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Channel One to close, Challenge to come to Freeview

Changes to Freeview after Sky buys VTV channels

Changes to Freeview after Sky buys VTV channels
published on UK Free TV

Sky is closing one pay and one free channel from the portfolio it bought from Virgin TV, because they match channels already provided by Sky.

Bravo and Channel One (which was Virgin 1 and before that FTN) will close.

This means that the Channel One slot on Freeview will be replaced with the quiz show channel Challenge.

Challenge is now in the Freeview guide on 46. If you can't see it yet, please follow these instructions on your set-top box or Freeview TV: My Freeview box has no EPG, is blank on FIVE, ITV3, ITV4, ITV2+1, has no sound or the channel line up is wrong -

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

8:02 PM

Vicky: You pay you TV license because you have a TV set I would have thought.

The TV Licence funds BBC services only, and you can get all of them.

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Briantist's 38,899 posts GB flag
Mark Aberfan Aerials

8:06 PM

Hi all,

Those of you with freesat systems can enjoy Star Trek TOS 2 episodes a day & Star Trek DS9 1 episode a day on CBS ACTION, V (original) is starting soon & the Horror Channel has Highlander starting soon.

Mark Aberfan Aerials

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Mark Aberfan Aerials's 1,059 posts GB flag
8:08 PM

Like everyone else here really disappointed at the disappearance of Channel one. I used to like Wednesday's 9.00pm (Five) NCIS (New Series), 10.00pm (Channel one)Criminal Minds ( New Series) then 11.00pm (More 4) The Closer ( A repeat but I still watch it ) To be honest five,channel one and more 4 are the only channels I ever watch. I don't want to get Sky it costs too much!!Criminal Minds was a new series and I was just getting into it!!

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worf21's 1 post GB flag
8:59 PM

It wasnt out of the blue. Channel 1 announced it was ending months ago. You cant blame them if you missed the news story.

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Chris's 6 posts GB flag

9:04 PM

Chris: Yes, the article is dated 15th September 2010, 140 days notice.

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Briantist's 38,899 posts GB flag
9:45 PM

HELP!!! I'm having Star Trek withdrawls and am really peeved off. I've got Virgin Cable so I doubt if i'll get any of the channels mentioned above which are going to show my beloved Star Trek shows. Mr Murdoch, you should have publisised you intentions to close Channel One a bit better. Me thinks it suited you to be the snake in the grass you are.

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Gail's 1 post GB flag
10:42 PM

i think channel one should be back on freewview my favourit channel to watch criminal minds , ghost whispere and loads of different films to watch.##

no wonder no one want to havesky murdoch you need to re think what youve done

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sara's 1 post GB flag
Bally python

11:08 PM

Gail: No, he is not a snake, that is an insult to all snakes. Snakes are beautiful creatures, believe me I know.

He is a greedy monster and he and Sky are just out to make more money for themselves and their money grabbing share holds. As far as they are concerned everyone else can go to hell in a hand basket and all that freeview people deserve is another load of crap. We do not even get a replacement channel whose repeats are good quality programs. I fail to see how it would have cost more to show repeats of good dramas and documentaries rather than the dross that we got landed with. No doubt someone will explain this point. I think they just went for the cheapest option and the fact that there was virtually no warning that C1 was going and they pulled it in the middle of several series that people were watching just shows the contempt that Sky and Rupert Murdock have for people. I suspect the idea is to make freeview so crappy that we will have no choice but to subscribe to pay TV of some kind. Do we not have enough quiz and game shows on there as it is, not to mention all the shopping channels and late night sex channels, no, we will get more of this total rubbish and less and less good stuff until there is nothing on it that anyone with an IQ above an amoeba will want to watch. TV will become something that people on low income or pensions will not have as there are already many people who can not afford to pay for it. I think this is all wrong and it needs sorting out fast.

Freeview will be nothing but rubbish and once it is they will shut it down as it will not be worth anyone's while to keep it going. They want to make you pay for your TV one way or another. There is only one way to hurt these people and that is to cancel your subscriptions to them and hit them in the pocket. While everyone sits and moans about it but does nothing then they will just carry on milking it for every last penny. As Briantist says Sky is there to make money. That attitude needs to be changed.

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Bally python's 23 posts GB flag
Thursday, 3 February 2011
12:09 AM

We should all start watching CBS action and get their viewing figures up on proviso they take on the other 3 missing treks. Obviously not good if you only on Freeview but i just can't think of any other free channel that'll take them except possibly Five.

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Alan's 14 posts NO flag
Mark Aberfan Aerials

1:01 AM

Hi all,

Just to say that access to CBS ACTION can be had with a £30 freesat box from argos, if you have a working unused sky dish just connect it & you will have around 150 free chsnnels. If you dont have a old sky dish then £80 should get you a new one fitted on a std fit. another way for the diy'er is a £50 sat& dish kit from B&Q.

Mark Aberfan Aerials

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Mark Aberfan Aerials's 1,059 posts GB flag
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