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Read this: 26/12/2021 Radio 4 Feedback

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26/12/2021 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts and welcome to this Boxing Day feedback first the news from the BBC it will take some time.

It's official the most downloaded podcast on BBC sounds News cast I'll be talking to it presenter Adam Fleming the BBC chief political correspondent about what makes his podcast of popular will try and sort of float above the news a little bit rather than being this is precisely what is Breaking at this point? I think people like that and as his first Laura kuenssberg announced her departure as political editor.

I'll ask him if he's a contender for the BBC's top job in Westminster also.

This is anyone in the village the new what Philip was it wasn't just me yeah.

I'm trying to just move on we all knew he was a Roman why is the soon-to-be ex misses most of ambridge so unlucky in love will be having a

Hot little later in our final programme of the seriously Revisited some of our out of your comfort and listeners have they changed their ways since talking to us about Molly didn't listen to any live radio BBC podcast I would recommend their good.

I think that's where the BBC is done.


I pushing the digital stuff.

I just think live radio Stefanie personal preference on whether you would tune into that's a bit equivocal find out what the others thought later in the program the results to rent for BBC sounds listening figures for the UK in 2021 On Demand radio continues to grow with the are being the most popular program another long-running series such as Desert Island Discs In Our Time Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot also gonna good audiences the most.

Podcasts in your dad's me fortunately with Fi and Jane and that Peter Crouch podcast but the number one spot goes to newscast here's a clip.

You say people have an almost like patriotic duty to not do dry January and actually we should have a really busy January to help you guys 0.5 bso, did I wouldn't worry too much but but actually dry January quite poor business idea from where I'm sitting you know health correspondent on the call.


I'm delighted to be joined by the presenter on used cars to it across the BBC chief political correspondent Adam Adam when you started newscast to the other thing you being number 1 welle News cast actually grew out of brexitcast which was the first podcast that we did which was quite successful.

We Didn't Start From Scratch we had quite a big loyal audience to start with and their audiences grown over time and enough people have stuck with us as we moved out of brexit through the virus and no covering all the news that there what you doing this tells us about the audience mean one interpretation could be the major bulletins now.

Don't tell us much and if we've got seen access to the internet and some we probably a keep up with news during the day so people may be looking for something.


Is that your analysis? I think there is a bit of truth to that because the stories that we do news cast we turned to chat about for quite a long time at a lot longer than your average news report so will maybe spend 15 minutes talking about covered on tonight's episode of newscast people seem to quite like that depth and discussion between a couple of Correspondents covering the same story from A couple of different angles and also don't underestimate just the fact that what the median of.

It is available for you to listen to when you want to listen to it and so we have people living in the evening and the morning at other points of the day and we try and sort of float above the news that rather than being this is precisely what is Breaking at this point? I think people like that kind of floating above feeling as well what number is written to us and hear a couple of examples by the way you might block first one.

Sorry about that vets in the Borders I think Adam Fleming is probably the best presenter on the BBC is self-deprecating coding knowledgeable.

I'm using very perceptive and someone whom I always say oh goody it's Adam Fleming to Trevor Rothwell I was an avid listener to brexit cast podcast I was afraid the program would lose its way into an extended has.

I'm not usually a fan of the titbits which precede the titles and necessary in my view, but there are so many potentially significant issues which seemed to crop up every other day, but I'm sure newscast still has an important role, please keep it going Nick Gibb I love newscast but let's have a bit we also bored with hearing about it being discussed interminably Adam Fleming can I pick up that covers everything all the time all news bulletins all papers everything I do feel sometimes.

There's not much for you to say what do you think news cars can add in the coverage of covered in some respects covid reminds me a little bit of brexit in that it is all consuming news story that's everywhere, but there are a lot of angles to it and a lot of different things you can press you and you can do it.

You can do it and app that we try and do it in depth and once you get interested in it.

You realise there are loads of threads to untangle the more things to pursue and also what we learn about brexit.

Is you have a big scary controversial news story but if you tackle in-depth sometimes with a bit of humour with a bit of Enthusiasm a bit of passion of genuine interest and it can become less scary and less controversial so in that sense.

It's been quite an interesting story for us to cover and come on.

We always there was no covered in the world, but we've got to be honest.

It is the major use especially at the moment.

We are still in use program at the end of the Watch on the Hendersons got a concern about some of the courage.

This is what he does Adam think too much speculation on BBC Radio news.

