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Ofcom provides Product Placement logo

The logo must appear for three seconds at the start and end of programmes that have product placement in them and after any advertising breaks.

The logo must appear for three seconds at the start and end of
published on UK Free TV

Product Placement - the paid-for placement of products, services and trademarks in TV programmes - will be allowed in UK television programmes for the first time from 28 February 2011.

TV channels will run on-screen information campaigns to let viewers know that some UK-made programmes will soon be able to include Product Placement, and to explain the meaning of the Product Placement logo.

The campaign will direct viewers to Ofcom's Product Placement webpage.

Product Placement will be allowed in films (including dramas and documentaries), TV series (including soaps), entertainment shows and sports programmes. But it will be prohibited in all children's and news programmes and in current affairs, consumer advice and religious programmes.

Product Placement rules ban the promotion of tobacco, medicines, alcohol, gambling, foods or drinks that are high in fat, salt or sugar, all other medicines, baby milk, weapons and escort agencies.

Product Placement must not impair broadcasters' editorial independence and must be editorially justified - programmes cannot be created only for purposes of featuring Product Placement, not can placed products and services be promoted,endorsed, prominently featured within programmes.

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Monday, 21 February 2011
11:32 AM

Yet another OSG to annoy viewers! Who the hell wants an annoying 'popup' during a flaming film or programme for crying out loud? I can barely watch some channels now because of the intrusive DOGs and banners, and then there's the overly 'funky' credits squeezing at eh end of programmes often combined with annoying continuity announcers breaking into and yapping over the end of films and the like to destroy the last moment of enjoyment you might have been having. This will ruin TV totally. All they have to do is state that the programme contains product placement before the programme starts and that would be enough.

TV just gets worse. One day you'll barely be able to see or hear the ruddy programme for OSG, banners, yapping over the top. You'll get brief moments of total screen estate and that'll be it. Bahhhh!

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Simon's 8 posts GB
12:41 PM

Simon: As it says above, it is not an on screen graphic, it is a logo that is show for three seconds during the opening credits and after the advert breaks.

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Briantist's 38,784 posts Owner Owner GB
Saturday, 5 March 2011
2:10 AM

Hello: okay, apologies, I do get it a bit heated, but I just can't abide screen detritus...I find it so distracting and vulgar. It really does make my blood boil. Anyhow, I still can't work out whether they mean that the logo will appear for 3 seconds during the opening frames of each programme and also into the opening frames of a programme as it continues after the break. Because seeing a logo appear immediately as dialogue starts after an ad break would be irritating and yet another annoyance, even if it appears for only three seconds. Sort of like a flash text. I can't ignore wretched flys when they land on the TV screen either!

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Simon's 8 posts GB
Saturday, 17 September 2016
1:27 AM

Hi,the amount of trailers on some of the channels has got to overload proportions and spoils the viewing,as
well as some of the special effects which breaks up or distorts the pictures.

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nicholas's 110 posts Silver Silver GB
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