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Read this: The Streamers Housing Crisis Albert Certification

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The Streamers Housing Crisis Albert Cert…

Some things just had some place to your day it pops out of the toaster dancing down the street to your favourite playlist to the shop new pink scratchcard a pink scratch card, please.

Thank you big play small celebrate summer with Mamma Mia take a trip with this funny feel-good tail that's captured hearts all around the world and where better to see it then on stage in London where it all began featuring that time songs of ABBA Mamma Mia

Hello welcome to the media forecast in Mexican on the show today.

We're talking Amazon getting a new studio home has Jim raise the Spectre a strimmer regulation also on the programme.

How should program make his address the climate crisis the director of sustainable certified Albert Taylor explains then we discover who's holding him to ransom.

That's all coming up this week.

Can you put some Jimmy Carr across social media as people debate whether the subject of his jokes and no laughing matter what soft comes chief.

Exec Melanie daughter says she's up for regulating the streamers has also been ITV posted hangover as a live show falls just like AnnMarie to its lowest ratings ever 2.7 million that got beaten by the BBC drama.

This is going to hurt.

Is commercial radio 7 oz the highest ever revenue the sector generated 718 Million last year with a big jump in digital spending online however is still causing the government announced the having another go and making websites that include pornographic material confirm that it's uses are over 18 as well as obvious sites like PornHub a new porn and reading that prescriptive Twitter and Reddit may also be in there crosshairs to speak with which this is also the week that Bloomberg news accidentally published the headline Russia invade Ukraine literally jumping the gun at the time of recording me today to cover more of the news that matters to our industry.

It's a welcome return after mains to media commentator and writer Kate Buckley most of the year.

I say welcome probably in this sense as you're currently in the States last week.

We're talking about Jeff suckers departure from CNN any idea how the CNN staffer taking it all off.

Sort of a week well, I think it's sorry I think the the broader implications beyond the theory was having in when he should have alerted OBD2 it is really what it means for CNN going forward the potential is that of course we have someone new not Jessica because there is some numbers that David Hasselhoff Discovery might actually be hiring a difficult one so the next thing is so cool.

Take over the raves seeing if it's for a critical time and cuddle time vanilla 16 and plus obviously there are 24 with their will it be next match flashing network it was a much more that work it was it was not a CNN I would be seen in years ago was not to see another Turner in who was rising that's basically he saw that Fox News was a huge threat as well as MSNBC and he realised he had.

Make CNN stand out so that's only been company that makes money now.

We just had to do a news know what's next for saying that is the big thing isn't it's because the rumours are it's just going to be left with the rotating three sort of super heads in between but Discovery will sort remake in 20 leadership when they take over and just had some approvals through this week.

I've made from from the US government as well that suggest that processes marching on it's going to be very interesting in terms of housing in itself moves into the next stage thing because as you know he's going to have a lot of actual type programming on it.

It isn't that a sort of music but you know it's more you got my infection types up and there is something that Discovery knows a lot about.

What's going to happen with you know you responding, so that is all hi Boyd I'm at now.

I've been reading on Twitter that you seem to be mourning the loss of a of a print magazine entertainment weekly has gone to the the great understanding the sky is this bad news when it started was it was partly an attempt to do a comment to turn Weekly magazine.

I love dancing went back in its right to up till now into a digital only brand but you know it was brilliant writers and critics TV and film critics and you know covers all areas of entertainment it would get incredible exclusive access.

I posted the cover lady the sofa cover they did 1 time which was fantastic.

So it was just a great great if you know if your entertainment say I am and entertainment director of heat, then it was wonderful wonderful resources well, so I'm really sad about it.

Yeah, and I think everyone should go out and buy magazines from newsagents that they love because we need to print I don't need people died, but you know it's definitely plateauing and in many ways declining but I think there is still examples of you know.

It's still could be a luxury item a printed magazine a Glossop you still love them and hope everyone has had two lots of magazine thinking about our do younger audiences.

Look at it differently to order audiences, or is it just something suit that that mediatype now better than better than others as to whether young people how often do young people go into?

Newsagents in supermarket supermarket and now you know where there's magazine racks in mySupermarket.

That's a huge ariat Sutton house sales another weekly Weekly magazine sales I think but I still believe that once you know once young people grow older and they see you know there are fascinating well written well-researched informative magazines out there different to newspapers.

