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Map of all DAB transmitters

You can click on a transmitter group symbol to see all the masts in that county or area, or click on a single transmitter to see the coverage area. Due to the large number of radio transmitters, many have been grouped into counties or administrative areas for ease of viewing.

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Sunday, 21 March 2021
7:09 AM

I'm just scanning and setting presets on my new DAB+ radio and come across Hope fm and looking at your list above it's not there so wonder how up to date your list is ?

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David's 1 post US

11:10 AM

David: As has been pointed out many times before, the owner of this website has been unable to keep up with the many changes that have taken place over the last few years, including hundreds of frequency changes for Freeview transmitters and the many new DAB/DAB+ stations which have launched over the last few years.

Wohnort has a much more up to date list of DAB/DAB+ stations available on each national, local and small scale multiplex:
DAB Ensembles WorldWide | UK Local & Small-Scale

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StevensOnln1's 3,510 posts GB
Tuesday, 22 June 2021
Harvey MONTE
1:56 PM

Where is the nearest transmitter to Ss12yf?

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Harvey MONTE's 1 post GB

3:50 PM

Harvey MONTE:

There are a number of transmitters that you should be able to receive and you should have good reception of all available multiplexes with a DAB+ radio. If you don't have DAB+, just plain DAB, it will reduce the number of stations you can get but you'll still get all the main BBC stations and a number of commercial ones.

The nearest is at Maitland House South but this is only just one of the Local Commercial multiplexes that carries BBC Essex, Block 12D: 229.072 MHz
Then there are main transmitters at Bluebell Hill with the Local London 2 multiplex Block 12A: 223.936 MHz, the Local Kent multiplex Block 11C: 220.352 MHz (also on the Wrotham main transmitter and the Benfleet Relay), and both main transmitters with the main BBC multiplex Block 12B: 225.648 MHz.

Wrotham also has the commercial multiplexes D1 Block 11D: 222.064MHz, SDL Block 11A: 216.928 MHz, and the 3 London mu;ltiplexes - London 1 Block 12C: 227.360 MHz, London 2 Block 12A: 223.936 MHz, & London 3 Block 11B: 218.640 MHz.

Danbury also has those commercial multiplexes D1 & SDL, and the BBC main multiplex.
There are main transmitters further away such as Alexandra Palace and Crystal Palace which will have those main multiplexes as well as some of the other London multiplexes. HTH.

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Chris.SE's 3,457 posts GB
Thursday, 16 September 2021
rogerw booth
8:38 AM

i live in rugeley in staffordsire post code ws152je which transmitter can i tune to for dab and dab plus stations

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rogerw booth's 1 post GB
Friday, 17 September 2021

12:56 AM

rogerw booth:

Unless you are using a directional aerial, you do not really tune to a "transmitter" as all DAB multiplexes are Single Frequency Networks (SFNs) and you tune to the Block/Frequency/Multiplex.

The nearest transmitters to you from which you should get reception are -

Badgers Hill Woods (nr. Pye Green) roughly SW -
Block 11B: 218.640 MHz BBC Radio Shropshire & BBC Radio WM + some WM Commercial stations,
Block 12B: 225.648 MHz BBC National stations,
Block 12D: 229.072 MHz BBC Radio Stoke + Commercial stations.

Lichfield roughly SE -
Block 10B: 211.648 MHz BBC Radio Derby + East Midlands Commercial,
Block11C: 220.352 MHz BBC Radio WM + some WM Commercial stations

Sutton Coldfield roughly SSE
Block 11A: 216.928 MHz SDL National stations,
Block 11D: 222.064MHz D1 National stations,
Block 12B: 225.648 MHz BBC National stations..

You might also get reception from Sedgley Beacon Lane further away, roughly SSW - Blocks 11B, 11C, 11D, 12B
But all those are also carried on other transmitters nearer to you.

Reception from a given transmitter can depend on the layout of your house and windows, how thick walls are etc. and obviously the position of your radio (and its aerial - which you should move about to optimise reception).

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Chris.SE's 3,457 posts GB
Monday, 4 October 2021
Graham Coleman
9:10 AM

Hi I live in Coventry, post code CV6 1AH, over the last month the DAB reception drops out, sometimes it will kick back in other times totally dead, resulting in having to switch off &then switch back on, VERY ANNOYING,
I have even purchased a further DAB radio, totalling now 3, same issues will all, is there a fault with the network ?, some feedback would be appreciated.

Graham Coleman

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Graham Coleman's 1 post GB

9:48 AM

Graham Coleman: Which DAB stations are you listening to? Do any of the radios you've tried have a display with any kind of signal strength indication? Have you tried the same radio in a different room or another location?

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StevensOnln1's 3,510 posts GB

10:58 PM

Graham Coleman:

You shouldn't really have any issues receiving any of the DAB stations that are available. There's a transmitter in the middle of Coventry that easily covers your area for the BBC National Mux on Block 12B, the D1 National Commercial mux on Block 11D, and a Local mux on Block 12D (Coventry). There's also a transmitter at Meriden to your NW carrying the Local mux on 12D and another at Ilmington to your SSW.
Further away at Lark Stoke to your SSW, the transmitter has the BBC and D1 National muxes which give some limited coverage in the Coventry area.

The SDL National Commercial mux on Block 11A is transmitted from a limited number of main transmitters and your two nearest are Sutton Coldfield to the NW of you, and Daventry to the SE of you (both also transmit the other two National muxes. Daventry also has a Local mux on 12D (Coventry), and another on 10C (Northampton). The Sutton Coldfield signals don't get into some parts of Coventry that well, but the Daventry transmitter should cover your area quite well with the National and Coventry muxes.

You should try and position your radio where the direction to the transmitter is not obstructed by thick walls, large metal objects like fridges and freezers etc, and move its aerial around to optimise the signal. Obviously on/near window sills facing the transmitter direction will be best.

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Chris.SE's 3,457 posts GB
Thursday, 6 January 2022
George Lindsay
4:13 PM

Has any date been given for the "coming soon" transmitter for Kinross?

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George Lindsay's 13 posts US
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