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Freeview retune - the results

Here are the results from the big Freeview retune

Here are the results from the big Freeview retune
published on UK Free TV

Regions that have both analogue and Freeview

If you are watching Freeview from a transmitter that also provides analogue TV, then the moves yesterday did this:
  • FIVE swapped a slot on multiplex A for multiplex 2 with ITV3.
  • ITV2+1 swapped a slot on multiplex D for multiplex 2 with ITV4.
  • Price Drop TV started again on Multiplex C.
  • QUEST started on Multiplex A.
  • TopUpTV Anytime1, 2, 3, 4 move to logical numbers 307, 308, 309 and 310.
  • ITV2+1 ends up on number 33.

Regions that have only digital television

When only the full Freeview service can be received (no analogue), then the above changes happened, plus:

  • BBC Radio moved from BBCB to BBCA.
  • BBC FOUR/CBeebies moved from BBCB to BBCA.
  • BBC Parliament, BBC Interactive 301 and BBC Sport Interactive 303 moved from BBCB to BBCA.
  • BBC Interactive 302 and BBC News Interactive parked on BBCB due to be closed.

Public service digital TV only transmitters

The main problem for people on the public service digital only transmitters, is that you now have two PLUS ONE channels (same stuff, different time) rather than having choice.

For example, Film4 would provide more choice than Channel 4+1 and ITV3 has totally different content to ITV2+1.

And, the HD services will provide another FOUR channels with the same content AGAIN .. ITV1HD will show the same as ITV1, C4HD shows C4 in HD, FIVE HD will be FIVE in HD and BBC HD simulcasts a BBC channel much of the time.

Choice of viewing would not seem to be public service. With a DVB-T2 box will have THREE versions of Channel 4 (C4, C4+1, C4HD), TWO of ITV (ITV1 and ITVHD), TWO of FIVE (FIVE, FIVE HD) and TWO versions of ITV2 (ITV2, ITV2+1).

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Saturday, 19 March 2011
Richard waldron
6:36 PM

I live at the foot of Box Hill but frequently (recently) have no signal/bad signal/digitised pixellated pictures. What is the point of having this digital revolution when the result is worse than the original analogue service? BBC/Transmitting stations PLEASE get your act together.

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Richard waldron's 2 posts GB flag
Monday, 21 March 2011
Monday, 15 August 2011
7:58 PM

hi since doing the retune on our tv in lincolnshire, every time we turn the tv off we have to do a complete retune when we turn tv back on? any ideas why

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marie's 6 posts GB flag

8:57 PM

marie: Well the first thing that would spring to mind is whether or not your TV automatically stores what has been picked up during a re-tune, or its one that you have to actually select "store" by carrying out some procedure. This type of set allowing the user to delete any channels not wanted before storing the rest.

What model of set is it?

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 16 August 2011
5:28 AM

Briantist hi
is there any advantage on ( freesat )over
digital TV
Sutton coldfield is my main transmitter
regards john

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JONAH's 4 posts GB flag
JONAH's: ...

7:40 AM

JONAH: The channels are different - see Compare Freeview and Freesat TV | - independent free digital TV advice .

Some Freesat boxes have the ability (via your broadband connection) to provide BBC iPlayer.

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Briantist's 38,899 posts GB flag
Les Nicol

7:43 AM

Jonah - Anyone who is being served by a "Freeview" Lite Transmitter and seeking to have a wider channel choice than that available from these transmitters will be better off in installing "Freesat" subject to having a clear line of sight to the cluster of satellites at 28degrees South East. You might also be better off in this choice if you have continuing reception problems with "Freeview" from a main transmitter or where your locus - line of sight - via some terrain obstruction to the transmitter is causing a problem and where this isn't the case in line of sight to the satellite cluster.

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Les Nicol's 991 posts GB flag
8:07 AM

hi jb38 its tescos own model (tekenek) it was fine before we retuned it and does automatically store after its finished, its baffled us.Its just 12 months old (typical) or we could have taken it back. Thankyou for your reply

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marie's 6 posts GB flag

11:08 AM

marie: If indeed the set (Technika?) is of the usual automatic storing of channels type, then the problem you have mentioned points to the sets memory circuitry having developed a fault, as nothing should be able to blank its channel memory other than an action carried out by the user, however before possibly following the route in the under mentioned info you should try another final attempt at using the factory resetting procedure, or if you cant find that mentioned on the menu, take the aerial out and carry out a re-scan, then once completed (albeit with no channels) re-connect the aerial an carry out a second scan to load the channels back in again. (this procedure may seem odd but serves a purpose)

If you find that this still doesn't resolve the problem, even although the TV concerned is over 1 year old, you should be aware that under EU legislation (not the sale of goods act) "sellers are obliged to guarantee the conformity of the goods with the contract for a period of two years after the delivery of the goods", this in effect over-riding the standard UK's 1 year guarantee.

Claiming your rights is always inclined to be a stressful task but have a read at the info in the link, this also involving a problem with a TV purchased from Tesco.

If (or when!) you experience the inevitable problem at Tesco's, I would then pay a visit to your local Councils consumer protection department for assistance.

Tesco: I fought the store and the law won | Money | The Guardian

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
6:50 PM

Thankyou ever so much jb38 :) we will definatley give that a try at the weekend as the tv in question is at our caravan. Ive also read the link that you sent and would you believe that is the store in which we purchased ours. Im so greatful for you advice thankyou ever so much. I will indeed keep you informed of how we get on. I wernt aware of the EU legislation at all, so this too is a great help. Once again thankyou ever so much. I will post again on monday :) x

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marie's 6 posts GB flag
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