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What are the aerial types about? Are they high-gain?

What are the aerial types about? Are they high-gain?

What are the aerial types about? Are they high-gain?
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See: Freeview reception - all about aerials

TV aerials are designed to receive certain groups of channels, for example a type "E" can receive on channels 35 though 68, and a "W" is a "wideband" aerial. This is different to a "high-gain" aerial. For more information can I suggest:

In the UK the main transmitters require the TV aerial to have it's "fins" horizontally, relay trasmitters require the aerial to be mounted with these fins vertically.

Both the type and position of aerials are designed to give the best possible reception with the least interference, and change from place-to-place around the UK

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Friday, 24 October 2014

8:25 AM

julie: If, as I assume, you accidentally typed "area" rather than aerial? then "if" you are able to achieve satisfactory Freeview reception via the aerial referred to, the best policy would be to connect the coax cable coming down from the aerial into a two way powered splitter, then run a coax cable from the splitters second output into the converted garage.

If though on the other hand your Freeview reception is somewhat erratic?, this only mentioned as it would appear your location is screened by trees, then another option could be to cancel your Sky subscription and use the Sky box for the viewing of normal non-subscription channels, the choice of programmes being far in away greater than from the local PSB only Freeview transmitter.

If this method was chosen, then what was previously said with regards to running a coax into the converted garage would still apply, the coax to the second location connected into the Sky boxes RF2 output. The only pitfall with this system being that the TV in the converted garage would only be able to view the same programme as that being viewed in the living room.

But though it all depends on the answer to that said in the first paragraph, because other possibilities exist based on what Dave Lindsay has suggested.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag

12:12 PM

julie: In addition to that said, it might make it somewhat easier to make a decision on the option best suited to your requirements if the Freesat options were mentioned in advance.

Two possibilities exist, although both are dependant on the type of LNB fitted on the end of the dish arm, because if the Sky box referred to is of the older standard "non" Sky+ type? the LNB will likely be of a single port output type only capable of being used by one satellite device, therefore have a look up at the dish where the coax is connected into and check if you can see any unused downward facing stubs (ports) sitting adjacent to the existing connector, if there are, then that makes it somewhat easier, but if not then the LNB would require to be changed to a standard 4 output (quad) version, the actual LNB itself costing only around £10.00 or so.

The two possibilities referred to are :

(1) Use your existing Sky box. You can easily find out which channels you will be able to view (or not) after you cancel your subscription by removing the Sky viewing card and running through the EPG list, or alternatively, by just selecting the channels you view the most, if the card is required a message will pop up on the screen requesting you to insert the card.

(2) If you decide to use the existing Sky box in the living room, then the Freesat option need only be installed in the new location, otherwise a Freesat box (or TV) would be required in both locations, albeit that the satellite feed presently used by the Sky box can be used by the Freesat box as its 100% compatible.

However, irrespective of choice this is where the LNB referred to comes into the equation, as a coax cable will require to be run from one of the other ports on the LNB to feed the Freesat box (or TV) installed in the new location, the previously mentioned cable linking the living room to the second location "not" now being required with this option.

Two points to note. If you are using a Sky+ box? then the recording / playback side of the box will be disabled when you cancel your subscription. The plus point being that the LNB on the dish will already be one of the twin or quad output variety, "but" though, if you are thinking along the lines of being able to record Freesat programmes, then twin tuner recorders require two input cables from the LNB, meaning that if your existing LNB is of the older two output type? it will still have to be changed to the quad version previously referred to.

Any queries on this, just ask!

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 14 September 2015
Ken Overton
5:49 PM

Hello I live in post code me5 about 3 miles from blue bell hill transmitter some nights around 11pm we will lose itv channels 1 2 and 3 plus other channels then other nights it will be the BBC channels that we lose almost as if they cut down the output from the transmitter for different channels any ideas as to what is happening
Many thanks
Ken Overton

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Ken Overton's 1 post GB flag
Wednesday, 7 October 2015
12:47 PM

I live on the edge of the Winter Hill reception area in CW12. I have an LG Smart HD TV and a Sony Digital Recorder. The two tuners on the Sony pick up all the TV channels ad will record them satisfactorily. The Sony TV tuner will not see the signal for Channels 31 or 37, even though the signal is coming through the same aerial. Why? Is this a fault of the Sony TV?

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Peter's 4 posts GB flag

6:33 PM

Peter: Sony tuners are pretty sensitive, but have a look at the signal strength on both devices - its could be that your getting a poor signal, but the Sony is first in the chain and is just sensitive enough to pick up the mux, but the TV is not. And dont forget about aerial leads - a duff one can completely miss out a mux, so swap them around/replace, etc

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB flag
MikeB's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage

11:18 PM

Peter : In addition to that said by MikeB, try carrying out a retune on your TV with the aerial downlead being connected directly into it, rather than (its assumed) the aerial looping through the recorder.

If this results in the missing channels being restored, then your system would possibly benefit by the addition of a three way powered splitter, this device guaranteeing that everything connected into each of its three output sockets will be receiving the same level of signal.

However, it should also be kept in mind that engineering work is presently being carried out at Waltham, a notice warning of a "possible weak signal" having been posted on the engineering notice board as from the 5th.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 8 October 2018
Mr CA Clifford
3:45 PM

I live in Crediton, Devon, but now and again my TV picture distorts but only lasts for about 20 seconds. My aerial is in the loft & is a log periodic type. My booster/ distribution unit is an old one, SLDX8 and most lightly does not have 3/4G filter built in. Could that be the problem, as there is a phone mast only a kilometre from my house? There are trees also in the signal path about a kilometre also from the house.

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Mr CA Clifford's 1 post US flag
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