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Read this: 09/12/2022 Radio 4 Feedback

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09/12/2022 Radio 4 Feedback…

Hello at the end of last month many BBC Radio live news in Northern Ireland wake up to the prospect of losing their favourite breakfast Radio Foyle is our home but more importantly it is your own and we will be here with the door open and the kettle on as long as we possibly moving words from Elaine Magee on Radio Foyle after learning award winning programme she presents was going to be axed under the new proposals also coming up as we head towards the semi-finals of the World Cup the 5th commentary team has come out on top for writer Road Crossing surrounding what's going on in this summer watching this world a little bit like the equivalent of eating there's a new format for the Radio 4 Reith lectures this year, but does it work for you.

I wanted to punch the air and cheer Time again, as I listen to Tom and

Select and making an impact on our inbox Justin Webb 5th class with RMT leader Mick Lynch on Tuesdays Today programme I've been against the strikes until I heard that Mr Lynch's eventually allowed to present.

I'll be in a rush but first over the last 6 weeks.

We've been hearing your reaction to the proposed changes to local radio Services across England what's the BBC maintains budget sustain broadly the same and digital services principally online local news will be enhanced all programs will be regional not late on weekdays after 2 p.m.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland has been a backlash to the BBC's proposal to cut staff and output at Radio Ulster based in Belfast Radio Foyle serving the northwest of the province.

It's part of a wider plan to close 36 posts across Northern Ireland Boyle MP and leader of the sdlp column, Eastwood

Sounds around cuts a prime minister's question time places an obligation on the organisation to allow audiences to fully engage on local issues.

This is a very clear breach of that obligation leaving licence fee payers outside the greater Belfast area without proper local programming will the prime minister act to defend this very important local public broadcasting service razors and bring it up with the BBC when I next season will you be contacting us with your thoughts and they have been plenty of them.

He was Mark home from Derry last week's decision by the BBC to do away with the BBC Radio 5 Breakfast Show has come at a better blow to the northwest region people rely on that show from 7 a.m.

To 9 a.m.

Local topics events fundraisers items of Interest everything that are region needs on a daily basis to be made aware of the very fact that there are no moving it to BBC Ulster in Belfast would mean that coverage in the northwest would be severely curtailed.

We need to save file Lewis robots save radio for my name's Paul I'm 20 years of age from date.

It's really disappointing and it's almost the kickoff today still people are the North foot.

We are losing our local BBC radio station.

Are you know a good part of that broadcast? I would love to see you know that decision reversed because I don't know what's the kind of outcry on social media and radio stations that it has been seen how important radio photos to Leona O'Neill from Derry

People know what they need help Radio 4 will take the issue on fighter corner decimating The Newsroom essentially removes the voice from the north west of the time when we desperately needed and people here pay the licence beholder local Media dear.

They know the reporters the trust them and they're just out race at the proposed cuts with me now is novelist Claire Allan he's been having her voice to the protests.

Can you explain to us why you think that Radio Foyle is so important to the region with a whole lot of different species here on the border.

So very very aware of everything across the whole island of an it important that people Harefield I have a voice and everything isn't just Belfast centric where the Investment tends to come in anyway.

We need to be able to shout about what's happening at this time.

So tell me about the breakfast programme and a place that it has in the life of the community around foil exactly what is happening here.

There's a massive.

Intensive community work in charity work and issues dealing with poverty addiction all these things and Fire always at the forefront of person that agenda for me the creative is an author working in the city vital in helping me raise my profile and helping people like Lisa McGee from Derry girls Brian McGill crime writer with musicians with everyone and you know Belfast it's over a mountain.

It's up a motorway.

It's an hour and a half away.

The infrastructure is not great sometimes I can be longer than that of isolated and and cut off the BBC has said that they will be investing in digital video and online.

Do you think that can replace the breakfast show on Radio 4 has a place obviously and it's worth.

