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All transmitters page

Another update - a combined list of TV, radio and DAB transmitters.

Another update - a combined list of TV, radio and DAB transmitt
published on UK Free TV

As there are now pages for all of the TV, radio and DAB transmitters, including various forms of mapping, I have now provided an extra page that has a comprehensive list of ALL of these transmitters listed together.

The list looks like this example. Masts with engineering work are listed in red, and there is a "dab", "radio" and "tv" link for each service as appropriate.

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Friday, 5 August 2011
10:38 PM

How can I receive BBC Wales (I enjoy the welsh rugby)in the north west?

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bob's 1 post GB
Steve P

10:48 PM

Hi Bob - if you are near the coast - or facing it with no mountains in the way - you may be able to get Welsh Freeview TV from Meol-y-parc if you point an aerial at it.

With Freesat you can have any local signal you please

And on the interweb you can get Welsgh stuff.

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Steve P's 1,173 posts GB
Saturday, 6 August 2011
Mike Downing
9:36 AM

Your site is very informative and useful, but I have to observe that the font size is often too small to read with ease. Is there any reason for this please?

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Mike Downing's 1 post GB
Mark A.

10:01 AM
Haywards Heath

All transmitters page

Just an idear (that means more work for you)
It would be good if the list of TV and radio transmitters had links to the transmitter page.

[A HREF=""] Alderney radio [/A]
[A HREF=""] Alderney TV [/A]

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Mark A.'s 371 posts GB
dan preston
3:08 PM


I have a Humax PVR 9200T and live Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

Recently I re-scanned all my channels which has resulted in the BBC channels being unwatchable due to picture/sound break up (the box re-scanned this multiplex of Channels to "Channel 27" and says Cambs & Bed as the TV transmitter). All the other channels are completely unaffected and interestingly all say "London" as the TV transmitter location.
Why is it sourcing 2 different TV transmitters especially since one of them has a rubbish signal?

Is there a way to point or manually tune these BBC channels towards the London transmitter. I had a look at the manual tuning dialogue page but it was not very intuactive and I was unable to solve the problem.

Many thanks in advance.

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dan preston's 2 posts GB
Steve P

4:34 PM

dan - I think your problem is that Sandy Heath tx has increased power but whichever you normally use has not.

You should be able to find your desired BBC channels somewhere in the 800 numbers then swap round to 101, 102, etc.

Or keep rescanning at different times until you get what you want!

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Steve P's 1,173 posts GB
John Bryan
5:34 PM

Dan Preston
This is what I do to get round the same problem...

On your Humax choose Menu - Edit Channels and then Edit Channels List. Enter password **** usually 0000. Right arrow to group either TV then select all and then delete.

Right on Group button allows TV/Radio channel selection I delete both in turn because occassionally I record a radio station.

Pressing left repeatedly gets back to the main menu and save option to delete channels.

Now all you have to do is install the channels manually using

Installation - Manual Search and enter the channel numbers obtainable from this website.
You can can check you have the correct channels when on the Manual Search page using the Strength and Quality signal bars.

Retune each channel for your area saving all each time.

Good Luck John..

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John Bryan's 1 post GB

5:51 PM

Mark A.: I'm not sure what you mean, on the All UK TV, DAB and radio transmitters | - independent free digital TV advice the "tv" "radio" and "dab" are links to the appropriate page.

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Briantist's 38,844 posts GB
Mike Dimmick

6:52 PM

dan preston: It is likely that the 9200T stores the first version found rather than the best quality, although you'd have to ask why it wouldn't pick all services from Sandy Heath.

Your best bet is the Hemel Hempstead transmitter, which requires a vertically-polarized aerial pointing east-south-east. You might alternatively be aiming at the Crystal Palace transmitter, which is horizontally polarized, and due south-east.

If the box was just storing the channels based on the first found, you would expect it to store Crystal Palace C25 C22 C28 C32 C34 C29 (1-2-A-B-C-D) in preference to Sandy Heath C27 C24 (C21) C43 C40 C67 (C21 carries HD signals which the PVR9200T won't tune in). Hemel Hempstead is up at C48 C55 C59 C60 C62 C65.

Check which way your aerial's elements are running - up-and-down or side-to-side - and if up-and-down, try tuning into the Hemel Hempstead frequencies, otherwise, try Crystal Palace. However, the predicted reliability from Crystal Palace is variable, up until switchover.

If you are using Hemel Hempstead, be aware that you will need to retune on the 16th of September, as Mux 1 and A move to temporary frequencies to allow Oxford and Sandy Heath to use their current frequencies.

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Mike Dimmick's 2,486 posts GB
Mark A.

6:55 PM

The "TV" transmitter links will be the same links as the data file you use at
"radio" and "DAB" radio links will be the same as the links on the map at Morley analogue radio transmitter | - independent free digital TV advice transmitter dose not have a page then don't have a link.

AB Aberbeeg tv Abercorn Barracks radio Abercraf tv Abercynon tv Aberdare dab radio tv
Aberfoyle tv Abergavenny dab radio tv Abergwynfi tv Abertillery dab radio tv Abertridwr tv
Aberystwyth tv Abington tv

Aberbeeg 'tv' loads page at digital switchover date | - independent free digital TV advice Barracks 'radio' no transmitter page yet so no page link here.
Abercraf 'tv' loads digital switchover date | - independent free digital TV advice 'tv' loads digital switchover date | - independent free digital TV advice 'dab' loads Morley DAB transmitter | - independent free digital TV advice radio' loads Morley analogue radio transmitter | - independent free digital TV advice 'tv' loads digital switchover date | - independent free digital TV advice 'tv' '' '' '' (RH163LB)

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Mark A.'s 371 posts GB
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