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Monday 07 September 2009, AM

Global warning: time to wage war on BBC s Politburo radio - TV Radio, Med

This means he presides over more than 40 per cent of commercial radio content. Theres a recovery taking place in commercial radio, he asserts in his soft Scots burr, acknowledging that the total UK radio audience has reached a record high, and that Global itself attracts more than 19 million listeners. No, he says, commercial radio cannot now put aside its long-running complaint that the BBC has it over a barrel. - link

Charlie Brooker on James Murdoch and his media empire |Culture |The Guardian

Damien Thorn, offspring of Satan, was educated at Yale before inheriting a global business conglomerate at a shockingly young age and using it to hypnotise millions in a demonic bid to hasten Armageddon. I guess that's what the News Of The World does when it challenges the consensus view that personal voicemails should remain personal, or that concealing a video camera in a woman's private home bathroom is sick and creepy it magically becomes acceptable when she's Kerry Katona. As a news source, Fox is about as plausible and useful as an episode of Thundercats. - link
Sunday 06 September 2009, PM

BBC Radio 4 In Business, Media Mayhem

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Testing times for Freeview HD | Broadband TV News

Product testing, which also includes Freeview HD personal video recorders, will get underway in October. Testing against Freeview HD brand requirements will mark a step change in market compliance. The DTG can now utilise eight years of test suite development as a foundation to ensure that Freeview HD receivers will meet levels of compliance, only achieved previously on vertical or lower volume proprietary standard platforms. - link
Sunday 06 September 2009, AM

North West Evening Mail | News | Digital viewers set for fourth retune

- link
Saturday 05 September 2009, PM

Public rejects Murdoch view of BBC, says ICM poll |Media |The Guardian

It shows rising levels of trust in the broadcaster and increased public support for the licence fee. His comments opened up debate about the future of the corporation, which is protected by its guaranteed licence fee while some other media organisations are facing sharp falls in revenue. An overwhelming majority, 77, think the BBC is an institution people should be proud of up from 68 in an equivalent ICM poll carried out five years ago. - link

Broadband woes: a 2 per cent solution?

- link

Do not adjust your set: a revolution in television as content moves online |Media |The Guardian

There's a revolution going on in television but you may not necessarily be watching it on the set in your living room. Online viewing of programmes in the UK will more than triple in the next few years, according to the latest forecasts, boosted by new video on demand websites offering the best British and US shows to internet users for free. This figure is forecast to jump to close to 5bn views by 2013. - link

2009 Review of Television Access Services | Ofcom

- link

Enquiry to Ofcom from BBC Free to View Ltd concerning its DTT high definition multiplex licence | Ofcom

You might like to try one of the following to help find what you were looking for Make sure the address of the page you are looking for is spelled correctly. Try submitting a question to our FAQ system Go to the Ofcom homepage and navigate to the information you want. Click the 'back' button to try another link. - link

News Star | News | Cumbrian digital TV viewers facing Freeview retune

Some people in west Cumbria have already retuned their set-top digital boxes four times, and many will have thought that the current service was the end of their part in the digital revolution. However, Freeview has now announced another retune on September 30, designed to give better access to Channel 5 and to pave the way for high definition television on Freeview. Terrestrial television signals were turned off in north and west Cumbria on July 22, and the Caldbeck transmitter and its relays were switched to all-digital television services. - link
Friday 04 September 2009, PM

Media Talk: Civil war at Independent News and Media link
Friday 04 September 2009, AM

Five signs agreement with Sony for new internet TV platform

Five has signed an agreement with Sony that could allow viewers to instantly access TV shows by plugging their TV into an existing broadband connection, according to the broadcaster. Charles Constable, Director of Strategy, Five, said Its vital for broadcasters and other industry stakeholders to explore such initiatives if they are to gain a solid footing in the digital world. As broadband content continues to grow in popularity, Five looks forward to working with Sony to explore and learn from the exciting opportunity to bring on-demand content to the television in the home. - link

Barry Fox's Inside View

- link
Thursday 03 September 2009, PM

ITV Goes HD - AVReview News and comment

More detailed plans will be made available next month. The only concern comes with the lack of availability of Freeview HD boxes, which aren't expected to be available in serious numbers until later next year. - link

Freeview HD content protection issue resolved | Broadband TV News

Subsequently, Ofcom has rushed through its consultation process, inviting comments by September 16th on an amendment to Condition 6 of the licence, making clear the licensees ability to protect intellectual property rights subject to clearance from the regulator. The difficulty for the BBC is that any move would require the co-operation of receiver manufacturers. - link

Sony shows off triple-tuner HD TV - Register Hardware

It sports a 100,0001 contrast ratio and digitally ups the source 'frame rate' to 100Hz. It can display Blu-ray content at cinema-rate 24f/s. Sony also launched a Freesat-less version of the W5810, called the W5800. - link

