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Tuesday 19 January 2010, AM

New DAB transmitters switched on

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Monday 18 January 2010, PM

Freesat talks up a year of HD sport Register Hardware

Freesat's aim in releasing this titbit is to persuade sporty types to invest in a Freesat-branded HD TV or set-top box, and a satellite dish. The Winter Olympics' opening ceremony takes place on 12 February. We call on set-top box makers to extract their digits and release Freeview HD kit pronto, if not in time for the Vancouver game then at least for other upcoming knocking-a-ball-around stuff. - link

Public Servant Scotland - Plea to expand BBC Alba

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Monday 18 January 2010, AM

Jana Bennett: Overnight ratings figures do not give the full picture |Media |

Take Christmas total viewing figures have remained relatively stable for the past 10 years. The press assesses the performance of channels at this time of year as the viewing figures for 2009 are published. Journalists and even TV executives get very excited about overnight viewing figures. - link

Local television news seems destined for the back burner |Media |The Guardian

It took years of consultation and reports and discussion but when the solution to local television news provision beyond the BBC was found, it was greeted with some enthusiasm. ITV, which says it can no longer afford to supply local news, would vacate regional news slots on its network and let others fill them. Local news consortiums consisting of local papers, radio broadcasters, independent producers and others would be able to capitalise on ITV's legacy of audience reach and impact, and develop innovative multiplatform news and information. - link

Cost of TV sport to tumble as Ofcom turns screw on Sky |Media |

Prices should drop in time for the 2010/2011 Premier League football season. If the Conservative leader wins the general election, the timing of Ofcom's intervention in sports broadcasting would result in one of his first choices as prime minister being whether to take the unprecedented step of overturning the decision of an independent regulator or to let it stand and risk infuriating the Murdoch empire, one of his party's most powerful supporters. The Ofcom board is due to meet on Tuesday to discuss the level of the proposed cuts to the wholesale price of Sky Sports. - link

BBC -BBC on-demand offerings

Possible reasons for this include We have a bad link out there on the web somewhere and you were unlucky enough to click it You may have typed the page address incorrectly Something has gone wrong at our end Sorry we couldn't find what you were looking for. Our site is pretty simple, you might find what you're looking for if you poke around a bit. If you give us a call on 0845 638 1848 we'd love to help. - link
Sunday 17 January 2010, AM

BBC iPlayer - The ITV Story

In fact, it is not a single county that has vanished from the map - the territory that has gone missing also stretched across Lincolnshire and into north Norfolk. Of course, if you look at any road atlas of the UK, there is still a sizeable piece of land between The Pennines and the North Sea. Initially, Granada served the whole of the north of England but for 40 years, YTV was Yorkshire's very own station and gave its region a prominent voice in millions of homes all over the country. - link
Friday 15 January 2010, AM

Media Talk USA: Google takes on China |Media |

Up for discussion this month is Google's annoncement that it is pulling out of China. Is this merely sabre-rattling, or will the internet giant really triumph in its battle with Beijing Finally, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has cut off aggregator NewsNow from all its websites but isn't the internet built on the right to link - link

Media Talk: All change at BBC Radio 15/1/10 link
Wednesday 13 January 2010, PM

BBC Media: Jana Bennett; The Indy; local news on ITV; Google in China - 13/01/2009 link
Monday 11 January 2010, PM

Roy Greenslade: Freud ashamed and sickened by Fox News |Media |

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Coronation Street set to be demolished |Media |

Photograph Peter Price/Rex Features Britain's most famous street is set to be demolished. The existing set has been Britain's most familiar street for nearly 50 years and the setting for some of the most memorable scenes in television historyr. Tracey Barlow, the fictional daughter of the soap's most enduring resident Ken Barlow, murdered her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs on the street. - link

Update: BBC iPlayer on Freesat

December 2009 saw the latest addition to the BBC iPlayer family, with the start of a beta evaluation period for Freesat devices. This is the first time that we've delivered a service as complicated as BBC iPlayer onto a normal, household set top box or TV set, and we initially restricted the beta to a closed group of users. Since then many Freesat users have been asking when they'll be able to try it for themselves, and as our testing has been going well we're making the beta product available more widely, and you're invited - link
Sunday 10 January 2010, PM

New paper on Ofcom s pay TV review : | OfcomWatch |

- link
Thursday 07 January 2010, PM

Media Talk: Jonathan Ross quits the BBC link

Video: Jonathan Ross quits the BBC: Guardian writers react |Media |

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BSkyB confirms compatibility with first 3D Ready TVs

TVs this year, and Skys 3D service will be compatible with all of their respective 3D TV products. By working together with set manufacturers, we want to provide a hassle free way for consumers to enjoy 3D TV. DTG Staff 07.01.2010 Links open in a new window. - link

