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Tuesday 02 March 2010, AM

Panasonic TX-P42G20 plasma TV now available in the UK

Panasonic has made much of the fact that the G20 inherits, via a technology sharing agreement, some of the elements used to create the now legendary Pioneer 'Kuro' plasma TV's. The new screens arrive as the 13g Panasonic plasmas featuring 2nd generation G2 NeoPDP technology. The G20 is Wi-fi ready, the extra functionality available via an optional dongle. - link

The BBC must stop trying to do everything | Mark Thompson |Comment is free |The Guardian

The BBC has one mission to inform, educate and entertain audiences with programmes and services of high quality, originality and value. It strives to fulfil this mission not to further any political or commercial interest, but because the British public believe that universal access to ideas and cultural experiences of merit and ambition is a good in itself. The BBC is a part of public space because the public themselves have put it there. - link

Mark Thompson is overpaid and out of touch, says Greg Dyke |Media |The Guardian

Mark Thompson is to announce the results of a strategic review. It doesn't have to pay its director general 800,000. According to leaks, he will propose shutting BBC 6 Music and the Asian Network, cutting spending on sports rights and foreign programming and halving the size of corporation's internet operation. - link
Friday 26 February 2010, AM

BBC signals an end to era of expansion - Times Online

- link

BBC to axe radio stations and halve website in strategic review |Media |The Guardian

The Times says the measures are part of the BBC's strategic review to be unveiled next month. Under the plan, the BBC intends to shrink overall services and focus more on quality over quantity. There have already been reports suggesting that the BBC will axe the digital radio stations 6 Music and Asian Network. - link

Media Talk: Parliament condemns News of the World phone-hacking link

Media: Sources and standards 24 Feb 10 link
Monday 22 February 2010, PM

Exclusive demonstration of Samsung C7000 LED TV - Which? News

These recordings will be encrypted so that they can only be played back on the TV that they are recorded from. To get 3D content, owners will either have to subscribe to the forthcoming 3D channel from Sky, or buy a 3D Blu-ray player. The 3D channel from Sky will initially be available at no extra cost to existing subscribers to Sky's top HD package. - link

BBC - The arrival of Freeview HD

The line up for Jools Holland's Hootenanny this year was particularly well chosen. For those who missed it, do look up Paloma Faith's version of the classic TV is the Thing this Year. There's considerable evidence building that TV - by which I mean old-fashioned big screen part-of-a-schedule TV - is not limping towards the grave, chased by on-demand. - link

Panasonic VT20 Freeview HD Plasma TV Now available in UK stores

We are a family run business that has been selling appliances and electrical items for more than 40 years. - link

UK Film and Television News - S

Freeview HD is being rolled out across the country and will be available in 50 of homes by the World Cup in June and 60 by the end of the year. - link
Monday 22 February 2010, AM

In-fighting wrecks Greg Dykes plans for BBC under Tories | Steve Hewlett |Media |The Guardian

There is a degree of political consensus on the issue of online piracy but little conviction that what the bill proposes will prove fair or effective in tackling it. The Tories, meanwhile, have been doing their best to take advantage of the government's troubles. True, they are against top-slicing, describing it in terms a threat to the BBC's independence, and so on that will have been music to the corporation's ears. - link

Icecrypt Freeview HD zapper due in March

- link

CNBC to join Freesat |Media |

Financial news channel CNBC is to become available on Freesat next week, putting it on free-to-air television for the first time. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

BBC - About the BBC: 7 on-demand viewing facts

- link

BBC - BBC Internet Blog: A new global visual language for the BBCs digital services

The BBC website began its official life back in December 1997 with this very simple design. Over time it has grown to encompass a great deal more. However due to the organic way in which the website evolved and the old structure of the business, with dozens of small design teams working independently of each other, the site had a fairly schizophrenic nature once you delved into its depths. - link
Friday 19 February 2010, AM

Media: The Media Show 17th February 2010 link

Media Talk: The PCC ruling on Jan Moir and Stephen Gately link
Monday 15 February 2010, AM

Sky closes in on deal to buy Virgin Media TV channels |Media |

Sky chief Jeremy Darroch has said he would be interested in buying Virgin Media's channels business. Virgin Media is understood to be in the final stages of selling its wholly-owned television channels, including Virgin1 and Living, to BSkyB after months of negotiations. A Virgin Media Television spokesman declined to comment. - link
Friday 12 February 2010, PM

