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Friday 16 October 2009, AM

Digital TV - News - ITV scraps plans for SDN multiplex sale - Digital Spy

ITV has scrapped plans to sell its digital terrestrial multiplex operator SDN and will instead raise 120m through a bonds issue. Some experts believe that the sale of SDN, which is expected to exceed 40m in revenue this year, would have generated around 200m for ITV. It plans to use SDN as asset backing for the ITV pension scheme to reduce the deficit on a funding arrangement. - link

C4 secures landmark deal with YouTube -Business News, Business - The Independent

Fans of shows such as Peep Show and Skins will be able to access some of their favourite programmes on YouTube for the first time after it sealed a groundbreaking deal with Channel 4 yesterday. The Google-owned video site will add shows in full and free of charge shortly after broadcast on C4, via its 4oD 4 on Demand catch-up service. 4oD will remain available on C4's website. - link

Prince Philip sticks it to TV designers

- link

Media Talk: The Trafigura scandal link

The Media Show: 14/10/2009 link
Friday 09 October 2009, PM

Technisat Freesat box to get PVR add-on

- link
Friday 09 October 2009, AM

Media Talk: Chris Evans, Strictly and the Standard link

Viewers baffled by Freeview retune - Highland News

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try the following Make sure that the Web site address displayed in the address bar of your browser is spelled and formatted correctly. Click the Back button to try another link. - link

Thousands of viewers lose channels after Freeview retune - Telegraph

- link

Digital TV losers: Having led the way we are now paying the price

Since the last retune we were able to receive Channel 5 plus the two others mentioned, now we only have Channel 5. The Freeview website says this is also to free up more channels for HD programmes before the World Cup next year. Dont ask my opinion of football, you wouldnt be able to print it - link

North Devon loses Freeview channels

However, the problem arises from the fact that nearly 50 of viewers in North Devon receive their signal from one of the 14 relay transmitters across the region. - link

Humax fixes set top boxes after Freeview retune

During the Freeview digital re-tune some set top boxes stopped working. The owners of set top boxes made by one manufacturer, Humax, found that their equipment stopped working all together. The issue was that although Freeview did list all the set top boxes they believed were too old and definitely would not work after the switchover, Humax equipment was not on this list, which has caused much distress to the owners of this equipment. - link

Whitehaven News | News | TV viewers' fury at loss of channels Sign our petition

The axeing of the channels, which featured popular programmes such as Poirot, Inspector Wexford and live football, has led to a storm of protest. About 25,000 homes in Copeland are affected because they receive their TV from the Bigrigg relay transmitter. Pat Graves, of Moor Row, said I have tried ringing three separate phone numbers to complain and have been just kept hanging on for 20 minutes each time. - link

BBC One - Watchdog, 08/10/2009

Anne Robinson, Matt Allwright and Anita Rani take on the big names and businesses that are letting viewers down, with investigations and topical reports. On Rogue Traders, Matt meets the mobile mechanic who could leave clients with a bill for hundreds of pounds but a car that is impossible to drive. - link
Thursday 08 October 2009, AM

Michael Bishop is frontrunner to become ITV chairman as Crispin Davis withdraws |Media |The Guardian

Sir Michael Bishop in his days as chairman of BMI. Bishop, the former chairman and owner of airline BMI, is thought to lead the field of candidates for the role and has held at least preliminary discussions with ITV's nominations committee. His chances were bolstered after Davis, the former chief executive of the information group Reed Elsevier, pulled out of the running. - link

Qualcomms FLO TV debuts its own mobile television | Tech Gear News - Betanews

The device looks almost exactly like a smartphone or a touchscreen media player, and has the specs to match. This is the first time the company has released its own exclusive hardware, but more items are expected to follow soon. The main drawback right now is the service's contractual commitment, which can cost as little as 8.99 per month, but requires a massive three-year contract. - link
Wednesday 07 October 2009, PM

