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Sunday, 6 October 2013
Paul Dennison
10:22 AM

I live in an estate of 25 homes all connected to a common aerial. All 25 complain of poor/lost reception. The maintenance contract costs more than £1,000.00 p.a.
The contractors is unable/unwilling to resolve the problems, I think he does not know how too. The problem is that we can receive versions of the same channel from London, South East and Anglia, or none at all. The post code here is CM0 8HS. I do hope you can help in some way. Many thanks. Paul.

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9:40 PM

Paul Dennison: Although Dover would appear to be the main "full service" station covering your area, however indications seen on Digital UK's reception predictor would unfortunately suggest that your estate is located in an area where reliable Freeview reception can only really be achieved via the local (< 1mile) Burnham On Crouch relay station or alternatively the Rouncefall transmitter at approximately 6 miles away, the downside to both of these stations being that neither transmits commercial channels as they are PSB only transmitters.

As far as reception from other stations is concerned Crystal Palace is indicated as a series of variables with the exception of its HD service, Bluebell Hill's PSB channels indicating variable whereas its commercial channels not, and Sudbury being variable on all channels with the exception of poor on COM4 (ITV3), and although predictions have always to be taken with the proverbial pinch of salt as RF propagation is notoriously difficult to predict with any sense of accuracy, but the overall picture does suggest the area as being problematic.

I would therefore suggest that you try and make one or two enquiries with regards to reception in the local area but out with your estate, as this would at least give you an idea if the problems experienced are purely confined to your communal system or alternatively are actually widespread in the area, because if they are then its a bit of a grin and bear it situation as nothing can really be done to improve it.

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Sunday, 13 October 2013
Jim Boyles
11:42 PM

Hi there!

Looking for some help for my "Freeview" service, which is good for a few days but then for 2 or 3 days, I'm getting "no signal" or "no service".

My aerial is in the loft, as I don't have a chimney, so guess it's approx 10m high. I've recently cleaned up all the lead connections (the lead is buried in the plaster) and fitted a high-gain aerial.

1) Is my freeview box suspect? It's an old Goodman's - at least 10 yrs old!
2) I presume I'm on the Sutton Coldfield transmitter but, how do I tell?
3) How would I tune to another transmitter - if available?
4) Am I being affected by 4G rollout?

Any and, all, help greatly appreciated!


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Monday, 14 October 2013

6:11 PM

Jim Boyles: I susepct you have a broken cable, etc in your home system.

Your certainly unlikely to have any effects from 4G, and even if the signal had dropped very low, you'd probably still get something, even if it varies over a couple of minutes. No signal means no signal at all. Check back from the TV the chain going up to the loft aerial.

As for which transmitter your on, its a Goodmans! (although kudos for having one which has lasted so long). I assume (like mine) that its has no manual tuning, so it could be picking up either Ridge Hill or Sutton Coldfield - both are actually fine for you in theory. Try seeing what the box says under 'technical info' - its how you check signal strength, etc - often it will say 'East Midlands', Central', etc - are that the transmitter - often similar name to the BBC local news.

As an aside, my personal advice would be that when the Goodmans dies, get a Humax recorder - you can manually tune it, it records, gets you Iplayer and can get you freeview at the same time, and when the TV dies, you can use it with the new TV to record in HD.

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