First Freeview HD box launches in John Lewis

The new receivers were available exclusively at the John Lewis flagship store over the weekend before going on widespread sale with other retailers from 15th February 2010. Channel 4 HD and S4C in Wales will launch shortly. In addition to the high definition channels viewers also have access to 50 standard definition digital TV, 24 radio channels and the interactive red button service. - link

Regional news bids must be put on hold |Media |

I don't say this because I necessarily take sides on whether they are a good thing, or a bad thing. If I was a member of the selection panel which has just held public meetings in the areas concerned, I would be tempted to resign. What we are dealing with here is the provision of valued 6pm regional news programmes and ancillary bulletins and online services, serving millions of people, that are currently produced by ITV and STV. - link

Toshiba reveal Freeview HD enabled LED TVs

Although the 3m or so LED TV's sold in 2009 represented just 16 of the total flat screen market, most manufacturers are planning models for 2010. They are all anxious to get a slice of a market which is predicted to achieve 16m unit sales in 2010 and account for the majority of LCD TV's sold by 2013. If you would like to find out more about the technology you might like to read our LED Guide. - link

Windows Activation Technologies Update for Windows 7

In the coming days, well be deploying a new update for Windows Activation Technologies, the set of built-in activation and validation components built into Windows 7. Called Windows Activation Technologies Update for Windows 7, this update will detect more than 70 known and potentially dangerous activation exploits. Activation exploits are sometimes called hacks, and attempt to bypass or compromise Windows activation technologies. - link

Media Talk: Carolyn McCall and more BBC expenses link
Thursday 11 February 2010, PM

April launch for Toshiba Freeview HD IDTVs

- link

Govt to clash with BBC over DAB rollout - Digital Spy

Outgoing creative industries minister Sion Simon yesterday put the government on a collision course with the BBC over buildout funding for the digital audio broadcasting network. Before the proposed digital radio switchover can go ahead in 2015, the government wants DAB coverage to reach 98-99 of the UK population. Simon believes that the corporation is obligated under the Royal Charter to take up the estimated annual cost of 10m to 20m from ensuring universal coverage of DAB services. - link

Toshiba Freeview+ HD recorder due in June

- link
Thursday 11 February 2010, AM

BBC News - Final chapter for the understated home of broadcast TV

The end of February marks the start of a whole new chapter for both the tech team and the building, when the BBC hands over the keys to Kingswood's new owner, property developer Octagon. The broadcast experts are moving to new premises in a refurbished building in west London - and some will head on to the corporation's new HQ in Salford in 2011. They are currently busy packing away 60 years worth of kit - everything from FM radio and colour TV to the interactive red button was painstakingly perfected in the calm surroundings of leafy Kingswood's wood-panelled offices and labs. - link

BBC In Our Time - 1998-2002

- link

BBC RD - Homepage

Multimedia Classification Developing a system for searching audiovisual archives based on a computer aided analysis of the content itself. Standards BBC RD is an active member of many bodies that set broadcast standards. Video Compression H.264 enhancements The next generation of video compression technologies. - link

Radio Today with RCS: BBC turns on two transmitters

- link

Media: Covering climate change and BBC Pay 10 Feb 10 link

Toshiba intros first Freeview HD-compatible PVR | Electronista

The drive can record 120 hours of HD programming, and users can also plug in external hard drives through two USB ports. The HDR5010 will cost the equivalent of 545 when it arrives in the UK in June. - link

Freeview: 350,000 Sky subscribers might switch to free HD |Media |

The figure fell to 12 for homes with Virgin Media's digital cable service. The digital platform's HD offering is a fraction of the more than 30 HD channels currently available on Sky. It also depends on how much new capacity can be found for new channels on the Freeview service, more of which was being freed up all the time, she said. - link

Toshiba Freeview HD sets landing in April | T3 magazine

- link

Freeview HD keeps Canvas at arms length | Broadband TV News

Freeview is to concentrate its marketing power on the launch of its new high definition channels, leaving BBC iPlayer to individual manufacturers, and putting the hybrid broadband platform Canvas to one side. Howling said that although manufacturers including Samsung were planning to incorporate the iPlayer as part of their receivers through BBC syndication, this is not something Freeview would be promoting itself. Unlike the Freeview personal video recorder and the new Freeview HD, Canvas would be represented by a distinct and separate logo. - link
Wednesday 10 February 2010, PM

