mean obviously they've taken the decision to axe Big Brother I sort of things.

I miss that does a little bit is they got nothing in a schedule that will match that I don't think but then again Ben flower wants to take the take the channel bit more up-market so

The reason I don't remember that happened but Celebrity Big Brother was a ratings winner did get talks about a lot in Big Brother and become boring and we were watching it and they just keep the celebrity one.

Is it just not cost effective or get one without the other I could I would have thought yeah.

It's TV civilian Big Brother you know it has to be rested for a while, but that suggested the production company intent on keeping the two formats closely aligned are doing themselves going to be getting any I'm no-one's bought Big Brother there in the UK is just not on having anymore will probably hopefully get it away somewhere.

I don't think we see me and my brother.

That's not an official prediction.

I don't know that literally just that's just on my head, but I don't think I don't think he doesn't know doing it but

Like absolutely storm it prior TV to then still a place for these reality shows and interestingly with Love Island that was that shows as well.

I think the the complaint centred on Danny Dyer female and the fact that she thought that her love interest in the in the love Island Villa was the saying this other girl and it was one of the few moments in the show where you really really felt that produces hand it was a bit of a produces stunt and I think was the audience responded to it very angrily and that's why you saw so many complaints but I think you're seeing that you know that show although is obviously very heavily contrived there a fewest the have been traditionally in in more recent episodes of series of Big Brother and I think that lighter touch is what audiences want to see more of you.

Do you think about that produces?

One of the big problems with all those shows, how do you keep it fresh and dynamic what you're trying to do is create a real dramatic narrative based on reality you know are they falling in love, are they are they talking behind the back etc? You know that but that's a soap opera.

You know but you can't create that straight away after that grow.

So there's all that you know when I get ex on the beach.

It was that thing you know you're right amount of the sea.

Oh my god the jealousy you know all this you know it or if they're not jealousy you put them with somebody to create the jealousy.

So you have to do something initially but hopefully once that starts to work.

That's when you get TV gold but if not then.

It's like what can you think of how can we reinvented can we do that's what that's what happened with Big Brother you know when it's not happening.

There's a stunt every night and it's in the audience of JD in every variant now and it's in really big.

It will never work again it stop it for a while and then bring it back at all.

You need to do love Island

Came back.

Yeah, that's you know.

I'm going to wait as a sort of a flop you know which came out they won't hang on.

Let's just doing a little bit more.

Sexy babe brought it back.

Thank you know that's Big Brother could be there in five Years Time 2 years time it has a freshness that didn't have when it was so when it was coming towards the end of it lasts rotten.

Well you effortlessly to the next talking point which is dancing shows honest will a professional anymore about dancer Cheryl ballerina.

Put some of the atom watch all of it was your feeling.

I mean I didn't want to go cos I'm not interested dancing in be kind of what you're saying before what I feel like I've seen it without having to see it cos it's well.

That's the thing I went in with that same year did surprise me but actually it's very well done.

It's it looks good however.

It's a little bit all together now which is the show where 100 people vote on the singer and you know they get somebody votes this day in so the stolen that device the audience votes and they've nicked.

I mean a trailer but is there like a big review or a mirror lifts or something which seems would be 75% vote your dancing in a studio which then opens and you're in a theatre.

So that's next off.

That is ready for you put in a blender, please.

A whole drama of a dancer turns out walks into a waiting room speakers to a comedy reception as she chats to them we don't get a little bit of ET backstory pastoral sad story whatever then walk through dance then halfway through the dance if they done well the doors open and when we're back into the theatre, so it's it's a very strong mix of several strong for my phone.

How is that like you fix it so it Paisley the tattoo fixers that someone with the terrible terrible tattoo walks into a tattoo parlour.

It's this is the same can go in and they open their First Dates Channel 4 First Dates in a blender with this new Simon Cowell dance.

Yeah, this is interesting.

Idea sounds very edgy but to a couple will dance will learn a paragraph dance each without the other and then see whether can dance together it sounds awful.

You look at each other's bit before you it's going to be in because it could be genius it could be could be this is this is the magic of dance if you smell like showbox conceive to work on YouTube rather than on telly.

They are not I'm not convinced by this.

I also like forgive me.

