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Friday, 24 February 2012
5:04 PM

Hi there. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions, and apologise if this is an obvious problem.
We have a TV with built in freeview which is what we normally use, we also have a top up TV box connected which we very rarely use. However when watching the TV normally, anything outside can interfere, so cars which pull up outside, the neighbour when he comes in on his motorbike, and aircraft going over. This results in the picture freezing or breaking up and no sound. So in rush hour we cannot watch TV at all. Any ideas? The postcode is SL3 9LJ and I think the aeriel is pointed to Crystal Palace.

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Saturday, 25 February 2012
Peter Stacey
7:07 PM

Had a TV set with freeview/freesat capability allready installed in lounge well before switch over. Recently had a new ariel fitted and took advantage to have an extra line into the conservatory and purchased a new tv with freeview allready installed.Also have a small portable in bedroom which receives freeview.The ariel cables from the old ariel were split in the loft between the lounge and the bedroom and had no trouble until recently when the signal in the bedroom seems to be playing up, The picture keeps freezing up and breaking up on occasions and sometimes we cannot get many channels. We have an indoor ariel and sometimes we substitute it and can get a picture when we can't from the fixed point. This, however is not infallable and breaks up etc on occasions. Suddenly today our louge set picture has started breaking up and some channels are unavailable. I live in LS18 and we have a taxi office with large ariel about 4oo yards away. Anything I can do ? The set in the conservatory is fine.

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9:10 PM

Peter Stacey: Even although your aerial might be located in the loft you have to beware of the fact that by being located at only 16 miles from the high powered Emley Moor transmitter you could still be suffering from signal overload problems, as that condition displays "exactly" the same symptoms to one of a weak signal, with picture break up etc as well as the signal quality indicator seen diving up and down.

Its one point that you mentioned that makes me a bit suspicious that this might be applying, that is when you stated that the indoor (set top) type aerial sometimes helps, as if a signal overload situation was in evidence then that type of aerial would make a difference by the fact of it picking up a weaker signal which would correct the problem.

A factor that can make the situation worse is "if" the distribution splitter in the loft is of the powered type? as if it is this will also give a slight boost to the signal, so should it be of that type then just for a test try taking its aerial input out and connect it directly into the feed for the TV in the lounge and to see what effect that has on the problem.

That being said though, I also appreciate that the situation might be the complete reverse of an excessively high level of signal that's causing of your difficulties, as I see that Beecroft Hill is located at only roughly 2 miles away, and a relay station would not be necessary so close to you if reception was excellent across the board in your area, but the issue of the signal level will need to be verified one way or the other to determine if its excessively strong or not.

Further advice given dependant on the outcome of the test, although please note that this test is only required if the splitter is of the powered type.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Sunday, 26 February 2012
Steve P

1:15 PM

Sharon - cars should not give that big a problem so it sounds like the coax from your roof down is not shielding properly. If you have access you could test this with a bit running through the house.

Another possibility is a "masthead" or at least high up amplifier, which would strengthen the signal so the noise did not matter.

Could also be that your aerial has moved.

For any of these, a pro is best.

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Steve P's 1,173 posts GB flag

3:01 PM

Sharron: Following on from what Steve has said, it could be that your problem is due to a week signal, due to your location relative to Crystal Palace. People don't always realise that until full change over, digital transmitters are run on lower power that their analogue equivalents. If you are on Crystal Palace then the change over is coming for you in April, so it may be worth waiting till after that to see if things change. If they don't then a new aerial down lead is probably the first thing to try. If your aerial lead runs across the roof there is always the possibility that the outer insulation has been damaged through constant rubbing against roof tiles, and allowed rain water in. I have found water in the down lead to be the cause of poor signal in both situations that I've been involved with on behalf of friend before.

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Monday, 12 March 2012
3:12 PM

TV: Sony HD Ready TV, with built-in Freeview

Problem: cannot recieve Freeview during the following times: 1pm - 5pm, 7 days a week, March - September. Signal goes weak then dies and cannot watch anything, until approx 5 or 6pm then comes back on. Can watch analogue but signal is bad.

All other times the signal is fine!!! Why?!?!?!

It's like there's inteference only during the afternoon of warmer/summer months.

The winter months and/or mornings/nights are not affected, no problem at all.

I am very puzzled why this is and would be really greatful for any advice.

Many thanks in advance.


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Wednesday, 14 March 2012
gordon britton
6:43 PM

i live at rg9 2ex , channel 3,4,5,and 6 have been on and off all afternoon. ny pictures break up when these channels are on too,dont have a free sat box as my tv is digital, i keep re setting the channels, but sometimes 3,4,5,and6 did not come back on or even recognised,but this freezing of picture is really annoying. what can i do to solve this please.

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8:03 PM

gordon britton: To be quite honest about it, on checking your reception possibilities using the code provided gives indications that at present its only possible to receive the BBC muxes at your location until April 18th, and with this reception of the BBC being from either Crystal Palace, Henley or Assendon, however as far as Henley and Assendon are concerned even from April 18th onwards these stations will only provide PSB transmissions because of them both being relays.

The other point is, that when Crystal Palace does become available from April 18th onwards its HD transmissions are clearly indicated as always having the status of variable as far as reception is concerned, and even although the other muxes are in the green zone (good) they are not as far as I am concerned exactly glowing.

Obviously these predictors cannot cater properly for certain local reception problems (black spots) that may exist, or alternately if a person happens to be located in a choice spot for reception, but that's what's indicated anyway.

If come April 18th your reception proves as being unsatisfactory then I cant see you having much of an option other than considering Freesat.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Mark S
8:57 PM

For the post two days the digital signal has been intermtant at best, tonight the signal is rarely available and only for a few minutes detected, same for all channels.

We are normally able to connect to both Sandyheath and Crystal Palace, I see that Sandyheath is intermitant at the moment but why would that affect the signal from Crystal Palace.

Any thoughts?

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Andrew Clarke
9:18 PM

I am in Faversham Kent ME13 7BU. Since the Sudbury switchover I have had very good digital reception from there compared with the closer Bluebell Hill but this week it has been breaking up on all channels and been almost unwatchable. Anyone know why? Do I have to be patient until Bluebell Hill switchover in June?! Retuning has not helped.

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