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Sunday 15 November 2009, AM

3D TV week comes to Channel 4

Believing that viewers are ready to embrace the new format, Channel 4 will be showing a selection of TV programmes in 3D for the week beginning Monday 16th November. There will be nothing that sophisticated about Channel 4's 3D TV broadcast, viewers will still need to don a pair of those infamous blue and red specs available free from Sainsburys. The emphasis on the extra dimensional week is to give us a taste of 3D in its heyday with a sprinkling of contemporary material. - link

STV and ITV on a Collision course to the High Court -TV Radio, Media - The Independent

The big television event of last week was Collision, ITV's five-part drama that opened with a spectacular car crash, then unravelled the intertwined lives of its characters. STV, it says, as the network's licence-fee holder, is obliged to air its programmes. Last month it began legal proceedings to recover 38m, a debt it claims has accumulated as a result of STV not honouring its contribution to the network programme budget. - link
Saturday 14 November 2009, AM

Charlie Brookers Screen burn |Television radio |The Guardian

Jungle fever Katie Price returns to I'm a Celebrity. You have at least four different flavours of mulch to choose from It was the day that Jordan went into the jungle. - link

Is The X Factor killing pop? |Media |The Guardian

At the very same time, on Radio 1, the top 40 singles chart was being revealed to those few pop fans who weren't watching ITV1. The top three albums, meanwhile Cole, Bon Jovi who also performed and Bubl, might also thank the show for some of their success. Burke's album is at No 7, the Black Eyed Peas at 10. - link
Friday 13 November 2009, PM

BSkyB, Virgin Media Agree No Need For Project Canvas | paidContent:UK

- link

As the BBC gets more transparent, so do its enemies motives |Media |

In these straitened times, with media organisations cutting back all around, it is easy to target BBC salaries. That might have been true a few years ago. It is ridiculous that 37 BBC staff are paid more than the prime minister. - link

Wider availability of on-demand services increasing online TV and movie viewing

The number of Americans watching programs online has doubled within the last year. Consumers, wooed by the ability to watch the shows they want at a time that is convenient, are heading to the internet to get their weekly quota of TV and movie watching, says a new study published on November 11 by market researcher Parks Associates. The number of US households watching movies online now exceeds 20 million. - link

Protecting UKs Free To Air Sports Coverage | The Gov Monitor

- link

TV worse since digital switch-over From The Bolton News)

The page may have been moved, updated or deleted. - link
Friday 13 November 2009, AM

Erik Huggers at C21: "This is not the BBC entering into Social Networks."

He has a slide presentation and some notes. I'll update the post and add additional links and some photos later today. Slide Some background to the last year and great promise for 2010. The wild life finder uses natural history archive, made into clips, searchable, 300 clips online. - link

BBC and Nintendo launch new BBC iPlayer as Wii Channel

The new Wii Channel is expected to be available from 12.01am on Wednesday 18 November. BBC iPlayer can now be accessed on an increasing number of different platforms and devices, including mobile phones, TVs and gaming consoles. Audiences have a choice of streaming or downloading their chosen programme, and with 'series stacking' selected programmes are made available for the entire season. - link

BBC iPlayer launches Wii channel

Only consoles with a broadband connection in the UK will be able to run the channel. To get the service, Wii owners will be able to download it from the console's online shop for free. The BBC iPlayer has been on the Wii since April 2008 but many console owners reported problems with the original interface. - link

Media Talk: The Sun's attack on Gordon Brown and a bit of Charlie Brooker link

Toshiba RD99DT DVD/HDD Recorder Review - Home Cinema Reviews - TrustedReviews

However, Toshiba has always eschewed such cutting-edge frills, instead letting its hard-drive/DVD combis focus on the recorder' part of their job description. Its latest model, the RD99DT, is clearly aimed at those who simply want to watch, record and burn Freeview programmes without being dazzled and daunted by a barrage of complex features. In between these modes are SP, LP and EP, which give you the flexibility to trade off picture quality for recording time. - link

