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I have a tv with built in freeview. how do I connect them up to tape from th

I have a tv with built in freeview. how do I connect them up to tape from the freeview channel watching the 1-5 channels.

I have a tv with built in freeview.
how do I connect them up
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You usually can't get the VCR to use the TV's Freeview tuner, just as you can't get a VCR to record using the analogue tuner in a old-fashioned TV.

You need to use the first SCART socket on your TV to connect the DVD, as this will have the required "RGB" connection, vital for the best quality pictures from DVD. (If the DVD has a HDMI output and your TV has an HDMI input, you may wish to use a HDMI cable instead).

Connect the VCR to the second TV SCART socket. If you want to record from the analogue service you will need to connect the aerial to the VCR first, and then onto the TV.

If you want to record from Freeview, you will need either another Freeview box, or you should consider buying a Freeview PVR or Freeview PVR/DVD-writer combo as this makes the whole recording a very simple process.

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Thursday, 12 May 2016
7:07 AM

I have given a new freeview digital tv to the elderly lady next door, she still has a vcr that she wants to keep as she records from it. At the moment she has an old large backed tv, a freeview box and the vcr/dvd combo. I have brought a converter box to convert scart to hdmi. She has 2 scarts in the back of the vcr, 1 of which I am going to use the scart/hdmi converter for to connect to the tv. Is there a way I can set this up so she can still record from the vcr ?. Thanks

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dave's 4 posts GB
Brian Butterworth
7:56 AM

dave: Basically, the answer is "no".

She will need to switch to using a box with a digital tuner, such as a Freeview+ or YouView box.

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Brian Butterworth's 12 posts US
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9:17 AM

Dave: To follow on from Brian's answer, can I ask why you bought a scart/hdmi adapter?

It would help to have the make/model of the TV and VCR/DVD combi, but pretty much every TV still has an analogue input somewhere, even if its slightly obscure.

The VCR/DVD combi sounds like it might have a Freeview tuner, in which case all it needs to do is to be connected to the aerial (if it doesn't, then you could use the old freeview box). The old TV and digibox disappear, and the new TV connects via some sort of adapter (often in the box). Even the latest 4K TV still has RGB on the back (which often double up as RCA's), and an adapter for scart/RGB can be had for less than a fiver from Amazon InLine

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MikeB's 1,937 posts Gold Gold GB
MikeB's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
10:18 AM

Thanks for replies. She has a freeview box connected to her very old vcr/dvd combo. So from what I remember the ariel goes to her freeview box along with a scart lead to her vhs then there is another scart lead from vhs to crt tv plus an ariel cable vhs to crt tv. So I was hoping that the new scart/hdmi converter I brought will just replace the scart lead from vhs to new tvs hdmi socket. Should it work ?.
I will try and get model numbers when she is home. Thanks

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dave's 4 posts GB
1:35 PM

dave: Ok - she had the VCR rigged up using the freeview box as a digital source (which is a PITA), and then that fed the CRT - the aerial to the TV was kind of redundant.

The TV has at least Freeview, so the existing setup could continue. Now I have to admit as to having zero experience with that brand, so I have no idea what is on the back of it. If it has a manual, then look to see what connections it has. Its got 2 HDMI's, but almost certainly (for a TV from that brand and price) it should have either RCA phonos or RGB. If its either, you have zero need of that box. If it does not, I'd try to return the TV, since you spent 50 pounds or more trying to make that TV work, whereas I'm fairly sure I could find you a better TV for less than you paid for both, with a lot less hassle.

Yes, that box will work, because its basically taking a feed from the VCR (which is itself taking a feed from the digibox), converting it from analogue (which the digibox had converted from digital) to an digital form and a connection which you know the TV has.

To be perfectly honest, its not an elegant solution. If she really does need a video recorder, then she is going to have to put up with the existing setup, or find a digital one somewhere second hand, which would at least get rid of the digibox, and hopefully would have an HDMI on it.

Or scrap the lot and get a modern decent PVR with HDMI (Humax or Panasonic) - easier, and you'll be out perhaps another 80 notes after taking back the scart/HDMI adapter.

Best thing - look at the back and the manual, and tell us what you see. For purely academic interest, could I ask how much you paid for the TV and the convertor?

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MikeB's 1,937 posts Gold Gold GB
MikeB's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
8:48 PM

dave: Having read over everything said, why don't you just leave everything exactly as it is and use the new TV purely as a monitor? in other words, using (as you intended) the scart to HDMI convertor in place of the scart cable and with TV being permanently set on its AUX / HDMI input, no aerial connection into the TV being required as Freeview is still being received via the Freeview box.

Doing things this way would (or should) make life easier for the elderly lady in question, as about the only thing she would have to keep a check on is that the TV is always set on auxiliary input via the remote control.

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jb38's 7,172 posts Platinum Platinum GB
10:22 PM

jb38: Thanks that after having a think about it today that is what I will do. She is a lady of 93 and I offered her our year old tv as hers was really old , as she knows how to record things via vhs she wanted to keep it. Thanks for everyones help the hdmi converter cost me ?18 so a cheap price to pay to put a smile on her face.

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dave's 4 posts GB
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