Toshiba commits to Freeview HD Register Hardware

TVs with Freeview HD tuners are coming too. The HDR-5010 digital video recorder will contain a 500GB hard drive and a pair of tuners so you can record one channel while viewing another. So feed in content from other sources USB 2.0 - two ports - and an Ethernet jack. - link
Wednesday 10 February 2010, AM

Humax HD-FOX T2 Review on CNET UK

You might not believe it, but digital terrestrial TV in the UK is well over ten years old now. Since then, we've had Freeview, offering a free selection of channels for people to enjoy once they buy a digital TV or Freeview box. To get HD, we've needed to invent new transmission standards. - link
Tuesday 09 February 2010, PM

Tories: well block regional TV news plan from getting through parliament |Media |

Last month he said that, if the Conservatives won power at the general election, they would do their best to unpick any contracts that had been signed with news providers. Hunt has now promised to prevent the proposal even becoming law, instead fighting to have it removed from the digital economy bill. Hunt would prefer a market-led approach to supplying regional news and has advocated reform of media ownership laws. - link

TV product placement ban to be lifted -TV Radio, Media - The Independent

Product placement will be allowed on British TV programmes under new legislation announced by the Government today. It said that continuing to ban product placement would damage the finances of the British TV industry. Alcohol, tobacco, and food and drinks which are high in fat, salt or sugar are among the products that will not be allowed. - link

Why did Ofcom back down over DRM at the BBC? | Cory Doctorow |Technology |

After all, DRM doesn't actually prevent copying even the BBC agrees that the scheme it's proposed won't stop a determined copier, and once that copy is on the internet, everyone else will be able to get at it with a couple of clicks. You see, the BBC's plan is to scramble some key information needed to watch high-def broadcasts, a block of data that includes subtitles and other information used by disabled people, who are making increasing use of open devices that can be readily repurposed to add assistive features. Let's look at the record on threats to boycott non-DRM broadcasting from these companies. - link

TechniSat launches Freeview USB

DTG Staff 09.02.2010 Links open in a new window. The DTG is not responsible for the content of other web sites. - link
Tuesday 09 February 2010, AM

TV viewing at highest since 1992 |Media |

Viewers watched an average of 3.75 hours of TV a day last year, the highest figure since 1992, according to research. This was down from 10.1 three months earlier and 14.3 at the start of 2009, illustrating the effect of the digital switchover process and the continuing takeup of digital TV ahead of the final switchoff in 2012. Three years ago, at the start of 2007, 28.3 of homes were analogue-only. - link

Sky drops ITV court fight as it cuts stake -Business News, Business - The Independent

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills announced yesterday that Sky had given formal commitments to sell the stake. Sky bought the whole stake in ITV for 940m in 2006, when the shares were valued at 130p. Morgan Stanley last night said it was acting as sole bookrunner to place 10.4 per cent of ITVs shares in the market at a price between 48.5p and 49.5p, which would raise about 200m. - link

Sky loses the battle over ITV, but its already won the war |Media |

If the biggest commercial terrestrial broadcaster and the cable operator had got together, Sky might have found itself with a rival it couldn't batter into submission. Meanwhile, NTL became Virgin Media but did not become a Sky-threatening giant. So, Sky will lose a few hundred million on the deal in cash terms. - link

More digital power for London

- link
Monday 08 February 2010, PM : Home

- link

BBC - BBC Internet Blog: Drama on BBC HD

Drama has moved faster than any other area of programming in the UK to working in HD. If you leave out the soaps, the BBC probably makes a higher proportion of drama programmes in HD than we do any other type of programming. The drama production community has taken to HD fast and wholeheartedly for a couple of reasons HD can offer producers a closer approximation to film than any other format, and therefore help production teams to produce work which looks like cinema on television drama budgets. - link

Sky gives undertaking to sell ITV shares

- link

BBC, Arqiva to sell DTT slots is Everything about content in the 21st Century, from television to web, mobile, tablet and beyond. - link
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