You know the reasons obvious reasons in terms of frequency and depth of magazines cover stories that they all still carabiner magazines will ever die.

That's kind of what you know about the death of films and TV on books selling I believe really well back again.

The people will sound the death knell for that actually.

It was still loves a great magazine.

Thank God yeah, but the business name is completely change that supposed to have a magazine magazine, but it's not the same as you know you.

Frequency unit sizing for it.

It's about magazines future going forward in what is the business model and how does it fit into the digital business model is obviously going to be driving this now, so news that Amazon has bags a multi-million pound deal with Shepperton studios to produce series and movies are according to the Guardian looks like the new deal for Amazon what does it mean for the industry that they cannot get into the studios business news because Netflix already has a deal with Pinewood I think and you know that this is the booming area of the creative Industries TV is extraordinary the number the sheer number of mostly scripted drama the streamers our commissioning and producing and creating an earring more more per year and I Know It field is getting a bit ridiculous and everyone's assuming little bum.

Cast some point and you know subtly Netflix had problems recently with it to know because I think there but they still got you know hundreds and thousands of subscribers in the world, so do I know you know me to make money properly some point prime video calls different because you know Amazon is owned by 1 richest people in the world so definitely have such then nothing there that much about making a profit is the millions into shows like Lord of the Rings of the funeral of the Rings will be filmed at this Lord of the Rings was series one is in the bag and that was filmed in New Zealand well.

I think the location shootings in the bag and I mean maybe they will maybe they will be studio shooting still to come now, but yeah, that's just in general the fact that Britain has the powerhouse Studios these lavish facilities shoes big sound stages a sexual way you can order this supposed to be film somewhere.

I think you know if I was a young If I Was Younger person and we wanted to get in.

The Kray twins definitely TV find something you like doing you're interested in doing TV because it is just exploding still on there was any signs of slowing down a lot of that investment from Netflix is because they were pretty much space.

Have I got to create this room to ensure that their flow of material can can be filmed is a classic supply me an issue being commissioned right now as the different platform struggle to stand out that obviously you know places like in Shepperton cleaning up which is great and there looks like we're leaving build more.

I mean just to give you some numbers on this the top 8 media groups means Disney Amazon Prime are planning to spend 115 billion hours on new movies and TV shows just this year just this year.

Imagine that sanskrit drama vs.

Where they need space and mate.

This is for the streaming service because it is about right now the Clinton Arms Race with more this is just part of it in the UK creative economy has incredible Talent on it's yours cleaning up on as well as they shut in my PC no.

It's not just going to be in the UK we are starting to see an appetite across different kinds of your German language drum and in French I mean look at swinging that's not from Europe at so it's really interesting that we're going to see there's more and more to me and it's happening and that is nearer more places are studios in how to build people going to see this happening in London for the UK is sitting in a very good place right now and the Amazon course it is a very different.

Anybody else actually investing you know this video saying that they started just to sell more shoes and toilet paper is you know actually something that's good, but you know it's a very different Amazon just released their advertising out.

They had 31 billion and 31.

That's including the Amazon Prime subscriptions right Amazon's ad model is bigger than all newspapers around the world combined you have to think about the way advertising is going that's another big either way.

It's the advertising businesses growing obviously faster in the digital side.

It is in India lopsided put aside for obvious reasons I bet you know we still have the big guys controller Facebook and Google but as well, so it's

Yes, it's been great but advertising is working during this whole streaming business with watching all of these new series about to come off the line so I think HBO just now it's the first finished commission have you got a cover it all now English on non-uk? Non-english language stuff as well.

Can you cope just about? Yeah? I think is a good thing.

I'm happy with it.

I think you meant is there more and more I mean there are every week now.

There are 5 6 7 sometimes brand new scripted shows arriving on the streaming BBC One out there.

So yeah, there's a lot to deal with but you know I think it's fantastic and you know what movie tv.

Every week bring it on station eleven, which I think is a brilliant a brilliant series but as you mentioned it sort of it's hard to work out.

Because it looks so you think it's going to be on Sky but actually it's on what's it on it's on it's on the channel.

You're right on Amazon it is really confusing the only part of you know my job is to explain things to do with it is confusing just said today about the podcast and they show Lisa peacock peacock commission NBC streaming service is ending up on on the Netflix here.