Wouldn't it be better to spend the time on important topics that are often under the radar an example is the new bill restricting.

Show review which race is the key issue of the power of the government over Justice on her back from court number of Alice the field, it is still don't know but then agenda narrow, then.

There's a whole range of important stories which is slipping by do you get that sense? What should we go on news cast as we have about half an hour every day and so there is room other stuff and so of course we cover covid-19.

It's a big thing and even when it's not a big thing but we think it's still interesting but we do have room to cover other stuff and we try really hard to see things that are of interest but maybe irons big breaking news that you talk about judicial review I remember the day the police crime courts and sentencing bill was published in draught form and I spotted that in my morning job is cheap political correspondent.

I thought you know what there's loads of stuff in there.

It's going to become big news in politics of the next 3-months and so we did.

Chat with one of our home Affairs Correspondents about this then fairly unknown piece of legislation and we write in on that story right at the beginning and also just think cop26 the big climate change conference.

I wanted to kind of make that one of my specialist subject because I thought this is a really interesting area where there's a lot of demystification that could be done and we can come back to it again before during and after the climate change conference and that's something we did we adopted cop26 as one of our specialist subjects.

Are we did a lot more coverage of it a lot more depth and programs.

What is MS Sue Wilson has this to us? I just like to know what Adam Fleming does to ensure there is no perceived BBC bias in his political reporter Adam as watching concerned about impartiality in a general sense you have to show due impartiality, don't you and there's a real distinction between those two things yeah, it's not just

On the one hand on the other hand on every single issue and nothing about in partial ality is it's not just a thing that you do.

It's a whole series of things that you do a whole load of eggs that you apply to yourself to make sure you're being fair to everyone and also it's a mindset that we all just live in in the BBC and so I sometimes find it quite hard to even talk about as it's because it's just so intrinsic to what we do make sure that were perfect people are concerned about I mean let me give an example of Tory MPs the other day said in the house that the people being killed on the roads in awhile.

Says greatest has been killed by coded that isn't true people worry that you might say well.

That's what he said and somebody two screws and you don't tell the audience what the facts.

Are you know that Imposter I do with just on the one hand on the other is there a problem that you saying that's what they said.

This is what they say and this is actually what the facts are well that.

All about the road test I mean I don't even recognise that because we certainly didn't report it and I think if we were going to report it.

We would have checked that claim to see whether it is true.

We may still have broadcast that claim even if it wasn't true, but we would have made sure that we can texturize it with the facts and we wouldn't maybe would have pointed out that person was mistaken or go back to them to find out why they said it finally Adam Fleming at your co-host your program Laura Coombs Berg is standing down as political editor at Easter is she going to continue working well alright? I haven't really discussed it any great depth other then.

She said that she still going to be popping up on news cast as often as she can so she still going to be around and the great thing about the podcast we created a family of people who been on the podcast over the years and they keep coming back because the podcast listeners love hearing from them.

So Laura will be welcome anytime at I'm sure she will.

And is Adam Fleming going to reply for her job as political editor up until now? I've been able to say that political line of there's no vacancy but no there's a vacancy that I'll definitely have the Christmas holidays thinking about our thanks to newscast Adam Fleming BBC chief political correspondent and do let us know your thoughts about that interview or anything else to do with BBC Radio and cast this is the last feedback of the present series but we will be back in March and we want you to tell us.

What should be in the programme.

This is how you get in touch you can send an email to feedback at the addresses feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p as you can follow activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedback or you can call us and leave a phone message on 0333.

Five double standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile networks all these details are on our website know the last couple of years.

We've tried this out of their comfort zones by getting them to listen to something that wouldn't normally be on there, but we wondered whether that experience of change their listening habits, so just confirm them so we went back to three pairs of listeners to find out first up we have mother and son lives and Owen Roberts from Doncaster and Owen from the village of houses in Derbyshire when we first talked to them they listen to the podcast series.

I'm not a Monster and to the world service programme heart and so in the month since have they changed their listening list first know and it's down to my not quite good at my patience with finding things on sounds.

Some reason only last Thursday I can't even get onto will service and I've got DAB radios, but it's going it's my ineptitude and lack of patience so prefer to see you have not mastered sounds is that what I do know how to work it, but I find it such a travel to do it such a paint behind the sorry shouldn't say that you can actually help her.

I don't know I think we're gonna have to be desperate to listen to something to go through the faffing sounds then if my computer for some reasons not this one.

