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Killing Eve, and killing Dirk

Many people are disappointed that a popular, stylish, award winning drama is being shown in the USA, but can’t be viewed until later in the year by BBC iPlayer people. Who, of course, feel that they pay £155 to be able to do that.

Eve Polastri and Svlad Cjelli  Photograph: BBC America
Eve Polastri and Svlad Cjelli Photograph: BBC America
published on UK Free TV

This has been true for some time.  Given that I am a huge fan of the late Douglas Adams, I was utterly thrilled at the new version of Dirk Gently that BBC America produced.

Four Dirks and an Eve

Just like Killing Eve, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency was a modern, waspish, stylish and somewhat bonkers take on the holistic detective.   Whilst remaining true to the original books (of which there are sadly only two and a half) the new series took the themes and characters to new places.

Harry Enfield was a great (Dirk Maggs produced) Radio 4 Dirk, and Stephen Mangan excelled being Dirk on BBC Four, but History Boy Samuel Barnett was a new-style Dirk Gently.  

I was, therefore also very, very, very disappointed indeed that the series wasn’t renewed after the second season.  

I was even more disappointed that BBC television viewers have never seen Samuel’s Dirk unless they subscribe to Netflix.

It is interesting to note that the that there have now been two BBC British dramas that have been shown first to television viewers in the USA without them being shown on 

The issue here is that BBC America has paid for the dramas to be made.    BBC America is a 50:50 co-operation between BBC Studios and AMC Networks. 

BBC Studios

BBC Studios is the name you see at the end of lots of BBC television shows.  It is both the production company of the BBC (29%) and the worldwide part (71%).  
The worldwide part of BBC studios operates all those ad-funded channels that show repeats of BBC shows (and some of their own content, such as Taskmaster).
Part of the worldwide part of BBC Studios operates joint-ventures outside the UK to make a profit.  This is intended to allow the BBC to operate in the UK on less Licence Fee money.

Good Omens

Another upcoming BBC Two show starring David Tenant and Michal Sheen is also going to be shown on non-BBC streaming service first.   Good Omens, based on the  Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman book is going to premier on Amazon Prime Video many months before it can be seen by other License Fee payers. 



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Thursday, 11 April 2019
Anthony J B Graham
10:46 AM

Because I saw that Killing Eve was released in the US and the series two ep 1 was to be shown on RTE2 last night, and being an Irish person in the UK, I downloaded the RTE app with anticipation and excitement. BUT, the only programs that I could get into were ones about plughing matches, and a tour of Irish lighthouses,and similar. As I was not going to work on any of my fields, and because my Corical was in dry dock for repairs, these fine programs were of small use to me.
I iterrogated the internet and found that one can only watch any national TV broadcasts in the home countries unless you purchased a VPN number. So again foiled by the real rulers of the world, like rupert bear (murdoch ) and his cohorts.
I supose I will have to wait for Eve, a pity, I do like her. Is it something to do with brexit?
Anthony Graham

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Anthony J B Graham's 1 post GB flag

1:34 PM

Anthony J B Graham: That has nothing to do with Brexit. RTE have only purchased the rights to show it in Ireland. The BBC hold the rights to show Killing Eve in the UK, RTE would face legal action if they made it available on their catchup player outside of Ireland.

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StevensOnln1's 3,550 posts GB flag

9:49 PM

Anthony J B Graham: And Killing Eve will be shown later in the UK than it will in the States, because its a co production between BBC America (part of BBC's commercial arm) and AMC.

Broadcasters pay a lot of money for content rights, and guard it carefully.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB flag
Monday, 15 April 2019

10:27 PM

The BBC is good at taking the publics money and not offering much in return for it. Check out the tiers upon tiers of management and consultants they spend YOUR money on before a single series or program gets a hint of a green light.

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Robert's 76 posts GB flag

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