I mean it's really it's bizarre and bewildering why is it on the Peacock version of pick up that's going to be on here.

You know what is it all these things but the fact is there are there's more more of it, but I'm like I can't be annoyed about that because it is pretty bloody good as well.

The minimum level of quality of TV now has never been strong.

I think that's you're not you know I'm not necessarily that everything's brilliant, but the minute you have to use a minimum technical level of quality now.

And then be on that most of them are pretty decent and sometimes, but there's definitely a much higher BA2 getting on TV do you think it's from the 70s 80s 90s early noughties.

Where can we actually getting in the way of good stuff being made now get my money and then you just have subscript superscript or subscript whittling process actually done quite badly up to now.

I think so.

I think you if you talk to write particularly, but you know a few years back.

Yeah, and they would fit stuff to the old school channels if you like the things like I've already got a comedy about gay people or something in my life.

You can only have one of those a year now.


I think the stream as a teaching them not to worry.

You know haven't covering the same subject matter because it's on a different point of view as a different story it's fine and it's the quality that matters in the end and you know I think I think actually that has had a huge influence.

On the BBC tonight TV channel for this world, I think I have been Voldemort earring with the commission and just you know any more of it.

You know that's pretty much a new one or two sometimes 34 new drama BBC Channel 5 now, so it's all it's all very good condition in that obviously the broadcasters are having to be older and maybe take alone more risk, but I disagree that you know that the controller has evolved were you know turning stuff down because they were you know for whatever reason.

They have completely changed so I disagree.

I was a very different environment.

I think if we got now is a very dynamic and actually quite scary environment for the broadcast just cos you're trying to figure out where they still into this new.

Well, we have to have another channel, but we can't afford it before bidding against you know Netflix and Amazon and where else wants to get this commission because we don't have the money to this is really difficult Productions it's not like the old is the old system was so much easier commission something you go down the guys will get syndication diels-alder and delivery was happy and you know if there's anything wrong you have so much more trouble and dynamic space and maybe it takes a new planet commissioner, but I think that that is just a new assistant.

Well if you're an old commissioner listening, I want to defend your 80s 90s commissions get in touch Twitter video podcast stew for streamers and broadcasters sustainability.

You may have noticed on the entitled to number of British shows including the One Show at the logo for Albert but what is an Albert certification and what role do the creative Industries have to play in the fight against climate change is director of Albert carreras Taylor to tell us more but they've not any measured their footprint a carbon footprint, but they've adopted a certain set of practises and which have been evidenced to my team so I'm making the media podcast spin-off.

It's going to be a massive Netflix hits.

Do you tell me what I have to do or is it me checking my show or is it before or afterwards? Where does it fit slap that production process in terms of The Vacation process? It's really important that starts pre-production and partly say that you know what the requirements are for the certification but also said that you can do.

Forecast is carbon footprint, so you can see where the impacts are so often when we're speaking to people even just down the pub.

So you know that I'm doing my bit.

I'm doing recycling and it's a really interesting learning curve.

I think when you do your own carbon footprint where you see the impact or you know plastic waste is absolutely something we need to address but in terms of carbon footprint is pretty minor and the impacts are in energy and transport and then materials and so on utility is really really important though and so doing it forecasted carbon footprint online tool provides you with a kind of pie chart to show you where all those impacts are and you can take a view then on alright.

Ok? We'll be there as we look at then we ask you to complete a carbon action plan and this is where there's that have basically qualitative questions asking you whether you will do certain.

Like issuing agreement not all of them a mandatory some of them are prompts to help you to think about that.

There is the opportunity to do this.

Will you switch the Green at Green electricity? Will you switch to using LEDs in most of those are mandatory, but there are some questions that aren't and one of the questions that we don't have to answer.

Yes to is around editorial.

Are you thinking about you're ready and see you at the message is really really important that we don't dictate to this industry.

How to do their job their the experience.

They know how to do it and their creative as well and editorial independence is of course very precious.

We would want to do nothing to a road.

That is your desire to prompt shift and change and and help people to consider it.

Cos if you are a production manager may be the first time that you're there to sort of do this and you can log on to do the forms.

I guess it's only been told her we've got to do this thing and you might so they go.

Oh right then.

The first time I see what it is, but does the prompting change how people think about it for future things that they that they make it having a big impact on Broadway I think about that shows I would say it's kind of a means to an end to write.

