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Read this: 25/11/2022 Radio 4 Feedback

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25/11/2022 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, I'm Andrea catherwood and welcome to feedback.

It's the most controversial World Cup in history on a ball hasn't even been kicked so said Gary Lineker the run-up to the start of the 2022 and was all about human rights and politics rather than actual sport a huge huge fans BBC but I do feel you can rather go to Pieces over football.

Do you see his face headache in?

Change my face.

The Radio 4 drama dear Harry Kane highlights of the flights of the migrant workers who built the stadiums in Qatar that's six and a half the people who have building this world cup and the media Focuses on sales or rainbow armband Xbox game and yona on why they fear for the future Gary Scott on BBC Radio Lancashire get a lot of community if you cut shows like this should be used that sort of loyal fan base and community that local radio provide to leave longer.

Keep tuning in because they don't and corporate and comedian Alfie more faces and listen interrogation on his Radio 4 show it's a fair cop and happy to apologise to Emma and anyone else that may be upset and I have to say that if I roll that joke again, but I would have that word or replace it, but first football and the 20-22.

World Cup has been mired in controversy since the FIFA announcement in 2010 that it would be held in Qatar in the first week.

We've seen alcohol banned at stadiums for ordinary Wales supporters having their rainbow bucket hats confiscated armband band and the Iran team refusing to sing their own national anthem football so far is taking place to the issues, which arise guess what you've been saying hello feedback and Robin from Oxford long time listener first time caller huge huge fans BBC but I do feel you could go to Pieces over football seems to meet up considerably not least given the well add concerns about the Host nation John Henderson from Frome in Somerset why have today and the Radio 4 News bulletins gone into a football frenzy over the past few days.

There are no programmes on Radio 4 devoted to Sport

Presumably because Radio 4 listeners that interested so why suddenly assume they want to hear about the World Cup football should be on Radio 5 questions about the construction safety record for the civil rights of Qatar have taken a back seat on Monday morning.

I'm all Raj and took a very soft line with people would travel to Qatar and yet, it is the support that helps sustain those deplorable policies Patrick McCafferty from Scotland I can understand x players being allowed to Express in a legions, but my presenters commentators allowed to do so and use the word we when talking about England will they use the word we will England play Wales does the match trump.did BBC impartiality not latest sports presenters and commentators.

It's also the Welsh national team reach the World Cup last time they qualified was 1958 and joining me know from

Is Graham Davies managing editor of Sport for BBC Wales it must be a very proud moment to see that Redwall of supporters and Gareth Bale leaving like the team, but I was all the controversy surrounding This World Cup has taken the shine off the national teams achievement lgbtq plus community about women's rights ultimately the moment but also addressing those topical issues of can't stay away from and I think the overwhelming feeling is it's obviously a real Privilege for the team that out here to be able to witness this historic moment in first time in 64 years and we also have to report at the controversial issues as well.

They go alongside the World Cup

I've been a news reporter at various euros and other sporting events over the years.

You've been involved in the coverage of Euros Rugby World Cup Commonwealth Games Olympic there always duplicate issues, when all the teams from around the world get together to play sport, but I wonder when your breathing your reporters at this time in advance of the Convent High different it felt Jess fishlock is one of our team of the year and address is the most capped footballer in Welsh football history of current player very high profile.

It's great to have on the team.

She also is and you know the day when it was announced that wouldn't be wearing the one love arm bands.

She was understandably very very upset for disillusioned considered even going home editorial everyone to speak to Jessie's part of our team.

You'll everyone's approached this time and Evans feelings about this tournament a different and so it's managing all those different personalities and always different needs in that first match.

Wales in the USA there were reports of Welsh fans having their rainbow bucket confiscated.

They are a symbol of course of support for lgbtq rights former international Laura Mcallister told Amazon Radio Wales about her experience.

I was told by one of the stewards that we wouldn't be allowed into the stadium wearing the Rainbow bucket hat so hopefully response regulation by working football so I know that made it clear that this was meant to be an inclusive tournament for everybody and beliefs and identities would be expected if I did push back but very polite no we since heard that FIFA has reminded the guitarist about their commitment to a lie rainbow flags and hats into the stadium.

Will you write to focus on that one incident? I don't think that was part of a of a wider narrative around the game obviously it was.

Important thing to cover because it wasn't just low McAllister that went through that situation on match day.

We we know of several people that had similar issues and we reported that as such but we put it in the context of the game as well.

