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Read this: Mail privilege, Dorries speaks the big podcast sale

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Mail privilege, Dorries speaks the big p…

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Hello and welcome to media podcast by Matt Deegan on the show today.

It's all changed the Daily Mail Greg it out.

Take us back, but is it male on now calling the shots also on the program cold just extremely themed steps into the media spotlight.

We try and clean something from that plus the rising Fortunes at BuzzFeed in the latest rumours surrounding that's all coming up in this edition of the media podcast and today is the TV indeed Great Scott Media it's Leon Wilson holy on a few changes cos your new indie it all started.

I guess just going to

Pandemic was perfect timing perfect timing they say January 2020 sweet spot launching a new company turned out to be 2020 myself Fremantle TalkBack the year before we set up great start back by all three quiet first year four reasons will be with you.

Got a really good 3 series 24 Channel 4 and one for Netflix which is very exciting with reality shows now, so yeah, it's all going well.

It's good after a difficult 2020 with with ITV in the old days and and and and now outside of outside of Fremantle the big broadcast has changed because of the pandemic and how they work with budgets are we never weren't going up anyway and I certainly not going up any they're going.

Play wherever for the money's tight traditional broadcasters for the most part.

Obviously they have to pay for it cost as well, so that the budget you do get more money from the big streamers does we meant to shows to Channel 4 this year and there's nothing quite like it so going out.

I'm actually tell you still it's you know your shows on telly at a certain time you can watch it and you know that some people at the same time whether they thought they were going to or not.

They will consider that content they might be still operating viewers and we like to the podcast you're welcome back from press Gazette now the UK l Charlotte tobit hi Charlotte I can't help but notice a piece of written this we are new culture secretary in the d&a history with the media.

Can you give us some highlights colourful highlights with the media in the past exam?

She's a cute electrical Echo fake news, she's had her out with one of the league we newspapers in her own.

Pat she's criticise BBC impartiality and the licence and sort of mace natively she threatened their Sunday married Dennis manhood been busy I suppose a backbencher there some people at the noisy backbenchers and and they like kind of getting out there and saying things like this kind of gets you it gets you in the paper different when your appointed the minister there.

Isn't it mean the thing of interest will be whether she keeps up that sort of antagonistic relationship.

I mean she already kind of house, but then backpedal done it.

She's BBC political editor Laura kuenssberg recently Laura had tweeted basically an anonymous you from another MP and Nadine shared it say

Play this is ridiculous and everyone ticket to be sort of her denigrating a BBC journalist and she later said you know I was doing nothing of the sort people just can't understand what you mean anymore.

That's slightly text you relationship there this week and we're back at the Daily Mail editor breakers been ousted and a mailonsunday edited verity's installed.

Maybe as part of a new 7-day operation stopped around the male.

What's what's been going on about 3 weeks ago that Paul Baker step down from his roles of editor and chief and chairman of associated newspapers which like the parent company of the male AI and obviously that was all a mid of his sort of S go of the Ofcom chairman application round after being deemed an

Last year and then the government reopening the process and then what happened was last Friday revealed in a letter to the times that he was withdrawing anyway, and he sort of the Civil Service and said you know he was never going to get a civil service job.

What was the point of being discriminated against didn't see what song was amazing bit of male privilege long time and is no coincidence that when he left Geordie Greig was still at the Daily Mail and when he rejoined was gone because they sort of being seen as longtime rivals and very pleasant views on all sorts of things not least brexit.

So yeah, she say interesting Times of it with the mail they've gone private again.

Play a list of company and in the comp rivet and that's cos it's sold off a couple of businesses and that means the males family of the rodmill family had a big dividend.

They could take it private again.

This is going to happen together.

Yeah, is this a new Focus for the mirror and the company that to Double Down on newspapers again haven't play decided if we're doing consumer Media it's better to be able to focus on just that and probably wait have the sort of shareholder Returns alone sounds would like but I'm a online is still growing.

It's still a massive business and the newspapers are still doing well in terms of print daily mail and the Mail on Sunday of the tops in the market for Daily Mail Saturday edition in particular is still one week.

I think so.

They just sort of figuring out how to do less well, I think and how to make the most of what's going on in the current Media ecosystem.

