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What price for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial install
published on UK Free TV

In responses to the guideline I posted about how much having a new aerial fitted should cost, Ian Grice posted: "£40-£50? Every aerial fitter I contacted wants at least £150+VAT considering you can get a class 3 aerial for under £10 and a class 2 for under £15 and cable is 40p a metre why are they charging so much for 30 minutes work?"

OK, for some places putting up a TV aerial is hard work, such as multi-story properties. As many people will simply be exchanging a Group A, B, C/D, E or K aerial for a wideband type, often without changing the supporting pole or cable, a high price cannot be justified.

I am concerned that some companies will exploit vulnerable groups (such as the elderly).

So, I what prices have you been quoted for aerial installations? What price have you paid for installation?

Do you know of any companies to avoid? Do you know of any companies that are good value for money?

Or do you work for a great aerial installation company?

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

6:40 PM

No ian i dont leave a job unfinished i work my day around my life try and get an spark our on a saturday let alone sunday without charging you an arm and leg work it out still doing 49 hour week if the work is there watch the spark when 12 o clock comes 1 hourblunch break. never had one never will i work from 8 till 3

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Mazbar's 384 posts GB flag
Mazbar's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage

8:34 PM

Different Ian here

I have been busy, so have not put any posts on here for a while. I seem to be joining the back of an arguement here.

To the other Ian, who I gather is the only honest not working for profit sparky in the entire country.


This web site has been built and maintained by one man who works god knows how many hours every night helping the general public for free.
Every aerial and satellite engineer who makes a comment on here gives up their own time, handing out free advice to many thousands of people in their spare time, all answering every question without charging or asking for anything in return.

And you come onto an aerial and satellite website probably visited by every engineer in the country and say that we all know nothing and work very short hours ripping customers off.

As I said you sound like a dick

We too have to sit exams and health and safety checks, we have to pay thousands for our own tools vans and our own education along with having to replace nearly all our equipment every couple of years because of the limited safe use of harnesses and ropes plus getting the ladders safety checked by an independent company, all at our own expense.

We may not have to sit the same exams and tests as the ones in your trade but we do have to prove to many government companies that we can do our job and work in a safe environment for us, the customer and their property.

I would suggest if you actually want some free help and advice please ask, and I am sure there are many people on here that will give up their time again for free to help you.
If not stop slagging off our trade and consider how you might actually need us in the future.

All the best Ian

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Ian's 59 posts GB flag

8:36 PM

Hey other riggers sorry for the bad language

Good luck for switchover guys


And girls if you are out there with us.


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Ian's 59 posts GB flag
steve h

9:33 PM

mazbar and kb, i work in the midlands and most of my local transmitters have switched over. just had a very quiet week , as you say an aerial falling down or leaking water will still be good enough to work whereas in the past it would have resulted in a job. plus add in the fact that people havent got the money to spend. things not looking too bright. worst week in 20 years to be honest

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steve h's 23 posts GB flag
KB Aerials Sheffield

11:02 PM

Steve H - looks like were all moving to the canary islands to help all the ex pats get Sky tv!

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KB Aerials Sheffield's 274 posts GB flag
Monday, 18 July 2011
7:03 PM

steve and KB

I talk to all the local aerial suppliers trade shops down here and they say they have never seen things this quiet either.

No body buying stock from them means there is no work.

Dreading the switchover here

also does not help with the offers that sky and virgin are doing to compete with each other.


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ian's 2 posts GB flag
mark winters

7:21 PM

where are you ian ??

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mark winters's 207 posts GB flag

8:37 PM

Down here in Oxford,

Kb canary islands sounds good budd

Has not stopped raining for 3 days on and off here.

Wondering if we down here should have a holiday when the switch over comes to avoid the tun of phone calls to fit attenuators for free under warranty

Now that the switch over has happened in a lot of your areas have you seen a drop or increase in work ??


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Ian's 59 posts GB flag
10:12 PM

Hi, hoping someone can help...

Live in Edinburgh using Craigkelly transmitter.

Having problems with the majority of my in-built freeview channels. All BBC channels are fine, FILM 4, 4 Music, ITV4 only, and a couple more along with the radio channels are all i'm getting. Up until around 2 months I was able to get every channel but now when I do an auto search these are the only ones that are picked up.

The outside aeriel on the roof of my flat comes into the window sill then into a 'Antiference' box... may there be a connect problem with this???

All suggestions more than welcome.


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Mark's 1 post GB flag
Tuesday, 19 July 2011

8:16 AM

Mark: It's a bit hard to be specific without a full postcode, but I can't help wondering if you did My Freeview box has no EPG, is blank on FIVE, ITV3, ITV4, ITV2+1, has no sound or the channel line up is wrong | - independent free digital TV advice at switchover?

Another common problem is having too much signal. If you have a booster or amplifier, then you may need to remove it from your system.

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Briantist's 38,908 posts GB flag
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