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Stephen Dunkin:

I can't find any reported problems for COM7 (on C55) which carries those particular HD channels and there's no Planned Engineering listed at this time.
BBC3 time shares with CBBC which are carried on the BBCB HD/PSB3 multiplex (on C30 from Crystal Palace).

A number of people have had strange issues with this retune and it may not have been helped by the weather conditions at the time where the high pressure was accompanied by some "Temperature Inversion/Tropospheric Ducting" - should be clear now, resulting in interference from distant transmitters in Europe or the UK.
Some have found missing channels in the 800s.

If you have them in the 800s, your best bet is to unplug the aerial, carry out a full automatic retune which should clear all previous tuning.
Then plug the aerial back in and repeat the retune, hopefully all channels will be correctly restored.
If they are just missing try a manual retune on C55 again.

If you still have problems, look in your TV tuning section for signal strength and quality figures for the multiplexes on each UHF channel and post the figures.

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Tuesday 1 February 2022 12:11AM

Dee Maskell:

Unfortunately the link at the top of the page to the Really Website is out of date. UKTV haven't owned the channel since 2019. It's now part of the Discovery+ brand.
See discovery+

There's a 'Contact us' at the bottom of this page https://support.discovery…n-gb

You need to register an account (note - some browsers don't work on their site).
It seems that you can stream most of their channels that are on Freeview for free, but lots of shows now need a subscription (some are still free) as do channels not on Freeview.

Their should be an App for Android TVs but there isn't an app on all other smart TVs.

discovery+ -tias-tales">discovery+ seems to be season 1
discovery+ seems to be seasons 2-12
Both seem to need a subscription.

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Details of Planet_Rock DAB radio station
Tuesday 1 February 2022 12:56AM

Chris Barker:

See this, it may shed some light on what's happening -
Bauer Media Audio UK migrates digital users to owned platforms - Digital Radio UK

I have no idea whether this means you can still listen on your internet radio

Have you visited Planet Rock | Where Rock Lives

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Chris Barker:

This Changes to online listening | On Air - Planet Rock seems to imply that some internet radios wont' be able to listen, and based on the other article - ANY Bauer station ??!!
As I don't have one, I have no idea about the various ways to "tune".

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Brian topley :

I'm very tempted to ask where did you think you lost it? You should find it at LCN35 in your EPG.
If it's been missing since the retune, have you looked in the 800s?

If it's up there, along with a number of other channels, HOWEVER Belmont is currently listed for Planned Engineering, so signals and reception may not be normal.
As you haven't given a full postcode we can't comment on how good a signal you might have, so if the channels are in the 800s, make sure they all have a signal BEFORE unplugging the aerial and then carry out a full automatic retune which should clear all existing tuning.
Plug the aerial back in and repeat the retune which will hopefully restore all channels correctly.

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Tuesday 1 February 2022 10:41PM


I doubt anybody here or even looking at the Winter Hill Freeview page would know the answer to that.
I did have a quick look for any reported faults on FM at Winter Hill, but there's nothing.
You may be best contacting BBC Engineering who might be able to answer that.

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All free TV channels in the UK
Wednesday 2 February 2022 2:06PM


I'm not 100% sure, but I think you mean you cannot see BBC1 on the list.
It's listed as BBC One (HD) under 'High definition channels', and as
BBC One (SD) under 'Main TV standard-definition channels' between BBC News and BBC Parliament.

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Trial Portsmouth multiplexes
Wednesday 2 February 2022 2:35PM

Debs Billings:

The multiplex is on Block 7D: 194.064 MHz. I've just seen a report that is was confirmed as broadcasting on the 18th January 2022. However the list of stations at the top of this page is hopelessly out of date as the site owner doesn't seem to have had time to update it. All the current stations appear to be DAB+ apart from Express FM which is Joint Stereo.
The multiplex licence has apparently been extended until December 31st 2023 but I'm struggling to find the detail on OFCOM's site (like too many things on OFCOM's site I'm afraid - hopeless).

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