I really on do you make a good docudrama ego Wars in the Fleet Street between Romania and everyone else like a slightly succession to the x like he probably thought I'll write it to the mail but no that'll look like I'm to have to the time the detail there was one of the press Gazette because I really enjoyed with a talking about Lord Rothermere you just like a regular guy and his wife Claudia scripting quietly without a fast.

Swansea Ofcom job as we can see from the letter, but obviously he feels very attached to the mail they think they need it what they need him for that important to keep him in the business.

What they say how we doing is he won't be involved in any day today editing but he will be advising Lord Rothermere and the Editors of their respective papers.

He's going to be the date of the week.

Get along well apparently so he may be but I suppose you could question whether he's sort her from the older and whether they need more people looking to the new era, but

As I said it's still very successful in all their respective markets AI space.

You know if it ain't break why you didn't get back to me about Dacre for over 40 years and I do think that if you're going to take the job like being the chair Ofcom having a more diverse and on your CV so specifically to One media group would should be a requirement so I'm not yet.

I'm not saying that because of his list, but just only work for one company for over 2 years.

I do think is good you very narrow view of the media industry, and I would say that is a good reason.

I didn't get the job said that work for a an interesting Media business, so it's like now.

It's just the same of something happening about the last time on the show is the BBC developer.

Casts with an eye on TV and sure enough x reporting a thing last week that several BBC podcasts and now being considered by their telephone ends, which which podcast is going to be converted to television and biggest series and I say haven't listened to Ireland and I can't I feel like podcast is still a relatively market compared to TV and then so if they're the biggest William podcast why not see if they can get a bigger especially true Crime type stuff.

You know we know that Netflix has a massive true Crime things as well.

So why not keep this train going the trend is clearly still a thing might as well make the most of it while it lasts just brilliant cheap development for

Channels when I saw you invite me on for this and you were coming this thing as the media podcast trying to get me to buy the rights to turn into telly yes, yes, I think about it like it's most IP is already created that you can tap into and your development be done for you and potentially an audience you can bring to the television version 2 podcasts not the ones I option more like comedy entertainment and I feel like actually with the lesson I learnt from that is that the things that work when podcast are better maybe letters podcast true Crime it's something that can be very easy translate television in entertainment chat thing.

There's a lot of it out there and maybe it's better left on would like to watch some more podcast but I haven't had any success.

Do you think and his partner is an option that you think you can go to a broadcaster and say that it's already popular like a demonstration of success as well as this is good.

I P idea at work on the telly as well a little bit of them.

I just have to be television we didn't actually get some funding to do a strip for it, but he just didn't you know didn't get away and then one another one about 90s early for me.

That's the lesson for me.

Don't just go for things you love that they wouldn't know how to get shows on television another TV news this time live sport Channel 4 have secured the rights to show matches from the rugby.

The first time before match ever been shown on free-to-air since it's inception.

I think it was basically like a 25-year deal originally why does rugby want to change it up Sky work willing to pay as much money for the new deal, so therefore the Superleague want to have to go elsewhere to the Channel 4 live sport with coloured value for money on any broadcaster and a timer channel for trying to sort of public broadcaster having things like Super League on it to them.

They got from getting New York finalise like it.

I think a lot of people be the first time.

Shuffle for decades and suddenly everyone was well.

Good old Channel 4 so I need for the sport is a whole to have suddenly more access to to free-to-air audiences and not lock their content away on on subscription platforms.

I think that certain Sports cricket became popular on Channel 4 because it was on 32 where everything is gone back on free to air its struggle to extend of kind of maintaining their popularity and the 20-20 World Cup because I think the people that run the sport recognise it needs to have a free elements window more of this in recent years where broadcaster sharing the right because it with the with super league summer still be on Sky and as 1010 being shown on Channel 4.

All of this in the future this sort of sharing across broadcasters of a days of locking all in gone on 32 whereas really good for all the reasons.

I just said I agree with everything if your Sky you suddenly have a bit more of a limited budget to spend on sports rights.

There's more competition from other platforms.

You know that your business models changing and you know making people pay 18 quid a month for a sky packages.

