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what is going on now

for about 2 weeks we've been getting random break-ups on multiple channels
This morning every mux except 1 went dead for about 2 minutes - no signal nothing

is freeview EVER going to be a service that can be relied on?
What are they playing around with now?

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Im still confused

Can you just say without explaining the technology and history

Is it possible to just cancel sky and view
any free channels on the equipment without paying anything please?

If steps need to be taken can you list them 1 2 3 etc? Sorry im not good at this tech stuff

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Diagnostics - old version
Sunday 21 September 2014 1:16PM

Grr... try again

Since the retune we have had less about 36% signal on "mux"45 (666Mhz) and constant break ups and no signal messages.
Every channel on that is totally unwatchable now.

All the others have drifted power down below 44-48% except 2 at 60%
Only the HD channels seem to work at all reliably appart from those.
Any attempt to amplify just makes it worse.

We have a "new" mux appeared but the signal level is just 10% so all we get is flashes and black screen.

I see sandra is nearby to us so it may be an area fault?

Cant they just stop adding stuff until they can make what we have watchable?
The recent additions - didnt - they just subtracted what used to work reasonably reliably.

B34 area.

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Thanks for the info - and nicely presented.

However the statement when everyone has the new boxes/sets is an open ended waffle.
Some people still have CRT sets.

A date should be put on this upgrade and announced.
Freeview is a poor enough "service" as it is - statements like this just make me want to give up altogether.
(And it seems to be getting worse every year by the way)

This month we have lost 2 muxes entirely. (on both our boxes)
1 box is unwatchable on all one mux channels the other regists zero power on both.

i dont know what the problem is but just trying to watch TV is now a major undertaking
all the time. Couch potato's have never had so much exercise.

Funny how we never have problems over xmas or other major events though - why is that?

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