I don't I don't think the banjos a great Hunt either so you got Amanda who is on The Greatest Dancer as one of the hosts and I think he is one of his one of them and I think Jordan is actually one of the most irritating things about you a lot of presenters and the lot of things going on the Greatest Dancer problem for me with unlike strictly where you follow the narrative across a series and you.

Improve or fail or whatever you actually see it with this you've got tiny snippets of characters.

Do we care as a viewer do we do believe in that that narrative you know it's at the Beginning so we don't know yet, but that's going to be whether they can take on the net amount of strictly perform pretty solidly 5-minute viewers on Saturday night.

Yeah, but not now not these days.

So you think we're going to be seeing both of these shows this time next year you don't know possibly I think the Greatest Dancer start the money behind it to to get the second series series you know I presume so I would think that should have a go whether or not it will become as loved to strictly I don't know there is a correlation was it people say when the politics and the news is particularly depressing.

Whatever your striped people turn to this kind of escapism is what people want you to know that I'm going to be watching Mary Poppins we won't last at this point controllers.

Love that that narrative come come come to your escapism fair enough without you know that is the whole thing that's important because if you have a good Saturday night your week is worth something but you know when the Saturday night show work it should have it.

That's why that it's such an obsession in the media if it's Friday night Sunday night again Saturday night some how to find the week.

It's like Christmas the Christmas number one is unimportant, but it means something and those old school will not go away.

Because we want to be entertained and we laugh at people falling over we laughed at surprises.

That's what we want well.

We're going to continue being surprised and laughing at people falling over as we get Jake and Stevens predictions.

How long is a regular guest hello I'm Maggie Brown I'm the media writer better Media writer and his Channel 4 and these are my predictions for the year ahead.

I think that the attempt to create one simple online platform for the British Public Service broadcasters led by the BBC really ITV4 on Channel 5.

It's going to take a lot of negotiation and I cannot predict that it's going to actually result in an outcome.

It would be lovely if there were a simple place where you could simply go to click an icon and get a catch up of all the best programming from British broadcasters, but there are so many arrival isn't complications not least differences in their funding models search.

I wonder whether this attempted kangaroo to is going to actually be pulled off by anyone the other problem with it.

Is that the issue of rights to british-made program is as ever rather throat and under the current system a lot of those rights really would have to be renegotiated and Constable for lot because the Producers own them not the Broad

Broadcasting interested in the future of ITV because when you actually look at what's going on in the media sector concentration is the name of the game that have custom supreme example is the fact that Sky is now part of comcast and making a huge spanning sunny Europe in America and parts of the Globe so we have here our own public service broadcaster ITV very commercial thriving with a studio that capable of creating and maintaining some very big formats and other interesting programming across both entertainment drama and factual entertainment so I wonder whether at some stage since American companies allowed to bid for ITV Weather sun takeover would take place it's been speculated on an offer.

Beginning the state of the pound and the general uncertainty surrounding British media than I can't myself believe that this thing held off takeovers which has the regional Commitments of ITV are going to be a stumbling block in the future, but that's just a prediction they've got no candidates for takeover in mind but that one of my predictions self-interested.

Lee is that my history of Channel 4 which is at the moment title for steps ahead and will be of course sports and discussed and loved by everybody who's interested.

I think it will come out in September and that is the month when we expect that the partial relocation of channels for staff 330 starts taking place with a course the the largest number going to or been recruited for.

National headquarters in Leeds which I predict who's going to be very close to the city centre and have a great big Channel 4 logo plastered all over at the city.

Just thrilled to bits to have chance and is hoping to have a very prominent advertising the fact that it won the competition to two houses and intends to use it really as Sparks to ignite.

It's Media industry further in in Leeds by welcoming back to our guests from the last episode of last year.

It's almost as if we recorded this at the same time.

It's Rebecca Gilly and Faraz Osman predicted for 2018 going to revisit your predictions from last year.

You said Netflix is going to win a major Oscar after four nominations for mudbound did win Best documentary.

Switch the bedroom used in cycling, but I don't know if I can come on now reflection and I can certainly obviously I was thinking about it Chris from the start.

Yeah, I felt that so I think that was a good one.

Was you have a data journalist at the week and I think that's definitely something I did notice that a new data journalist of the Year category was introduced at the medical Ward so someone else agrees with you, but it's a burgeoning field.

Highlighted, what's that one? Sorry sorry to be like ignorant, but when you say done.

It's do you mean like journalist reporting data or like robots making to discuss that are using using data.