Radio Today with RCS: DRDB to be dismantled

- link
Thursday 03 September 2009, AM

Trader fumes at cost of Digit Al

The Whitehaven News is aware of at least two people still having problems but Brooks believes the fault has probably now been fixed. Ofcom, the independent regulator of television which has a legal obligation to help consumers, could only advise people with problems to get back in touch with Digital UK. A spokesman has now offered that they can also write to the Broadcasting Technical Policy Department at Ofcom. - link

New digital radio switchover body to recruit chief executive |Media |

The Digital Radio Development Bureau is to be dismantled and incorporated into a new body charged with meeting the government's 2015 digital radio switchover target. The Radio Council is hopeful an appointment will be made before the end of this year. The Digital Britain plan requires that at least 50 of all radio listening is via digital platforms by 2013. - link

BBC archives - Gone but not forgotten - Features, TV Radio - The Independent

A rare tape of the programme reveals that this is indeed the case, along with the unforgettable sight of a 25ft-high banana statue dominating the grounds of Southern Television. Why, runs the popular argument, should any broadcasting company have paid to store the likes of Compact, an early 1960s BBC soap opera that was critically loathed in its heyday or any other material of little or no repeat value Another reason for the retention of such programmes is as a counterbalance to the more corrosive effects of nostalgia. - link

Youtube and PRS make peace as musicians protest about plans to punish file sharers |Technology |The Guard

Thousands of music videos pulled from YouTube in a royalties dispute will go back online after peace broke out today between the website and the music industry. A new licensing deal with PRS for Music, the trade body that collects music royalties, has brought the six-month dispute to an end. Thousands of music videos are now being reinstated after being blocked from the site by YouTube's parent company Google during the licensing wrangle. - link

BBC The Media Show, 02 Sep 09 link

Sony announces Freesat IDTVs

- link

Why Murdochs are wrong to blame BBC for medias woes | Business

It is a multi-platform provider of information and entertainment and, in his view, should be forced to climb off some of those platforms in double-quick time. Before I take issue with him, let's admit that there was a lot of good sense in the speech last weekend. He showed that he understands the complexity of the fast-moving digital landscape and, most particularly, the increasing convergence between what were once separate forms of communication. - link

In pictures - Stephen Frys wildlife odyssey |Environment |

If you typed in a URL, please make sure you have typed it in correctly. In particular, make sure that the URL you typed is all in lower case. Search Browse Browse our A-Z directories to find a subject or contributor Contact us If you require further assistance, please contact our user help staff at the following address - link
Wednesday 02 September 2009, PM

ITV to launch time-shift channel | News | Broadcast

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Wednesday 02 September 2009, AM

ASA criticises Sky HD sport ads |Media |

Link to this video BSkyB has been criticised by the advertising watchdog for promoting its high-definition Ashes cricket and Lions rugby union coverage this summer, when both contests would have ended by the time some customers could have the service installed. The press ad also promoted the benefits of watching the cricket in HD. One reader objected about the press ad on the same grounds. - link

Dont let Murdoch smash this jewel. The BBC must act to save itself | Jonathan Freedland |Comment is free |

Credit where it's due the free-market right is nothing if not brave. Fainter-hearted souls would have spotted the imminent first anniversary of the collapse of Lehman brothers that started the global financial crisis and decided that now was not the moment to trumpet the case for unfettered private enterprise, free of meddling regulation. Of the recent history of deregulation, with its catastrophic consequences for the world's economy, there was not a mention. - link
Tuesday 01 September 2009, PM

UK media policy reform: baby steps we can all agree on...

- link

Broadcasting - News - ITV to launch ITV1+1 channel - Digital Spy

ITV will launch a one-hour timeshift of its main ITV1 channel on October 1. ITV11 will launch on digital satellite and Virgin Media's digital cable service and run from 1025 to 0700 every day. Channel 3 franchises are operated in these areas by franchisees not part of ITV plc. - link

Digital change begins in parts of Powys

- link

Freeview in 4m star studded ad push | News | Marketing Week

The ad, which aims to communicate the value of Freeviews offering, is set to the theme music of 70s TV show The Professionals. The ad, created by Beattie McGuiness Bungay, will be supported through-the-line with DM activity, point of sale and online with pre-roll ads and seeding to entertainment blogs and forums. - link
Tuesday 01 September 2009, AM

Watch Freeview ad featuring Alan Whicker, Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan and Katie Price |Media |

- link
Monday 31 August 2009, PM

Channel Five owner sees profits plummet |Business |

The advertising slump has hit half-year profits at Germany's Bertelsmann, whose media empire spans television, magazines and book publishing. Bertelsmann, which has been controlled by the Mohn family for the past century, said cost-cutting measures had cushioned the impact of the global downturn on its businesses, although it still expects revenues and operating profits to fall over the whole year. The media company is taking 2,500 austerity measures to save more than 900m 792m across the group this year. - link

Microsoft man says TV has three years to adapt

Ashley Highfield, giving the Futureview address at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, compared television executives to frogs in hot water not realising that they are about to die. He said the industry has no more than two to three years to adapt and embrace what he called internet thinking. Three years previously, as director of future media and technology at the BBC, Ashley Highfield spoke about the future of the television industry and the potential of the long tail. - link

