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I live in north Suffolk and receive my signal from Talcolneston.In 2008 we had a new TV aerial installed (I believe it is a high gain one) invoiced as a category 2 and also fitted was a signal amplifier. From this one aerial we run two TV's and a DVD recorder (bought new in 2009) all with built in freeview receivers.Yesterday was phase one switchover day. I retuned our two TV's and our dvd recorder. Tonight we were watching Channel 4 on the main TV a Samsung when we lost picture and sound and similarly on some of the ITV channels too. BBC channels working OK. I tried our LG TV in the kitchen and it was receiving Channel 4. I then tried the DVD freeview receiver through the Samsung. WIt could receive channel 4 but not BBC channels. Each failed channel either gives us a blank dark screen with no message or a mesage stating weak signal. I intend to check all the receivers and retune them again tomorrow if I still have missing channels. Will this problem settle down or should I be doing something else?

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It's happened to our Pansonic DVD recorder freeview signal tonight too.I'd set it up to record Channel 4 from 8pm - 9pm and all we have is the first 3 minutes then it froze, went blank with the message at the bottom - 'no signal' and it's still the same now at 10.25pm. I've lost the ITV channels as well. Interestingly those channels are working on our two Tv's and all three devices run off the same aerial. I receive my signal from the Talcolneston transmitter. I've had problems like this before and it always and only affects the DVD. By the way, I live in Suffolk too, at Ingham just north of Bury St Edmyunds and would love someone knowlegable to explain what the problem is - should I throw away the DVD recorder and get a different one??

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Tacolneston (Norfolk, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Thursday 26 July 2012 10:55PM
Bury St. Edmunds

I have a DVD recorder and TV in my lounge+ TV in the kitchen. All three run off the same aerial. I never have a problem with the freeview signal on either TV but the DVD recorder is far more suceptible to freezing/losing signal. Tonight it was set up to record channel 4 from 8pm-9pm. It only recorded the first 3 minutes of the programme and then went blank with no signal. It has also lost other channels in the group and as I type this message at 10.50pm they're still not working. Yet all channels are coming in to both TV's - why? is the DVD so rubbish? It is a Panasonic and supposed to be reliable according to Which magazine? perhpas its faulty?? bring back analogue I never had any problem pre digital - sorry rant over. All I ask for is a reliable service. Signal comes via Talcolneston and I live in North Suffolk.

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