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Map of all DAB transmitters

You can click on a transmitter group symbol to see all the masts in that county or area, or click on a single transmitter to see the coverage area. Due to the large number of radio transmitters, many have been grouped into counties or administrative areas for ease of viewing.

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Sunday, 13 August 2017
David Finnie
7:32 AM

I've now been living in Annan (yes it is in Scotland) for 15 months and till today have no idea why Radio BBC Scotland Digital is not available on DAB. We do get all the English programmes, and even the Asian one. Whilst on nightshift I need to listen to the football over my mobile phone. All in all the stations available are very poor. When is this going to be sorted?

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David Finnie's 3 posts GB flag

4:29 PM

David Finnie: BBC Radio Scotland is broadcast on local commercial multiplexs which don't currently cover all areas of Scotland. The BBC national stations are broadcast on the BBC's own multiplex which is identical across the whole of the UK and is unable to carry stations such as BBC Radio Scotland (unless another station was removed or reduced in quality across the whole UK). Plans haven't been announced yet to expand coverage of BBC Radio Scotland on DAB but are likely to be announced once a date is set for a digital radio switchover.

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StevensOnln1's 3,548 posts GB flag

9:08 PM

dear mike,australia used band 2 for tv broadcasting for many years,also china i think also uses or did use band 2 for tv,i'm suprised you don't know this.n.............

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nicholas's 120 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 15 August 2017

10:50 AM


The international agreement allocating the bands used for TV services allowed Australia and a number of oriental and African countries to use Band 2 for TV services. In Europe, including the UK, Band 2 was allocated for FM radio services whilst Bands 1, 3, 4 and 5 were for TV broadcasts. In the US, they had a slightly different allocation of bands.

There is a lot of information about this on several websites.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
Sunday, 20 August 2017
John Ricketts
8:23 PM

Is a DAB transmitter planned for Bude in Cornwall?

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John Ricketts's 4 posts GB flag

10:52 PM

John Ricketts: According to article linked below, the Cornwall local multiplex was due to be added to the Bude DAB transmitter during May. The BBC national multiplex has been available since last October.

New local digital radio transmitters switched on for St. Austell and Bude |

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StevensOnln1's 3,548 posts GB flag
Thursday, 24 August 2017
George Lindsay
1:06 PM

Is there any plan to upgrade the quality of DAB reception in the Kinross, Scotland area?Thanks

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George Lindsay's 13 posts US flag
Friday, 25 August 2017
10:22 AM

Can someone explain please what I should see. I click on the DAB Transmitters TAB (This page) and I see .. You can click on a transmitter group symbol to see all the masts in that county or area etc.
Should I be able to do this or is this the instructions for the DAB Multiplex TAB.


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Phil's 2 posts GB flag
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Thursday, 31 August 2017
Willie Bone

8:26 AM

David Finnie: I live outside Thornhill village in Dumfries & Galloway (D&G) and currently rely on WiFi digital radio sets for digital reception on commercial radio & BBC Radio Scotland.
Local DAB including BBC Radio Scotland's regional opt-out for D&G news will not become a reality until after a digital radio switchover announcement in 2018/19, giving listeners a two year notice to convert! According to the current OFCOM plan, a multiplex identified as 'Glasgow South' will then bring signal coverage for local DAB throughout most of D&G which may require up to eight transmitter relay sites! Glasgow North on the other hand will be a merged Ayrshire & Glasgow multiplex for local DAB..
Personally, I am not expecting local DAB in D&G until 2020/21!!

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Willie Bone's 57 posts GB flag
Thursday, 21 September 2017
9:14 PM

I have a roof mounted DAB folded dipole. My radio (DENON) indicates signal quality on a scale 0 to 8. Multiplexes 10C &11D give a quality of 8. However 11A rarely gives a maximum of 5 and usually in the range 0 to 4 often dropping out completely. By comparison I also have a portable DAB (Pure) with a telescopic aerial and downstairs inside the house it indicates 98% signal for all 3 multiplexes. What transmitter should the roof mounted aerial be pointing at to get a better 11A signal. My postcode is KT24 5DX.

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Robert's 2 posts GB flag
Robert's: mapR's Freeview map terrainR's terrain plot wavesR's frequency data R's Freeview Detailed Coverage
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