Roy Greenslade: David Banks questions Murdochs paywall ambitions |Media |

David Banks was one of the first print journalists to grasp both the theory and practice of digital journalism. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

Sports on free TV: A question of rights, wrongs and revenue |Media |The Guardian

The Derby is likely to drop off the A-list. Football Public rows about whether crucial international qualifiers should be shown live free to air have flared intermittently in recent years, most recently last year when Setanta refused to sell on highlights and last month when England's game in Ukraine was broadcast online. Listing all international qualifiers could have a dramatic effect on the amount of money that the home nations can raise in TV revenue due to the reduction of competition in the market, but the Davies panel is thought to have come up with proposals that would mitigate that effect. - link

BBC bosss 834,000 pay package (plus 70p for parking) |Media |The Guardian

Mark Thompson recently claimed back 90 of parking meter charges on expenses, including one for just 70p. According to documents released by the BBC today, Thompson recently claimed back 90 of parking meter charges on expenses, including one for just 70p. The figures, released as part of the BBC's drive for greater financial transparency, revealed that top executives claimed nearly 175,000 of public money on expenses ranging from top hotels to mountaineering gear to greeting cards in the three months to the end of June this year. - link

BBC Research and Development Wins at RTS Awards

RD has a great history of being recognised at these annual awards, but this is the first time for a few years that we have won, and to do so twice is a real coup, and it proves once again our world class innovation credentials. In the Raising the Bar category, Ingex, RD's automated tapeless production system triumphed. This is the technology that will enable Freeview HD due to launch to audiences in 2010, and the work recognised with this prize has included some staggering breakthroughs in the deployment of advanced broadcast technology. - link

Ricky Gervais returns with new workplace comedy -TV Radio, Media - The Independent

More than eight years after The Office changed British comedy forever, Ricky Gervais has helped create a new television sitcom that finds its laughs in the drudgery and absurdities of another unglamorous workplace. Rather than the Slough office of the Wernham Hogg paper company, the action, or inaction, of his latest project takes place in a mobile phone outlet. PhoneShop, which has been script-edited by Gervais, will air for the first time this evening on Channel 4 as part of the broadcaster's experimental Comedy Showcase strand. - link
Thursday 12 November 2009, PM

Freesat adds 80s favourites courtesy of three new CBS channels | T3 magazine

- link

Whats behind Rupert Murdochs trash-talking of Google? - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine

Rupert Murduch Rupert Murdoch knows two modes doing things and talking about doing things. As evidence that Murdoch doesn't really think he'd win a fair-use suit against search engines for displaying snippets of his newspaper copy, consider the fact that he hasn't filed one. I'll bet that Murdoch's lawyers have advised him against filing a fair-use lawsuit against the search engines because it could backfire, expanding fair-use rights rather than limiting them. Evidence of his low confidence in the wisdom of erecting universal pay walls resides in the fact that he hasn't built them, even though he's been threatening to do so for months. - link

BBC Disclosure - April to June 2009

- link

Sports rights: the latest battleground in Brown v Murdoch face-off? |Media |

Ricky Ponting is dismissed in this year's Lord's Test - as seen by Sky Sports viewers. Following 10 months of hearings, a 12-week consultation period is expected before culture secretary Ben Bradshaw and sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe must decide whether to enact the changes. Some sports bodies are likely to argue against being protected, including England and Wales Cricket Board with its lucrative 300m Sky deal. - link

New UK satellite service coming in February 2010

- link

Channel 4 axes Wife Swap and How Clean is Your House? |Media |

Both shows have already appeared on Channel 4 for the last time and will not return in 2010. Today's announcement follows Channel 4's decision to axe Big Brother, which will air for the last time next year. Bellamy said Channel 4's annual programme budget had fallen by another 50m in 2009, taking the total reduction to 150m over the past three years. - link

Sky to cry foul as Ashes football qualifiers set for return to free TV |Media |The Guardian