I think I remember saying that it was in the area of fake news.

Everything is a trader's influenced by gender is etc.


Like data is one of the few ways you can still be the facts on the table and say this is definitely true of information kind of gold mine and specialist who used to make pie charts and Venn diagrams and receive as being a bit nerdy or no actually important places like the BBC Channel 4 news.

Last year was itself.

I think a bit bland but you did say 2018 is going to be the Year podcast go mainstream.

I mean there wasn't a breakout the unsexy truth about podcasting is there's been slow steady growth through about the last 13 years apart from Once when there was a spike during serial so did that happen last year like I'd say no but the steady growth isn't has accelerated and lots of brands and companies have got a board BBC sounds that thing that wasn't so much time before you're saying goes more partnerships now between companies and podcast makers so I think that maybe we haven't actually seen it from that the consumer end, but I declined the scenes a lot of money and

Shifted to podcast I think I think actually when it comes to the production of podcasts and he got some more and basically every celebsnow doing podcast is kind of part of your break and get you to do as soon as you say Jamie Oliver over Christmas and surprise everyone who's got a name as he's trying to do a podcast now what we need to be on.

This is kind of me jumping the gun slightly prediction for next year, but I do think that we need to see some sort of like Netflix smash your aggregator.

That's not just Apple podcast but actually is is a space of people subscribe to and then they can use as Discovery engine and we haven't got that yet.

Once we have that then I think what's the contents they're all the qualities.

There is so much good stuff and like there is intellivision, but there's not a brand like Netflix that you can subscribe to and then used as a great discovery engine actually I'm sitting in a cast studios at the moment Acaster podcast network they do successful dynamic advertising but actually there also a podcast app which hasn't been unsuccessful.

Supposed to be arrival to Apple podcasts and the like and then they're not really in there are other entrance in the field as well and tail for example there are apps out there that supposed to be equivalence and Spotify and play reasonable doubt in the market, but why is there not I think the majority of people who listen to podcasts on necessarily just I think it's expanded originally a lot of people listen to podcast from Denise they weren't they won't you know quite text Abby to people who the majority of humour happy to listen on the app that comes with the phone or Spotify cos you know they've only got some music.

So that does make a bit harder to persuade people that they should download a specific app that last you what's your prediction having a subshell potentials for 2019.

I got to Mystic one.

Which they think that mainstream.

What they used to call.

I don't know if they still if we still covered on terrestrial TV appointment viewing is coming back in.

Take a few years ago.

There was a very definite sense that it was seeing the death of appointment viewing and water cooler dramas, etc.

Because everyone was watching Netflix Amazon Prime people watching the same each other anymore or they was finding it.

So you can even talk about it with your friends because they want a different episode and then I think it kind of I think this kind of revival started kind of with stuff like the fool and you got people into a watching you know got people back into this country as you took out with your friends and young people talking about young people really cos you know for older people that has never gone away advisor this year.

We've really seen a really strong year for week2week mainstream TV viewing actually about the Mechanic delivery or is it just about commissioning BBC One Had a Really Good Year last year did my feelings on this is what happened is at the schedule as in this primetime human is the daytime during this is what you was watching the morning.


Right now, I don't think that's coming back.

What's happening now is still on but what I think is happening now.

Is is that released being released or being dropped WhatsApp message from Netflix having a new episode of Riverdale is on today.

So I'm gonna go home and watch new episode of Riverdale and that I'm not having to watch it at 9 tonight to watch it today and I'm going to spoil until that happened Game of Thrones get put on Sky Atlantic in the middle of the night because they have the same rights 2tx it as soon as it goes out in America but no-one watch it till 10 p.m.

All their record and watch a couple of episodes back-to-back.

Love on the same.

I don't actually think people watching Love Island at the same time people recording it and then fast 0.3 adverts orbit that you don't like but they're watching on the day and I think that's what's gonna happen and ITV put a brief this.

We want more strip shows like love Island which is where you have like one episode of Day The Bodyguard was obviously a massive hit for the BBC killing.

Eve is the same people wanted to watch it in in the moment, but that

Not necessarily when your clock it's 9 that that moment is that day or at least days past few days when it's released in a year's time.

We test whether your property has been accurate.

I mean, what are you talking about the TV show getting what 15 million last year was talking about programs that were being broadcast through a medium that a few years ago people saying was basically dead too young people.