New television standard throws BBC on Canvas

A new pan-European approach has been launched aimed at establishing a standard for news, information and entertainment services delivered to displays and other devices based on hybrid broadcast and broadband delivery. The Institut fr Rundfunktechnik or IRT, a leading broadcasting research centre that represents the interests of German public service broadcasters, is a lead member of the consortium. HbbTV not only allows service providers to enrich their offering, but results in considerable benefits to the end consumer who will no longer be challenged by usability issues across multiple platforms, said its managing director, Dr Klaus Illgner-Fehns. - link
Monday 31 August 2009, AM

Media Talk: Edinburgh TV festival special link

Microsoft plans to become a big player in Britain's news industry

Then in a circular space, looking out towards Buckingham Palace, Microsoft's British editor-in-chief, addresses his team of news, entertainment, motoring and business journalists, as they seek to become major players in the British news media. Microsoft's content portal, MSN, has 19.9m unique users a month in the UK more than any of the big British newspaper websites, but it craves to be taken more seriously as a news provider. Yet other news providers should be taking MSN seriously, particularly if they believe they can start charging for their content. - link

Media industry news | Media | The Guardian

The press is also said to muddle sums paid to talent-owned production companies for programmes - which also include their fee - with payments to stars, a confusing detail in Jonathan Ross's 18m three-year deal, which sparked the issue. None the less, Ed Vaizey, the Conservatives' broadcasting spokesman, said broadcasters should come clean about their big pay deals - as they had done with executive pay. So when they married, had kids, fell out and made up in front of the viewers too, producers thought they had found TV gold. - link

Analysis The BBC is not the problem - its an inability to let go of the past | Emily Bell |Media |The Gua

It was an eerie experience to be at this year's MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television festival, where one of the key topics was, rather unexpectedly, models for online charging. His discussion of the issue did of course revolve around the scope of the BBC's news website, and coincided with Rupert Murdoch's worldwide campaign to encourage other hard-pressed news publishers to put their online news behind paywalls. The BBC's significant and sprawling web presence in the UK does indeed soak up potential news audience time rather than advertising, but it is highly dubious whether it is in itself the largest obstacle to charging for online content. - link
Sunday 30 August 2009, PM

Edinburgh TV Festival: Media Talk live |Media |

- link

Gerhard Zeilers Worldview Address: Adapting to the new market reality |Media |

Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues It is a great honour for me to have been invited to deliver this year's Worldview Address here in Edinburgh. It is my sincere belief that outside Hollywood, the UK is the most important and influential creative engine of the global TV industry. So to be invited to speak at Britain's most important creative festival is therefore a special moment for me personally. - link

Edinburgh TV Festival: Dominic West celebrates at the Channel of the Year Awards |Media |

- link
Sunday 30 August 2009, AM

Broadcasting - News - Ofcom regulation "astonishing", says Murdoch - Digital Spy

Adjudications included judgments on whether it is fair to describe Middlesbrough as the worst place to live in the UK and 20 pages on whether a BBC documentary on climate change was fair to two of the participants. It has produced three Public Service Broadcasting annual reports, and two Public Service Broadcasting reviews in five phases. These alone have in total - including appendices, special reports and other related material - amounted to over five thousand pages and spawned another 18,000 pages of responses. - link

BBC will have to reveal pay of stars such as Jonathan Ross, says Ofcom chief |Media |

Richards said the pressure had been driven by developments such as increased scrutiny from inquiries under the Freedom of Information act and the highlighting of pay from the MPs' expenses row. Yesterday at the festival Jana Bennett, the director of BBC Vision, suggested that members of the public would not understand why stars were paid high salaries. Richards defended Ofcom's role after James Murdoch accused it of over-regulation in his MacTaggart speech. - link

TV facing iTunes moment warns Microsofts Ashley Highfield |Media |

Highfield argued that there are still barriers preventing online TV from generating revenue. He also suggested a possible solution to the thorny issue of getting broadband into rural areas in the UK after Lord Carter's plan of a 6-a-year tax on landlines to raise the funds fell out of favour with new business minister Stephen Timms. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link

Big Brother suffered following race row restrictions, says Davina McCall |Media |

The reality show host also said she was disappointed the programme was being axed and suggested that she had thought of going into the house for the final celebrity big brother series next year. Channel 4 confirmed it would drop Big Brother in 2010 following final summer and celebrity series after a dip in ratings. McCall said she had not thought about whether she would front the show if it moved to another channel. - link

Channel 4 exit deal lined up for chief executive Andy Duncan |Media |

Andy Duncan decision for him to leave said to be 'mutual'. Photograph Channel 4 Andy Duncan is to step down from his Channel 4 job before the end of the year in a move that will leave the broadcaster effectively leaderless as it negotiates its future over the coming months. However, some industry sources have questioned how close Channel 4 and Sky are to concluding an ad sales deal. - link

BBCs Robert Peston in furious face-to-face row with James Murdoch |Media |The Observer

Murdoch said the corporation's 24-hour news channels and website were inhibiting the ability of commercial competitors to invest in news. - link
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