Media: Election debates, the BNP and the VLV 07/10/09 link

Michael Wolff on Rupert Murdoch |

He runs his business not on the basis of giving the consumer what he wants but through more old-fashioned methods of structural market domination. Murdoch has contributed as much as anyone, with his low-priced papers, to the expectation that news is a de-valued commodity. But more than being about cost, his strategy is about pain. What he is always doing is demonstrating a level of strength and will and resolve against which the other guys, the weaker guys, cower. - link

BBC - Radio Labs: RealMedia - an update

We constantly review our services to make sure they deliver 'public value'. When streaming services are evaluated against these measures, we take into account where different formats might need to be implemented, evolved or deprecated. The streaming service provided in RealMedia format has been with us at the BBC since 1996. - link
Wednesday 07 October 2009, AM

BBC to unveil new editorial guidelines - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

The BBC Trust, the broadcasting corporation's internal regulator, will today unveil new editorial guidelines aimed at rebuilding the trust of viewers in wake of a series of high-profile breaches of standards. The corporation is also expected to take the unprecedented step of putting its guidelines out for a 12-week public consultation, allowing the public to have their say on how it creates and monitors its content. - link
Tuesday 06 October 2009, PM

At-a-glance: Whos in the running for ITV and Channel 4 jobs | Media Monkey |Media |

- Channel 4, it's not easy keeping track of who's in the running for what job. So what Monkey needed was a cut-out-and-keep - or bookmark-and-glance-at-occasionally - guide to who is in the running for which job at ITV and Channel 4. Thank goodness Dawn Airey has stopped swapping jobs - we couldn't cope with two more vacancies at the top of Channel Five. - link

BBC unveils new logo for a new Doctor

The logo is the 11th to have been used on screen in the show's history. Accompanying the logo at is an animated insignia of the show's initials, which will be used as branding for the new series in conjunction with the logo. The 11th logo for the 11th Doctor those grand old words, Doctor Who, suddenly looking newer than ever. - link

Arqiva names on-demand platform SeeSaw

- link
Monday 05 October 2009, AM

What the Conservatives should do with the BBC |Media |The Guardian

One of the easiest ways of winning a cheer at this week's Conservative party conference will be to attack the impartiality or extravagance of the BBC. The corporation has never been a conference favourite but over the last decade the Conservative view has not counted for very much. According to the polls, the Tories are most likely to form the next government. - link

BSkyB in rebrand to be most loved

Printed from http// Print a single copy of this article for personal use. - link
Sunday 04 October 2009, PM

Freeview backs down: apologises for re-tune woe -

- link

Freeview retune chaos drags on to 3rd straight day, voices of protest grow louder - International Business Times

Over 18 million subscribers of DTH service provider Freeview risked losing favourite television channels and radio stations unless they retuned their set-top boxes by Wednesday. According to Freeview, the simple exercise i.e. refreshing or rescanning for new channels can be done via remote control and will give user access to a new channel Quest, which is a mix of factual lifestyle and entertainment programmes from the archives of the Discovery Channel. A Freeview official said the retune is necessary as the company is preparing for the launch of new HD channels and to ensure wider access to Channel Five which, despite being a national channel, cannot be viewed in many parts of the country. - link
Saturday 03 October 2009, AM

BBC - BBC Internet Blog: BBCHD and DRM: A Response to Cory Doctorow

The BBC does get caught up in this debate from time to time. The BBC is a content producer, a licensee, and a distributor and we have a commitment to make our content as widely available and accessible as we possibly can to our audiences. We also want to be able to secure a proportion of high-value content from external sources to ensure our channels remain varied and attractive to licence fee payers. - link

CBS Gets In The Zone

- link

Wanted: chairman for ITV, an interest in television an advantage but . . . - Times Online

- link

Where are TVs leaders of the future? | Maggie Brown |Media |

Where should TV look for the rising stars of the future Where have all the talented executives gone in broadcasting The basic problem is that neither ITV nor Channel 4 seem capable of creating and nourishing a cadre of top managers, able to graduate eventually to being chief executives or, eventually, chairmen, trained in the tricky business of programme-making and programme-picking, or the tense, nervy business of making money from it. - link