I'm on my laptop if it's playing up.

I just think and I feel so let down.

I'll take it means no sounds means no podcast list now now and I don't know why I'm coming off my own house to find my face because I noticed there's often lots of really good ones and I like the sound of them and then they just you know.

So, it's me, where are you? And I mean if your habits change at all.

Have you found anything this year? That is really taking you to more podcast off and I'm always looking for listen to so that supposed as well is backward stream radio assisting become more important to you during this covert period that we going to actually periods it seems to endless does do you need the radios became more important to me? It's what everybody says about it.

You can listen to the radio and any tedious boring thing you've got to do is ok.

It doesn't matter do you think people that you no change there listening have is different because of lots of people are doing a lot more listening to things and I was talking to a friend of the other day saying how helpful we find when you wake up in the night and you need something to listen to to tether your mind.

So yeah.

I think more and more people are probably listening to stuff terminal is Robertson delighted your tethered.

State the Radio 4.

Thank you very much.

Thank you bye-bye twin Brothers Andrew and Rogers and is in Wimborne in Dorset and Roger in the village of hunting in Oxfordshire listen to an episode of Saturday Live on Radio 4 answer the first episode of the podcast Battersea Potter written and presented by Danny Robbins the time that he had better to prove whether the poltergeist really did exist or not and then simply unimpressed by his conclusion, so have you listening habits changed it all over the last 10 months of the other series offers to listen to was Saturday Live and have to say that I still off switch internal x radio at 9 on a Saturday morning, but I really did enjoy the battery poltergeist, but I'm totally listening to my podcasts both dramatic ones and also sort of drama Street Torquay

Passenger list was absolutely outstanding.

I thought tunnel 29 was absolutely outstanding.

Have you changed your listening habits of the past have been listening to the radio 2 podcast because I've been retired but I also like my brother.

I've been seeing two times radio timer also Carrickfergus junkie, and I've really enjoyed x radio enjoy it more than Radio 5 Live BBC equivalent really because there's less audience participation.

You know I don't really want lots of phonons.

I want to hear what real journalists and politicians.

Got to say what you want more information unless I want a pinion from people who know and on the whole people just phone up from the audience 10.2.

No the other thing that I've really listen to a lot is p.m.

But I must say I need to put her up for Evan Davis so I think it's been absolutely fantastic in all this you know the whole world has been melting around us and he's been a kind of stable intelligent probing person so it's the last person.

Would panic wouldn't you think you're well Armageddon quite interesting should we take it apart? Let's have a look at it exactly what I said and said thank you and I need to be very nice in my back, but thank you very much and I hope you have somebody enjoyable this thing in the new year.

Thank you very much.

Thanks very much.

Bye bye.

Then talk to Rebecca Coleman and Molly Cobain's Rebecca's from London and Molly Kevin is in Kirkcaldy at the both politics graduates and the listen to the Today programme when we talk to them in February of 2021 and didn't like it very much and they won't great fans of the News Quiz either so let's see if they've changed at all that let me take the Rebecca have you gone back to use quiz have you gone back to the Today programme you changed your mind? I haven't I'm afraid I have started listening a bit of the radio since I started working from home smooth Radio actually for the music.

I said try out the news and I think when you work from home.

You just say the same thing over and over again is not for you.

What is free live streaming podcast I have a few podcasts through Spotify and I get my news from Twitter from the internet the headlines that come up on my phone not radio on my friend when we talk to you when to feed them.

Play program by there in the last 9 months.

Have you changed your attitude and see in the past 9 months? I definitely listen to more radio but not live radio or I also listen to the BBC podcast and stuff, but have listened to a bit of Radio 6 for Alec the music on there, so I would listen to that live there.

You've got a career in politics.

Haven't you put as a result of that, do you find yourself more BBC political programmes? Do they give you what you want? If there's someone that particularly would interest me on the radio then listen live but that would be more jobs in in my spare time.

You don't listen to things know but listen to Radio 4 1 actually the history one called you're dead to me, but the all the BBC podcast I would recommend their good.

I think that's where the BBC is done.


I pushing the door.

I just think live radio Stefanie personal preference on whether you would tune into and you never gonna be able to market it to everyone.

I don't think and it'll be very difficult to market it to you the Rebecca at the moment.