We don't want to do in this weather and in fact.

It would be my ideal that we redundant people kind of get it and the switch and overtime introducing 20 and we do see that 0-series on series of people return to is there in packs have come down partly because you know a second series they can be used sets and props and costumes that have previously reusing stuff, but they have learnt as well those impacts are and they've made the changes inherently upfront and in time we going to have to transition to to make sure that we are accounting for that bit more moving things further monitoring their organisation does broader things and there's the climate content played now and explained that what's this stage?

The process so this was really exciting piece of work.

We work today convened.

It's not our pledge is the industry's pledge.

We announce that we support the announcement of it 26 last year seem to person in time to Land it and it was 12 of the biggest broadcasters in providers in the UK and Ireland coming together to commit to messaging around climate change and sustainability in all kinds of contents this isn't about more natural history documentaries or more news or more doing Bloom three important is about meeting audiences wherever they're watching that contact whatever content that is thinking about the opportunity within that to you know provide a message about the solutions or the that we're facing here.

I'd say as well.

There's a there's a point in this.

That's like inevitable if you're talking about say houses or travel or purchase.

So basically just being a human being in modern society you're sending a signal one Way Or Another about climate change and sustainability and so it's thinking about having that responsibility and what you're doing that and how your signalling which way you're going to fall and it's going it's going to affect everyone so we have to reach everybody and we have to bring them on the journey with hers.

It's not about hectoring.

It's not about dictating the solution enabling the conversation basically and examples of people of thinking more about it and a changing and what they put into the shows or into story of affection when prompted water have the broadcasters to the started doing anything about themselves this industry isn't sort of steps up when there's been a social issue, and we've had a hit head on or Saturday night behaviours towards the right direction so in.

Is there a sitcom Cheers and in the USA had a major issue with drink driving and drink driving related fatalities and it cheers popularised the designated driver by weaving that into their storylines doing this for ages the more recently succession had their storyline if someone disinheriting their grandson and leaving the Greenpeace and they will understand from I think it's a Guardian article 22000 people then went online to see if they can do the same selves and there are direct references and and proof points actually we do have made a responsibility and I made a platform which shift behaviour quite considerably that was so you can find out more we are and if you work in media.

You know that it's hard to get people to understand that they need to pay for the content they enjoy and just like your TV show or radio programme, please.

Automatically come together and do you actually want to pay the people who do the hard work putting it all together to tell just do that if you can afford it.

I would encourage you to become a supporter by joining our patreon at / mediapad each week our patrons.

Get exclusive content as well.

So this week you can hear an even deeper dive with Paris where we discuss.

How Hollywood is tackling there carbon impact an extra 15 minutes of insight.

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Some things just had some place to your day.

Is it pops out of the toaster dancing down the street to your favourite playlist festivals new pink scratchcard a pink scratch card, please.

Thank you lottery dream big play small celebrate summer with Mamma Mia take a trip with this only funny feel-good tail and hurt all around the world and then on stage in London I'm a songs of ABBA

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Welcome back Biden KKK still with me and it's time for some media news in brief US comedy special on Netflix first aired at Christmas and it being watched by over 2 million people and that was before clips immersion social media some of its content leading to Ofcom shared a Melanie igniting talk of regulating streaming services to see what Melanie said about her diving into regulating people like Netflix has been looking at this for awhile as have the what about the regulators across the world and indeed is not easy stuff you how do you regulate a global platform now? That's you know what she said now specifically about Netflix is it they are based in the UK so they are not so busy UK regulation so even if she puts and regulation.

You know they don't have to buy back is not based in the UK so how does that work it seems to be quite a big issue, because a how do you do it who does it you have to have some kind of you and of regulators.

You know the meaning animations regulators.

It work together to make this work is easier global platforms right, so would she would like to do is say ok.

If you just said something is streaming in the UK we are can't should have some kind of right to say yes or no answer of what you can do there.

It's going to be very hard to control.

We just talk about earlier about how many services are out there.

How do you how do you actually keep your who want to sort this stuff right? So that's one problem the problem is what is the mean? There? Is it there is an argument to be had that broadcast television is different from streaming streaming channels are ending up on her big TV in the lounge is because we're having.