Maybe not going to last forever and they got a rethink a little bit about what they're offer is a much money.

They can keep the football and those those right.

They've stopped going up to much but they still very expensive so I guess maybe they have to save money elsewhere to keep the things that they really do need to keep which is basically Premier League football will be back with more.

Talk and conversions we'll play the National Lottery little France that happens football condition the National Lottery numbers.

This is all over the world right now trying to reinvent how they connect with the world.

Where are delivering packages treating patients are running a global customer support centre your customers needs new ways to stay connected is a platform that millions of developers Trust communications experience with phone calls text messages twilio has your back it's time to build visit to learn more welcome back Sean and Leona still with me.

It's time for some media news in brief firstly Andrew Marr has announced.

He is leaving a Sunday morning on BBC One and indeed the BBC is he going and why he'll be present.

Base of Base to summarise the reason it seems to be largely that he wants to sort of his own voice back BBC obviously about impartiality in presenters.

Not showing their own views on things it's also been reported that in particular.

He wants to share his view a lot more on climate change so be interesting if he does start speaking out on that issue, but yeah on LBC he giving his view on the biggest the moment he says with agenda-setting guess and then on Classic FM he'll be still doing interviews but obviously that music as well and you can do Weekly podcast and write a regular column.

Can you sing us a fact that he's gone to Global following in the footsteps of Eddie Mair who left BBC Radio 4 pmvc in 2018 BBC newsreader Moira Stewart who left for classic FM in the same year so bit of a train that I think it seems a bit of a key for Global he would have probably quite a

Opportunities may be used when I get Talk TV which will talk about it in in a bit other operators going freelance doing other things when I saw this and thought I bet he end up doing a very very Visualized Sunday morning show on LBC and when you look what LBC doing they are very much into the TV side channel like the others have but you could you could say that they're going laid ducks in a row for something really honest.

It's a pretty good get for them.

Isn't it? Yeah? It's kind of like a lot and a lot of the process of left it probably a bit more money, but they don't like the fact that their pay is publicly available and they would rather be no take that off the books it worth.

No, the thing you saying Charlotte about his views on climate change is he is he a climate sceptic is that was at the BBC think I don't think sceptic.

I think I'm just just he thinks coverage on climate change this needs to be more rigorous and and better and the other way from the BBC is sarmale like politicians to leave vacuous generalities behind on the climate crisis, so he's definitely in that direction, but yeah the Guardian

What about his views on climate in particular, so it'll be able to see what other stuff he speaks out on that he has been able to before the UK chapter acute angles, don't you? It's like clearly left wing and they didn't like a tweet below clearly right wing in the pocket of Boris Johnson I mean I really can't win so Mars Garmin I'll send you Neil 4GB news Laura kuenssberg said she wants out of the politics editor role going on is it something they should be worried about Charlotte because also and maybe this one slightly underreported is a lot of quite senior but more like less well-known.

Under the radar BBC journalist have leftover past yours as well there been a lot of cuts across the country so a lot more in the sort of local museums of people have been around a long time have left so yeah, I think it's a valid concern that that lots of sort of veteran journalists are leaving and there will be a slight gap and we sort of like these people can agree on who's the best to fill them say there's sort of a lot of speculation, but no clear answers should be interesting.


I mean I think the BBC have a lot of amazing young eternity so I think they're not they're not going to be an immediate trouble they have I mean Leon is it just the Curse of today you know if you have a big prestigious job.

It's just the poisoned chalice.

You know you know a big chunk of people a decent sized chunk peep.

Just think your she'll for someone weather whether you are or not.

That's what they coverage of Palestine was getting people complain to me decide alright.

That's basically our job is to have a measured it so and if your individual they you're going to get good size from both sides often spend in Gathering the BBC that you can't quite believe it about an organisation.

It is very much data and use to fill the gaps and looking at another operator has had his own revolver in use is BuzzFeed are you a bit of a turbulent 2020 register.

A leap in revenues and they said they're likely to float early in December they look at it currently it's one of those fashionable merges with the blank check company sort of backdoor way to get up market listing investigations and original journalism out of the news business or do you think this is something that will have to get back into pretty well, when they they started going into the space very much deny that they've all new Operation stay they did keep some investigative journalists.

