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My Freeview reception cuts out for about 1 second at non regular intervals. Coul

My Freeview reception cuts out for about 1 second at non regular intervals. Could it be aircraft nearby or cars causing it?

My Freeview reception cuts out for about 1 second at non regula
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There are a few forms of interference that cause this kind of problem with Freeview reception:

- two stroke engines on motor scooters;
- unsupressed household powered equipment such as a fridge, freezer, washing machine, central heating etc;
- GSM (ie, not 3G) mobile phones.

The first will cause intermittent problems and can usually be resolved by using a larger aerial.

The household equipment problem can usually be sorted by using placing a "mains filter" on the plug of the Freeview box.

The third happens only when a mobile phone is left adjacent to the Freeview box or aerial.

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Friday, 3 May 2013
Neville Langley
11:10 PM Crewe

The aerials are both fixed to the Chimney and the house is one of the highest on the site
Have gone through the reset procedure that many times I have lost count.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013
M gruber
6:04 AM Bampton

Have freeview box Post Code OX18 1EN aerial about 12ft from ground on a pole in garden. Have brilliant picture until leaves grow on the trees, signal breaks down, when leaves have fallen picture returns good.

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M gruber's 1 post GB
M's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
7:07 PM Peterborough

M gruber: 12ft from the ground isn't very high, and of course you've got a tree in front of it. I'd move the aerial higher and out of the way of the tree.

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Friday, 12 September 2014
Kelvin Graham
9:05 AM

Digital TV ( internal Freeview) - around two years old.

Problem began 1 -2 months ago.

BBC channels only "freeze" and cut out. All other channels are fine.

Occurs between 6 -10 times when switching to a BBC channel before stabilising.

Please advise.

Many thanks.

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Kelvin Graham's 1 post GB
Dave Lindsay
9:24 AM

Kelvin Graham: Perhaps too high a signal level, although whether this "might" be a possibility isn't possible to suggest without any idea as to your location in relation to the transmitter you're using.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Thursday, 25 February 2016
Jeremy Morfey
1:43 PM

My TV channels, aerial, set top box and signal strength are all fine.

When I tried to go into Channel 704 (BBC Radio 4), it was fine for about five seconds - normal sound and correct channel reported, then the sound went off, the picture went black for a while and then was replaced by a generic BBC Radio screen with website address, and instruction to press GREEN to hide screen and For Programme info, events and news, press RED. The sound remained off. Pressing Green gave no response. Pressing Red gave me a plain page "Press Green or 0 to return", doing so brought me back to the same generic screen.

Accessing BBC Radio from the EPG did not bring up this error, and reception was normal, albeit with the EPG displayed. The same thing with the info button.

The same thing is happening with all other radio stations.

I don't think the fault is my end. I think that Freeview is operating some faulty software which is messing up transmission, possibly some "upgrade" your end.

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Jeremy Morfey's 1 post GB
5:54 PM

Jeremy Morfey: 704 or any of the others ranging from 700 - 710 works perfectly OK on my Panasonic irrespective of what method is used to select same, i.e: directly or via the EPG listings, reception being from Waltham's PSB1/BBCA Mux C49.

"If" the problem is of the intermittent variety? the next time it happens select BBC1 and carefully observe the quality of the signal over a minute or so, as although you have mentioned the signal strength as being fine, any slight fluctuations in its quality could result in problems of the type mentioned.

It would though have been of assistance if you had mentioned the area you reside in, (post code or one from nearby, e.g: shop / post office) as this would enable the status of the transmitter to be checked out.

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