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Reigate transmitter works 16th-28th March 2011

Three days of outages followed by low power conditions

Three days of outages followed by low power conditions
published on UK Free TV

Around 70,000 homes in Surrey will be effected by works on the Reigate transmitter over the next few weeks.

First, from the 16th-18th the transmitter will be off the air during the daytime to allow painting of the drum.

Following this, there will be a ten day period where other engineering work will reduce the power level from the transmitter.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011
Jason Rafferty
11:02 AM

Also in lingfield .. also no signal today. spent an hour yesterday fiddling with my loft amp and cabling before checking with my neighbour. Surely there could be a mechanism to let people know there are engineering works. How about a little message on screen for a few days before hand ..

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Jason Rafferty's 3 posts GB
Keith Shillingford
11:29 AM

I live in Redhill today I woke to find out there is no signal?? Is this due to engineering works at Reigate?
When will I be able to watch freeview channels again?

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Keith Shillingford's 3 posts GB
Ronnie Marath
11:33 AM

I spent yesterday testing my distribution amp, and nearly got up on the roof to rewire the ariel! Should have googled first, would have saved me a lot of time.
Can't believe there is no schedule for these outages, we pay a substantial amount for our licence, surely we're entitled to be notified that we will not have service, and when?

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Ronnie Marath's 1 post GB
11:50 AM

I smashed my tv with a hammer yesterday, wish I hadn't now.

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marty's 1 post GB
12:20 PM

Jen says Keith already posted something about them painting the Reigate mast. I don't really care what colour it is. My good mood morning in tatters due to checking connections, but third loaf turned out OK after two got burnt. I don't really care what's on now. Surely Something for the weekend is not worth all this. Marty had the right idea. I have stuffed pieces of the burnt loaves into all the connector sockets which has not changed anything in the BT Vision service. The cheapo freeview box is now showing a lady with hard hat destroying a kitchen. She should not have a TV in there anyway as it distracts from cooking and gets things burnt

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eleanor's 2 posts GB
Laughing cause Surrey is off the air

8:26 PM

I have to laugh at all of this. a) The BBC does not own the transmission side anymore - the tories made them sell it off under John Major. In fact they don't even do the "play out" - that is contracted to Red Bee. All they do is make and commission programs and put the schedule together. It is up to Arquiva to inform you and it is all channels impacted. b) without preventative and regular maintenance your Tx would fail and you'd have nothing. Painting is key to this - like the Forth Road bridge c) I guess that due to digital swithover that time is tight with personnel. and also please don't blame this website - it is on the BBC website BBC - FAQs - Why am I having problems receiving signals from the Reigate transmitter? and you'll notice no other broadcasters have told you this!

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Laughing cause Surrey is off the air's 26 posts GB
Monday, 21 March 2011
Jason Rafferty
11:12 AM

Most people here are not blaming anyone .. just think there could be a mechanism to let people know the transmitter was going to be off air .. TBH i dont give a monkeys who owns / operates the transmitter .. i just want to know its not going to be transmitting.
I fully appreciate that maintenance is required .. just let us know (via a mechanism that doesn't involve hunting on-line) when.

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Jason Rafferty's 3 posts GB
Tuesday, 22 March 2011

6:36 AM

Jason Rafferty: There is a mechanism, it is called "the internet".

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Briantist's 38,844 posts GB
Jason Rafferty
12:29 PM

Yes, but MANY people do not use the internet. They DO however use their television set.
My grandmother is a good example.
Please also read the rest of my post .. <quote>
(via a mechanism that doesn't involve hunting on-line)</quote>.
Thanks for your useful reply however.

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Jason Rafferty's 3 posts GB
Wednesday, 23 March 2011
8:44 AM

Great help thanks for the post, we have been testing some communal systems within the area, we had checked the BBC engineering information, now I have learnt my lesson and will check back here next time.

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MCN's 1 post GB
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