The England team celebrate after winning the Ashes at The Oval. Photograph Paul Harding/Action Images A furious backlash from sport's governing bodies will greet tomorrow's recommendation that the Ashes and international football qualifiers be added to the list of events reserved for live broadcast on free-to-air television. The proposals, which, if adopted by the government, would represent a serious blow to Sky, could become the latest ammunition in the escalating battle between Rupert Murdoch and No 10, and lead to claims from sports that they are being used as a political football or cricket ball. - link

EchoStar integrates Latens conditional access for hybrid DVR

DTG Staff 09.11.2009 Links open in a new window. - link

Ashes and qualifiers set for free-to-air return -Cricket, Sport - The Independent

A review of sport's 'listed events' will tomorrow recommend that the England cricket team's home Ashes Tests should be screened on free-to-air television. The review is also likely to announce the ditching of the 'B' list for highlights. The Government are not obliged to follow the recommendations and the England and Wales Cricket Board will argue vociferously that the financial impact would be devastating for the sport which has a 300million deal with Sky. - link

Gordon Brown takes his revenge as Murdochs Sky loses Ashes | News

The Ashes series was cut from the list in recent years and this summer millions of fans missed out on live TV coverage of England's victory because they did not subscribe to the Sky channel. The England and Wales Cricket Board warned that it could lose cash for grass roots sport if the 300 million deal with Sky was hit. The BBC will now be expected to put in a bid for the Ashes. - link
Thursday 12 November 2009, AM

Animated Doctor Who Series, Dreamland, to Premiere on BBC Red Button, November 21st | Interactiv

By having additional content delivered or streamed via a broadband connection, the traditional limitations of the broadcast model are to a degree circumnavigated and to the viewer this may well provide a whole host of additional choice, involvement with and enjoyment of BBC content in new and exciting ways. As a Northerner myself, and after 10 years in London, I've recently moved to Manchester in order to lead this advance team. - link

Packard Bell offers up Freeview-certified PCs | News | TechRadar UK

If you do want to go for the Blu-ray option, then we would recommend getting the L series which, at 23 inches, has a bigger screen which is 1080p Full HD Ready. Sound-wise, there's 5.1-channel surround sound support with additional speakers. The systems also use Packard Bell's TouchPortal tech which makes use of Windows 7 touch controls. - link

Thousands shun colour television

The advent of colour sets transformed television Almost 30,000 people across the UK still tune into their favourite programmes on black and white TV sets. The 28,000 black and white licence holders included 1,950 in Scotland. The figures showed the black and white sets have not yet been consigned to history despite the rise of flat-screens and the iPlayer. - link

Has Cameron done a deal with Murdoch? -UK Politics, UK - The Independent

There was no gain for the BBC in the climbdown, because David Cameron had already said that the Tories will freeze the licence fee. The following year, David Cameron announced that a Conservative government would cut Ofcom down to size. Mr Brown, who is blind in one eye, has admitted that his handwriting is bad and has apologised to Mrs Janes, whose 20-year-old son, Jamie, was killed by a makeshift bomb in Afghanistan last month. - link

Sky provokes backlash after iPhone viewing offer -News Comment, Football - The Independent

It costs nothing, and when downloaded by owners of an iPhone or iPod touch, it facilitates access to a package of live sport for a 6 per month subscription. Subscribing to those via conventional television costs a minimum of 43.50 per month 34.50 for a basic Sky deal with sport, and 9 per month on top for ESPN. One effect of the new product is that some users an unscientific straw poll of feedback on iTunes and message boards suggests up to 5 per cent are cancelling their TV subscriptions. - link
Wednesday 11 November 2009, PM

What a relief: BBC2 unveils a season packed with intelligent programmes | Maggie Brown |Media |guardian.c

Other things that catch my eye from the new season show a sense of what a grown-up BBC2 audience cherishes. I noted last night that she seems to have a very supportive team from all the key genres around her too. I Just hope she isn't distracted by the siren calls of the reconstruction project that is Channel 4. - link

BBC iPlayer wins Royal Television Society award

Last night, the Royal Television Society hosted its annual Innovation awards. Our team work incredibly hard to try and make iPlayer the very best of its kind. It's of course always exciting to receive awards recognising these high standards, but we're especially proud to be seen to be helping establish the future of TV. - link