I don't think the guy that too much problem is I think we gave it.

It's due prominence alongside the other narratives of the day do have opinions and some of them are shared with my opinion World Cup coverage weather sporting action or coverage of the issues is dominating the hour.

This is either josefson calling from Manchester I'm calling him a sponsored advertising the World Cup coverage by the BBC just stop telling me I'm excited by the Wilko I'm not I'm pretty sure I'm not on my own.

I know the BBC is most likely spent a fortune on this event so they are obliged to make sure lots of people are watching and listening to from your perspective and when you're looking at coverage in Wales do you think

Been too much BBC hype Around the World Cup no, I don't think so, I think we try to reflect the mood of the general public you'll never going to please everyone all the time and for me.

It's justifying how much we spending on the tournament either.

I think we always cover it in the most efficient way possible and think it's important also for me as leaving the BBC Wales team as we get BBC Wales voice cross the network so we have BBC World Service on 405 also on devastation that Radio Ulster Radio Scotland and international stations as well and I think for me I can chicken in terms of BBC Wales confident that capture the mood of every country in the match against England

It wasn't raining but that was the it's still important to be impartial and also to take the welcome to task if they're not performing well so for example the game on Monday Wales had a pretty poor first half, but the address that as well in terms of them on the mistakes.

I make so I think that impartiality goes beyond just the match coverage well.

Thank you so much for the recent Radio 4 drama dear Harry Kane by writer James Fritz highlighted the plight of migrant workers over 30000 of them from India and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have been employed building the seven new stadium's for the World Cup in Qatar the play centres around missile play by heran of a circular a lifelong Spa from Sri Lanka he travel to Qatar to work on the construction of the stadiums wear his hero Harry Kane will one day play but nothing can prepare yourself for the working conditions Heath

brutal day today my mouth has no words to reply.

I'm sat on the back of the bus without air conditioning in the middle of a desert far away from home and my head my head feels Do You See Me at again.

Do you see my body is temperature keeps rising my pulse has quickened my ears have popped the blood flow to my skin and one by one myself starting to deteriorate if you were very moved by what you had my name is Evelyn military.

I live in Chesham abakhan listening to dear Harry Kane not even knowing who Harry Kane is but the whole concept of the play quickly had me riveted the portrayal of nacelle by hi Sarah is outstanding radio definitely gives your imagination more moving pictures Richard Baker from South London is Sally's every migrant is a few rupees each month and hand over their passports and the Script played this out really well, did Harry Kane was for those who religiously watch.

Saturday and you never hear it hi Barbara Hardcastle from the Wirral although it has been widely reported in the of the working conditions and exploitation of such workers display.

Really brought it home Keith Mansfield the writer and publisher and a big football fan from London beautifully cleverly crafted perhaps of more people listen to this play, then they will start a movement of more outrageous about this because not enough people at all.

This is Steven Seagal's from an Unforgettable Radio playlist was it was sitting it should have been broadcast just before the World Cup and we'll stay as a memorial to all overrated guys whose lives were sacrificed in the guitarist sportswashing project.

So thanks to the BBC

we asked James fritzy feel like to respond to your comments and he sent us this voice now dear Harry Kane was based on the work of countless experts and journalists to My Name by like to give mention to the tile of campaigning about Misty international the journalism of Patterson Niamh McIntyre and Imran looked at the Guardian and the first hand many of people like Yasin kakande who's brilliant books slave States and the ambitious struggle give a clear account of life as a migrant worker my personal contribution to the story is football and the way that it plays a huge part in all of the major moments of his life footballers been one of my great loves and it was important to me that our story draw direct line between the thousands of workers who have suffered abuse and exploitation in the name of this tournament and the millions of football fans the world over his passion for what should be a joyful brilliant game will forever be tarnished by the

Guitar 20-22 thank you to everyone who listened and responded to the other thank you James Fritz is available on BBC sounds and anything you been listening to on BBC signs or on radio you can send an email to feedback at you can treat us at BBC R4 feedback.

You can leave a phone message or a WhatsApp it's so 33450 box box allows you to give us an unfettered review something you've heard this week flatmates gay Brindle and your name Rogers in Salford golden.

Touch to say they've been tuning into Gary Scott program your Lancashire on Radio Lancashire one of those local radio presenters facing an uncertain future with the proposed cutbacks to services that were announced at the end of last month with greater programme sharing and I moved to do.

Content Gary is on every Thursday evening between 7 and 10 p.m.

