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My Freeview box has no EPG, is blank on FIVE, ITV3, ITV4, ITV2+
Saturday 12 November 2011 4:34PM

Danny: Is the splitter indoors?

Are there long leads from the splitter to the TVs?

I suggest that you start by removing the splitter from the equation (just having one TV connected) and removing any extension leads (e.g. that run from one room to another). Of course, you may have to move your television temporarily in order to do so.

Looking at the analogue picture might be helpful. If it gets better, then you might have a better chance of getting digital. If you do get digital channels at this point, work from there: i.e. add an extension, see if it works, then add the splitter etc.

It might be that the digital signal isn't strong enough to stand being split (without being amplified/boosted).

The Digital UK predictor suggests that Mux 2 (on C22-) which carries ITV/C4 is probably the weakest out of all the muxes at your location.

A look on Google Streetview and Bing Maps Bird's Eye view shows quite a few tall trees behind the houses in Poplars Close, which is in the direction of Crystal Palace.

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Danny: It could be that previously the signal was "only just" strong enough and that it's "only just not" quite strong enough.

For more information on this, see the encyclopedia on this subject by ATV Sheffield. This page explains about the "cliff edge" of digital signals which results in all or nothing, which is probably what's happened in your case:

Freeview/Freesat Digital TV (DN31NJ)

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1. The power of most transmitters is being reduced in the same way (-7dB). This amounts to the same coverage on digital as analogue.

2. Each multiplex carries a number of channels. From Otford there will be three muxes: one for BBC channels, one for ITV/C4/E4/More4/C5 and one for HD channels.

The reason that Otford won't carry alot of the other channels such as Dave and Yesterday is explained here:

Will there ever be more services on the Freeview Light transmitters? | - independent free digital TV advice

As for your analogue picture being poor; it could be that your TV has tuned to the Crystal Palace signal which is predicted by the Digital UK website (even though your aerial points at Otford). (DN31NJ)

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Sally: Is your aerial pointing it Tacolneston (roughly south south west)?

Did you get digital (Freeview) channels before switchover? Did the aerial work with analogue (and does it still do so) ? Perhaps it's being in the loft that's the main problem.

I have just found the instructions for your unit here:….pdf

If it is Tacolneston, it will say "55" alongside "No of Channel" when you go into the menu and select "Accessories" and then "Information". (DN31NJ)

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Waltham (Leicestershire, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Saturday 12 November 2011 6:52PM

Jim: Have you installed another aerial for Waltham?

Sutton Coldfield doesn't transmit East Midlands variants, so they (the ones you picked up) must be coming from Waltham or one of its relays. Therefore, if you managed to get East Midlands using your aerial that points at SC, you were getting it from somewhere else.

The box you say asked you which region you wanted. Find out what UHF channels it has picked for East Midlands. Then you will be able to work out what transmitter it has picked up (irrespective of whether the aerial points at it).

Does the cheapo box work from the same aerial as the main TV?

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Jack: Do you use adaptors such these that you plug a network cable in?:

BT Vision Powerline Adapter notice

If so, try turning them off and then try your digibox and try Freeview on your BT Vision box. (DN31NJ)

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Waltham (Leicestershire, England) analogue radio transmitter
Sunday 13 November 2011 11:16AM

Simon Birch: If you still have issues, then you will probably need attenuation.

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Switchover starts in the Oxford area | Switchovers
Sunday 13 November 2011 11:58AM

Paula: General advice is to use a roof-top aerial for best reception.

If you want to have a go at getting the set-top aerial to work, then you really need to get the TV tuned to the correct frequencies. This is because you're probably moving the aerial around to see where it works best, but in order to do so you need the TV to be tuned and in order to tune the TV you need the aerial in a position where it can get the signals. It's catch 22!

If I were you, I would take the TV to a room that has a fixed aerial such as the lounge with its roof aerial that I know works. You should then connect it up and tune it in.

Having tuned it in, take the TV back to the bedroom and connect it up and turn it on. Move the aerial to affect the best reception. Don't re-scan because you've already got it tuned to the correct channels (assuming it is as those shown for the Oxford transmitter).

The Oxford transmitter is to your north, so, if possible, put the aerial so that it is at that side of the building, or at least so that there isn't more than one wall between the aerial and outside in that direction. If you're not sure what direction this is, then look out the window at the direction that other aerials are pointing. In order to allow the aerial to be sited farther away from the TV it might be necessary to use an extension.

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