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Marcus Ryder MBE: "We are all just one c…

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Hello welcome to the special extended interview with Marcus Friday and by who launched this year's appeal for film and TV charity when he's the coco2 months 2 months.

I'm still counting weeks.

Yes, this is my eighth week.

Are you enjoying it? I'm loving it, but it's like having a baby in the you know you have the sleepless nights and then you're allowed into a false sense of security when they sleep through the night and then This Is Easy I can do this and then you is the only last 2-weeks or one week and then they start waking up with it then got teething problems and I'm going through the this is great and I think in two weeks time.

I'm going to recognise is the other things to do something else, so people don't know tell us a bit about about the charity what it would have it seems so the charities got three.

games the three basic games are to look after the physical mental and financial well-being of people in the industry Farm people working in film television and cinema people have to pick the cinema bit and the fourth day which was adopted in 2019 was to also address issues around equity you can tell that is because of diversity and inclusion stuff, but it's just equity and overcome barriers of people in in the industry trusting people fairly that type of stuff I say the main thing that we're we're known for our there looking at the mental health or people working in the industry and trying to address their and there is a massive health, Armagh

Distance from what's a crisis in film and television and also there is a housing associated crisis when it comes to financial resilience in which I'm sure going to get into Zoe's how do we help people with that and those two things and they also connected to equity as you know who hasn't got the bank of mum and dad was in that will affect issues of equity and financial resilience and so it's all it's all interconnected and what attracts you to this role sounds great role for a couple of years ago established or Cove set up the Lenny Henry centre for Media diversity, which was addressing issues of equity in just from the television and what exactly know it's Media more.

Generally we wanted newspapers as well and have you?

and so I was swimming in the area of seeing how do we make the industry better and discuss of a natural extension of how do we make sure the

people love working in Film and Television so they can produce the best film and television they can do and it comes from and I worked at the BBC for 24 years last is the senior music using counterfeit executive and I was never a victim of bullying but I've worked in department.

I worked at BBC Scotland which at that point there were some great public and high-profile cases of bullying which affect people's mental health and I worked it freelancers.

I was I was lucky enough to be staff, but I work with freelancers and have worked an interview long enough to see the use of financial resilience and financial hardship in the models in the financial models that we actually work within the working practises so

From televisions, I love it.

I know that I absolutely love the industry and I want us to flourish.

I want I want other people to love it.

I don't want it to be that I love you must have heard some colour heartbreaking stories as people apply for the money.

It's a nice thing is it to ask for help? It's hard to ask for help to yeah.

I mean it lately under we've got to make sure that we coordinate better and we are talking to you know BBC studios in a meeting with BBC Studios just two days ago.

You know we're talking to Warner Brothers we're talking to Amazon let you know we're talking to everybody because it is in this enlightened self-interest to make sure that these people leave the industry and get it.

Yeah, I think they do I think they do I mean the they do.

I would love them to get it so much that they could actually change their model so that the charity wasn't needed because currently model and this is something which I don't know I've only I've only been in this is my 8-week remember my eight week, but we do need to look at is there a freelance fit for purpose and this is that that used to be a whisper that used to be a whisper as to where the freelance model is fit for purpose and I'd hear some people say I did think that you was some kind of Mad community.

Where is now I'm hearing a high-powered effects say we don't know the freelance model actually works long-term if we're going to keep that workforce if you're going to keep hold of that Talent you know.

It's healthy for British creative sector to be working to the model right now.

That's the problem and you had some of the Amazons on Netflix's of the world investing in physical Studios acute physical Studios can I pop up in Hertfordshire where is the human capital doesn't always get that that's my best mate.

Does it? Yes or no, because if you to be fair to the Amazons of the world you do see them investing in human capital you do see they were here.

They could easily point to the Raft of money.

They spend on on training and whatever you so it's less about the Goodwill for me.

It's less about the Goodwill of the streamers and the broadcasters and it's more about the economic model that they are working too and the economic model.

That they're working to is one way you bring somebody on for a gig they do the job and then we don't know when their next gig is and so that can have real issues even if if you look over the course of a few average out and over the course of a year or two years even if they're the money.

They're taking home is reasonable in a trying to plan out that financial resilience when you don't know when your next job is in a curry really difficult and it can have to say what is interconnected it can also have a massive mental health issues as well that insecurity actually speaking about it.

We talk to a bit about talk about diversity and representation when the industry feels more pressure to some of The Commitments look for that broadcasters and press companies have made so they fall by the wayside.

Are you finding the people are focused on?

Delivering but they will they promised in that space? That's always the fear that it will be seen as a as a nice to that diversity is seen as a nice to have no there for armour.

They those does Commitments of it is seen as a nice to have those comments will fall by the wayside.

I think some of the people that I'm talking to at Amazon some of the people I'm talking to it at ITV and then all the time I get nervous when I say that because why did BBC BBC Channel 4 broadcasters and streamers recognise if you want to create a great product which appeals to different segments of not just the UK population but just globally you having that diversity behind the camera as well as in front of the camera.

He knows absolutely necessary.

My fear is the even with the best intentions of the broadcasters is that if you have a model of long periods of unemployment.

Yes the charities there.

Yes, we will be able to help but long-term it could easily become an industry where you have to have the bank of mum and dad long-term it become an industry wear armour if you have a specialist freelance if you have children you can't afford to look after your children who is childcare so expensive so you won't be able to do that or you won't be able to go to a doctor's appointment because you're losing work because you're being paid as a freelancer to take that day off in a separate cetera and so I think that.

We need to think of diversity in all its manifestations.

You know whether that's disability were that ethnicity but also social class around economic background and it's not because I wanted to say so unless we can get financial resilience issue, which charities trying to do then even with the best one in the world with the best programs.

I would say the diversity wall Armagh word on the appeal.

What are you hoping to achieve this Christmas sort of out of work freelancers now.

I'm absolutely certain that there is a target that we have and being 8-weeks in Target number has gone clean.

Out of my head and I'm sure that I will have people back at the film and TV charity cursing me for not being able to work all targets to be exceeded company, but what we really looking for is it?

What we have is that we have a recognition from some brilliant people so we have armour people like Maxine Peake in and recorded a message.

I've called a favour for my old friend Lenny Henry as well.

So he's are taking part in our appeal film because what they reckon and I think what so many people recognise is that there is this crisis going currently on film television high-end television and non-scripted as well and what we need is we need people to to dig deep and to contribute and it's really easy to contribute and I just go to film TV my point is that.

If you're in work, if you're lucky enough to be one of the people in work right now working in Film and Television then I feel it's almost not almost just me being polite.

It's your duty, you know because but for the grace of God go all of us, you know we're already a couple of hard decisions away from from if you are freelancer.

We are all just one commissioner Lane literally we are all just one commission away if we're in work from leading the charities and say once we can acknowledge that once we can see that then we have to give you have to give I mean yeah, so to the film TV charity UK film TV charity Marcus Friday thank you very much.

Thank you so much.

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