I think you've seen companies like Netflix but also he even BBC and stop you know child's like dropping whole series that one but I think it's being companies kind of pulling back from that now.

I think there was a definite idea that people can't tolerate waiting a week anymore, but you have to cater to this new appetite everything straight away and I think their companies have started see the benefits of holding back and just releasing you know just really something on a more traditional schedule because then you get the massive social.

Push everyone watching it at roughly the same time and commenting on it and does that generates maybe being worth more than the immediate impact of beliefs which episode does cut through in the traditional way everyone is that basically has the production values of a big Netflix drama? I mean that the other thing isn't it? We can talk about obviously one of the Good Year but all of those shows the cry killing Eve won the last Mrs Wilson that are The Bodyguard they'll sort of felt a bit like cos they were massive international co-productions.

They all felt like big glossy drama on ITV I was watching Vanity Fair with my wife, so I read Vanity Fair at university.

I don't mind costume drama on Sunday night.

I sat down for you all brilliantly Vanity Fair and we gave it literally so when it's an option values, just didn't look pillories because they were PVC windows visible in one established Absolute Radio for it.

I think this is fine.

Is working fine in the 90s? This is not good enough completely right because it's a self-perpetuating circular right because the BBC can make a program use a Converse All This extra money that they might not have done a few years ago and they know that they sell it to Netflix and make some of that money back but if you're if Netflix on interested in buying what you're making any are still stuck being out stripped by rivals new can't really compete on that kind of level that I think there's a difference between something being rubbish and something being like having good production daddy's having somebody shouldn't just be about money.

It should be about the thought and care.

That's gone into making that show and you know the term obviously has tipped things into particular place.

What Amazon to be going to be doing with Lord of the Rings series living out.

It's going to be loved it and extravagant and huge ridiculous, but there is only assume radio by mike-lee style though.

And there a series that have come out.

I mean I'm going to reference people just do nothing just cause it's finished recently that's an amazing show you know you can argue about whether or not the production values are the same as a American comedy series on Netflix comedy series whatever doesn't need to because it's brilliantly written and it's brilliant put together ok time to hold you to account for last year's will come out and give me terrible last year you'll predicted the Disney fox deal.

Will have a massive impact on audiences.

Yeah, well, it didn't happen and if you had a massive impact on audiences.

I think as part of that.

It was said that some stuff was going to be taken off streaming services which it has started happening the model from Netflix and Marvel deal still exists on on Netflix and I think that would that will expire soon.

Obviously Disney Plus has now been announced and and that's going to have an impact.

I miss that Disney plus if my life Disney like my shoulders like audibly.

I don't I don't know what we're going to do Disney life, if it's going to be going to be wrapped into that the international disneylife remind sending a Disney life and full disclosure my work is to work for Disney but my understanding of Disney life was that it was an app for everything that Disney do some books and you know it had sociation from the parks and was going to give you.

Staff not just video content give me plus.

I think it's a streaming networking service that may or may not consume Hulu and that still cannot get but it has got a name and it's going to have their content on it and it's going to launch with all the best film that's going to be there big take away with it, but I mean I'm a sky Q subscribe and despite the fact that Disney didn't get to own sky in the end.

They are going to get to open fox for that reason.

Maybe they had a really close relationship because there's a whole raft of Disney stuff you can download on Sky as it is I think I think that I think it's comcast and Sky deal is worrying from a and user point of view because in the UK sky Q is so good and their contact details are so good and if you want to if you want to Skype you describe a deal with Netflix now.

Everything is all under one system.

They are absolutely killing it and it has like 40 Disney films again time to kind of a

Interface deal, I wouldn't need it.

I've got a 3-year old is got £40 Jews from don't need this year of what I on Sky Q yeah, but we don't know if that stuff is going to sound like that still up in the air it depends.

How long they signed is deals for a wish.

I knew what the what Sky contract swearing now and this ideals for but unfortunately.

I'm not into that sort of information yet, but the technology that I have is absolutely brilliant is particularly when you compare it to what's going on in America what compost do in America where they are one of the most complaint all if not the most complained about company in America so it's gonna listen to see if Sky and sky q and all the stuff.

They do is gonna push America have a better service or if we're going to be held back because we're now going to have comcast as people that's going to be delivering stuff you also predicted the Channel 4 will make moves to the regions.