TV devices, so what is the difference between a broadcast view and you might be watching on your phone around your tablet That's becoming more fuzzy so you know but I think it's something we actually think about.

How do you regulate them? What do you regulate them? And then I think you need to have some I mean.

I think you should text these people to make sense a look if you're putting stuff in their country.

You know we should get a bit of that revenue when we can put it back into her own services either or directions to visit our film production services regulation services because you're going to need the robot to regulate these guys if that's that's going to happen in today.

I think that last week Denmark said that they get introduced 5% Levy on streaming subscriptions in that country to support local production of the regulators kind of like to regulate in the USA right way, you are Kate

The cable companies were under the same restrictions that broadcast was undertaken FCC rules so if you're on cable used to live arrival to be a free app to be the same with streamers and it's very much lean forwards.

You know it's not like you happen to watch a thing you're choosing to subscribe your choosing to watch a programme choosing to consumer does not make a different regulatory environment because they showing up on the living room if you want to have some kind of regulation channel for BBC you don't have to be regulated either.

I mean I mean what's the difference.

They would argue that even historically maybe this change is going forward in a public broadcasting on public spectrum.

It's getting much more it's very easy.

Is it ok? This is this is public service and this is not puppets.

How many people know the difference.

Are you saying do you want podcast regulation as well when I'm saying is there should be basic rules about every kind of media and can't exactly a Netflix is not able able to buy the law and regulation ok? I'm getting into the fine if you try to regulate them.

It's going to be difficult because it's a huge.

It's a huge then right so my my opinion would be they should have basic stages like this like defamation inside the van and all that kind of stuff that should definitely be there.

Are you have to force that which is going to be hard by the way?

What is something that since I write me just we just get through this whole thing that you know what does your been saying was it wasn't actually amenity vaccine stopped against the public health well many what are doing it, but the other thing is I think that would be much better to basically say ok.

You are getting access to wire you don't write solicit least texting to get something back so I'm with the American so I think I like I like I like yeah.

That's alright Chris Evans breakfast show on Virgin Radio announced.

It's going to introduce innovative new feature ad breaks a crazy for radio Nova so previously had an exclusive sponsorship deal with Sky now.

That's probably come to an end 3 years into Chris Evans in search of term of Virgin do you think he was a shrewd move back in 2019 to serve in tennis Radio 2 listen?

By having no ads as it may be done.

It's job to do that.

There will be no Chris Evans is good to use him.

Is it be able to get to raise awareness for Sky just a normal thing more interesting is how is Chris and show developing you know when he's been at this time any of you know how how does a Chris Evans show stand out as you know about podcasting.

There's so much competition on audio.

What's a question? Have you heard the Chris Evans show in recent months even seen around at all.

I had a lesson specially for This podcast.

I think it is interesting how he's kind of that holds a format and you know making fun of the sports guy vs.

Arsenal I don't know I found it a bit much to Sainsbury most most most of his audiences 3554.

That's so interesting absolute powerhouse, but yeah the shows I found I found a bit much.

Did you notice the sky mentions vs.

Club yet? Because I was specially you today because I knew it was going to the topic but I think you know what a genuine.

This is because I'm about but if you listen to you.

Just kind of expect there to be a certain number.

You know me I don't know it's amazing.

It's like this long to be honest with only having no sky that sky sponsorship the BBC calling from more factual entertainment format dead me mischievous according to Catherine Catton is head of factual entertainment commissioning.

I've always been a bit down on fact ENT and then I was going to having having a look to the barbed numbers and actually rather annoying Leaf accent does pretty well boys having the BBC announcing new slate of shows this week because it includes you know the Great British all those all those Great British things which are still how many are there is a reminder w1a in know that they used to have fake Great British things which probably house which would it come true since we as it's hard to satirize.

Have to say and I think that is interesting that The Apprentice came back is on at the moment after a break.

I do feel like that show feels quite tired to me.

Is it a little bit trying a little bit too hard in the face of having been away for a long time and top 5 BBC One Show there isn't it? Doesn't surprise me brilliant former.

You know it's a brilliantly companion for man still funny, but you could you got this punch absolutely ridiculous business and trying to try to pretend.

They're absolutely one thing that struck me about entertainment and extreme is already 10 shows and like repair shop.

There is another popular one of them.

Is it the Legacy of broadcast like are these shows going to transfer over to to streamers or a people into streamers for drama and comedy and film boys.