I believe it was last year when they they close basically the general news desks of Australia as well and us had cuts but I think they are you know the still jealous of Us

He's already Bouncing Back in online media and and search people were worried about that after the pandemic that they don't need to be too much.

Yeah, you know it's all going in the right direction, but I don't know if they will if they will add more generous again or if sort of what beef settled on at the moment is clearly working on what is the bus fibre now is it is payment is in used.

What should what should they be doubling down on the property was just not going to be paid and actually they can't hold it back to what they were good at which is entertainment and all that kind of stuff which will be profitable but the only ever scale to the idea of this being huge Media Empire that spans the Globe that go to town with the likes of whatever that's not going to happen because

Realise what they call brand is it something which is more limited reached and they do it very well and they can turn it off it.

Would you looks like he might now? Do they finally then? That's what they should just keep doing and maybe not today possibly.

They were victims of what they could become to get to do what they didn't quite manage to sort of fathers of the Verizon Yahoo just acquiring some of the publications.

Just going for scale pageviews doesn't really matter what what people are consuming providing from it's from their service.

They may be made a mistake.

I'm not an expert on a I'm happy to be proven wrong on that one as well.

In the UK they got rid of their general news desk, but they're still doing politics entertainment lifestyle.

I'm so it's they sort of the nephew verticals sorry for the jargon and trying to do those really well and have good advertising your name and you like sponsored content like that.

I think it does work like what Liam was saying to sort of just do it few things but do them.

Well try and make sure you do still visited, please those particular subjects zip.

So looks like just 10% of the complaints received by the UK's biggest pressure regulator during the first year of the pandemic Rabat covid-19 despite the topic of dominating the news agenda.

Complaint States a massive amount of complaints 41 non-coded story which was the Stonehaven train derailment in Scotland where the Scottish Sunday Express front page and that got about 15000 committal say I mention that only because if you stretch them out because obviously she just proportionate amount of complete someone that actually covid 220 percent of the total less than you might expect but does make it 1 and 5 a few themes one was opinion pieces so people sort of basically.

It's a saying you know it's fine to different opinions about things like lock Downs and basques and stuff, but if you're using scientific evidence etc to backup your view you have to get it right.

More generally yeah scientific research and statistics.

There are a few sort of common examples of those being an issue probably County journalists not being specialist.

Obviously pretty much every journalist ended up writing about covid-19 and most of them aren't health or science Dennis so it's understandable that there would be a few things like that and then also quite an interesting one is the use of pictures came up quite a few times for example being used to try show people not social distancing during the first lockdown feels like a huge amount of time ago that we were arguing about those things for for example.

I had one where they had a great group of cyclists pictures and you can see all of their faces and the mirror said that they were ignoring lockdown rules does a rule out together and one of them complained and said.

What you get my daily exercise with one person? I don't hear those others like this workers the picture made them closer together quite interesting and I think this is a consensus that we've reported a few times did a good job and they generally you no listen to the scientific advice and one that we mentioned that the UK still has a lot of Science and health specialist and a lot of other countries don't due to cuts and that we think definitely made a difference Leon what's your take on that I think it's not had a slight interpretation of that this kind of these figures.

I had which is one incredible like in January in the country about lockdown in general people are likely to complain because it's general reading the papers as everyone agreed with and the people that don't agree with it.

They won't be looking on the mainstream Media so much anymore elsewhere so they're not going to make a complaint about something generally that in the Daily Mail or the mirror because they're not getting them to come into listen to very different anti-lockdown those people are going to make complaints because they sort of a lot of them sort of giving up and move on from the mainstream media as well, if it's probably are more people that have issued waiting reported, but just don't engage with the mainstream Media the way people use I think that's another complaint proposal to the infamous Movie Quiz let's check in on another new news TV launch long in the Running

That's been talking hourly News Bulletin sport which shows current affairs debate opinions documentaries whether it will happen.

I guess we'll see I mean Leon is Morgan signed up with that in the past.

Do we know anything else happening at talk to?

Were they had quite a few production from Good Morning Britain is there for two people one person from the taps test so they're building a team of senior Talent is exact same thing I think about every time I see the name.

