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Where is the interference to my Freeview service coming from?

Where is the interference to my Freeview service coming from?

Where is the interference to my Freeview service coming from?
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My queery relates to signal interference. My address is in the exmoor region and according to your web site our signal would most likely be coming from the stockland hill transmitter. Most of the time our signal is good but occasionally we loose the independent TV stations such as ITV1 or 2. Using the 'technical info' menu on our sony digibox it shows that the signal strength is ok but that the signal quality is lost. Therefore this would suggest to me that there is a source of interference somewhere. Can you suggest any likely causes in this instance or is there anything we can do? Currently we would not be able manage without our analogue signal!!

Multiplex 2 (Channel 4, CITV, E4, itv1, ITV2, itv3, itv4, More4, TeleG, Teletext, Teletext Holidays, Teletext on 4, Teletext TV Guide) is transmitted on C28 (530MHz) from Stockland Hill.

The most likely explanations for interference are from a device with an RF output such as a VCR, Sky Digibox or a games console.

Another possible is that the 64QAM mode that is used for multiplex 2 is the problem. This would certainly be the case if you have a loft-mounted aerial.

We do not have a games console or a sky digibox and our VCR is never in use when we get this interfered signal. It is definitely the channels that you have listed that are subject to the interference, possibly suggesting that the 64QAM mode is an issue.

We are in a low lying area, therefore we have a high roof mounted aerial with a booster box fitted, which like I say produces an excellent signal most of the time, which can very suddenly break up completely (not weather dependent).

Could it possibly be a neighbours electrical appliance? For instance a VCR etc that may be positioned the other side of an adjoining wall where our TV/digibox is positioned. Bearing in mind our walls are made of stone no less than a foot thick!

If you feel that this is unlikely how might we go about contacting the multiplex 2 channel broadcasters to voice our concerns, especially now that the date for analogue switch off is getting closer.

Your VCR doesn't have to be in use to cause interference, it would simply need to be powered on. If the VCR is in any way connected to the same aerial source as your Freeview box it will cause a problem.

Electrical appliances certainly do cause Freeview reception problems, but this tends to effect all channels and results in momentary picture break up. The usual causes are washing machines, central heating boilers, fridges, freezers. This kind of interference can be eliminated using a mains suppressor (or filter).

This type of interference is carried by the mains cable, so it is not the proximity of the device, just that it is in the same property. Normally your neighbour's supply will be on a different 'phase', so it probably not going to be them!

Is your booster located on the aerial (a 'masthead amplifier') or located somewhere else? Some boosters are not Freeview compatible and you can sometimes get a better signal by disconnecting them.

Another source of interference to digital terrestrial signals is GSM mobile phones if they are placed next to the set-top box or aerial.

If it were to be VCR interference I gather from what your saying is that it would affect all channels? What I will perhaps do is bypass and unplug the VCR when we experience this problem and see what happens. Is this a logical idea? Failing that can I raise my concerns with the multiplex 2 broadcaster? Do you know if there is a web address etc?

VCRs usually output the TV picture on a single RF channel, and thus tend to effect only a single multiplex's reception. This is in addition to the unmodulated output you get by using a SCART cable. Most people don't use their VCR's RF output facility. If you disconnect it and this resolves the problem for multiplex 2 reception, then you can usually change the RF channel used, usually by twisting a connector on the back of the VCR.

3/4 Ltd is not a public facing company, but you can call ITV on 0121 634 4402.

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Thursday, 5 January 2012
12:58 PM

I have a problem receiving Freeview multiplex C - Sky News, Dave etc.

I can receive them on my digital TV, but not on my Toshiba D-R18DT DVD recorder (all other Freeview channels are received without problem). Also when the DVD is switched on (standby doesn't cause a probelm) it causes the TV to lose the multiplex C channels. The DVD recorder is only connected to the TV via an HDMI cable, but even if I disconnect the HDMI it still causes the problem. The TV and DVD have their own aerial feeds via a splitter in the wall from the roof mounted wideband aerial (which is new).

Sometimes the DVD will receive multiplex C but with poor quality. At the moment auto tune can't find them, yesterday it could.

I'm in TS19 7HS post code area and receive signal from Bilsdale.

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Sunday, 15 January 2012
Tuesday, 13 February 2024
Pierre Henck
10:30 AM

We are experiencing severe pixilations and poor sound quality which our landlord is saying is due to the work at the beacon transmitter.
I can understand small pixels and the small green oblongs but I cannot imagine the severe pixels being due to a transmitter fault.
I have photo's of the screen showing these if required.
Please let me have your comments.
Pierre Henck

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2:48 PM

Pierre Henck:

Pixellation on the picture can take multiple forms depending on how many errors are in the received signal whether they be due to transmitter work, faults, interference or inadequate signal etc.
We don't need pictures.

If you are talking about the Beacon Hill transmitter in Devon, it's not currently listed for Planned Engineering but the lists are sometimes not 100%.
However as you haven't given a full postcode we can't check your predicted reception or things like current faults if any.

Please tell us more about the installation. Has the landlord got an external aerial? Does it have a pre-amp fitted on the mast?
Is there a distribution amp/splitter to feed several outlets or does it just feed your one outlet?
Is the pixellation happening on all channels or just some? Please list some of the channels it's happening on.

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