I think the stream has been keen on on going into that Too Hot To Handle the dating show on Netflix does pretty well for them understand that I mean Netflix figures and what you have to take the picture.

So they said as well and I know they're doing I know they've got Slater a few more that one with the mask just BBC3 show that they can still go away with animal masks and I've got another thing coming up at dating in the name anyway, so there's nothing that's almost because I think they feel like they have to try everything you know the funeral services so have to try Sport live sport in Amazon done pretty well.

That's football anymore like they have to try I'm not sure it's too cold.

I shouldn't think it's their core offering because one of these things Netflix is still they considered a USB to be dropping and tyres in one go which works absolutely for them with dramas comedy, but it is a bit of a problem with with Pat dent, because do you really want to watch episodes of Too Hot To Handle dating show you want to bring you on that one.

Is the joy of those you know love I'm keeping up with it day off today and as a community of uni experience.

I think that is a tough one for them also and also global as well as the owner convert into a big global format hit is the media quiz this week.

It's entitled to Ransomes I'm going to give you 3 headlines where programs are facing the axe this week all with the crucial Media property missing so you need to tell me the missing word or words.

You'll get it as we get it.

Don't worry this three rounds you can buzz in with your name if you know the answer so boys will say good and Kate say.

Let's play Ransom right what threatens closure the EU over data?

Boyd Facebook basically, there's love data issues about his Facebook love nothing more than to sweep data basically and there are p and data laws that are challenging and changing the whole business model basically as I understand it, but they have been using has been re renegotiate it and so Wicks price is all the data in US servers right, so the problem is if the eu says you can process the data for Europeans in US servers, you know in a booking function so actually I will I was putting a story I asked Facebook as if you was a deal and you please because the headquarters in Dublin for example.

What can you do if there are technologies in the in the States so basically there negotiating with the EU to try the remake the privacy laws that are already been in place, but it's been was there under a certain manner.

To try to make sure that they have the right rule so they can continue to process all the data in the US to be honest Instagram and Facebook is negotiating ok number 22.

What was what was axed from Channel 5?

Boys boys just adjust Xscape their neighbours Channel 5 after all these years might someone else might find the money to give it to state execution, but yes the way home and away because I have them both back to bang Home and Away they seem to be fine with Ramsey having is erinsborough.

It's gone now.

Maybe maybe maybe like Paul Robinson's doing the deal and he fell out with with icon buses maybe that's what it was.

I think it would be quite the shade try and binge watch on Netflix right final question question number three the BBC have pulled what episode of this episode of something.

It's not sure as long as I can before I put it on which featured a Annan quotes young entrepreneur made millions out of Bitcoin or rabbits called all that kind of in a world of my old was embarrassing but yeah, but there's something this one question mark over how just quite how this guy you know this story is about the stories about the guy busy suddenly shut down and we will speak to you on the BBC show PSB broadcasting and his business and shut down living reason.

I mean if your business is a bit a bit crazy at the moment.

I'm finishing this is we are England which was the Inside Out replacement on the BBC I mean.

Is crypto stories seem quite attractive to write about her? It's fine.

It's millions of Dollars but I think your friend of the show Jim Waterson was just basically Googling the guy and Googling his coin he created and just suggested on Twitter that maybe this seems a bit dodgy about an hour the BBC cancelled the program and I'm not saying it was Jim entirely did it but the see me in 5-minutes is a slight worries and avoid if the power of Jim Waterson absolutely you have been honest podcast with and the power century of the Menu podcast that is really good for me.

Will you couldn't Max and that means I'll winner of the media quiz is Boyd FIFA 3 well done.

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You can got home the producer of the show was Matt Hill with support from Phoebe Adler

it was a reaping audio production.

See you next week.

Something's just had some place to your day catching the toast and it pops out of the toaster dancing down the street to your favourite playlist when you're sparkly boots to the shop and best of all picking new pink scratch card.

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It's the world's funniest musical Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre you already know you get a love it.

I never like the analogy of being this comes down and never liked it because I will come home and I will see all my people my people live here.

I moved to know when I love the world when I came home.

My people were still here.

My family is here.

So how do you talk about a city like it's disappeared.

My name is Jessica more sections Detroit resilience and herself in the heart of the Day by the show on Apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you find great stories.

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