Does a former journalist but a lot of people who listen to Foyle have listened to Foyle their entire lives so you're talking people going back people's granny's people's parents did Santa to Southampton in the early 70s and those people are people that necessarily want to switch to digital order video.

They don't want to watch if they want to hear your voice on the radio in the morning driving to work be able to put it on and just hear what is happening locally the saving is said to be £420,000.

Obviously the people of that region of paying their licence fee as well.

How do you feel about the cost cutting £120000 half a million sounds like a suppose a lot of money but in the grand scheme of an overall budget.

It's not supposed to all the where there are certain big personalities on the radio that their salaries for an exceed that for one person.

Play something by the service for an entire region Claire thank you very much indeed BBC Northern Ireland for an interview.

They said no but pointed us in the direction of an interim director Adam Smith on Radio Ulster who's he had 7 hours of speech broadcasting everything we will start with a 6:30 Evening News programme BBC Newsline we have political programmes and political I put and we have digital I put all of that I put is a platform for stories from the North West and beyond we are returning three programs in foil everyday and We're breaking up or digital news output from foil as well.

We spend about a fifth of our overall Ulster budget on foil before has a tense of the Radio Ulster available audience as a can of catchment area which is the third smallest in.

See after Jersey and Guernsey so we have to make some pretty practical and difficult decisions about whether the amount of money that were putting into foil with the greatest amount of audience Valley yes, we are re allocating funding but we're not abandoning for him and I think if there's a narrative that has been created were planning for I just sat nav.

I would I would say that's not true.

I said you're telling if it's still earlier this month the BBC defended its proposals for local radio in England the BBC's director of Nations rhodri talfan, Davies and the acting director of BBC England Jason Horton face the digital culture media and sport select committee.

This is not a story for local services.

This is about a rebalancing of spend about 10% for local spending England from local radio to strengthen on news coverage in every low.

Across have been concerns that black and Asian shows on local radio may also face the at the salon Henry centre for Media diversity organised an event at Birmingham City University called BBC local radio cards could diversity be the biggest casualty actors David Harewood and Adrian Lester Doreen Lawrence and Diane Abbott MP are among those who have an open letter to the BBC calling for black and Asian programmes on local radio to be protected and here's what you've been telling us.


My name is Anita and I'm calling from Bedford that we have story so you can relate to my story is very often.

They're not aired on national news and also is it could create a disconnect I believe with regards to me.

Call black British local people who want to hear the stories.

They want to hear now.

It is which reflect who they are hello my name is underactive and one of the three hijabis and anti racism campaign group.

I think it would be an absolute disaster to get rid of services these services cater demographics that often are ignored in the mainstreaming of BBC channels with me now is Edward adoo who has a weekly show on a Sunday night BBC 3 Counties Radio Show is billed as news views and music for the black community Edward do you know if your show is going to because you've been told it's on the consultation the plans that we were shown on a zoom call proposed for Sunday's to become a national shares, so when I mean the national share local programs won't be as they are.

Dalby of merged into one program and the saline the black and Asian shows as they are not be local comments and it's about the voices the who come and talk to me about sickle cell or about a great community celebration or something those people will not have the opportunity to have their voices heard on a national shape, but when it comes to black and Asian programs.

I generally feel that management at local radio don't really get what where about what we do so for Dublin to Cliffs knock on the door and say well.

Sorry, Ed and sorry you know black and Asian fellow colleagues.

Are we gonna research and there will be opportunities for podcast in BBC sounds sounds really patronising Edwards have you shared your concerns with the listeners with your listeners.

Do they know that the show is Under-20 yeah, they haven't.

50 shows disappear commercial platforms will not ever provide what the BBC local radio doing for black and Asian audiences Community Radio does not have the budget to do what we do week in Week Out sooner sense.

It's very scary to think they will not be a sufficient platform for black engaging audiences for local radio is 1Xtra Nation Network 1Xtra is targeting primarily a young audience 15 to 29 the same of the Asian Network their audiences scary robber younger this obsession of age and chasing a demographic and try and push people to sounds and tutor podcast will give you an example my auntie may not have sounds on her phone, so she's listening to my short to her blackshaw on a Sunday night.