GMTV stars fear shrinking sofa | Media Monkey |Media |

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Maybe Jonathan Ross jumped but the BBC werent standing in his way |Media |

The BBC seems to have been caught on the hop by the statement he gave to the Press Association, putting their release out 30 minutes later. There is no doubt that for the past few years Ross has been a leitmotif for those who wish to attack the BBC for its lack of morals and its spendthrift ways. His 16.9m three-year BBC contract made him a poster child for those who felt that the corporation was too free and easy with licence fee payers' money and used it to squeeze commercial rivals. - link

BBC Threes plans for 2010

- link

Sony Freeview HD TVs coming in February

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Thursday 07 January 2010, AM

Sky+ ad featuring Royle Family actor Sue Johnston banned |Media |

I say to everybody who's worrying about going digital, don't worry about it, get a Sky box, then it's done. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link
Wednesday 06 January 2010, PM

BBC Media Show - Product placement and 3DTV link
Tuesday 05 January 2010, PM

YouTube, iPlayer, Sky? Wholl win the mass market for video on demand? |Media |

If and when Rose finds a way around this in 2010 the trust encouraged the BBC to do so, the iPlayer brand - with 729 million requests in 2009 - may prove so appealing that broadcasters simply can't forgo the kind of shop window it would give to their shows and advertisers. Channel 4 and Five have already effectively shut the door to Hulu exclusivity by signing with both YouTube and SeeSaw. Hulu was believed to still be courting ITV with a promise of equity for exclusivity - but it may either have to give up this stipulation or risk becoming another Joost. - link
Tuesday 05 January 2010, AM

Product placements threat to children | Aric Sigman |Comment is free |

In real measurable terms, our children are spoilt in ways that go far beyond materialism they have the most body fat and the greatest sense of entitlement since records began. Commercial enticement harms our children's mental and physical health in ways we haven't fully understood yes, it's a case of monkey see, monkey want, but the process doesn't stop there. However, impulse control is more than a behavioural pleasantry it is a self-regulation skill that affects a wide range of childhood outcomes that go far beyond demanding a chocolate bar here and now. - link
Saturday 02 January 2010, PM

Surrendering advertising killing bundling BuzzMachine

Two things strike me about News Corp.s battle to get cable fees 1 Again and again lately, the company is surrendering the advertising battle. In newspapers, it is saying that advertising wont support its high costs and so it will sacrifice traffic and advertising the hopes of building build pay walls. Now in TV which is where Murdoch fils says the future of the company lies theyre trying to eke fees from cable operators. - link
Wednesday 30 December 2009, PM

Sky TV prices up following VAT increase

- link
Wednesday 30 December 2009, AM

BBC HD in the clear, says Which? Labs - Which? News

Labs have found no significant loss in picture quality on BBC satellite HD channels - despite recent media reports of picture quality problems. The comparisons were made on two identical 40-inch, high-definition TVs. Only with identical sources could a like-for-like comparison be made, however over a lengthy viewing period, our expert panel had seen sufficient material to conclude that any difference in quality was 'insignificant'. - link
Tuesday 29 December 2009, PM

BT warns of court fight over digital spectrum plans |Business |

BT is calling for the wireless spectrum to be auctioned off rather than extending existing 3G licenses. The telecoms operator has warned that it will take legal action if the government presses ahead in the new year with plans to liberalise the nation's mobile phone spectrum. BT's move could derail a key part of the government's Digital Britain programme. - link
Thursday 24 December 2009, PM

freesat - iPlayer - Overview

- link

BBC iPlayer - Doctor Who...

This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so. - link
Thursday 24 December 2009, AM

Media Talk: 2009 review link
Wednesday 23 December 2009, PM

BBC Media Show: Wed 23 Dec 09 Sky attacks BBC plans for internet link
Wednesday 23 December 2009, AM

BBC iPlayer celebrates second birthday with record breaking figures

With an average of over five million unique users a week, BBC iPlayer is set to have its best Christmas yet. New data also provides a fascinating insight into how users of BBC iPlayer, now available on more than 20 different devices, differ per platform. BBC iPlayer makes the unmissable unmissable, thus reducing the probability of any culinary related disasters. - link

5483 - Get iPlayer on Freesat now

- link
Tuesday 22 December 2009, PM

The BBCs digital rights plans will wreak havoc on open source software | Cory Doctorow |Technology |