Said that am I quote you here which I apologise the Google Facebook clusterfuck will continue namely that have to stop users on their platforms doing whatever they want due to the interest so I think that was particularly waiting around video content so YouTube red is now in a weird space where it's exist, but doesn't know it's not just that but now going to make all the Originals like available to to anybody is my understanding and they're going to have moved back to an advertising model what happened with Logan Paul is has been an absolute disaster, but I can't remember if that was at the end of last year.

I think it actually happened during the year this year and you know we've had a weird thing going on with boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul YouTube is now the rewind that they did a few weeks ago now the most disliked video that is ever been put on on YouTube so there is certainly a backlash happening in that space.

I think Facebook watch has they scaled back?

Go back on that slightly.

It's not as noisy as people expected it to be and all that is because you know we keep seeing executives been called in front of a select committees and and and and the Congress but I mean they haven't actually stopped uses doing whatever they want have they may have made it so there's clearly two channels.

You know what is more professional and shiny and what is is generated agree with that.

I mean Alex Jones was the platform go whenever you might want to call let you know he doesn't he's he's now lost his is Twitter channel is how lost his is a Facebook presence and and making steps to kind of you know and it's a mystery Logan Paul he was given lots of was going to give me lots of money, but you tried to make his own staff PewDiePie have the same issue like you know with the whole thing happened with him and and they're back from that and I would imagine and I'll have no evidence of this but I would imagine that they are not promoting that stuff as heavily as only when you look up things like rewind KSI

Logan Paul PewDiePie none of those people appear on on those marketing videos that are very much sent to advertisers, they are trying to put them in a in a box and whether or not gonna work isn't a question ok, also said that #meetoo will continue to have an impact on the kind of content being produced gas definite rewrite.

I should say as well at this point Rebecca has just left here.

We're not going to talk about me too and not have a woman just left because Kevin Hart being effectively twittered off off be hosting the Oscars you know that's that is part of this whole you know world that we live in now.

Where where we have to go back and see the what's happened and what they've done and see that acceptable to to host the walls also Stuart Gunn this is no longer going to be directing Guardian

Obviously the film is going to be made but is he gonna make it you know maybe I'm stressing a little bit but I do think that there is certain people that are going to have a hard time making obviously what happened to house a car well.

You know and he hasn't actually works is that last series so I never thought I've not watching it was like ok.

It's become a soap opera.

It is less serious, but I'm ok.

Will try and buy episode 6.

I just like I don't know what's going on anymore.

That's a shame but having said that there are lots of really great dramas and great programming which female strong strong female leads and the artist City playing stereotypical female character that has happened to be female and they're brilliant what they're doing and you're killing even bodyguard and examples in the UK that were seeing a lot more stuff people are getting opportunities and hopefully that will continue in 2019 ok predictions then, please.

I've got one-and-a-half prediction and I'm going to really stick my neck out here.

I have no evidence based on what I think is happening is that Apple so I think apple are probably going to buy studio and it made it something it's Sony which seems to make sense to me and I think that's got to happen.

If I was going to have so much money does the reason to reason it won't happen.

It isn't that much money, but they want to play in this video space.

They are so far behind that their brands to to get them there and and Breaking Bad you know when it gets they did make a play to Sony that will give them Spider-Man will give them Breaking Bad it would give them a comedy show that I can't think of right now.

That's absolutely will give them lots of known brand things that gets a back catalogue and and hasn't been out with a wide breadth of content do what with it but what that means is that day then have a reason for you to go to the recognizer bras and that's going to be important in the first day before they get to The Originals and it's the model of both Netflix and Amazon

If a long time Netflix didn't have any original content you know when lilyhammer first came out.

It was weird experiment the people like what if this and it was actually very good and now you just assume that Netflix are a content creator at certainly not that busy started.

They would never succeed if they started in that way, so I think what happened are actually doing is that they're going to do start doing video content but I don't think that doing it as a new subscription model.

I don't think it's going to be able to Netflix and an Amazon I think what they do is it going to roll it into apple content you have a better name than that but they're all there is Lucozade classed basically apple music.

It will be apple news.

It will be they brought a app call texture which is a magazine platform and it'll be apple video and when you get your device you have an option to do with your storage platform.

I think sent a lot people probably pay 7094 like can you get extra gigs of storage you'll be able to be a recurring fee to Apple to access a lot of content and with the amount of.