If she doesn't have access.

She doesn't know how to go on sounds want to listen to a podcast.

Exclude a person Edward adoo.

Thank you very much indeed proposal for all weekend and afternoon schedule and currently consulting with staff about this with a broad range of black and Asian community programs.

We plan to safeguard this commitment as part of these proposals we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to represent patient of all backgrounds and diversity is a priority for us as well.

If you'd like to let us know what you think about local radio in England or Northern Ireland cuts or anything you listen to BBC Radio we would love to hear from you.

You can send us an email at feedback at you can leave a voice message on 0335 448 0440 all we can really safely say about the World Cup at this stage giving that you might be listening to this program on Sunday

Is that it's Not Over Until the final whistle has blown trust me the 20-22 tournament in Qatar has had its Phil of drama games are being covered by the five live commentary team on radio and for the first time for a World Cup you can actually listen to the radio commentary while watching television not just by running down the side and having a radio beside you but by clicking on the red button, so it's all synced a slight Worcester and football fan and a little interested in The Fortunes of clubs however in the last week's I've been hooked on 5 live on your World Cup coverage.

You've managed such a big event astonishingly well the range of commentators and pundits the experts from all the different country vox pops from Qatari cafes and Stadium it'll be interesting compelling in fact and brilliantly put together this evening.

I went to the pub to watch Brazil but the televised game doesn't attract radio name.

Imagine the game without the many doll bits as you fill the interaction with words and the description is vivid accurate and complete That's inspired us to look a little deeper into the history of football Radio commentators feedback special correspondent Rob cross and is partially sighted and he's been listening to football on the radio for as long as he can remember it was a 10-drawer at Highbury when Arsenal played Sheffield United in January 19271 thing for the first time the entire match was broadcast on the radio and the football commentator was born this recording is actually from later in the season is the same voice Teddy wakelam, and he had a square caller the radio Times printed a map of the pitch.

M28 number squares the caller falling the ball shout out the number where the action is that does wear one? He's as and the fingers of a nation diligently slid to the bottom of the diagram recently relies on radios football heroes and at this world cup they accept here is a modern masterpiece from the Saudi Arabia Argentina game marc-scott is the commentator Morrison is outside their squealing Argentinian found them because the lips.

Sage leaf and the commercial Radio City to this day of a cassette of the best of the radio commentary of Liverpool's double winning 19 85/86 season what I really enjoy about it share partisanship of the commentators.

There was simply no attempt to accommodate in any way that could remotely be construed as neutral and in the days of Wax health and safety and sweeping tumbling terraces every commentary I listen to from my bedroom 12 miles from Anfield contain that background noise of the cop surgeon sure swinging in a hooting.

YouTube better Peter Jones poetic empathetic crystal Clear Shar Peis nails and a man who the chance to say munchen glad back out loud home created his catchphrase at the 1966 World Cup final host final goal commentary match long lost in the archives probably only a couple of seats down from Wolston is how he called it.

Abruzzo anything worse than it was very much at the commentators cider relatable the ordinary side of the beautiful game for the likes of Rio Ferdinand or Didier Drogba incline the attacker was and I quote more than a Jesus and Mary Chain album please frankly a man.

I want to spend more time with of course you can always get the better of people this is Icelandic commentator who was at the mic for his country's win against Austria in 2016.

And then of course we'll always have a soft spot for pure brilliant.

He was the commentator in 1981 when Norway beat England 21 is commentary on the final goal was a big dollop of historical Reckoning Henry Cooper Lady Diana Maggie Thatcher can you hear me your boys took a hell of Rob Phillips of Radio Wales did his hair punching moment in this world cup but will always have his phone.

Is that a commentary from that qualifier against Ukraine back in June

Rob crossan and of course commentary from the five live team will continue right through to the final laundry maintain that broadcasting should be a public service in to enrich.