Thanks very much.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thanks to all taking party out of your comfort zone furniture and do let us know would like to take part in 2022, but the most listened to on On Demand radio is the Archers it's also received royal approval this year with the Duchess of Cornwall recently hosting a 70th birthday party for the cast and crew the queen and the late Queen Mother were also reported to be fans and of course the late Princess Margaret preceded Camilla with a walk on cameo part in ambridge, here's what sound do you have to say about the recent story?

What's in the world's longest running radio drama Neil Hewitt I know it's all fantasy but the current storylines in The Archers are rather good the right.

It's have developed to write Sirens in Natasha and Hazel which is live and things up.

Please don't let them mellow but keep entertaining the likes of Me by being thoroughly unpleasant and causing mayhem in the village Julie Andrew dowsett, please pass on to the Archers Wednesday night edition.

We had a really good belly laugh at all of us sterling Turkey imitation the whole program what a delight and talking at turkeys Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without an average drama production overseas.

It's always by director Linda Snell MBE and she keeps mentioning and as usual they have been arguments.

Misunderstandings fallings out and tell him off.

Stop by cheque the rehearsal begun as instructed.

I was just giving Harrison your nuts Harrison show absolutely, what was it you were saying mate? I was go up in less than 4 weeks that seems a long way away but with the protection of this complexity really isn't a minute to waste.

Sorry that earlier I was joined by the producer of the Christmas plays Kirsty Miller or Moss as she remains until she can obtain a divorce from the load some Philip Glass the first what on earth.

Did you start to work under Linda Snell it was impossible, so you probably know Linda can be pretty manipulative and anyway.

It's to be honest.

It's giving me something to do it's a difficult time of year and I'd rather be busy than sitting at home thinking about all the evidence happened in the last year so even though you know she can be a bit of a x if you don't want to but I'm in the really is no chance of you coming back to Philip is that I mean you must understand what awful person he is, but you didn't.

I don't have been married 2 weeks and I called the police on my own husband and you can you make a difficult decision that must be honest.

I didn't have to think about it.

So now I will there is absolutely no way.

I will ever be going back to that man want to see me again.

I never want to hear his voice again.

No to be honest.

I don't really want to talk about him.

That's well.

I'm delighted that sitting next to you is your friend who plays you in the series Annabelle dowler.

How is Kirsty changed over the 20 years that you've known I did she's changed a lot cos when I first came into the program.

I mean I didn't really who she was and I think you didn't have parents in The Archers it's difficult into a character and she didn't have a different asked me to use buying accent and it's only three things happening and bad things happening to her that you really get to know characters.

You need to see them in having big dramas and going through trauma.

Does Ben make you and I thought oh wow yeah, she's got some firing her and she's just giving people back their change in ambridge, Organics and asking out his birthday party.

May have to say you supported Helen magnificently.

Yes, yes and that was a great for years because I think being left and then our friendship with Helen being you know what we had to work.

She was telling for a while and then she's bought it and she just threw all her energy and trying to save her friend and speak up in court about and against at Rob so we've really seen this in a total loyalty no not being with Tom a friendship with Helen has continued and he's going to have a baby with Tom she made that very difficult decision to co parent with her ex.

And I lost the baby at 5-months traumatic just coming you must have did you not want to tell Kirsty to wake up? No, I didn't know honestly Jeremy how are ready to talk Andy Hockley who plays Philip into another room one day and what is it when you later in Sainsbury's shopping for my daughter's birthday you tell me about the Philips actually running a slave.

It's modern day slavery.

I have no idea.

I was totally shocked.

How do you put into parking size euro 18 months and then suddenly this major storyline comes along and the great benefit of saying that the Archers you can play the storyline slowly gradually over a long does have you contained in now not so it must be anything hello I'm back on centre Stage they didn't want me to come to me as a total shock that it would for Kirsty but it's going to be a good one by Philip remind me I don't know what I'm doing with the lines.


I got so much to do.

Just got me recruiting is extras and stacking extras and been told to sort costumes out with Carrie to tell him.

I'm really not up to the Script

But yes, I am playing Mary matalin and catch up with the first of those Mystery Plays the Nativity on BBC sounds the second the passion will be broadcast at 3 next Sunday the 2nd of January and that this week and it did this series as I mentioned will be back on her in March when the daffodils will be coming out spring will be in the air and please god covid-19 Retreat to enjoy the rest of boxing day and I hope you have a happy and New Year as possible been well.

Keep on keeping safe goodbye.

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