Now, generally speaking, the BBC isn't allowed to encrypt or restrict its broadcasts the licence fee payer pays for these broadcasts, and no licence fee payer woke up today wishing that the BBC had added restrictions to its programming. The BBC couched this as a minor technical change, and Ofcom held a very short, very quiet consultation, but was overwhelmed by a flood of negative submissions from the public and from technologists who understood the implications of this move. Fundamentally, the BBC is trying to leverage its broadcast licence into control over the devices that can receive broadcasts. - link

BBC News - Project Canvas given green light by BBC Trust

The BBC Trust, the corporation's governing body, has given a provisional go-ahead for a project which could kick-start demand for internet TV. Set-top boxes, expected to cost around 200, could be available next year. The Trust reached its provisional conclusions following more than 800 written responses. - link
Monday 21 December 2009, PM

BBC Trust, press release - decision on fair trading appeal by IP Vision

Please visit the BBC Trust homepage to find the information you want. you may have typed the web address incorrectly - please check the spelling, or that there are no spaces or capital letters. Alternatively, please try the other links and search box on this page. - link
Monday 21 December 2009, AM

BBC Trust poised to approve Project Canvas |Media |

The BBC Trust is expected to this week give the green light to Project Canvas, the video-on-demand joint venture, albeit with significant conditions attached. Project Canvas has come in for heavy criticism from BSkyB, which has argued that issues exist over membership, the lack of a full market impact assessment and potential breaches of European Union state aid rules relating to use of the licence fee. The question of exclusivity of partnerships is also thought to extend to the manufacturers of set-top boxes that Project Canvas is working with. - link

UTV bids for north-east ITV news pilot |Media |

Winning bidders will get access to about 7m of public money a year to create a replacement for ITV's news service in the region. Under the government's plans for IFNCs, which are also being piloted in Scotland, bidders are expected to develop a multiplatform local news model. It intends to involve the existing ITV staff in the region. - link
Sunday 20 December 2009, AM

Britains TV is the best in the world (just ignore the facts) |Media |The Observer

The somewhat more puzzling news examines what all those extra pairs of goggle eyes were watching as repeats on major UK channels have soared from 34.5 to 44.8 over the past five years. Arts programming takes up 3 of TV airtime in the UK, as opposed to 22 in France and 16 in Italy. News rates 14 here, against 20 in Spain and 23 in the Netherlands. - link
Friday 18 December 2009, PM

Sky offer old Sky TV Guide back to visually impaired viewers : Tech Digest

Many of you have been complaining that the new Sky Guide isn't up to scratch, either running too slowly, not being particularly intuitive or with text too small to read. James followed up with a similar sentiment I thought I would give it a go for a week before I complained as I thought it would grow on me. Some readers have had such difficulty reading the new guide that they have contacted the Royal National Institute of Blind People, believing the new guide to be an affront to accessibility for the visually impaired. - link

Channel 4 and Talk Talk sign up to Project Canvas |Media |

Channel 4 and the internet service provider Talk Talk have signed up to join Project Canvas, with each committing to invest more than 16m to get the video-on-demand joint venture up and running. According to the BBC, the cost to each partner will be 16.4m in the first four years from the launch of Project Canvas. Following concerns raised by Sky and others about the openness of the Project Canvas service, BBC management moved to allow non-public-service broadcasters to become partners in a change to the original plan. - link

Humax HD-FOX T2 - AVReview News and comment

Home networking is taken care of with the T2 able to transmit content from your network to your TV with the usual visual and audio formats catered for. - link

BBC - Teletext to close mid-December

Flight arrival and departure information is available through Teletext The Teletext information service on analogue and digital television will close across the UK on 16 December. Limited services including holidays, racing and bookmaking and the subtitles on analogue channels will remain available. Teletext's chat and dating TV channels on Freeview will also be unaffected. - link

Top 10 tech predictions for 2010 | Expert Reviews

They will also gradually become larger, with 11-12in screens and higher resolutions. The current 8.9in models with their low 1,024x600 resolutions will be phased out. Plus, manufacturers of other IT products who have never made a computer before will produce netbooks. - link

BBC defends HD service against criticism over quality | News | TechRadar UK

The corporation has revealed that viewers have been complaining about the HD service since a change in the way the pictures are encoded took place in August. - link
Friday 18 December 2009, AM

Misjudging viewers is one of the BBCs least appealing habits |Media |

Someone once told me a more vital part of his function involved talent wrangling top-name stars such as Sir Elton John to appear on BBC specials. It seems reasonable to assume he had knowledge of the list. There's nothing wrong, per se, in creating such a list. - link

Companies form HDBaseT cross-industry alliance

The HDBaseT Alliance will invite consumer electronics and content organisations to contribute to creating a global standard for advanced digital media distribution. DTG Staff 16.12.2009 Links open in a new window. The DTG is not responsible for the content of other web sites. - link
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