It's not a video description service, but it's a lot of people in model in the sensor Amazon give you next day delivery the Apple saying how you bought one of our phones now.

We can give you content and if you're into magazines argument video of you into new review intermusic Wii U cost everything that I think it's going to be the play is going to launch this year at some point, but I'll be very surprised if it's a stand-alone video service give us one more I think it's probably going to see it's you know it's 20 2019 going to be a weird year across the media landscape because we don't have Olympics there is no football and football fan, but it has a massive impact when it comes to television and when it comes to British Broadcasting there's no euros there's no it's going to be a stranger cos it's going to be no big event as it when I mean that's going to drive to the ratings, isn't it?

You know it may I don't drive to UB2 crazy.

Have a second referendum or we have another General Election that that may have an impact on the World Cup in that I'll be interested to see what the election does the TV ratings and I don't know there's a few debates here and there but they certainly not a sustained period of day by day week by week on it's ok.

I think it's a good time for him to then move on between the oceans on licence and he had a good 10 year.

It's you know you can't remember when John Entwistle head is all of his drama which came in but I forgot the precursor to know-it-all actually believed as a caretaker DJ and then we're going to get a woman.

Do you think finally nothing anyway, so Charlotte Moore

A real shame I think she pay dues and she's she's definitely understand the BBC in his diary amazing BBC1 and and feels like she's very much in the frame for that job.

So so I mean I don't know who the next did you could be because you've never really know but I certainly think that that that Tony Hall start making signals that he's gonna move on hi, I'm Steve Ackerman on the managing director of something else, so I've got here in front of me the predictions.

I made last year.

I'm quite pleased with his actually said I'd big-name Talent will start to turn down radio broadcaster offers in order to create your own podcast and generate income and I think I kind of got that one right when you look at what's happened with people like 7 texts Charlie Sloth and also see people that Gary Lineker going creating their own very successful podcast and Danny Baker so that one I'm giving myself a mark for the second thing.

I said was a big brand war Thunder Saturday night entertainment.

Didn't get that one right.

I'm not sure that's going to come true in the near future so no marks out of 10 for that one and then the third one.

I said which is maybe a bit of an easy shooting, but I did say newspaper to climb with accelerators had money moves that one I'm definitely giving myself a Mark 4 as well.

So I'm saying I got two out of three right there which is Which is not bad.

I'm I'm quite clear that in terms of my predictions for this year three predictions the Swan is that the there will be an accelerated and police certificate reinvention paying badland in terms of an ad agencies.

Obviously have the disruption within wpp in 2018 but will now starting to see the disappearance of Somme heritage brands like J Walter Thompson and that's going to continue and Accelerate as more agencies and merged to form a single and is the Big Holding companies like wpp and dance radius reduce the amount of agencies that they have all the hundreds and hundreds is going to see some pretty famous names in terms of Badlands

As I get much second prediction is the short form storytelling on social media is going to rise to the four even more so Instagram stories continue to remove a PACE I think we'll probably also going to see progress from tiktok which is what was musically but has now been renamed so I think that's going to help help the march of from storytelling within social media and one little side prediction around social medias.

I think we're going to see the continued Demise of Snapchat and it's continued march into the potential.

It's not relevant position and then my third prediction is really around podcasting because I just think 2019 is going to pick up on the momentum and 28-in and I think the UK podcast is so I think we're going to see continued aggressive growth for podcasting as the audience continues to to increase very very quickly I think we're going to see.

A big scripted podcast hit come out of the UK I know that some of the big TV production companies in our looking at creating scripted podcast is the companies like my own who look at this space and I I think we're going to say UK can produce something quite significant in this space.

I also think we're going to see some big global hits come out of UK businesses as well, so we're going to see UK companies produce podcast hit their have great success in the US Australia or some of the other key podcast markets and those are my predictions for 2019.

Don't worry.

I've got a bag found it funny that make the environment clean and sustainable fixed the power of green savings bonds.

That's mobile T-Mobile and great value deals on the latest phone now on and will that be Jake and Stephen jq predicted last year a breakup of the Murdoch Media but but specifically the Disney would take ownership of sky so the first part of that was a bit facile and then the second part of got wrong so bit of a failure their house strongly.

Did you believe it at the time the rumours the rumours about Disneyland loud and clear it look like this.

