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Monday, 24 October 2011
10:27 PM

Hi I wonder if you can help.
We live DH7 and are connected to Bilsdale as are all the houses here, because there are hills in the way of Pontop Pike. We have Freeview and analogue. When we are watching freeview for e.g.BBC and ITV its sometimes fineish, others not,and when it gets really bad I try the analogue channel. Often on there, there are white horizontal lines across the analogue picture, lines that move but don't seem to look like anything I've found on web pages referring to interfernce. What is it and can anything be done? I know we change to digital next year but I'm not sure we can last that long!!! How can we find out what might be casuing the interfernce if it is that, and do we need an aerial person or an electrician. One website said interfernce could be from street lights but it doesnt coincide with them coming on.
We have a rooftop aerial with digi quality cable and it was installed by a proper CAI installer in 2007.He also fitted an amplifier.Thanks

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candle's 3 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 25 October 2011
John Haynes
5:52 PM

We live in St. Margarets-at-Cliffe (postcode CT15 6HH) and are having major problems with receiving ITV1, Channel 4, Channel 5 etc on our Freeview television. All the other channels are perfect. THe transmitter that we are picking Freeview up from is Dover. It looks like Ch42 / mux is basically the one that is the issue. Does anybody know why this would be the case?

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John Haynes's 2 posts GB flag
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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

8:00 AM

candle: You have not provided a postcode so it is hard to be specific.

I would have thought that if you "can't wait" for Freeview, then the best option is to get FreeSAT, which you can get today and provides a full HD service as well.

See Compare Freeview and Freesat TV | - independent free digital TV advice .

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Friday, 28 October 2011
9:02 PM

Briantist: Hi sorry full postcode is DH7 8NJ. By the 'can't wait'comment I simply meant that the lines across the analogue are driving me nuts!! I fully accept that freeview won't be perfect yet but its so frustrating that good old safe analogue is not good anymore. Any suggestions as to whats casuing it VERY welcome

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candle's 3 posts GB flag
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Saturday, 29 October 2011
Steve P

2:00 AM

candle - I don't know specifically but suspect that your problem is that the nearby tx is blocked leaving you with a more distant one so weaker; and because analogue still on, digital signals weak.

Do others nearby have same problems?

I suggest you call your original aerial installer. He should charge little if anything to come and see what's up.

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Steve P's 1,173 posts GB flag

6:42 AM

Candle if you call your aerial man back he will charge you something dont forget that the aerial is 4 years old and a lot can happen in 4 years

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Mazbar's 384 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 9 November 2011
Freddie Sear
8:24 PM


We have a tv with built in freeview in our bedroom, worked fine.

Obtained a BT vision box for the frontroom and this uses the plug network adapters to enable it to connect to the home hub and all works fine.

Problem is our tv in the bedroom with the built in freeview no longer works (connected to the external wall socket as before. Ive tried our old freeview box and this gets a couple of channels only.

Apart from returning the BT vision box thus removing the problem any ideas as to how to get around the interference it is casuing to prevent the tv in the bedroom from working?

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Freddie Sear's 1 post GB flag
Thursday, 10 November 2011

11:40 AM

Freddie Sear: Try not using the plug in network adapters, and if it goes back to normal connect the units together with normal networks cables. It could be these network over the mains units are creating a lot of noise and it's densensing the receivers.

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Andy's 32 posts GB flag
Saturday, 12 November 2011
8:41 AM

Hi, I have perfectly good picture on freeview with the sound turned off. When turned on the picture breaks up continually. I also have freesat which is fine. Post code NG32 2FS
Regards Ken

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Ken's 5 posts GB flag
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