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Why did the BBC just use 1.1 Million TV Licences to buy UKTV from Discovery?

"This is our largest ever content sales deal. It will mean BBC Studios and Discovery will work together to take our content right across the globe through a new world-beating streaming service" Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC, said in a statement.

BBC natural history sold  Photograph: BBC Worldwide
BBC natural history sold Photograph: BBC Worldwide
published on UK Free TV

How did the largest ever content sale cost 173 million pounds?

For many years, the BBC and Discovery co-owned the UKTV broadcaster that supplies 10 traditional TV channels, most of which can be seen on Freeview and Freesat.  

Because online streaming of TV shows is seen as the future of television watching, Discovery Inc is keen to supply the public an alternative to Netflix and Amazon Prime.  

This meant that it was keen to offload UKTV onto the BBC, whilst cutting a deal for the BBC archive and future production of suitable shows: science and technology, adventure and exploration, history, space, and animals.

The cuts to the BBC income over the last decade have left the BBC with little spare cash to buy out the whole of UKTV, so a deal has been done transfer three of the UKTV channels to Discovery (Food, Home and Really).


How will this effect Freeview and Freesat viewers?

In practice there will be slight differences for the moment.  Good Food, Home and Really will keep their current roster of BBC shows.  

The best we might hope for is for the HD versions of Good Food, Home and Really to move to HD on Freesat (like Quest).


What does this mean for BBC Studios?

BBC Studios is that part of the BBC which deals with the production of TV and radio shows (mainly for the BBC UK), the reselling of shows originally made for the BBC UK, and the operation of TV channels worldwide.

Last year, the old BBC Worldwide was merged with the BBC Studios production company:  this left the joint-ventures with Discovery Inc (for UKTV) and AMC Networks (for BBC America).

Quite how a deal with Discovery Inc will help in the BBC perceived “battle” with Netflix is unknown.  Keeping BBC factual television programmes off Netflix and Amazon could be a dreadful error in a decade.  


What does this mean for Discovery Inc?

For Discovery Inc this deal is very much a drop in the ocean.      It’s nice for them that they have tied up the BBC’s factual programs for their soon-to-start on demand service, and they have kept the content from being taken up by the current providers (Netflix, Amazon Prime) as well as Apple and Disney.


TV Licence goes up to £154.50 today. 


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Thursday, 11 April 2019

9:47 PM

Robert: You were the one that made the accusation about the BBC. Steve merely pointed out that the BBC does not make a profit, and the monies made from Killing Eve, etc are ultimately recycled back to the BBC.

And then you said that 'ALL those media types (BBC and others) are living like kings (100 grand a year upwards+).' That seems unlikely, but thats your claim, so its on you to back it up.

Dont get angry at anyone else. Just use evidence. As the saying goes, in God we trust - all others bring data. And yeah, links to websites would help - because why should we spend time doing research for you?

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB flag
Friday, 12 April 2019

10:00 PM

I will have you know that I'm the height of witty ness. I don't abuse people BUT there is some people who are so institutionalised they cant even think right. If you continue to block you are depriving me of my freedom of speech. Prove that I was being abusive, go on or you could Google " Donald Trump doesn't pay tax" and Google BBC executive salarys and expenses or a combination of terms. Or you could just try and shout me down like modern leftwing folk do best.

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Robert's 76 posts GB flag
Saturday, 13 April 2019

1:49 AM

Or in other words, if you disagree with me you are disagreeing with the N.Y Times, the Guardian and the BBC's own financial performance statistics and this is just the start. Research each individual executive at the BBC and you will find out just how much money they earn in total including all business interests. They're a bigger financial black hole to the U.K. than the N.H.S.

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Robert's 76 posts GB flag
Saturday, 4 January 2020
11:15 PM

Robert: In my life people that have achieved something or have a desired attribute do not have to resort to say they have that attribute, it should be self evident.... like the person that says "I am extremely intelligent" or "I am a very interesting person" or "I am very funny" or in your case "I'm the height of witty ness", Isn't that supposed to be "wittiness"? the individual feels it needs to be said because it is NOT self-apparent means you may think it but no one else in this discussion or social interaction noticed it, thinks it or believes your proclamation of it! Jealousy of those that earn more or have more is unbecoming.

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TK's 6 posts GB flag
TK's: mapT's Freeview map terrainT's terrain plot wavesT's frequency data T's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Monday, 13 January 2020

3:19 AM

Dear TK.
I've had a bit of a dingdong with some people on here.
Don't you be the next one.
That was all months and months ago.
If someone was to pull me up about my views then I'll robustly defend my views.
That "wittyness" remark was in reply to someone else or someone else's complaint that resulted in one of my comments going missing (probably due to a use of language?)
I don't hate, troll or speak untruths.
Any comment on hat I make is in the spirit of humour (black or otherwise) and therefore IS the height of witiness around these extra, extra dry parts.
This site is full of humourless sorts that would complain about the news being too full of depressing stories

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Robert's 76 posts GB flag

3:27 AM

Also TK, if you don't mind having the license fee being spent on never ending layers of management and consultants then more fool you.

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Robert's 76 posts GB flag

4:05 AM


> This site is full of humourless sorts that would complain about the news being too full of depressing stories

:D :D :D ;)

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Chris.SE's 4,126 posts GB flag
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