He chance to listeners about what's going on across the county and there's a fair amount of banter with his producer Gary Scott hi.

I'm Jana I can social media.

We're both living in Manchester now.

I'm originally from Blackburn in Lancashire and she's from Stockport from Stockport my family's from connection to Lancashire where it's everything.

It's on the way to formal it is just like a conversation a field what you listening to two mates.

Have a chat about what's going on a fledgling motorcycle.

We're looking for sponsorship and it's funny you never know he's listening there was somebody out there that wanted to actually getting one that wanted to sponsor this person and I've been listening ever since I will actually left Lancashire going to sound a bit sad in a bit sorry, but it really does sort of connect your back.

It's a friendly familiar voice talking about stuff going on in the area.

I've been to do straight from gay, but family is from Lancashire because I've brought up in Manchester a bit removed from them and Lancashire and general that's nice of hearing that if my family we were listening to it was talking about something and you mentioned I think it was the Samaritans after one of the stories and anyway, I'll give him a call.

Just don't be miserable and that is the most Lancashire thing.

I've heard all my love it if this subject records yet this number down 116123 because don't sit and miserable talk to somebody talking is really important.

A feel of look like listening to your dad that you're getting advice, then just having a good chat.

It feels very friendly very homely in it makes you feel your part of it rather than this listening to the radio and hearing my stories you fully or part of it.

It was like a family is creating.

It's not her what's going on in your local area is how are you doing? This is just going to be in informal chat for the next two hours.

We can have a good match.

You know how to talk to people and you can tell that and why the shell work so well, because it is about a local area in the community and if you don't talk to the community.

They're not gonna care.

You've Been part of the draw for more years than you probably can't remember this time so we also surprising is that when you think of local radio you probably sure if you're not from the area.

You're not going to care for her to National radio cabs in this community.

Dial now.

I'm not sure if it's scripted or not, but it definitely feels he has bullet point and he's just having a chat with it and I think that's what makes it stand out.

What's the best thing ever go out for a Christmas cracker you get paper clips and stuff little tape measures nail clippers that don't quite work.

Yeah small packs of cards that you can neither see nor deal out.

I forgot to generalise accident.

Let me they don't feel is ordering a good week as you want to listen to you like the Everyman on the radio.

Don't listen to the Porsche Cayenne BBC news on someone who can feel like a talk to that we are company to people that are on their own and it's such a privilege to X being in the option when people ring up and I was a fool well.

Play the older want to do just have a chat people sometimes do need that when they're sat there alone.

You just need some of that.

I know that sounds a bit so people.

Even if it's just I want someone to put on in the background just so I can feel like I'm not in a big empty house on my own and all the suddenly I do believe that you big character in you're not like I say you've got told you have more front than what I think a lot of people accidentally falling to be nail Alan Partridge if that makes sense for the like welcome to me.

You're listening to me for the next enjoy but he's very much Humble on that.

I'm just going to relax and talk to you and I feel like that gets caught you gonna lose something big from Radio shortly shortly shortly will have your archived.

Please one for your Moment of Glory speaking to me and you were there old hands of the bbcd old work ICC to be put out to stud possibly.

Is a lot of community if you cut shows like this should be used outside of loyal fan base and community that local radio provide to keep longer keep tuning in because they don't recognise his talking focus on what makes you different as a shower and was the station BBC Radio 2 gay Brindle and Joanna Rogers and you can listen to Gary Scots your Lancashire on BBC sounds at least for the spokesman this week, but we are committed to audience is their favourite local I put and will continue to do so will confirm our program plans for future schedules in due course know Alfie more spent over 20 years in the police force before turning to stand up comedy.

He's written and performed 7 series of it's a fair cop for Radio 4 he swears an audience members is police officer.

Start a bit and then give them multiple choice questions through the there are in jokes about traffic Cops being less than human the police officers.

Love of Greggs goods.

I'm not an addict, but I am a sausage roll user and performance targets under reporting crime is very very easy peasy fun shortly Owen Berkshire I think it's a great example the BBC's mission to inform educate and entertain and a few more is a an expert guide who takes us through the moral dilemmas and legal challenges of play policing and he does it with great humour insight and compassion in today's real case set in Scunthorpe a land where not all Heroes wear capes, but

Wear caps the time when the actions have some police forces in some individuals may have undermined the public's trust and confidence in the police something healthy is a useful reminder the most cups do their best before are in complex and challenging circumstances.

