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Chris Pearce:

Hmm, rather odd, have your signals returned? I assume you mean BBC stations on FM, if not which stations?
Whilst Wenvoe has been listed for Planned Engineering, the BBC are normally quite good at listing faults or outages but the only one currently listed is -
From 1:56am to 3:33am on 8th Oct 2021 BBC Radio 1 Slightly reduced power due to a fault.
The list may yet to be updated of course, these things don't always happen immediately.
You should be receiving Wenvoe with no issues at present as I'm getting my usual FM stations from Wenvoe.

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As per the post immediately before yours, the Oxford transmitter is currently listed for Planned Engineering. The listed possible effect often means possible reduced power or interruptions.
If you are in an area that doesn't have a very strong signal, reduced power could mean you don't get a signal. As you haven't given a full postcode I'm unable to advise on that.
In any event, you should never retune if you have no signal or badly pixellated signals as this usually just clears the correct tuning and you might need several attempt to retune correctly when signals are normal.
(The fire at Bilsdale has absolutely no bearing on reception from Oxford).

Also note that the list of frequencies used by Oxford at the top of the page is not fully up-to-date as the site owner has not had time to make all the changes after the 700MHz Clearance programme.
The column dated 23rd May 2018 incorrectly lists COMs7&8 & LOX. The entries at the very top of the page apart from "LOX" which no longer uses C51 are correct.
The Local multiplex (LOX) uses two channels at Oxford, C22 beamed in roughly a SW direction and C46 beamed more easterly. Which you may receive (if either) will depend on your location.

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Pauline Bell:

When did you have a signal last? Was it before 10th August or is it much more recent?
Which way is your aerial pointing (there's more than one transmitter you might receive).?
Is your aerial pointing more or less due W or is it pointing in a more southerly direction?

As I can't currently find any faults listed for any of those transmitters, you should check all your connections and coax plugs etc.

According to your other post, as you have retuned, you might just as well repeat that after doing the basic checks. Post back with more information.

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Full technical details of Freeview
Monday 11 October 2021 1:59AM

Pauline Bell:

It's never advised to retune when you have no signal, it usually just clears your correct tuning and you end up needing to retune again when you have a signal.

See my reply to you here -

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Quest +1
Tuesday 12 October 2021 2:41AM

James :

According to Quest's EPG, there are highlights on Tuesday 12th Oct. at 0500 on Quest - LCN12 (or 0600 on Quest+1 - LCN69) so as long as you get the SDN/COM4 multiplex for Quest, or the ArqA/COM5 multiplex for Quest+1 you can watch that.
Other than that, it lists Live coverage at 1245-1700 on Quest.

It you want to watch on-line (you may have to use your set's browser as when I last checked there wasn't an App (Dplay?) , then try
It seems you have to register (a free account) and AFAIK you don't have to upgrade to a paid subscription to watch Quest.

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With recent good weather the new temporary (quarry) mast at Bilsdale is due to be tested today (Tuesday 12th October).
"Between 9am and 2pm on Tuesday 12th October service will be disrupted to viewers on Eston Nab and Sutton Bank. DO NOT retune as service will be restored at 2pm. "

DO NOT RETUNE except when advised in the following articles -

The BBC have an update -

History of events can be seen at -

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Michael Martin:

As this is a free helpsite, I suspect that it's running costs have to be supported by advertising as well as the good auspices of the site owner, so this is probably the cheapest option available!

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Philip Biddle:

Without a full postcode we haven't a clue which transmitter(s) you may be able to get your signals from, there are over 1100 in the UK. Transmitters undergo periodic maintenance (Planned Engineering) and occasionally develop faults and not knowing which transmitter is affecting you, we can't advise.

In any event interruptions are not normally that long, you signals may well be back by now.
Do NOT retune whilst you have no signal, it usually just clears your correct tuning and you'll have to try retuning again, maybe several times as you won't know when the signals are back!

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The temporary "Bilsdale Quarry" mast is now up and running using Bilsdale's UHF channels. The only multiplex not be transmitted is the Local/L-MDB) one on C30, this will be added when the more permanent temporary mast has been erected adjacent to the old main mast.
The UHF channels are C27, C24, C21, C43, C46, C40, C55 that's in the multiplex order

Fiona Tate: (and others):
You should now be able to get a good signal. If you are getting all the signals and haven't carried out a retune then carry out a full retune, first with the aerial unplugged to clear all previous tuning, then plug it back in and repeat.
IF you are receiving other (weaker) channels as well, then clear the old tuning and do a manual retune for the channels listed above.

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