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You may be correct, but unless the BBC have recognised a problem, that's unlikely to get updated.
As you may also get signal from Ridge Hill and/or Malvern, if there is any issue with transmitter synchronisation at any of them, then this may cause a problem.
Suggest you go through the BBC Reception Help website and follow it through to the end where it'll be brought to their attention and they will respond to you.

See Issues with DAB | Help receiving TV and radio

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Full technical details of Freeview
Monday 10 April 2023 5:58PM

Anne Littleson:

Oh dear, thanks for the info. It seems as though you are in a difficult reception area as it is!!
It's likely your predicted reception is from the Limavady transmitter in Northern Ireland. If you are getting a signal from another transmitter, please advise.

If you are having problems with reception as a result of this mobile mast, you should have received a postcard from and you can get a free filter from them - see that website - click on Contact Us and ring them 0808-1313-800 it's a free call.

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All free TV channels in the UK
Tuesday 11 April 2023 10:40PM

abdul gaffar:

Hi Abdul. There aren't any Freeview transmitter faults otherwise hundreds of people would be complaining!
As you seem to be in a block of flats, you will all be sharing the same aerial distributed by a communal system. This would also be the case for the Satellite signals.

Apart from checking all you coax plug connections etc., this rather sounds like a fault on the communal system. As it's now a while since your post, if your signals haven't already returned (others having reported a fault to the building management - the local council?) then check with your neighbours if they have the same problem. All of you that have, report it to the building management who will be responsible for getting it fixed.

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Mark kelk:

We are going to need a FULL postcode to answer the technical question accurately, some parts of Worksop may get good signals from some transmitters, but others may not, it'll depend on Local terrain and any obstructive that may be on the line-of-sight to a transmitter.

Which region would you wish to be "part" of? Generally speaking you may have a choice of Yorkshire (South), Central East and Tyne Tees (when the replacement Bilsdale mast is completed early Summer). I would anticipate Granada would not be of special interest apart from which I doubt signals would be reliable and it would be a guess as to which transmitter you are actually getting (apart possibly from Winter Hill).
Some parts of Worksop may not get decent signals from Emley Moor (I'm guessing your aerial may be pointing at it as it's roughly NW), and some may not get good signals from Waltham.

You could go online and use iPlayer (possibly ITVX) to look at the local regions news to see which best covers your area of interest. As you are in Derbyshire, it might be Central East/East Midlands (from Waltham Tx) or being so close to Sheffield, it could be Yorkshire.

Apart from the Full postcode, it might help identify the transmitters if oin your TV tuning section you can say which UHF channel the set tunes to for which BBC or ITV region.

As mentioned, with an aerial pointing NW it's probably Emley for Yorkshire (UHF channels 47/44 BBC/ITV).
You may get Belmont (also Yorkshire) to the East off a rear side-lobe of the aerial (UHF 22/25).
You may get Waltham (Central East) to the SSE of a rear side-lobe of the aerial (UHF 32/34) but
Winter Hill (Granada also roughly NW well within the beam-width of the aerial) also uses UHF 32/34 for BBC/ITV multiplexes) so there may be interference depending on weather conditions. I doubt you'll be getting the Chesterfield transmitter as it's different polarisation (vertical) and low power using the same UHF channels as Waltham's/Winter Hill's COM multiplexes.

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Hello. This is an independent technical help-site but I can tell you that the transmitter isn't currently listed for any Planned Engineering and I can't find any reports of outages
HOWEVER with the weather conditions yesterday, there were many power outages and a number of smaller transmitters may have temporarily gone off-air and no doubt it'll take some time for lists of such outages to get updated, if indeed they do due to pressure of more important issues.

As you signals are back to normal, it's probably safe to assume that power-cuts were the likely cause unless you have further problems during any high winds. If so, I'd advise, immediately check with your closest neighbours if they have the same problem. If they do not, then it may be advised to get your aerial system checked out - make sure the aerial is still intact and pointing correctly and the downlead isn't flapping in the wind, etc.

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Yes, the Emley Moor transmitter is currently listed for Planned Engineering -
Possible effect on TV reception week commencing 10/04/2023
Yorkshire, Emley Moor, Main - Pixelation or flickering on some or all channels

I'm afraid there's a bug on this site at present and the Emley transmitter page isn't working!

As an aside, the temporary mast IS still there and working. Whether a limited number of services have been transferred back to the main tower has not been confirmed.

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Aerial groups - new feature | Transmitters
Saturday 15 April 2023 2:16PM


Considering your location, estimated to be on the coast of the Gower where you'll periodically be exposed to very strong winds, as suggested an aerial such as a Group K Log Periodic which has low wind resistance would likely be best.
Assuming that you haven't had frequent issues in the past with picture break-up/pixellation and considering the distance I'd be picking the 28 element one such as -
28 Element Log Periodic Group K Aerial - Blake UK
If you have had more regular picture pixellation then go for the 56 element one
56 Element Log Periodic Group K Aerial - Blake UK

You'll need an F-connector for the aerial, and replace your coax with decent quality double screened cable such as CT100.
If you don't get it direct from Blake, the 28 element may be available from Tool station (31278) which although said to be the Group T stock in many stores seems to be Group K (T will work though).

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Details of FORTH_2 DAB radio station
Sunday 16 April 2023 1:09PM

james smith:

Hi. It seems not all DAB listings have been updated, but it looks like Forth2 has rebranded to a Scotland-wide Greatest Hits Radio.
See https://www.edinburghnews…5013
(and I'm listening to Greatest Hits Radio on-line right now via a Forth2 site) :)

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It's certainly 200kW for all muxes on Vertical polarisation, so it seems Justin has his site with the correct information. There were so many changes during the 700MHz Clearance, the site owner here had trouble keeping up with all the changes (there's over 1100 transmitters in the UK) but not every transmitter was affected during that, and some had power changes. However the 200kW Vertical for Rowridge appeared at DSO and hasn't changed since.

You haven't said whether your aerial is H or V. It needs to be H if you want the Local mux (UHF 37) as it's not transmitted with Vertical, stupid but there we go!
See Channel listings for Industry Professionals | Freeview for which TV channels are carried on which multiplex, which is usually up-to-date.

Rowridge isn't currently on a list for Planned Engineering (but the lists aren't always accurate!) but there's a small amount of variable Tropospheric ducting/Temperature Inversion that might cause a bit of periodic interference especially if you use Horizontal polarisation.
If you are correctly tuned to UHF22+ for ArqA/COM5 then don't retune if your signal gets disrupted as it may just clear the correct tuning.

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Hi again. You didn't mention whether the aerial is H or V.
Apart from any Local obstructions eg. those trees! any other buildings etc., you have line-of-sight to Rowridge.
Trees can obviously disrupt signals, sometimes, depending on weather, it may get frequency dependant and not affect all multiplexes. It will depend on the nature of the trees in question how it might affect signals and whether it'll be any different for each polarisation.
If you're currently horizontal and don't mind loosing the channels on the Local mux, try it vertical to see whether things are better or worse

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