Can you attend a report of a man running down probably would ladies Scunthorpe waving erect penis standby for a description and listening to it's a fair cop presented by Alfie pushed down to earth commentary and insights into BA beach copper.

It doesn't pose as a superhero outfit middle-age policeman who can no longer size on Zeus is everything please talk to them up or antigen-binding when does exposing naked flesh become indecent where did?

And do you use a permanent marker pen?

Alfie let's start off with the idea that to come to Radio 4 and say ok.

I'm going to do a programme about crime and police procedure but actually it's going to be a comedy.

I mean it sounds to me like a bit of a tough sell.

How did you do it and what was your motivation for it? I think the public fortunately for me find placing quite intriguing and to give him a look in that inside well.

Good formula for doing that really to put them in the situation of a cop and ask them what they would have done.

Do you think that there is a public service element to it as well as the obvious entertainment LU1 making some serious points onto your bike crime and police procedure and the tricky decisions you have to make company is very powerful a very powerful medium.

Obviously we are noticing form of entertainment.

I think if the Laughing The Listening it's I think so, I think it's a wonderful form of Engagement and public confidence is low.

I think it's fair to same place in at the moment, but I think the show.

Sleeping that position and helps appreciate that these real-time decisions even the simple straightforward ones are easy in retrospect, but not easy at the moment.

I wonder if your loyalty to the sometimes causes problems for you for example one of our listeners has written in to comment my partner and I regularly listen to It's a fair cop but we're offended and shocked by Alfie most comments London mayor throwing the ex police commissioner under a bus from for sleep Khan but it does need to keep the buses running so you can throw the next police commissioner under 1 this was unwarranted criticism of Sadiq Khan and appear to support crested is comments are obviously open to interpretation but in the current climate came across as in sensitive and potentially too many groups affected by Cressida dicks catalogue of highly questionable decisions whilst in post.

What would you say to that Lister appeared to support because I'm

A professional or personal opinion on Cressida Cowell and warranted person called to Tom Windsor he was commissioned to do an independent report in the events leading up to Cressida dick resign ing his conclusion from the official or office report is that a lovely I'm sure many of us would point to the fact that in the Sarah Everard protests a lot of women who were protesting felt that the police the Metropolitan Police them without the required of respect that they would have expected to have an occasion like that, so I'm sure that our listeners.

Will have a different viewpoint some of them anyway with a different viewpoint.

Yes, I'm sure you're right.

I must be some grim areas of policing that you just feel that you can't go into I mean you must in away self sensors to what will make the kind of story and what will make the kind of the

The works of the program has gone on the subjects have got deeper and Radio 4 and let me run with it and been braver and when I look back at some of subjects.

We have covered in the company slots such as one shot mental health another one on sexual assault.

You wouldn't think they were comedy funny but once again.

It's a very powerful medium and I'm not sure there's many subjects at all done appropriately.

This is a way to do is things I think what I wanted to bring up that subject of being done appropriately because some of our listeners for example Emma Roberts has written to us to listen to the programme Alfie Moore it's a fair cop on the 7th of November and I was upset by his comedy description of schizophrenic mass murderer Dennis Nilsen maybe the schizophrenic psychopathic serial killing necrophiliac but he never did 46 in a 40.

Damage to the mental illness as I'm sure you're aware, so if you would not approve racist sexist homophobic humour mental illness and evil Killers when you listen to that does that give you pause for reflection my initial quick response is that I was referring to specific behaviour of a very specific individual Dennis Nilsen it was proven that it was a serial killing necrophiliac so that's beyond out but I think the points that your contributory is making is that nobody can argue for all those things describe bad people accept schizophrenia because I'm sure there are many listers who have that condition who are lovely people sell.

Yeah, you know I think that's fair comment and I think that's me using a very casual lazy flippant reference and I'm happy to apologise.

To Emma and anyone else that may be upset and I have to say that if I roll that joke again, but I wouldn't that word or replace it.

I'll say thank you very much indeed.

Thanks for having me know in a few weeks time.

We have a rare opportunity to cross-examine the controller of radio for mohit bakaya.

It's actually his first appearance on feedback.

He started the job in 2019 and plenty has happened since then so if you'd like me to put your questions to him or if you would like to speak to him directly about anything video for related then, please do get in touch with well.

That's all for today.

Thank you for listening and thank you for giving us your feedback.

I'm Andrea catherwood the producer is chill Davies and feedback is a whistleblowing Scotland production for BBC Radio 4.

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