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Friday, 10 June 2011
8:20 PM

My Humax foxsat HD box arrived this morning & I have spent the whole day trying to find the 28.2 satellite with the help of a konig satfinder. The box cannot find the satellite nor will it accept my postcode. Losing the will to live....any help appreciated.

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Johnny's 1 post GB flag
Saturday, 11 June 2011
Jm F

10:31 PM

Johnny: You'll need to check your dish azimuth setting using e.g. and your location (drag the marker to the exact dish position).
For dish elevation, an elliptical dish face will be roughly vertical (i.e. not significantly tilted upwards or downwards).
The LNB will be skewed clockwise a bit.
That would get you somewhere near, such that your satfinder meter can help peak up to maximum signal.
Make absolutely sure that there's nothing in the line of sight from your dish to the satellite (e.g. a tree) which would kill the signal.

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Jm F's 141 posts GB flag
Sunday, 17 July 2011
3:55 PM

Paul Newdick: hi humax fox sat was working perfectly well till i retune due to a breaking up problem on ch4 then
freesat retune does not accept my postcode as valid though it is stored in the memory
non freesat all work well signals and quality show eighty and ninety resp
but freesat says no signal result lock out fromm freesat , help david
ps done all the reset ins in manual thanks

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david's 1 post GB flag

5:57 PM

david: Carry out another complete factory reset, (not just rescan) once done when the post code request comes on, if by any chance it doesn't accept yours again then just enter another one from near to where you are located, pick it from a newspaper add or yellow pages etc.

Its the reason for you carrying out a retune in the first place that's the issue, as Satellite reception doesn't really suffer from picture break up's except if the dish is facing into trees or similar, as if not the dish could have moved slightly out of alignment, this causing problems on some programmes and not others.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Friday, 19 August 2011
10:49 PM

please help me understand the booklet and it appears double dutch., i want to know how to record, watch a recording and then delete it.


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squidge's 1 post GB flag
Monday, 22 August 2011
7:12 PM

squidge: Call up program guide on the GUIDE button on the Humax zapper. Move the cursors until you find the program you want to record. Press the red RECORD button, and it's done. To view what you have recorded, go into media (MEDIA button on left of Humax zapper). Listed will be each program you recorded. Move the cursor to the one you want to watch, them press the single white arrow on th left hand side of the zapper (single arrow = play, double arrows = fast forward or fast back). To delete a recorded program, go into Media again, highlight the one you want to delete, press OK. Another menu comes up. Scroll down with cursor to item 3 - DELETE FILE. Press OK and it's done. press Media again to return to normal viewing. It's all indredibly simple, but I do agree the handbook needs more detail. We found out how to delete by trial and error. Good luck - hope this helps.

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Patti's 2 posts GB flag
Patti's: mapP's Freeview map terrainP's terrain plot wavesP's frequency data P's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Tuesday, 30 August 2011
Mike Ford
2:24 PM

I have had a Humax Foxsat-HDR since December 2010. The signal strength is 90% and quality 70%. Reception has been good on all channels until recently when I lost Movies and Movies 2 and True Entertainment. I wonder,do I need to realign my dish or have those channels reduced their signal strength?

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Mike Ford's 1 post GB flag
Mike's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Wednesday, 31 August 2011
Les Nicol

8:46 PM

Mike Ford - The channels mentioned are on a lower powered Transpoder and can be subject to picture break up or loss of picture where the dish may have moved with wind strength slightly or in heavy rainfall. Your signal strength and quality shown is normally quite acceptable, but the dish really needs to be configured (peaked) on true movies and I think you then should find your diagnostics registering 100 per cent on both signal and PQ (Picture quality). I would check your connections to the receiver first as dusting, moving the receiver,can see them come loose, particularly where the screw on Sat Cable connectors are fitted rather than the compression terminations that are totally secure. Also visually check for changes in the dish line of sight to the Satellite cluster, such as trees in leave and increased growth.

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Les Nicol's 991 posts GB flag
Les Nicol

9:02 PM

P>s> Mike, the 100% should show on eg: BBC 1.which is on a higher powered transponder. This will give you a somewhat lower reading om True Movies on the lower powered transponder but give you a stable and perfectly acceptable picture. Apologies if I am confusing you a bit, I was assuming that you readings were from diagnostics whilst you were tuned to a receivable channel.

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Les Nicol's 991 posts GB flag
Les Nicol

9:26 PM

Briantist and any one else interested who currently has a Humax DTR. - "What Satellite" September' issue. - Turn Your Humax Freesat-DTR into a media Powerhouse and more........Page25; gives a walk through on downloading and installing firmware and a 10 package bundle of software,that extends the functionality of the receiver by some measure.

Needs a reasonable level of IT knowledge to undertake but,not of an "Expert" to set this up. So will be within the scope of most users. Certainly does what it says and comes with individual un-installers for each of the packages where one might want to remove any or all of them.

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Les Nicol's 991 posts GB flag
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