He was going to do the deal right up to the last last breath of that that negotiation.

Yes, so did any of them and it was a Knockout fitted that Tony Hall would either quit as head of the BBC or timetable his departure suggesting Charlotte more would be the only frontrunner to succeed Hall so still there he cleans on and from what I hear is is pretty happy at the moment actually the babies had a period of real stability under there's it's always going to get buffet around and and they're always going to be issues at the BBC but relatively it's been a period of calm instability and I think I think he's got one eye on seeing it through to the centenary.

Big nap but at the moment it's storming it really is it's BBC One which is one of the hardest towns in the world to to work on because you've got up.

He's doing great guns all the time is the other channels of a week.

So you know why would you go anywhere with you at the BBC at the moment? Just relax and enjoy it because it's not going to last ok.

Jake make some bold predictions for 2019.

So what are my predictions was that? I think we've finally gonna learn the real scale of Apple TV appletv ambitions this year iPhone se stagnating spectacular so much so that if she apple issued.

It's first profit warning in 17 years at last week and it's got to find growth Elsewhere and I think one of those areas is TV what shape do you think this Apple TV revolutions going to take well? I mean J hunt the former chief creative officer at Channel 4.

I mean, she's had her feet under the desks for what.

Year, I think so, we're probably going to start to see the fruits of their labour.

I reckon that will be maybe a big maybe a bit commission bigdrama big possibly and apple CEO Tim Cook hinted last year that there's a project on the go which we might well find out more about this year and you get the thing that it's been good for British creative that day has been apple the word on the street is nobody knows what they want.

You know from it from the Producers perspective of you know what does Apple want we don't know we don't know it's the talk is mainly of such of viral type stuff or little things you may not know that's what I'm saying.

It's it is a huge going to get in the knowledge of most producers when it comes the big digital BMS off so whatever they are.

Who do you go and see? What have they got permission if you know Netflix now have committed in London final.

No, I know they are you know but I have to deal with them an email in America and then you look at their anything of you looking at the the Netflix content you have no idea what they're looking for you cannot work out.

Just doesn't make any sense whatsoever and there's a little bit of that ignorance with apple at the moment because they could take over their Facebook Eva you know all these Giants 39 pots of money who could you can you know take the TV industry and do what they like with it and where the TV industry we don't know what they want.

They all if they are talking to somebody on people and is it the Netflix model then it types dramas Jake the second Direction so I'm going to go bold again and say another BBC TV Channel movies online BBC for BBC for BBC a third of the way through saving.

Pounds to retrieve at tollgate by 2021 20-22 deputy director-general and Bulford said that it's not gonna be possible to make those savings without some impact on service and at the moment as far as I can see their salami slicing.

I think I need to make another big decision and that would save I don't be honest answer.

I don't know that I'm probably be roughly in the ballpark of what BBC3 said which was 3250 million-pound and I think we've BBC3 although the BBC is losing younger viewers and that's a concert on and should not be glossed over but BBC3 of showing that if you free at TV channel from the from the sort of straitjacket of schedules you can have your creative success and pc3 shown that with the likes of fleabag and this country yo standout hits BAFTA winning hits in their own right.

Stephen something even more time in the BBC this week, but they want to extend the window to 12-months and that to me as a sign that they are more online.


I mean I suppose it wouldn't be a shock if what Jack is suggesting is not look for what TV might look like in 10 years time absolutely but it was deemed generally by lot of people a bit early to put down BBC Three and BBC 4 audience when you can probably still online and probably a bit early but then as well isn't it? I mean to me.

It would be ba422 online and I do watch TV online but it's moving everything onto the iPlayer moving you know you know I got Sky q a few weeks ago.

It's all basically it's not you not scheduled.

Just get the highlights or whatever then already curating which we watching the taking away from the tyranny of of the daily schedules, so that is definitely coming definitely but please don't take away people.

Places that nobody would be the local radio station millions billions whatever going to Manchester that money in all over the place a building building that's fine ok and another bold prediction joke this guy's got the Onion sets and I think he's going to give it a bloody good go this year in some form.

I don't know if anyone's guess.

You'd be a fool to bet against Ofcom taking on more responsibility at the public service broadcasters predictive BBC actually have been very vocal about the fact that they're sort of strapped up with lots of regulation including terms of trade and quotas.