BBC Media Show: The Sun; Libel; X Factor - 11 11 09 link

Digital switchover dates in Mid Wales and Hay-on-Wye From Hereford Times)

Radio and satellite services will not be affected. - link

Bbcs drm gets a kicking from ofcom - The Inquirer

Ofcom has penned an angry letter to the BBC wanting more information about the DRM as it cannot see how it can be in the best interests of consumers. The Beeb is a little surprised by Ofcom as it expected the regulator to rubber stamp the move. Pressure groups like the Open Rights Group claim that the system would prevent things such as recording HD content for personal use. - link

Skelmersdale complaints over digital TV problems

Skelmersdale residents are facing a digital dilemma this week after finding some of their favourite channels had disappeared from their TV screens. Digital UK, the organisation tasked with overseeing the North West's switchover from the analogue signal, said in a statement it urged viewers to upgrade their equipments, and to contact them if they encountered problems. - link
Tuesday 10 November 2009, PM

6,000 Darwen homes affected by Freeview problems From Blackburn Citizen)

Viewers in the central and western parts of the town have been told they will have to buy Sky subscription or sign up for Freesat if they want to view the full range of commercial channels. The issue has arisen because certain areas are in a signal blackspot and receive transmission signals from an aerial booster relay in Blacksnape, not the main Winter Hill transmitter. Until seven years ago, viewers in these parts could not receive Channel Four, and until now had not been able to receive Channel Five. - link

Sagem Freesat HD+ PVR on sale Monday

- link

BBC NEWS | Technology | Ofcom knocks back BBC DRM plans

It has written to the BBC asking for more information about what the benefits would be for consumers. Initially it looked as if Ofcom would approve the plans but, during its two week consultation, it has received many responses opposing the plan. Under original plans submitted to Ofcom, the broadcaster had requested that it be allowed to encrypt certain information on set-top boxes, using a method known as Huffman compression. - link

Murdoch may sue BBC over copyright |Media |

It gets a further 775m from its commercial activities, 294m from government grants and 41m from other income, such as providing content to overseas broadcasters and concert ticket sales. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

Oh dear, now Ive upset the DAB radio-loving DRDB |Technology |

I certainly don't expect them to enjoy their marketing being undermined by an independent journalist, but you have to wonder why they can't manage to retain at least a dignified faade. Of course, they could have informed the trade that pays them that I am much more in favour of digital radio's development than they seem to be, despite their name. I want it to develop into DAB as soon as possible, rather than hang on to creaky old DAB. - link

What Sky knows about you, and what they can do about it | BitterWallet

For example, do we ever consider there are companies that aggregate our information in order to profile us All very sinister and paranoid, but then Sky isnt making any bones about what theyre up to. Yesterday customers received an email about changes to the Sky Player terms and conditions the changes primarily focused on a new contextual advertising system called AdSmart, which was announced in September with little fanfare. - link
Monday 09 November 2009, PM

UK product placement consultation launched |Media |

The government has launched a consultation looking at how product placement could work on UK television, with a view to restricting the promotion of alcohol, junk food and gambling. Ofcom has estimated that within five years of it launching, product placement could make UK broadcasters as a whole 25m to 35m a year. The consultation is calling for responses on whether to ban or restrict placement of products from the alcohol and gambling industries as well as food high in fat, salt and sugar. - link

BBCs plea for anti-piracy measures on Freeview is turned down |Media |

The BBC is trying to change the Freeview multiplex licence to allow copy protection technology so shows on its HD channel, which will be rolled out nationally from next month, do not become the target of pirates. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link

Ofcom holds on HD licence change | Broadband TV News

In his letter Harrison has asked the BBC how it proposes to address the potential disadvantages to consumers within the market and to set out possible alternatives. Should Huffman be introduced it should be done so without the need for a licence. In the meantime the corporation has been instructed to continue in transmitting the data in the clear. - link

Freeview expands early access to HD

- link
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