Channel Five may become a subscription channel

- link

Panasonic demonstrates Freeview HD prototype

- link

Moore blasts minister on Borders Freeview failings -

- link

Hundreds complain after Freeview digital retune fiasco | T3 magazine

- link

Freeview: No apology over re-tune trauma -

- link
Friday 02 October 2009, PM

80,000 fine over Comedy Awards

Viewers were encouraged to continue voting on premium phone lines for the People's Choice Award after the winner had been announced. The fine on the ITV franchise holder also covers the over-riding of the 2005 People's vote. Channel TV was not knowingly involved in the incident but was responsible for making sure guidelines were followed. - link

Media Talk: The Sun comes out for the Conservatives link
Friday 02 October 2009, AM

Freeview retune leads to storm of consumer complaints | Electricpig

We reminded you to retune your Freeview box yesterday but it turns out the process was not as simple or as seamless as it should have been for some people. Freeviews phonelines are in meltdown with complaints from cheesed-off consumers. The great Freeview retune was to allow more homes to get Five and push the system a little closer to Freeview HD roll out. - link

MP says no to a two tier Freeview -

- link

Quest debuts on Freeview with 82,000 peak | News | Broadcast

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Freeview Retune Causes Apparently Problems For Many - I4U News UK

- link

Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: News :: Freeview retune site in meltdown

gt gt But millions who visited Freeviews website were met with a message which read This website is experiencing high amounts of traffic and is unavailable. For help re-tuning, refer to your instruction manual or follow the simple re-tune instructions below. gt gt The multi-channel service is being upgraded to give more homes Five, and also to pave the way for the supply of high-definition HD television. gt gt It involves major changes to the frequencies used to broadcast more than 50 TV channels and 20 radio stations. - link

ITV receives hundreds of complaints over Freeview retune |Media |

Digital TV viewers in 18m homes were yesterday forced to retune their set-top boxes as part of a Freeview plan to give Channel Five national coverage and ready the service for high definition channels. Some reports have put the number of households to lose the ITV digital channels at as many as 500,000. ITV said that it had received a total of about 400 complaints by lunchtime today. - link

Freeview Retuning Exercise Attracts Hundreds Of Complaints -

The retuning also paves the way for the gradual nationwide digital switchover as well as the forthcoming introduction of Freeview HD which will also require new set top boxes. 18 million households with 25 million television sets, set top boxes STB and other Freeview devices have had to be retuned today in order to continue receiving channels. The process will almost certainly wreck any schedule or series recordings. - link

Freeview re-tune websites crash under demand | 1 Oct 2009 |

Websites telling TV viewers how to re-tune their digital Freeview TV boxes have crashed under demand. In July, the government's national flu website was swamped within minutes of going live. Designers of the flu advice website admitted they had underestimated demand and they were forced to quadruple capacity to keep the service going. - link
Thursday 01 October 2009, AM

Dodgy DCMS survey on BBC top-slicing : | OfcomWatch |

- link

Freeview website crashes as millions log on to find out how to retune set-top boxes | Mail Online

Baffled TV viewers brought down Freeview's own website on Tuesday while a second site, set up to guide them through the retuning process, failed yesterday morning. The Freeview website crashed due to high demand, leaving people in the dark as to how to re-tune their equipment Freeview's helpline was also receiving 200 calls a minute from those facing problems. More than 20million digital TV set-top boxes linked to the Freeview broadcasting system need to be retuned to maintain access to key TV and radio channels. - link

Complaints over Freeview retune

Freeview's Ilse Howling on how to do it Hundreds of people with Freeview are complaining after losing some channels when they tried to retune their set-top boxes and TVs. A Freeview spokesperson said viewers with problems should try again. People with Freeview were advised to retune their TV sets, set-top boxes and digital recorders from lunchtime on Wednesday. - link

Critics attack Freeview for lack of TV-retune marketing - Marketing news - Marketing magazine

Across the UK, 18m viewers are required to retune their receivers as Freeview implements changes to its transmissions. The changes are vital to allow Freeview to launch an HD offering. Despite the scale of the changes, a communications campaign was only launched on 18 September and some critics believe the platform was far too slow to inform its customers of the details. - link
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