Where is Netflix who are making big playing this country have got the 0 red tape and they might look at rebalancing that that playing field which would be the company really really difficult and that's why I say it's it's unable to properly on the senior positions move away.

They start looking to this like in what universe is like to read from don't know that's ok.

Steven big predictions from you.

Let's go down or big ones are not quite as taking over from Olivia Colman Olivia Colman we can forget her Gemma Collins is going to become queen of all TV

She's in Dancing on Ice to fell over that was it I thought we need a parent family.

You know my jumpsuit, so there's still room for new reality TV Heroes in your over Christmas with the Bros documentary.

Yes, which shows that celebrity is still incredibly important.

You know that World Of Madness celebrity.

When done right is compelling completely compelling and some people like Gemma Collins is suddenly back on telly again.

You like me what you know so it is she the precursor to a new world of trash.

Yes, I say is that phenomenon something that has legs behind the people laughing at a fat woman falling over because I mean you don't like slapstick.

Isn't it? But people that interested in her really beyond all together now.

You know celebrity version of that.

You could actually saying ok? What are the three top shows of the Year wow sounds?

Drag race over the world the ratings why you genuinely think rupaul's drag race can be a cultural phenomenon worth billions.

It's created tyre world of of new entertainment and it sounds trashy again.

I'm very touching myself, but you watch it.

It's the perfect reality show and the fact they're doing a BBC3 version is very interesting because whether they can do what the Americans can do you know that can of Fosters in therapy and my god I nearly said there's and Fitch believes that doesn't sound the same in an English accent, but that is me something to watch because if they can put it off.

That's it.

We're going to go and drag queen but not far apart.

Are you see what I'm going? What numbers on this occasion, but I mean what how many people how many millions of viewers going to be for example in the top 3083 this year, is it gets the UK audience to watch rupaul's drag race on On Demand on the

Not allowed to know how many years to watch it in the middle of night.

It was really will go big.

What are other two of the Year I'm doing it now.

Well the Crown coming back ok and Game of Thrones that's the Crown with Olivia Cole delivery which chemical is not be more like series 6 ok and finally finally well.

It's more of a dream then a prediction and that is the Netflix will come home closed because the other day there introducing 19 new dramas.


Why do you want them to impose because I can't watch anything else if I'm watching TV dramas on Netflix it's like it's too much you know so we just had Christmas when you eat chocolate all day and after a while you get sick that seems to me that kind of Netflix sort of dilemma.

It sounds like some sort of dystopian future you if you could come and

Scawby have to watch everything and that is exactly what you mean the other thing that happens that AutoPlay thing that happens responsible like it's time to say the next step like an Amazon they say you got 30 seconds to watch the next episode on Netflix it's everyone has copied us because it makes you completely addicted to their product is that isn't good for your mental Netflix has always said I'll biggest enemy is sleep.

Stop playing a trailer when you're ordering over something.

Oh right yeah, and I want to I want to discuss with my wife.

Do you fancy watching that before the trailers that could do one thing better it would be?

What shows are there little to the Blurb that's so bad that you have to look at you.

I don't know what this is about.


I could make slightly more curated blurbs and synopsis and say if you could obviously is an hour and if you watch this you watch that but there's so many things that mean you in a minute.

It is it a quagmire of quality that you drowning and it's hard.

Do you think there's an opportunity for more journalism about streaming services Jake but I mean consumer Jenner's net what to watch because they're talking about pilot TV that magazine that our tried around this subject, but it seems like people do have to research to find guys about what to watch otherwise.

You're just make it what people say to it.

I think there's plenty of plenty of I will always before diving into always Google it and have a look at the reviews and that to me that serves me well and I'll make a decision based on the prom with that it don't miss out.

It's a foreign language shows.

You know the American dramas, but you won't see the German drama and it's in love with somebody who discovered something then you tell somebody that music for example one of them in my Netflix just launched two days ago and it's a French channel is an ordinary French show it's brilliant, but nobody knows about it and it's become a word of mouth hit in a me because nobody talking about it.

No no with no reviewer is previewing it or anything like that.

They're pretty the Big Things little Gems at absolutely that can you can you just re edit your prediction into something that I can hold against United time next year.

I hope that Netflix enclosed that's nothing that maybe there's a public backlash against this sort of Netflix is going to lose its position of dominance.

If you like what we're up to hear on the media podcast you want to help us.

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