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My Freeview reception cuts out for about 1 second at non regular intervals. Coul

My Freeview reception cuts out for about 1 second at non regular intervals. Could it be aircraft nearby or cars causing it?

My Freeview reception cuts out for about 1 second at non regula
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There are a few forms of interference that cause this kind of problem with Freeview reception:

- two stroke engines on motor scooters;
- unsupressed household powered equipment such as a fridge, freezer, washing machine, central heating etc;
- GSM (ie, not 3G) mobile phones.

The first will cause intermittent problems and can usually be resolved by using a larger aerial.

The household equipment problem can usually be sorted by using placing a "mains filter" on the plug of the Freeview box.

The third happens only when a mobile phone is left adjacent to the Freeview box or aerial.

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

5:35 PM

Terry Reef: Check your signal level - if its too high or low the sound can burble - and obviously keep checking to see if its on a particular channel or mux.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 18 October 2017
Kay Coleman
10:59 AM

I have one of the old style TVs, & use a Freeview set top box. Until a couple of weeks ago, it worked perfectly, but then one day the picture began to break up, pixelate, along with making strange electronic squeaking sounds. It gradually became worse, until it was unwatchable. Strangely, ITV & Channel 4 were perfectly clear. Researched it, & tried, looked into everything, to no avail. However, after a week, it settled down by itself, & it is much better, with just the occasional breakup & flickering. Still, though, some channels have remained bad, particularly CBS Drama & CBS Action. In the evening they are unwatchable, but are randomly better, though then the reception is not particularly good. I live with relatives who have Sky in the living room, but all the other TVs in the house have built in Freeview, mine is the only one with a set top box. No-one else has any problems, so the aerial is OK. Could this be due to changes made to the transmitter? The postcode I am at is DE75 7EX

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Kay Coleman's 8 posts GB flag
Kay's: mapK's Freeview map terrainK's terrain plot wavesK's frequency data K's Freeview Detailed Coverage

12:38 PM

Kay Coleman:

It is more likely to be the Set Top Box that is having bad days. I suggest a reset by switching it off and then unplugging the mains supply to the box - but leave the TV connected. Then wait five minutes and plug the mains supply to the box back in, and then wait another five minutes whilst the box resets itself. Then switch it back on and check it is working correctly. Let us know if that solves the problem.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Kay Coleman
12:33 PM

MikeP: Thankyou for your response & assistance. The reset you suggested was one the first possible fixes I tried, a few times, when this first began, but it did not help. I even "dismantled" the setup, as in shutting everything down, & disconnecting all the cables, making sure all the connections were clean & undamaged, before putting it back together, but still did no good. I researched it in depth, & tried everything I came across, all to no avail. In the end, it seems to have fixed itself, up to a point. Some days are better than others, it can be fine, with just the occasional flutter, & the "no or bad signal" box popping up, along with strange "snaps", for want of a better word, while other days it is not so good, but nowhere near as bad as it was when the problem first began. The time of day seems to make a difference, too. Like CBS Drama, that is now unwatchable for the most part, but in the early morning, it is ok. I thought the STB was at fault, but as, after a week of constant breakups, with nothing to watch clearly, other than ITV, it suddenly improved, & now the problem is intermittent, I just wondered if something connected to the transmitter had been changed. Now, after having perfect reception on all channels until recently, each time I turn the TV on, it is a gamble as to how good or bad it might be.

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Kay Coleman's 8 posts GB flag

2:58 PM

Kay Coleman:

In that case, check you are tuned to the Emley Moor transmitter and not any other. Look at Coverage Checker - Detailed View to find the channel numbers used by Emley Moor.

There will not be any fault at Emley else millions around Yorkshire would be having reception problems - but they are not being reported at all. So the problem is in your equipment, quite likely tuned to the wrong transmitter as at your location you can get unreliable reception of Sutton Coldfield, Belmont and Waltham - but only Emley Moor will give reliable reception.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
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