I think of my brain cannot see because it's a big capital T I am sure it's not the most exciting thing I've ever heard but I guess it's been used and they are loading a load of decent you know you know what to do and the Murdoch's don't tend to under fund these projects today and they will see spend enough money on Piers I think we've been told there's going to be some shows from talk radio.

And a x radio, I've started to see things like with culture show pop-up with with the times that carry on YouTube Where I think most the views are like they've been driven by a YouTube sizing rather than rather than organic ones, but obviously building building an audience that way while she's going to be on on the channel.

Is is there is there something for her son of Daedalus right-wing News entertainment service like a panel show baby right wing panel.

Show me know.

I'll look at it.

What do you think compared to 2GB news? Do you think there will be a little bit more centrist.

Obviously they use a lot of times journalists, but it's not like.

You're even talk radio.

It's obvious the same company but that it's pretty we using the word centrist.

I guess it's pretty measured and reasonable and which has a very different tone 2GB knees and it does seem like they are because you've just said you know where they're going to use German and contents that sorts Springs from across the different existing brand so talk radio Times the sun so I can't see any of them suddenly jumping to being super right-wing in your face.

I think it will be slightly more measured and I think Rupert Murdoch wouldn't be putting money into this if you didn't think there was an audience and say then they're not going to just go for the exact same audience anyway.

I would people came over obviously if they get fed up on TV neither only there for Farage

Yeah, I think they thought this through when we sort of just have to wait and see what it's like early early next year look back.

So I know Neymar mediabrands and you got a tell me why they decided to not look back this week, so the three rounds Buzzard with your name.

Do you know Francis only on you will say and Charlotte you will say let's play Don't Look Back right number one Kevin Spacey

Leon Leon why is Kevin Spacey not looking back because he's been asked to pay 30 billion dollars for his behaviour on House of Cards yes, obviously episodes and say what has he been done for breaches of contract with Netflix over 3030 minutes into a p i think they the it was poorly fresher behaviour and also partly that they had to act episodes and it's screwed up there, so he appealed it then got reviewed and still family had to pay out so we believe he is playing up.

I mean is this is this Leon a diesel sort of things love always.

What's contracts but maybe I've never been forced is it something you look at a bit closer when you're doing deals with salad now.

Would I use now but when I was at Fremantle on this you know me to sun became a story that there was a kind of a lot of Talent have to be renegotiated insert clause in contract new shows what causes surprising health issue of these calls were in existing contracts.

I guess the space the one that shows separate years ago and Netflix acquire progress of those clauses.

Obviously were there, but it wasn't until last 5-years ok question 2 on the quiz composer of The Snowman Howard Blake

Charlotte Charlotte the story basically here's angry that BBC and rangement for Radio 3 but use the choir instead of instruments for the Snowman music and he thought that this was a vile desecration of his work which I thought was a bit strong perhaps and the BBC I correct you're right the BBC pulled it from the Christmas schedule and then they come and they said we thought we could basically we thought we'd clear this with both of you having your people are not so they put it will have to release the Snyder cut, I want I feel like the with the world needs to hear this.

How bad was it maybe it'll be the torrents over Christmas everyone's downloading or they should push it as a BBC sounds exclusive right number 34 this one for the win BBC


Leon Leon are looking for new site there the BBC Birmingham the relocation more people out of London to the regions and Birmingham My Hope is they bring back pebble Mill that's that's really bothered.

It works, then it work again.

So I think it's Birmingham in Birmingham that's right.

Yes, maybe it has to be a new media thing of like demolishing the nice housing that went up on the old buildings and putting in TV and radio Studios maybe that could be that could be the big thing yes well done Leon that crowns you the winner of the media quiz well done.

This episode why not funny if the price of a glass of champagne from your favourite opera house just had to the media and of course follows the new episodes were made drop on your podcast choice haven't got one don't worry just subscribed the media podcast industry and more this is a rethink audio in PPM production will be back again very soon probably just before Christmas actually I'll see you then.

I'm Josie Mourinho I know what single to about being special when your fantasy League captain banks in the network special winning the games not special by Paddy Power games.

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