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All posts by Dave C

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The new Freeview prediction system - includes Freeview HD | UK
Thursday 27 October 2011 10:58AM Cardigan

Hi, I'm not sure whether I've found a minor hiccup in the freeview prediction page when I put in an Aberporth postcode SA43 2EP. The location is identified but there appear to be no transmitters in South & West Wales. (Yet if I pan West from my home postcode in Gloucestershire I can see the transmitters which serve Wales on the map)

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Transmitter symbol improvements on UK Free TV
Monday 5 March 2012 10:50PM Blakeney

Hi Brian,
When I saw the info on the latest mapping (and the positive comments) I was enthusiastic to see if there were any further clarification of the difficult reception conditions we sometimes experience.
However there appears to be a few teething troubles.
I put my postcode in and a seriously blank map resulted. Ridge Hill and Mendip (The main full freeview transmitters) have disappeared, gone is Pillowell (nearest local freeview lite). A new option - Parkend (also freeview lite) is the only transmitter shown.
Because there are no other transmitters, the signal strength comparisons and multiplex channel lists have disappeared as well.
I suspect the new mapping works fine for other areas, but something isn't quite right for the Forest of Dean.
Keep up the good work..
Many thanks ..Dave

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Hi Brian,
I very much like the indication of what should be available on the reception coverage maps. However for me at Gl15 4TU, no full freeview transmitters are shown, despite the fact I've just retuned freeview on Mendip as recommended and can now receive the previously intermittent multiplexes. All the coverage map can give me is a distant freeview lite relay which isn't even the closest. I hope you'll be able to get it working better (For me, it was better before the improvements).
Keep up the good work !

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Hi Brian,
I've finally sorted how to get the mapping to give me the information I want. My postcode covers an area where the signal strength varies across the area. Your new software is almost too good and chooses the relevant transmitter based on possibly only a dB or two signal difference. I had to use an 8 digit grid reference working to 10m resolution to show the Mendip transmitter I'm receiving! (20 or 30m in the wrong direction and only a freeview-lite relay transmitter is shown). Maybe a possible improvement would be to widen the discrimination between transmitter signal levels so that more than one transmitter can be shown. (you use the term 'transmitters' plural on the map, but at present it seems to be always singular)
When you get the information you want it's pretty impressive - Many thanks. (SO63310646) 

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Best ever emails and improved menus on UK FREE TV
Tuesday 14 April 2015 5:24PM Blakeney

Please, Please - bring back UKfree.TV !
I don't know what has happened to your website, but effectively is unobtainable. It is only by wandering through the news items that I now know what should be there. Let me explain - As far as I can see there are NO menus, only the centre column of news items. The left and right columns of the screen are always blank.
I thought it might be my computer (Google chrome on Windows Vista), so I tried Internet Explorer - still the same. I tried a more up-to-date laptop with Windows 7 (all software updated) still no menus with either Google Chrome or IE.
Effectively all the reception predictions, transmitter channel data, engineering conditions, EVERYTHING has gone except the news column. I eventually found that if I 'googled' reception predictions or something like that, I could get the web address of your predictions page, but I couldn't input my postcode or location, because there are no menus there either. I used to use the prediction page regularly when going on holiday (camping) but because I can't enter a location I can't get that information any more.
Any suggestions as to how to access your website properly please ?

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