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hello Bob D,
If you're in Paignton then Channel 60 BBC mux should be always both good/excellent for signal and quality.
You might have a weather-related cause loss of C60 probably due to LIGHTNING but it could be co-incidental. It needs a pro to diagnose in situ.Don't use a cowboy though,get someone who is 'trade-recognised',e.g. Confederation of Aerial Installers. CAI. Good luck!

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How often do you update the UK individual TV transmitter channel lists?

As of now new channels are not all listed.

When will COM8 commence at Beacon Hill?

As a result of new 'extra' channels,including some decent (programme material)
HD channels,I have upgraded all my terrestrial aerial components due to the
relative low power (ERP) of COM7.

ALL users of satellite only should be aware that at last the tables have been in
part reversed and you can now get some channels through an aerial that are
NOT available free to air on satellite! AT LAST!

I do so hope that the ERP of muxes should,in general,be raised at the earliest
possible date to match each others levels as this is important in hilly areas,
which includes a lot of the UK!

My only other gripe is the freeview epg channel list which is unbelievable with
channels of no importance or consequence being lower than NORMAL channels!

Why is freeview hijacked by commercial selling programmes and pornographic

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2014 Christmas Quiz - answers
Tuesday 27 January 2015 8:32AM

Since COM7 started locally,at Beacon Hill,I have been studying the many online transmitter details and aerial group recommendations and I am very disappointed that too many web sites are both out of date and consequently are giving wrong advice for aerial groups. Arquiva have confirmed that COM8 is starting this year and more people will be missing out on extra HD and SD channels. It is an important issue because the transmitted power levels of COM7 and COM8 are quite low and wrong group aerials can have lower gain at COM7 and COM8 frequencies for some transmitters.Despite writing to one manufacturer and not really getting anywhere the 'aerial' industry continues to remain indifferent in part! It's a sad situation because freeview can now get,in some areas,new channels,including HD,that are not on freesat. I appreciate that COM7 and COM8 are limited in area coverage but not enough is being done to address this changing opportunity. I am a freeview and freesat fan. Astra 2G should help dramatically in a couple of months onwards. UH-D is coming............!

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Well no surprise really!
The UK punters want more and more (DAB radio) channels and are not bothered enough about their sound quality.
My greatest dissappointment is that DAB radio was hi-jacked and the quality of VHF/FM mostly left behind for good.
Such a shame when I had hoped that we would end up with DAB radio both quantity and quality.
At least the likes of internet radio stations Linn Jazz and Linn Classical are available. (Hopefully).
Advertising seems to be increasing in irritation on every entertainment platform! Because of that I have stopped using some.
Dreams.........and reallity...................

michael scott

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michael scott : Has anybody else experienced multiplex changes and power reduction from Beacon Hill on Saturday 31-october-2015 ? COM8 from C34 to C37 ? Signal strengths down for some multiplexes from both Beacon Hill and Stockland Hill. Is this a juggling whilst new,or changed,channels appear ? I have a 'very good terrestrial aerial' line of sight from Stockland Hill and close enough and high enough for Beacon Hill too ! Perhaps it's all down to imagination.......I am 72 now.......G1ZVO.

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from the 18th. November,2016,a new Three 4G mobile broadband is useable on 700 MHz:does anyone know its location and frequency,to enable an antenna to be chosen?
thank you

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reference /at700/list/all

great info but the top channel numbers on the right are 'lost/unreadable'
all the way down depending where each transmitter has a lot (wide printed area)
of channel numbers,from c58 upwards for Beacon Hill.

I would like to read the higher channel numbers,eg C/D Beacon Hill,and others

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Beacon Hill (Torbay, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Saturday 27 January 2018 12:54PM

I am really disappointed with the recent two BBC HD (BBC FOUR HD and CB BEEBIES HD) changing muxes on the BEACON HILL TRANSMITTER because of the even lower radiated power causing widespread lost of BBC FOUR HD to freeview hd recorders in the local area previously recordable.
First BBC THREE HD went online and now BBC FOUR HD becomes a problem.

I KNOW all about channels 56 and 57 changing NEXT YEAR but the problem is now.

Will the radiated power on the new BBC FOUR HD mux C34 be raised to the previous BBC FOUR HD mux 33 ? And the radiation area matched to mux C33?

I have gone to great lengths to receive beacon hill freeview as it is my nearest main transmitter and it is also blessed with muxes COM 7 and COM8.

I live in a very high position,the highest in my location,so all the muxes were receivable until ARQIVA changed the broadcast parameters AFTER successful reception for some considerable time!

I am a retired techie and could easily use all the alternative ways to watch the channels concerned as I have them all (Sky Q,freesat and internet)but that leaves my freeview pvr(s) missing recording a channel I want to and one that I watch in other rooms via DLNA.

I do wonder what radiated levels and patterns the forthcoming next-year HD muxes on BEACON HILL transmitter channels 56 and 57 will be ????

Ah well,such is life.........ARQIVA was (?) owned by SKY ? Pure coincidence that freeview competes with viewers for Sky ?

I wish we had the BBC engineering and IBA engineering still doing our freeview/DAB/fm/am transmitters!

Perhaps any of us is wrong to wish for what our license fee pays for? The technical support as well as programmes ?

A storm in a small teacup?

Kind regards,

michael scott G1ZVO.

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