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Channel One to close, Challenge to come to Freeview

Changes to Freeview after Sky buys VTV channels

Changes to Freeview after Sky buys VTV channels
published on UK Free TV

Sky is closing one pay and one free channel from the portfolio it bought from Virgin TV, because they match channels already provided by Sky.

Bravo and Channel One (which was Virgin 1 and before that FTN) will close.

This means that the Channel One slot on Freeview will be replaced with the quiz show channel Challenge.

Challenge is now in the Freeview guide on 46. If you can't see it yet, please follow these instructions on your set-top box or Freeview TV: My Freeview box has no EPG, is blank on FIVE, ITV3, ITV4, ITV2+1, has no sound or the channel line up is wrong -

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011
Bally python

11:30 PM

I like C1 and I am bitterly disappointed that it will be replaced some waste of space game show channel that I will never watch. As for C1 being the same as Sky 3, how do they arrive at that. They both have different line ups so I fail to see where these two channels are in any way similar, this is just an excuse to shut down a good channel and replace it with a load of old rubbish. I think the only way we will see the quality programs that are on C1 will be to subscribe to Sky as they may not be coming back on freeview. This is all very well but many people can not afford to pay for a monthly subscription. So this is a form of discrimination against those of us who are not that well off, we get dross TV because we can not afford anything better. They could have at least tried to replace C1 with something for those of us whose IQ is not in the toilet.

I will not subscribe to Sky on principle. I took out a years subscription and when I could not receive Sky due to a faulty communal aerial and wrote and told them about it they still charged me for it. They even chased me to my new address for a measly £20 Telling me I had to pay a months subscription when I had already moved out of the old place with the bad aerial. They wanted me to pay a months money on an empty house. I will never subscribe to Sky again. I would rather look at a telephone directory that was written in Sanskrit.

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Bally python's 23 posts GB flag
Thursday, 27 January 2011

6:30 AM

Nedbod: Yes, but it's not down to you. The slot owner can do what they think will make them a profit.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Bally python

9:13 PM

Briantist: Hold up! What they put on in the C1 slot may be up to them but I was under the impression that watching TV was about being entertained and not about making one very rich man even richer while good channels are either filled up with the kind of dross that is about to replace C1 or closed down altogether.

As the channel that is to replace C1 is to be an "archive" channel, I take it that means that all the programs shown on it will be repeats. Why would anyone want to watch ten to thirty year old game shows instead of programs like V, Criminal Minds and yes Star Trek. After programs like these do you really think we will want to watch such rubbish.


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Bally python's 23 posts GB flag
Friday, 28 January 2011

7:53 AM

Bally python: Sorry, but apart from the BBC, the point of television is to make profit for those that provide it.

This is either by supplying "eyeballs" (viewers) to advertisers, or from subscription revenue.

Any broadcaster (other than the BBC) will do whatever it takes to make the most money.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Bally python

1:28 PM

Briantist: This may well be the case but TV providers, no matter who they are also have a responsibility to provide good quality programs that "eyeballs" want to watch and not fill the airways with dross that those said "eyeballs" do not want to watch and many of them are paying good money for. Many freeview only watchers can not afford to pay a monthly subscription for Sky or any other pay TV. Because these people either can not or will not pay that means that they are not worthy of decent good quality programs that they want to sit and watch. It seems they want to get rid of freeview only people by boring them them to death while they get very rich in the process.

Yes it is that word that should not be mentioned. RESPONABILTY.

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Bally python's 23 posts GB flag
andrew jones
6:22 PM

Challenge is a load of rubbish and not good quality at all, looks like there just filling a slot, freeview is going to end up with rubbish just like sky wish to see it. sky 3 to go and sky sport news as well.

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andrew jones's 1 post GB flag
7:48 PM

Why has there been no comment on channel one that this is happening I think it is such shame I do not have access to sky and I cannot afford it that is why the freeview is ideal.

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Louise's 1 post GB flag
Saturday, 29 January 2011
David Gough
7:24 AM

i agree with the lady above,not everybody can afford sky or virgin

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David Gough's 2 posts GB flag
12:29 PM

All you whiners... making and even just broadcasting TV is **NOT cheap** - actors, producers, authors get commission for their work, and then all the rest!!

who do you think they are, a charity?? No, they need to make money to pay all that stuff...

If you want better TV, you have to PAY!!
There are plenty of DVDs with all those repeats on, and in far better quality than some awful ones I have seen!!
- and no 10 minute long ad or news breaks, either...

Yes, you can subscribe to European TV, but don't expect it in English sound or subtitles.. :)

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illiad's 17 posts GB flag
2:01 PM

illiad says
"All you whiners... making and even just broadcasting TV is **NOT cheap** who do you think they are, a charity?? No, they need to make money"
If you want better TV, you have to PAY!! "

No they AREN'T charity, they make huge sums, from the ADVERTIZING, and most of it goes to the top brass and the share holders, I am an old semi-retired actor, we get paid a pittance.

If they want more money, put on better programs, attract mor, viewers and then they can charge more for their advertizing, the same way that "quality news-papers" do (O.K. so "quality news-papers" is an oxy-moron) but the more readers that they have the more that they can charge their advertizers.

As has been said, not every-one can afford to pay for channels, some of us are trying to survive on pensions, should we be treated as people who have contribute to and helped to build Britain, or should we be treated as an under-class, by the Capitalist system, who are now use-less with nothing to contribute to the fat wage packets of the riders of the gravy train

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Stevan's 1 post GB flag
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