The intellectual and cultural life of the nation and back in 1948 the BBC began the annual tradition of inviting a leading figure of the day to deliver a series of lectures first off was philosopher Bertrand Russell and in recent years Hilary mantel Stephen Hawking and Grayson Perry have taken on the mammoth for lecture challenge lesbian, just one breaking 1992 when the BBC admitted they simply couldn't find anyone to do it well in the BBC centenary year there's been another shift from traditional rather than just having one person gift for lectures we have four different thinkers giving one lecture each lecture explores one of the things from Franklin die.

Famous 1941 speech on the four freedoms and goes I was up first with her lecture on freedom of speech in this age of countering disinformation all over the wall when it is easy to dress up a lie, so nicely that it starts to take on the glow of Truth the solution is not to expose it and scrub from it.

It's Falls glue and his what you had to say hello, my name is Maggie Gibson and a poet and writer from Glasgow here at last a person of international stature was raising alarm about this terrible stifling climate of social censure in arts world and Amanda did it with such poise and Grace as right as we need freedom freedom to let our imaginations run.

Freedom to call out current Orthodox and right now.

We may not have stayed censorship in the UK but the enforce consensus to Amanda has run like a virus through our institutions and it's just as unwelcome dangerous and devastating to creativity Christine Wilkie was full of Praise I feel compelled to let you know how absolutely wonderful your first speaker was he gave me home for Society today where previously they seemed.

Is eloquent Jermaine comprehensive accessible touching unbiased open minded that her Outlook on our lives not forgetting a touch of humour when she brought us all back to the basics that all lives are valuable not a word of hate or am I don't want him to stop my sound to write down some of the wonderful things she said what do mantra for us all to live by and you can listen to this is reflectors on BBC signs now on Monday night the RMT Union nights more train strikes including one on Christmas Eve on Tuesday RMT boss Mick Lynch Today programme with Justin Webb and this exchange prompted a flurry of emails from listening and we believe it's proven the driver only operation is less safe in terms of training.

In terms of protection waiting times of incident, but we also on a driver operated train from Victoria I don't feel that it's going to be honest it it feels doesn't it unrealistic to a lot of people who go on these friends everyday this only get one you like right now.

I'm having in Leeds I have to say I'm supposed at the way the presenter Justin tackle that interview safety is a huge issue on the real debate that is being at the point where Justin was proven entirely wrong on the staffing reality of a drive around the train not even having a guard present did not apologise or correct his claim cherry-picking have information when it comes to this issue, and the reality of safety and conditions for passengers and Rail staff seemed dangerously pushed under the rug hello this is Helen nolinski kodi.

Justin Webb interview with Nicola this morning interview struggle to answer list with questions that driver only operated train with more important than the answers solution be invited to you.

I've been against the strike until I heard that Mr Lynch was eventually allowed to prevent abuse in a rush as Mr Whitehead wasted so much time interrupting and give you his own views except for the time.

It is necessary to interrupt your gift Anthea dishonest obfuscating but none of this applied in this interview.

How many ml is Morgan from Teignmouth in Devon the Today programme Justin Webb interview Mick Lynch a sort of petrol and non-serious embarrassing time taken by Justin to be honest making the same point over and over again the people be inconvenienced.

Just said.

Counterpoint the Lynch made, just overall set of not very informative at all to be honest.

We didn't like Justin onto the programme.

He wasn't available but we received this from the Today programme a key part of being a BBC journalist as to ask questions of people they are interviewing with any news interview across BBC output the aim is for listeners to get more information on the top been discussed interviewees are given plenty of time to set up their position and robustly questioned on what listeners would want to know the answers to and a reminder coming up in our program in the series of the speaking to Radio 4 controller mohit bakaya, so if you got anything that you would like to ask him about the stationery.

How's and why's of the programs you listen to do let us know and put your comments directly to me.

That's all for today.

Thank you very much for listening and thank you for giving us your feedback goodbye.

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